White furniture in the interior: style, features

Making the entire apartment exclusively in white is unlikely for anyone to come to a head. This decision has many opponents - because of the need to maintain impeccable cleanliness in the house. Such a "Kingdom of the Snow Queen" often looks cold and dull. However, white furniture in the interior is a well-known design technique to ennoble the atmosphere at the expense of at least one room.

A bright living room or bedroom will take on a different meaning, even if it is home-made furniture of a budget plan, painted with your own hands. But even the most blurry and transparent tone requires moderation, taste and competent stylistic application. Correct furnishing approaches are important in order to eliminate errors that are difficult to correct for a novice who is not sophisticated in interior design.

bright white furniture in the design of the hallway

White furniture on black wall background

light white furniture in the style of the corridor

White furniture in a black room interior

light white furniture in bedroom decor

White furniture in a turquoise room interior

Features of the perception and application of white

White color, so pure, light and elegant, was utilitarian for some time, since it was used in hospital and educational institutions. Whitewashed walls were considered something commonplace for the interior of a retro and rustic country, which is why it was considered appropriate only as a background.

Today, much has changed, it is the color "timeless." He is chosen as the basis for a design concept for home and office, a cafeteria and a luxurious mansion, as in these photo examples.

White leather furniture in the interior of the living room is considered a special chic, especially if it is equipped in one of the modern or historical styles. Unsurpassed craftsmen in the manufacture of elegant headsets recognized Italian "mebeliero", dictating fashion for luxury goods.

bright white furniture in the interior of the apartment

Living room design with white sofa

bright white furniture in the interior of the kitchen

White furniture in the bedroom

This color has very few variations, it is very dual, but it is used in different ways:

  1. traditional background to increase the light in the room;

  2. non-trivial - for an extravagant atmosphere;

  3. as a companion - it harmonizes perfectly as the 3rd and 4th in any gamut;

  4. as a self-sufficient contrasting partner in black and white duets.

Since ancient times, this color has been attributed special properties:

  • he was held in high esteem by the ruling circles of various civilizations;

  • priests and pharaohs wore white robes;

  • it was used as a funeral and funeral (the color of the shroud);

  • Nowadays, it is chosen for various reasons, not excluding a tribute to fashion for interiors with white furniture;

  • it was perceived as the pure color of spiritual transformation (Jesus beamed before 3 disciples in dazzling white robes on Mount Transfiguration).

bright white furniture in the style of the living room

Beautiful bedroom design with a large round white bed

light white furniture in the design of the bedroom

White sofa in the living room interior

light white bedroom furniture

Design bedroom with white furniture

A clean, bright interior has its own pros and cons. Among the design advantages of rooms with white furniture are:

  1. Beneficial effect on the general atmosphere.

  2. Psychologically calms, relieves stress and fatigue.

  3. It goes well with most shades.

  4. In a house with a neutral atmosphere, it makes its own adjustments if the furniture is released with an obvious stylistic decision.

  5. Gives solemnity and elegance with an excess of gray, green, purple or other “dull” shade.

  6. Suitable for a small room and a spacious room, for magnificent baroque and modest minimalism.

  7. A house with similar furniture has a lot of light, and this is the best choice for northern windows.

  8. The white upholstery of the sofa and armchairs in leather never look “boring” and boring, on the contrary, but the bright decor will add emotions.

  9. Light furniture is suitable for any dark background of the walls, contributes to the visual expansion of the rooms.

The color is so versatile that, subject to the choice of glossy white furniture in the interior, the design will be relevant for many years. It is equally good for a drawing room and an entrance hall, a bedroom and a nursery, a bathroom and a bathroom. It is important to choose auxiliary colors to set the right aura.

bright white furniture in the living room interior

Large white bed in the bedroom interior

bright white furniture in the design of the corridor

White furniture in the interior

But the white interior has some negative features:

  1. On a damaged texture, defects are more noticeable than other shades.

  2. In a strict environment with the wrong choice of style, the house may seem boring and lifeless, like a business office and or medical office.

  3. Mandatory maintenance of perfect cleanliness.

Tip: If there are concerns about the practicality of the living room interior with white upholstered furniture, choose practical materials:

  • high-quality leather (substitutes);

  • flock with Teflon impregnation that repels dirt and drops of liquids;

  • anti-vandal-type fabrics that easily remove children's art.

Shades of white and features of textures

It seems to many that this color has no shades, like black, but this is not so. Any artist, designer or art person will confirm that he has several shades, collecting the entire spectrum. Each tone has its own recommendations for combining with other colors in the interior of a white living room or other functionality.

  1. Crystal bluish tint - background for a cold gamma spectrum.

  2. Milk, cream or yellowish in harmony with the warm gamut.

  3. Off-white or grayish - natural for natural stone, which is well perceived in the form of marble and the background of traditional wall decoration (tiles, paper), it looks worse in textiles with which upholstery and curtains seem “dirty”.

  4. With an admixture of beige or sand - without a name, they simply say “light furniture”, which looks warmer and more welcoming than any perfect white with blue.

  5. Pearl or pearlescent shades are well suited to burgundy and yellow in any decoration.

  6. White with green and yellow pigment is a noble shade of ivory. It goes well with wood shades, if it is the interior of the "classic" - a living room with white furniture, photo.

Attention: These properties are important to consider when buying decorative materials, decor and accessories. For example, a grayish soft corner looks good against a background of dark wallpaper and floor. And in combination with blue and turquoise in textiles and surface finishes, it looks like dusted with dust.

light white furniture in the decor of the apartment

White sofa with flowers in the interior

light white furniture in the style of the hallway

Bright design living room with white furniture

bright white furniture in the design of the bedroom

White furniture in the interior

For the milky color of furniture and walls, all shades of beige and brown, caramel, cream and orange will be excellent companions. Handmade vintage furniture painted on its own with white paint, most often a hospitable milky shade. This is exactly what happens today and white kitchen furniture in a modern interior.

