Why are roman curtains popular in the interior? Key benefits and tips for use

The window is an important element of the room. The general situation in the house depends on how they are decorated. The modern market offers a wide selection of products that are used for these purposes. They are distinguished by quality, material, design and other characteristics. Recently, roman blinds are increasingly used. They are great for arranging any room. The house is filled with a cozy atmosphere, the office is strict and restrained.

the idea of ​​a light kitchen design with roman blinds

Roman curtains have gained popularity recently

variant of a bright nursery decor with Roman curtains

At the moment, there are many options for window decoration

version of the unusual interior of the living room with Roman curtains

The overall atmosphere in the house depends on the design of the window

Roman curtains are very popular all over the world. This is an original and beautiful version of window curtains. They have many advantages.

  • The forms are concise.
  • Take up little space. Save space.
  • Easy to use.
  • Do not require special care.
  • Perfectly fit into any interior design. Complement it, and sometimes become the main decoration.

The modern version of the curtains is significantly inferior to the Roman. The latter look much more original, interesting and more beautiful. Curtains easily fit into many design decisions, where standard curtains look boring and inconspicuous.

the idea of ​​a beautiful bedroom style with roman blinds

There are many varieties of curtains.

the idea of ​​an unusual style of cuisine with Roman curtains

Roman curtains take up less space

The Roman version of window decoration is a new fashion trend. It is mainly used in modern and original designs of houses and apartments. They are not only beautiful, but also practical, emphasize the delicate taste of the owners, the housing takes on an elegant and modern look.

Roman curtains are used in the arrangement of various rooms. Thanks to their functionality, it can be found in catering establishments and offices. They allow you to independently control the light entering from the window into the room. The special mechanism that is provided in the products is responsible for this ability.

Roman curtains do not require special care. The washing machine will help eliminate dust and other dirt, which eventually settles on them. The canvas is loaded into the equipment, shampoo is added and the necessary mode is selected. After which the product is dried. It is easier to iron a damp curtain.

The choice of curtains is huge: bright and more restrained colors, with and without drawings, airy and heavy. This allows them to be used in any interior. They combine perfectly with it, make it special and unique.

version of the bright design of the nursery with Roman curtains

Curtains can be washed easily in the car

the idea of ​​a bright living room decor with roman curtains

Roman curtains are great for modern design

variant of a beautiful bedroom interior with roman blinds

Roman curtains are suitable for different rooms

What are the differences from standard curtains?

Roman curtains appeared far beyond the borders of our country. They were brought into its territory not so long ago, despite this they are widespread. They are produced by many Russian sewing workshops. For a long time of its existence, products have their original appearance. They were practically unchanged.

A similar decor is presented in the form of an unusual design. It consists of a cornice, shaft, canvas and the mechanism responsible for its rise.Basically, their shape is simple, rectangular. Be sure to create the same and even folds during the assembly of the curtains. This is facilitated by a wooden rail attached to the wrong side of the canvas.

To lower or raise the rolled curtains, just use a cord or chain. Thus, a fixation of one position occurs. This is a simple mechanism that is easy and intuitive to use. It is strong enough, therefore, can withstand any weight of the material.

version of a beautiful bedroom decor with Roman curtains

Such an attribute of the interior will arouse interest among guests and will delight the owners

the idea of ​​an unusual living room interior with roman blinds

Roman curtains fold easily

Types of products

Roman curtains in the interior - original and beautiful. They come in two types, depending on the sewing. The first is classic. Its main feature is that folds are visible only if the curtain is assembled. Otherwise, a perfectly flat cloth will hang on the window.

The classic version of rolled curtains is often used when arranging a bedroom, living room. They look elegant and simple, harmoniously fit into the overall interior. They can also be used in the kitchen, bathroom. Well suited for window decoration in small rooms. Mounting is simple and requires a minimum amount of space.

The second option is cascading. On such products, both assembled and unfolded, there are folds. They do not have a frame. They look simple and naturally complete the interior of the room. They are well located in the area intended for relaxation. They favorably affect the human psyche, relieve stress, and allow you to relax.

idea of ​​a bright design for a nursery with roman blinds

Curtains can fit into any interior.

variant of the bright style of the kitchen with Roman curtains

The folds on the curtains are visible only when assembled.

variant of the bright decor of the kitchen with Roman curtains

Roman curtains in the interior look original and beautiful

Features of use in the kitchen

Roman curtains in the interior of the kitchen are especially appropriate. They look beautiful and relevant, are a great piece of decor. In addition, roll curtains have enhanced functionality.

In the kitchen, furniture, coatings, etc. are subject to rapid pollution. To keep the curtains in proper form for a long period, it is worth giving preference to water-repellent materials. It is good if they are pre-treated with a special tool. Due to this, dirt, dust, etc. practically do not settle on the material. This greatly simplifies his care.

Roman curtain in the interior of the kitchen should look harmonious. Therefore, her choice should be approached competently and carefully. For small rooms it is better to use light curtains made of medium density fabric. As for the length, it should be average. It will be enough if the curtain closes only the window.

When equipping a kitchen, it is necessary to adhere to the general style of the room. If Roman curtains will be combined with design, then the interior will turn out laconic and soft. Especially when it comes to a small kitchen.

the idea of ​​an unusual style of living room with roman curtains

Roman curtain in the interior of the kitchen should look harmonious

the idea of ​​an unusual design of a kitchen with roman blinds

Very often, curtains are used in the interior of the kitchen

Children's room and Roman curtains: the possibility of combination

Roman curtains can be used when arranging a children's room. Such products look harmoniously in such rooms. They are practical to use and safe, elegant and beautiful looking.

