Floor vases in the interior: modern and classic shapes

Floor vases are not a simple element of design, but an important part of it, sometimes the fundamental one, when they are repelled from the look of this object when choosing a design focus in the interior.
Classical, round-shaped vases with a narrow neck may not be suitable for every apartment, depending on their style. More and more modern forms appear - tall and narrow, low and wide, cylindrical, square and triangular.

Black floor vase next to the living room sofa

Black drop-shaped vase

Each of the forms is good in its own way. Unusual flowerpots of a geometric silhouette will perfectly combine in a unique combination, and classic ones are good by themselves.

The role of elements such as floor vases is greatly underestimated. They can serve not only as a vessel for fragrant fresh or artificial flowers, but can also be a kind of zone delimiter. Thanks to the modern variety of shapes and colors of this item, floor vases can be matched perfectly to any interior, given all its important little things - the color of furniture, carpets (if any), and even the texture of the walls.

Classic vase with green branches on the living room floor

The shape of a classic vase reminds an ideal woman of the Middle Ages

Of course, large floor vases are most suitable for a spacious room: in a small one they will only clutter up the space and, contrary to desires, it will seem uncomfortable. However, with the help of a competent, experienced designer, you can even solve such a problem.

How important are vases?

Vases are not a necessary part of a design project, but they add comfort to the room, making it “habitable”. Compositions of floor vases in the interior add charm and elegance to him - you can arrange vases in a row or arrange them side by side in a chaotic manner. Vases can fulfill not only the function of “capacity for flowers”, but also fill the “voids”, making it more elegant and interesting. They create a sense of celebration, often become an inimitable accent.

Floor vase to match dresser finish

Using a vase, you can combine or separate the space and place accents in the room

Species and varieties

Vases of the most various forms, sizes, types are used. This detail can emphasize the stylistic orientation, hide the flaws of the room, and can become its center, reflecting the design idea.

Vases are:

  • outdoor;
  • floral;
  • decorative.

Floor vases are designed for rooms with a large area and high ceilings. Due to the fact that the floor vases are large, in a cramped space they will look “pinched”, absurdly.

Gray vase with a dry branch near the doorway

On the floor, vases with a height of 40 cm or more look favorable

Decorative vases on the floor of a spacious hall

Large floor vases love spacious rooms

Flower vases do not act as a separate interior item, but these objects are able to effectively emphasize the unusualness and beauty of a decorative or festive bouquet.

Decorative vases are rarely suitable for flowers, more often they are the last touch, emphasizing the style and design.

Light vase with flowering branches next to a vintage chest of drawers

Before buying a vase, you need to decide where it should stand and what it will be combined with

Vases with painting in the interior of a bedroom

Most valued are painted vases, especially handmade

Also, these vessels are divided into forms - there are vases, jugs, round in shape and a narrow neck; there are drop-shaped, cylindrical, and modern square ones.

Value in the interior

The value of an ordinary vase in jewelry is greatly underestimated. In most homes, these items are dusted in cabinets for most of the year and removed only on major holidays. However, in the design of a modern interior, vases can play a significant role and even set the image of a room. These beautiful vessels are capable of both hiding flaws and emphasizing the merits of the room in which they are placed; they carry both aesthetics and practicality at the same time.

Floor vase in the corridor with white walls

White vase of elongated shape in the same style with the interior of a narrow corridor

The interior of the kitchen-living room with a brown vase on the floor

Vase in the color of the floor with bamboo sticks in the style of the kitchen-living room

Floor vases and styles

Floor vases include vessels with a height of forty centimeters. As a rule, floor vases act as an independent subject of decor: almost always they are decorated with an intricate pattern or have a bizarre silhouette, which makes them a full part of the project.

Living room interior of a private house with a wicker vase

Wicker vase combined with a basket

It is not at all necessary to put a bouquet in an outdoor vase - and without flowers it looks self-sufficient and a way to decorate any interior. This is not the most important object of the decor, however, large and very noticeable, so it should ideally harmonize with the general orientation.

  • Porcelain products are suitable for baroque, antiquity and classic.
  • Metal blends wonderfully with futuristic style and hi-tech.
  • A monophonic large-sized product of any color and shape will suit minimalism.
  • Wooden or wicker blends perfectly with classic and minimalism.
Floor vases made of wood with floral decorations

Wooden vases are great for eco-style

Hall of a private house with a red floor vase

A large red vase will become a bright accent in the interior of the room in a minimalist style

Interior-friendly selection

Each room has its own characteristics, and they should also be considered when choosing such a noticeable object as floor vases.

If the room contains colorful wallpapers with a fine pattern, it is better to choose a solid vase. It can be calm shades, or it can be bright, saturated - the choice of color depends on the taste preferences of the landlord.

