Features of using mirror tiles for interior decoration

Modern technology allows you to create new, unique details for the design. They give the room a highlight and correct the imperfections of the territory. Mirror tiles in the interior is one such element. Reflection of light allows you to visually enlarge the room, increases lighting. Such material is able to radically and positively transform space.

Mirror wall in the living room interior

Mirror surfaces can radically transform the look of any room

Mirror tiles in the interior: design features

Some, introducing a mirror surface, forget about a sense of proportion. This leads to a negative result. A large number of such elements adversely affect the nervous system. Opposite mirrors visually form a tunnel. The effect is depressing on the psyche.

Mirror tiles in the design of the hallway

Mirror tiles easily replace a traditional mirror

It is recommended to carry out cladding with elements that vary in degree of reflection. They should be at different levels from the observer. It is better to use LEDs and frosted lamps for lighting next to a similar design. Some lamps, reflected in the surface, are tiring to the vision.

Glass ceiling chandelier with mirror tiles

Panel of mirror tiles on the ceiling of the living room

If you use the product for the ceiling, it will visually increase the height of the room. However, an inverted effect will occur. Therefore, only part of the area should be covered with the product.

Attention! It is important not only to correctly place the tile, but also to consider what will be reflected in it.

Decoration of the accent wall of the room with the help of mirror tiles

Take an ordinary mirror and attach it to the area selected to place the mirror tiles. This will help to avoid future discomfort.

Mirror panel above the fireplace in the guest room of a private house

Reflection of windows in the mirror finish of the fireplace

The design should be approached seriously, carefully choosing the interior. It is more relevant to use the product in a small room where visual extension of borders is required.

Mirror tiles in the interior are rarely used for floors. Using a similar technique, other reflective details in the design should be excluded.

Mirror tiles in a classic interior

Avoid mirror surfaces on two opposite walls.

Types of mirror tiles in the interior

There are various types of mirror tiles in the interior. Before the final choice, you should understand the available options:

  1. Standard. It has a smooth, even surface. Joints of the product are practically invisible.
  2. With facet. Differs in convenience of installation.
  3. With a metallic effect. The surface can be silver, gold or imitating chrome and bronze.
  4. Tinted. It is characterized by the presence of a weak tone.
  5. With ornament. The production uses the sandblasting method, which allows to obtain various patterns.
  6. Decorative. In addition to the presence of a pattern, there are three-dimensional drawings or textured basis.
Fine-tiled facet wall mirror

Tile with facet has edges processed at an angle, which increases the decorative value of the composition

Swing doors with mirrors in the bathroom

Original doors trimmed with tinted mirror tiles

Using mirror tiles for interior decoration

Mirrors are often used in home decoration. New technologies made it possible to obtain not an interior detail, but a modern finishing material. Its key value is to increase the space and fill the territory with light. Tiles help create spectacular design options. Choosing the right type of product, you can get a luxurious look.

The combination of mirror and tile in the interior of the bathroom

Mirror tiles can be used in combination with tiles, and not necessarily limited to standard forms

Wall decoration in the bedroom with large format mirror tiles

In the bedroom, the wall at the head is ideal for a mirror surface

The advantages of mirror tiles in the interior

The advantages of the material include the following:

  1. An influx of extra light and brightness.
  2. You can easily mask irregularities, surface defects.
  3. Elements allow you to adjust the perception of the room. At a certain location, it is possible to visually narrow or expand the space.
  4. The effect of illusion is created.
  5. Differs in wear resistance, quality.
  6. The mosaic is easy to operate and maintain.
Narrow room with mirror tiles

Mirror tiles help visually increase the size of the room

White armchair near the mirror wall

Properly located mirror will transform the interior of a dark room

Types of mirror material for interior decoration

Mirror tiles in the interior can be presented in various variations. It differs in shape, dimensions, processing and installation method. Ready-made panels or piece parts for creating an independent picture are presented. Processing of elements is carried out by grinding, facet and polishing. The last option gives style details. Grind budget options. Facet is necessary to give volume.

Panel on the wall of rectangular mirror tiles

Original mirror panel

Visual effects of mirror tiles

The visual effects arising from the introduction of such a cladding include the following:

  1. Expansion or contraction of the territory.
  2. The increase in the amount of light.

This will succeed with the competent design of the area.

