We choose the right curtains for the interior

A beautiful interior is created thanks to the skill of design masters. A professional designer is able to equip a room, create a calm, cozy atmosphere in the apartment, and also functionally place the interior of all the elements of decoration.

Horizontal Striped Curtains in Living Room Interior

Curtains not only decorate the window, but also hide its imperfections or vice versa, emphasize the unusual configuration

Now there are few specialists who can help with the question of how to choose curtains for the interior of the house. And this is a very important element of the living space of the apartment. He is able to transform the design of the room beyond recognition. Therefore, we will highlight the maximum of nuances regarding the correct choice of curtains in the framework of this article.

Curtain Elements

Before choosing a curtain, you need to deal with their extensive characteristics. In addition to the different fabrics used in the manufacture, there are many different options for sewing, drapery, design of these products, not to mention the color of the curtains, their style, texture.

The main elements include the following parts:

  1. Pelmet. The part of the curtain composition located at the top (closes the cornice). The lambrequin itself consists of smaller elements.
  2. Portiere. Made with thick fabric. It is located hanging on the sides of the long part. It has individual small components that adorn the interior.
  3. Curtain. Sews a thin tulle, located across the entire width of the window wall.
The device of a classical curtain with lambrequins

The main elements of curtains

All other components included in the curtain composition are additions, varieties of these three parts. They are discussed in more detail in the article below.


It is difficult to imagine a modern curtain without this component. It has a chic, luxurious look. Specialists focus on this part. Lambrequin consists of:

  • swag;
  • cocktail;
  • tie;
  • decorative finishes: cord, fringe, bugles.
Frill, swagi and other parts of the lambrequin

The main elements of the lambrequin

Various layouts, such as asymmetric hanging, fringe, straight zones, decorative folds make it possible to realize the design of the room with many ideas.


The main element. Also called a curtain. It has different layouts, thanks to pickups, fringe, glass beads, decorative cord. It is usually made in the form of two separate parts hanging on either side of the wall. The most common curtains are sewn with an abundance of folds.

Drapes on the bedroom window in a classic style

Draperies are curtains made of dense fabric, performing not only a decorative, but also a protective role.

The method of suspension on the ledge

The technology for hanging window curtains differs in a number of ways. It depends on the fabric of manufacture, an element of the curtain composition, as well as style. The following pendants are available:

  1. Loops and ties.
  2. Eyelets.
  3. Backstage.
  4. Braid.
  5. Clothespins, clips.
Fabric loop curtains with plastic rings

The number of loops is calculated so that they can hold the weight of the curtain

Securing curtains with clips and rings

When attaching to the clamps, any devices on the curtain itself are not needed

Need to know. Eyelets - rings sewn on the edge of the curtains. The backstage is a tunnel into which a cornice made of a metal pipe is threaded. The braid is a long cord that is threaded along the entire length of the curtain, so it can be put together with any folds.

Eyelets on a chrome tube cornice

With the help of eyelets uniform uniform folds are formed.

Curtain with curtainsider on spacer

Curtains on the wings are silent

Triple Ribbon Curtain

The curtains on the braid are going into small folds that cannot be created using other methods of fastening

Loops, as well as ties, are well suited to the French Provence style. Eyelets are ideal for Hi-Tech, Minimalism, Loft. For "Classics", "Neoclassics" it is best to choose a braid. These styles of interior design require strict lines, as well as a neat style. The ruffles are inappropriate here.

Modern products

Now it is very fashionable to stand out from the gray mass. For this, curtains are sewn in exclusive designs. Conventional fabrics do not surprise anyone. In 2018, it is fashionable to acquire:

  • rolled products;
  • Roman
  • Japanese
  • Italian
  • London
  • Austrian
  • roller;
  • rope.

The latter type is interesting to use as a canopy bed. Rope curtains are attached to the ceiling, together with spot lights. When the lights are on, it gives the impression of crystal clear water falling from the ceiling.

Important. Different types of curtains are suitable for different styles of interior decoration. Also, the choice of color curtains plays a role in interior design.

Terracotta curtains in the interior of the living room of a private house

The original game of contrasts - bright terracotta curtains on the background of walls with a turquoise surface

Roller blinds

Ideally complement the design of "Minimalism" or "Scandinavian style." Such curtains look like vertical blinds, only made of a continuous roll of fabric. The color palette is represented by a wide range. They can also be purchased with printed or embroidered patterns, paintings, landscapes, and even your photographs. This product is the most successful combination of price, beauty, functionalism.

Three windows with roller blinds in various colors

Roller blinds - fashionable, beautiful and comfortable


Combine the device of rolled products and vertical blinds. Sew them from light fabric, such as cotton. They are folded accordion, by means of a stretched thread. Regarding the design of the house, such window textiles will suit Provence, Country, Scandinavian style.

Roman curtains in the design of the kitchen

Roman curtains look advantageous regardless of the size of the window


As all Japanese design implies sliding devices, this also applies to window design. Previously, such curtains were made of thick paper, which covered a wooden frame. Now it is, of course, a fabric. It is mounted on guides. It is permissible to install several rows of window decorations. And each one is acquired in a different color. This brings diversity to the interior of the room.

High-pile rug in the living room with Japanese curtains

Japanese curtains will appeal to lovers of exotic in the home interior


Italian window decorations are an expression of sophistication, charm, chic interior decoration of the bedroom. They are a classic lambrequins, curtains, as well as curtains. A distinctive feature is the presence of lush folds, gracefully hanging from the ceiling to the floor. At the same time, the length of the decoration is selected more by 20-30 centimeters than the distance from the cornice to the floor covering. This creates an additional emphasis on the lower part, which beautifully spreads across the floor, like the hem of a young girl's skirt.

