Swedish style in the interior: 10 rules of the Swedish decor

Dynamic life in our time dictates its own rules. The noise of cities, gas pollution, the abundance of cars are very tiring. Modern residents of megacities strive to escape from all this and create cozy and comfortable conditions in their apartments. An apartment decorated in the Swedish style can become a paradise. It harmoniously combines functionality with a minimum of furniture and fresh, vibrant details. A specific feature of the Swedish interior is the predominance of light colors that visually increase the area of ​​the home and give it an atmosphere of warmth and coziness.

The inventor of this interior style was the Stockholm artist Karl Larson. In the late 1880s, Larson designed his small, modest house in an unusual white color for that time and diluted this whiteness with several bright details. For more than 130 years, the style invented by Larson has not lost its relevance and is used far beyond Sweden.

beautiful swedish style living room

Swedish style design

light swedish style apartment decor

Swedish style in the interior of the living room

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Swedish style in the interior

Style features

The Swedish style in the interior is great for apartments with a studio layout. The living room, kitchen and hallway, as a rule, are only visually separated from each other. Each element and object in such an interior is thought out to the smallest detail and carries useful functions.

The living room near the Swedes is considered to be the center of the apartment. Here they receive guests, relax and work. The living room furniture is functional. Necessarily a sofa, which easily becomes a berth, a small table, chairs.

unusual swedish-style corridor interior

Swedish style kitchen design

bright Swedish style hallway interior

Swedish style living room design

Although the main color in the interior is considered white, the Swedes prefer to choose other shades of furniture. The sofa can be bright blue or red, the color depends on the concept chosen by the designer. It is important to fill the interior with high-quality and natural objects that are easy to handle and clean.

Traditional Stockholm apartments have many windows, which means a lot of light. The light is not used to blocking the abundance of heavy curtains and curtains. The windows use blinds or a light veil, which can be easily cleaned without hindering yourself with long ironing.

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Swedish style living room

beautiful swedish style apartment decor

Bright swedish bedroom

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Bright swedish design

Swedes are pragmatic in everything, including the design of their homes. In their surroundings you will never meet extra objects. All the essentials. If the landlord does not read books in the evenings, then he does not need a floor lamp at all, and if he works at home at the computer, he needs a separate working corner. This is the main principle of Scandinavian houses, they have only what is really needed and nothing more.

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Swedish style bathtub design example

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Swedish style living room

How to use white color?

There are several rules that must be followed in the Swedish interior:

  • obligatory white color using bright details;
  • decorative, lightweight partitions and screens;
  • the presence of floor coverings of different heights, podiums;
  • the use of floor space is practical and rational;
  • the use of window sills as functional surfaces;
  • the presence of open shelving and shelves;
  • hanging furniture in the narrow spaces of the hallway and bathroom;
  • niches and small rooms for bedrooms.
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Swedish style living room design

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Swedish style interior

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Bright swedish design

Swedish repair

The first step in decorating a Swedish-style apartment is painting the walls in bright colors: white or bed. This will visually increase the area of ​​the room and create an excellent background for further design.

For flooring, it is best to choose a laminate in natural shades of wood. It can be the color of light oak or birch. You should not choose a very light color of the floor, you need a light, unsharp contrast, with the color scheme of the walls.

unusual Swedish-style living room interior

Swedish style in the interior

bright swedish style kitchen

Swedish style in the interior of the kitchen

It is better to replace interior partitions and walls with light sliding doors or screens; transparent glass partitions can be used. This will give the apartment a feeling of spaciousness and plenty of air.

To divide the space of the apartment into zones, the Swedish interior design involves the use of podiums. They not only divide the space into sectors, but also carry the function of additional storage niches.

The kitchens of the Swedes are also concise and functional. The use of the window sill area in the kitchen is required. It can be adapted for storage, or increase due to it the area of ​​tables. There should not be any extra items in the kitchen. If a family of 2 people lives in the apartment, it is absolutely not necessary to put a huge refrigerator, you can limit yourself to a small refrigerator built into the kitchen cabinet.

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Bright swedish bedroom

unusual swedish corridor design

Beautiful Swedish-style living room design

bright swedish style apartment interior

Swedish style in the interior

The first sign of a good Swedish-style interior is shelving and shelving. It is the open cabinets that give the appearance of the apartment lightness and ease.

The theater begins with a coat rack, and the apartment has a hallway. The entrance hall should be comfortable and fully functional. It is advisable to use small hanging cabinets and shelves that occupy a minimum of space and do not clutter up the space.

beautiful swedish bedroom decor

Bright swedish room design

bright swedish living room design

Swedish style living room design

10 rules of swedish decor

  1. The bed for the bedroom must be chosen from natural materials, strong and durable.
  2. The color of the bed can be white or natural wood.
  3. Bedside tables, cabinets, tables and chests of drawers, it is advisable to choose the same tone with the bed.
  4. The use of wicker chairs or soft poufs is appropriate.
  5. The colors of the walls, ceiling and floor are no different from the basic design of the apartment.
  6. Decor elements for the bedroom, you can choose bright blue, green or pink tones.
  7. To decorate the bedrooms, the Swedes use floor vases, paintings, mirrors, lamps and fresh flowers.
  8. The main principle in organizing the Scandinavian interior in a small apartment is the thoughtful functionality of the room.
  9. No need to clutter up the space. The whole environment should be compact and fulfill its functions.
  10. Ideally, the partitions and walls in the apartment are best replaced with lightweight structures or arches, this will visually expand the area.
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Swedish style living room design

beautiful swedish style corridor

Bright Swedish-style living room

unusual swedish style kitchen interior

Swedish style in the interior of the kitchen

Furniture requirements

Furniture for the Swedish style should be:

  • convenient and functional;
  • Made from natural and durable materials.
  • match the overall style of home decoration.
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Swedish style cuisine

unusual Swedish-style bedroom interior

Bright swedish room design

Today in the market, many different manufacturers offer their services to customers. It is important to remember that under the Swedish interior furniture is better to choose from manufacturers using the European style. The most popular brand for interiors of this type are IKEA, Svedbergs, Svenska Möbler. Domestic manufacturers such as Ascona are not far behind the Swedes and often delight buyers with their new products in the furniture industry.

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