Brown doors in a narrow corridor with a mirror wall

The mirror wall will visually expand the narrow corridor

Mirroring the walls in the dining area

The room will become much brighter

Mirror tiles in the interior of individual rooms

The element is used in rooms for various purposes. They are reflected in the table:

Room Description
Hallway Mirrors in this part of the house are placed for convenience. If the territory is small, the reception will make it better. It is recommended to trim the side walls with tiles. For narrow and long rooms, it is worth excluding the placement of elements near the far surface.
Living room When zoning the ceiling at different levels, you can add to the design of such details. Mirror tiles in the living room interior can be used to design one wall. If placed next to the elements, the surface will double their effect. When the plants are arranged, there will be a feeling that there are more of them.
Kitchen Used mosaic or panels. Suitable for dining room. The working area of ​​the kitchen is a difficult area. A high degree of contamination will adversely affect the reflective surface. You need to spend more time caring for the product.
Bedroom Placement on the ceiling or opposite the bed should be excluded. For a modern interior, it’s enough to use the area behind the head or the front of the room.
Children The territory is not suitable for such a finishing material. It beats easily, which increases the likelihood of injury.
A bathroom It looks spectacular. You can not be limited to a small territory of distribution. Consider that hot water provokes fogging of mirrors.
Walkways The indicated areas include stairs, walkways between rooms. Natural light is not enough. Therefore, it is worth placing a mirror surface and adding backlight.You can issue a riser product. This will add design ease.
Classic style bathroom interior

In the interior of the bathroom, mirror surfaces will be very welcome

Living room design with mirrored walls or ceiling

The final design depends on the size of the living room. If it is small, it is worth decorating the cabinet doors with mirrors. This will give lightness to other pieces of furniture.

Mirror tiles in the interior can be placed on a small wall. Additionally decorated with molding. Then the solution looks complete.

Design living room with a mirror wall

Mirror wall doubles living room space

Mirror tile on the ceiling of the living room

If the living room has a low ceiling, decorating it with mirrors will be the best solution

In addition to determining the location of the cladding, it is important to provide a sufficient amount of lighting. It is recommended that luminaires be placed above reflective parts.

Mirrored Kitchen Ideas

You can use the cladding for the entire wall or place a panel. In addition, it is recommended to install furniture with a glossy surface. You should be careful about the idea of ​​decorating the kitchen in this way because of the high level of pollution. It is better to choose areas located further from the work area.

Fine tile apron

The minus of the mirror apron is that the surface will often be covered with drops

Decorative wall decoration of the kitchen with mirror tiles

Nevertheless, the mirror decor gives the kitchen a special charm

What is the peculiarity of mirror tiles as a decorative material

The key difference of the product lies in its decorative functions. The material has many advantages that allow you to solve several problems at once. For rooms with surface defects, a small area and a limited amount of natural light, it suits perfectly.

Round mirror tiles over the sofa in the hallway

Mirror composition can become a decisive detail in the interior

Some doubt the strength of the product, believing that fragility affects wear resistance. Modern capabilities allow us to make the element of high quality and reliable.

Care for mirror surfaces in the interior

In order for the tile to retain an attractive appearance for longer, it is necessary to provide it with competent care. It is easy to wash, but it is not soiled very much. This is due to the benefits of:

  • It is not erased by friction.
  • Keeps shine for a long time.
  • It does not fade under sunlight.
  • There is no fading.
Mirror composition of tiles in the form of honeycombs on the wall of the hallway

Miniature mirrors do not require special care

There are products with a special coating that does not fade for a long time.

Shards: how to use mirror mosaic

The panel looks like a cluster of many elements of different shapes. Attached to the polymer mesh. To create a semicircular surface, you should choose a mosaic with small dimensions of the pieces. This will allow maximum repetition of the existing bends.

Using a mosaic with a mirror surface in the bathroom

Mirror mosaic in the bathroom

Mirror mosaic kitchen apron

Mirror mosaic kitchen apron is perfect for decorating your kitchen in art deco style

Use fragments for decorating the ceiling, fireplace niche, walls. The product allows you to draw up not all of the territory, but only part of the selected area.

DIY panel from the fragments of the mirror

From the fragments of the mirror you can make a wonderful wall panel

Video on how to stick a mirror panel

Photo: 50 Mirror Accents

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