As mentioned earlier, if you choose a vase color similar to the color of the walls or wallpaper, this will not only add a restrained elegance, but also visually increase the space.

Vases on forged stands in the interior of the hallway of a private house

It is important to choose the right option that fits perfectly into the interior of the room

Three vases, identical in shape but different in color

Shape is crucial because many interior styles contain rigorous geometry

Products of bright colors will be appropriate in the dining room, in the kitchen or in the living room, in other words, in those places where life is in full swing. In the bedroom it is better to choose a classic or wickerwork; the same applies to the bathroom - an excessively “annoying” color of the vase will not let you relax while taking a bath or morning / evening cosmetic procedures. In this room it is better to choose vessels of soft, pastel shades.

Variety of materials used

This interior item is made of completely different materials, each of which is best combined with one or two design styles.

  • Tree. Organic and stylish things are obtained from this material. This decoration is unique and suitable for all styles except hi-tech and futurism.
  • Metal is great for the above two most modern areas.
  • Porcelain, glass. Although these materials are somewhat similar, glass is still more suited to modernity, and porcelain - to the directions of baroque and classic.
  • Stone products are quite expensive, which does not affect their popularity. Suitable stone vases in antique style rooms.
Vase of copper between the sofa and the chest of drawers

Chic vase made of non-ferrous metal

Living room interior with glass vases by the fireplace

Clear glass floor vases in a Shabby Chic living room

Colonialism style living room interior with floor vase

Ceramic vase in the colonial style interior

Vases and rooms

Floor vases in the bedroom interior can be classic "pots" with a narrow neck, simple plain ceramic figures or wooden in the modern direction. The bedroom is designed for rest and relaxation at the end of a hard working day, so futuristic metal products will definitely not fit here - they will make it heavier and hardly fit into it.

Floor vase in the interior of the bedroom

For a bedroom, it is better to choose a calm vase

In the living room, imagination can take off - you can turn vases into a bright accent, which will stand out as a juicy stain against pale walls, create a composition of products of different sizes, but made in the same style, or even pick up a similar vessel to match the walls - this is how the room will look voluminous and more unusual.

Living room design with dark gray fireplace

When choosing a vase for a living room, you can experiment with design and color

In the hallway or large hall, vases will indicate the excellent taste of homeowners; they can be bright or restrained, can stand out, and can merge with the environment.

Entrance hall of a country house with a floor vase

Vases with green plants look good in the lobby of a private house

In the kitchen, such an accessory is not too appropriate, however, if space allows, a large floor flowerpot with flowers will only add coziness and freshness.

Large floor vases in the interior: how to fill?

There are countless options for filling a large flowerpot, limited only by imagination.
Bouquets of flowers of various shades look delightful in bright vessels, and flowers of delicate and flashy-bright shades are equally good for pastel flowerpots. A ceramic product can be filled with an unusual composition of dry branches, for example, spruce (excellent, if there are cones on the branches) or mountain ash. The same composition is perfectly combined with wicker products - you cannot put fresh flowers in similar ones, but bouquets of artificial plants, dry branches or sets combining these variations are the best option. An additional plus of this choice is that you can create a set yourself without visiting the store, which will save money and allow you to show your creative abilities.

Transparent vase with birch branches in the design of the living room

A transparent vase does not have its own accent, how do you fill it, this will be the thematic composition

Black and white floor vases with plants

Vases with living plants

A transparent vessel is beautiful in that it does not have to be filled with flowers at all. Beautiful seashells, decorative pebbles and multi-colored gel, plastic, glass or silicone balls are the perfect filling if everything is done correctly. For example, pebbles work wonderfully with shells, but do not fit with colored balls at all.

Multi-colored sand is an unusual and modern filling that can be combined with buds of artificial flowers (lilies, callas, orchids), and self-sufficient decorative wicker balls can decorate the vessel without any additions.

Combination of vases in the interior

As mentioned above, an excellent solution if you want to unusual decorate the room - compositions from various containers.

Two white vases with plants in the interior of the bright hall of a country house

The combination of two vases of different heights with plants of different colors

Sometimes you can find in the store sets of vases of the same design, but of different sizes - if they are small, they can be arranged in a row on a flat surface. Arranging objects in height or not is a matter of taste, such things look great both in the first case and in the second.

Brown vases on both sides of a small sofa

Symmetrical composition of two floor vases

Arrangement of three vases of various colors in the interior of the living room

Grouped vases of various shapes and colors look spectacular

Ideally, if the floor vases have a similar silhouette, but some are higher and narrower, others are lower and wider, they can be used to create an excellent unique composition by filling some of them with flowers, others with shells, and others with balls. The main point: everything should be combined with each other at least in color.

Combined vessels of the same color made of the same material, but completely different shapes and sizes look stylish.

Video on how to make a tall vase with your own hands

Photo: vases for any interior

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