Italian curtains in the interior of the female bedroom

Italian curtains will make the room more noble about the solemn

Here, chic, lush pendants fixing the curtains around the edges are appropriate. Metal fittings, cornice, rings are made of gilded shade, or silver plated. The color of the curtains matches the combination of the interior of the bedroom. At the same time, window decoration can be performed in different colors. The curtain is sewn composite, combining two shades at once. Extensive painting is allowed here. Gold-embroidered curtains transform the bedroom beyond recognition. Italian window textiles are produced richly embroidered with fringe, bugles.Decorative laces, gracefully repeating semicircular folds, elegant pendants, girding curtains, embroidered with gilding, metal fittings that create a rich shine of gold - all this will bring your home closer to the atmosphere of Italian luxury.

Bright Italian curtains on a panoramic window

A distinctive feature of Italian curtains is obligatory symmetrical drapery.

Curtains are also inlaid with golden patterns that are consonant with the decor of the bedroom. They are released from light, translucent fabrics. This is not necessarily white. It can also be milk, vanilla, Champagne, as well as all shades of colors: from black to bright raspberry.


English, or they are also called London, curtains well decorate various rooms. For the kitchen, this option is indispensable. Thanks to the convenient design, lifting / lowering technology, a person does not need to touch them with his hands. Due to the threaded laces through the rings, the canvas is folded to the ceiling. Two fan-shaped folds formed around the edges are an expression of old England.

Dining room design of a country house with English curtains

Exquisite dining room interior with English curtains

Such a decoration is hung on the window without a curtain. The fabrication material can be both dense fabrics and translucent thin ones. It is best to choose a dense textured fabric - it will allow you to maintain shape when the curtain is folded. Thin, on the contrary, will be ugly, shapelessly hanging.

Kitchen-dining room interior with London curtains

Short English curtains are great for decorating kitchen windows in Provence style

The color palette is represented by an extensive range of options. It all depends on the style of the room. English canvases are suitable for the styles of "Country", "Classic", "Provence", "Neoclassic". For classic styles, dense material is selected, for example, jacquard, satin, silk. "Country" linen, cotton is more suitable. Additionally decorated with ruffles, tassels, fringe.

The combination of English curtains with simple kitchen interiors

London curtains blend harmoniously with simple curtains of the same fabric

Such curtains are successfully combined with a bay window at home. They do not occupy additional space. Close the window of the apartment directly.


Looks like London curtains, but have a number of differences. The main one is the presence of several puffs at the bottom edge. The design of the lifting mechanism is similar to the design of Roman, English products. Looks very nice, with the layout of different long. You can create all kinds of arches. This is achieved by the presence of several ropes in the mount, which regulate the length of one part of the curtain.

Windows in a bay window with Austrian curtains

Austrian curtains are suitable for a wide variety of styles

If you have a bay window at home, such curtains are arranged in a semicircular ensemble. Curved cornice is made to order. Suspension technology can be conventional, with a false ledge under the ceiling. There are also models that are fastened with ties or backstage.

The interior of the bedroom with Austrian curtains

When the Austrian curtains close the window, they form a uniform canvas. When lifting the curtains, folds and assemblies are obtained

Austrian curtains are very often used when arranging a bay window, the windowsill of which has a resting place. It is covered with pillows or a soft mattress. The heating battery located under the window is also covered with a small cloth strip, selected according to the tone of the Austrian curtain and the entire interior design of the room together.


An unusual solution for any style of interior. Filament curtains are often hung to decorate an apartment, rather than protect from sunlight. They perfectly perform the function of distinguishing between two rooms, in the absence of interior doors. Also, rope curtains serve well as delimiting the zones of one room. And if you want to make a canopy bed, thread products are perfect.

Interior of a room with filament curtains

Filament curtains look interesting, beautiful and even a little fabulous

The color palette here is vast. In addition, they differ in fabric, texture.If we talk about the classic style, then choose a more strict style. But the "Country" is suitable for various types of weaving, twists.

Use of loft curtains

Even in the loft style, filament curtains will look to the place

An interesting idea would be to combine an ordinary curtain with this type of curtain. First they hang a translucent tulle curtains, and on top of it a rope curtain. This solution is suitable for a northern location, in which sunlight does not get so intense.

The influence of window textiles

Curtains are not only for decorating the room. They also play a protective role, reflecting the excess rays of the sun, closing the view to prying eyes.

Blackout curtains

An interesting effect is the transition from cream to black through a hue of a sea wave.

Speaking of visual effect, window textiles are the dominant decorative element of the room. A bare wall with a window will make you feel exposed, lack of protection, emptiness. Whereas a graceful curtain will bring interior design completeness, luxury, modern style. The abundance of material from which window textiles are made, their colors, textures, woven paintings, as well as other features, the design of the room gets a blissful luxury.

What to combine with?

The question often arises of what room curtains are best combined with. Some designers advise combining them with flooring, others suggest buying walls of the same color, and others suggest harmonious furniture. So which option is the most correct? The correct answer is everything. It is only necessary before the start of repair to decide which design will prevail in the room, choose a color scheme, and choose shades. In this situation, it is not difficult to determine the color.

Dark curtains in a modernist style bedroom

Plain curtains “calm” the colorful interior

Sofa in front of living room window with emerald curtains

Emerald curtains to match the walls

One of the features of choosing the colors of window textiles is the harmony of the walls. Be sure at least a little, one element of the window space must be combined with the wall. If you plan to focus here, then the gamma can be sharply contrasting, bright. On the contrary, if the accents in this bedroom are already present, then the curtain can be picked up with a similar tone with the wall.

Video on how to transform the interior using curtains

Photo: curtains in the interior

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