You need to choose products from natural materials only in the nursery. It is also worth paying attention to the density of the fabric and the presence of patterns. Smooth material is less whimsical to care for. Such curtains made of cotton or linen are appropriate in this case.

Any curtains attract attention. The Roman version of the curtains was no exception. If they are used to decorate a window in a small nursery, then you should not choose products with a three-dimensional pattern or bright color. This leads to the fact that the attention of the inhabitants is scattered. Plain canvases look good. You can dilute it with the original edging.

Management of such curtains should be as simple as possible.This will allow the child at any time to perform the necessary manipulation independently. If they are equipped with a remote control, then children can play it. As a result, the design quickly breaks down.

The color of the curtains is an important point that you should pay special attention to. They should not only be combined with the overall design, but also have a beneficial effect on the psyche of the child. For children it is appropriate to use yellow, blue and green shades. They set up the calm and healthy sleep of the owner of the room.

the idea of ​​a bright style living room with roman curtains

Curtains must be combined with the existing design.

version of the bright interior of the nursery with Roman curtains

In the nursery you can choose bright options

the idea of ​​a beautiful style of kitchen with roman blinds

Roman curtains are great for kids room

Cozy and intimate atmosphere of the bedroom

Quite often, Roman curtains can be found in the bedroom. They help in creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere in the room. Perfectly protect not only from the sun, but also prying eyes. This decision emphasizes the modernity and style of interior design.

Depending on what goals are being pursued, the product canvas is selected. The effect of shading is achieved using dense material. If the room is small, then it must be filled with softness and airiness. A slim cambric will do just fine with this. It will organically distribute light throughout the room.

The combination of Roman curtains with a common color scheme is the main requirement when choosing them for the bedroom. They will help to visually increase the space if they have the same shade as the wallpaper. The average density of the material will allow light to pass through it. The room will have a light and airy atmosphere.

Some specialists in the field of design art prefer curtains, the color of which coincides with the shade of the bedspread and upholstery. Thus, the style direction of the room is emphasized. Their combination with pillows located on the sofa looks harmonious.

The bedroom should have a high degree of comfort. Curtains with an electronic control mechanism are ideal for this. You can adjust them in any convenient position, even lying on the couch.

variant of bright bedroom design with roman blinds

Curtains should be selected based on the style of the room

the idea of ​​an unusual living room decor with roman curtains

Very often, curtains are used in the bedroom

Product manufacturing features

Roman curtains are presented in a large assortment. They can be used to decorate windows of various sizes, any interiors. The first thing they pay attention to when choosing them is fabric. Their appearance largely depends on the fabric that is used when sewing.

If we talk about the living room, then products from satin and jacquard are appropriate. They look spectacular and rich, emphasizes the solemnity of the hall. You can supplement them with a picture. Such a fabric has a low degree of light transmission. Therefore, it will allow you to save everything that happens in the room from prying eyes.

An office or work area in the bedroom requires natural light. In this case, curtains sewn from light fabrics are suitable. Flax and organza are translucent and transmit light well.

version of the unusual decor of the living room with Roman curtains

Curtains can be selected with a picture

variant of the bright interior of the kitchen with roman blinds

Thick fabric can be used in the living room.

variant of the bright bedroom interior with roman blinds

Such curtains fit into any interior

Roman curtains made of cotton, synthetic materials and mixed fabrics are widespread. Each has pros and cons.





Naturalness, good light transmission, softness and low price.

Quickly creases, after washing it sits, loses its color under the influence of the sun.


Naturalness, smooth and pleasant surface, long service life, retains its original appearance over the entire use.

Easy to wrinkle, losing shape.


A large selection of textures, colors, a different indicator of light transmission, do not crease and repel dust, are easy to care for.

They light up easily and release harmful substances into the environment under the influence of high temperature.


Do not wrinkle and do not shrink after washing.

Electrified, spools appear.

How to fasten?

It is easy to fix this type of curtains. Do this not only on the cornice, but also on the surface. The main thing is to firmly and reliably fix the structure. Otherwise, the product will fall.

Depending on how many window openings are on the wall, so many curtains will be required. Each must be closed separately. For a large window, do not use one curtain. Especially if there are several flaps. It will be appropriate to arrange two, three canvases of the same color.

You can fix Roman curtains on any curtain rod. To avoid sagging, ceiling or side view will help. As for height, there are no special requirements for it.

idea of ​​a bright style living room with roman blinds

You can use multiple curtains for large windows.

version of a beautiful nursery decor with Roman curtains

Curtains should be fastened with quality, otherwise they may fall

What to look for when choosing?

Roman curtains in the interior - beautiful and stylish. They make any room cozy and comfortable. Its interior is modern and original. To get a similar result, it is important to choose them correctly. Experts offer a number of recommendations that will certainly come in handy in this process.

  • Making out the window openings of small rooms, it is better to give preference to curtains made of light materials of light shades. They practically do not attract attention, give the room lightness and dynamism.
  • In a room with a large area, you can use not only Roman curtains, but also other curtains for window decoration. The density and color of the fabrics must match. Such a room will be filled with comfort and tranquility.
  • Products with a pattern add sophistication to the interior. The main requirement is that he repeat the one on the wall. Mainly used in the classic version of the arrangement of the room.
  • Natural canvas complements the Japanese style. The price of such products is high, since environmentally friendly raw materials are used.

Roman curtains - a non-standard option for window decoration in any room. They have been known all over the world for a long time, but in recent years they have become especially in demand. Today they are at the peak of their popularity. Many designers in the arrangement of premises, both residential and other types, prefer these curtains. They are able to make any room individual, comfortable and modern.

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