It was difficult to make oil paint snow-white, even if toxic titanium fillers were added to it. Modern enamels have a clear transparent bluish tone. They are available with varying degrees of light reflection:

  1. matte;

  2. glossy;

  3. semi-matt;

  4. satin.

The combination of different textures is important for a plain room, so that the interior of the living room completely in white with a delicate decor does not seem blurry and boring.The combination of natural wood texture, marble, mirror or glossy surfaces with matte shades and fur upholstery of a corner or headset, as in the photo, will be ideal.

light white furniture in the decor of the kitchen

Large white bed in the bedroom interior

light white furniture in the decor of the living room

White chest in the room interior

Important: Glossy surfaces visually expand the space, but they blind when reflected by a focused light source - the sun, lamps and candles.

Although this color is considered to be unique in its variability as a background, decorators have long identified the ideal “trio”:

Milk and Pearl

Beige and brown

White “warm”

Black and orange

White neutral

Red and blue

Light beige

Caramel and Burgundy

White cold

Sapphire and Turquoise

bright white bedroom furniture

White furniture in the bedroom interior

light white furniture in the design of the hallway

Living room with white furniture

light white furniture in the decor of the corridor

White furniture in the hallway interior

Tips for choosing decoration materials in the design of a white living room

  1. White walls are the best background for dark furniture, but such furniture looks good on a dark floor and wallpaper. It is well perceived against the background of colored wallpaper, playing the role of a visual accent.

  2. Dark ceiling makes the interior heavier. But a glossy stretch fabric with an original design will decorate white furniture in the interior, emphasizing the modern style.

  3. Floors are the basis, preference is given to natural materials and darker shades of coatings than the tone of walls and ceilings. This creates a sense of balance and solidity. Light floors look appropriate only in a well-designed design concept, where the color is balanced. Under the design of the living room with white furniture, 1 of the options is suitable:

  • parquet from any wood, if the whole interior is balanced;

  • the laminate imitates any wood texture with the greatest variety of shades, and it is possible to lay the floors of a shade that does not exist in nature or is very rare (red rosewood, rosewood, bleached oak, etc.);

  • bulk floors give a wide selection of patterns, where the picture is selected for the general style;

  • linoleum is a budget version of the coating, its advantages are in the practicality and variety of the pattern (imitation of mosaic parquet, “stone chips”), preferably light gamma;

  • porcelain stoneware - a hard tile coating that imitates natural surfaces, an excellent solution for finishing a warm floor;

  • natural stone in the form of mosaic tiles looks gorgeous, but is expensive, fits in a luxurious white living room in the interior of a mansion or a spacious cottage.

Tip: If there is any doubt about how the final result will look, it is better to choose some classic version of the overall finish. Walls and curtains can be changed over time, and it is better not to invest in expensive finishes until the optimal option is determined. If the walls are decorated differently, then painting, decorative panels and 3D murals should be in harmony with the interior of the living room in white colors.

bright white furniture in the style of the corridor

Bright bedroom design with white furniture

light white furniture in the design of the apartment

White furniture in the interior

In what style is white furniture appropriate

Furnishing the living space includes:

Cabinet furniture

cabinets-showcases and sideboards, open racks and "walls" with lockable doors, chests of drawers, specialized "kitchens" and "hallways", wardrobes and wardrobe, computer and desk

Small forms

shelves and coasters, folding tabletops and seats, pouffes, banquets and couches, dressing tables and console tables under the mirror, bedside tables and coffee tables, chairs and stools

Cushioned furniture

armchairs and sofas, soft corners and modular sets


canteens, soft and mixed

Built in furniture

any functional

light white furniture in the design of the kitchen

Room design with white furniture

bright white bedroom furniture

Living room design with white furniture

bright white hallway style furniture

Living room design with white furniture

Each style involves a particular set of characteristic pieces of furniture:

  • a glass table and original sofas with washable upholstery on a chrome frame fit in hi-tech, loft and techno;

  • luxurious suite with soft white half-chairs and consoles for mirrors - palace style, baroque il rococo;

  • French Provence is characterized by lightly painted cupboards for dishes, semi-soft compact sofas without layout with colored upholstery and chairs with covers;

  • modular upholstered furniture with white leather upholstery fits fusion and contemporary styles;

  • the interior in the spirit of minimalism is a simple bright furniture that imitates the “lack of furniture”, thanks to built-in wardrobes, decorated under walls with mirrors;

  • minimalism has ethnic varieties - Japanese and Scandinavian, where snow-white gamma and simple forms of furniture with low backs are most appropriate;

  • classic and many historical styles accept furniture in sets that are combined with natural light wood or made from it for painting, and the upholstery is plain or with exquisite patterns.

Attention: The technical description of expensive furniture sets of foreign production always indicates the style, so picking up characteristic accessories is not difficult.

light white furniture in the bedroom interior

White furniture in the bedroom interior

bright white furniture in the style of the apartment

White furniture in the interior of the living room

With the independent organization of space without a stylistic reference, it is important that the upholstery of sofas, the textiles on the windows, the type of lighting and the texture of the finishing materials harmonize.

Bright facades in the design of the kitchen and living room in white look great, but do not forget about the high requirements for cleanliness and hygiene. In the cooking unit there must be a powerful extract so that the fat suspension and the burning do not spoil the appearance of luxury. See even more photos of organically selected interiors in our gallery.

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