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The twenties of the twentieth century. The time of the great Gatsby and a new style in interior design - an art deco embodying luxury, wealth, glamor. All that was missing from the limited life during the First World War and the post-war Great Depression of the aristocratic elite was embodied in a luxurious setting, rich decor items.

beautiful art deco bedroom style

Art Deco Living Room

bright art deco corridor interior

Light art deco design

The birth of style

So Art Deco was born, which received this name after the Paris exhibition of modern industrial and decorative art. Innovative design ideas immediately became fashionable: in the art deco (art deco) style, homes, expensive restaurants and hotel lounges were decorated.

He embodied the spirit of the times, various eras, historical events, recent discoveries. The interior reflects the research of ancient peoples, historical cultures - Mayan Indians, African tribes, Aztecs.

At the very end of the last century, a new wave embraced the art deco style, rethought taking into account new opportunities, a new look at the interior. Art Deco has become a style that combines expensive wall decoration, rich materials from which decor and furniture were made.

bright art deco flat design

Art Deco in the interior of the room

beautiful art deco kitchen design

Art Deco in the interior

Key features of Art Deco

Art Deco in the interior can easily be described in two words - expensive and rich. Furniture for rest - only from genuine expensive leather, an abundance of mirrors. Stucco molding, sculptures - all this is surprisingly harmoniously selected so that there is no kitsch, sloppiness - this is an exquisite luxury, created sometimes in two colors - black and white.

Such an interior can be found in the homes of musicians, artists, movie stars, show business. The style is distinguished by some features.

bright art deco living room interior

Art Deco in the interior of a bright bedroom

bright art deco style hallway

Art Deco Dark Room

Color spectrum

The color palette is contrasting colors or the predominant bright color. Most often - a combination of black, white, silver or chocolate, cream.

Bright colors are possible, but very sparingly - burgundy, red, green, blue. Refined options - a white-brown interior, a combination of gold and red, black and gold, purple and white. Art Deco style is characterized by the reception of the “piano keys” - a combination of wide contrasting colors - when decorating walls, furniture.

beautiful art deco style kitchen

Bright large room in the style of Art Deco

bright art deco apartment interior

Art Deco Bright Room Design

Strict symmetry, geometry

Straight lines, zigzags, herringbone pattern, combined with sharp bends, geometric ornaments and lack of floral motifs. Strict thoughtfulness, self-sufficiency, harmony characterizes the art deco style.

Many elements of furniture are made in the form of a trapezoid - the backs of chairs, beds, chairs, mirrors. Often used contrasting frames, framing, repeating the contours of the surface, which further emphasizes the geometric shapes of objects.

Stepwiseness is a characteristic feature of Art Deco, manifested as a reflection of multi-stage structures typical of ancient cultures - Babylonian, Assyrian, Sumerian. It manifests itself in furniture, interior details, often combined with another typical feature of the art deco style - sunburst.

light art deco hallway design

Art Deco Living Room

bright art deco bedroom style

Art Deco Dark Room

Sun rays

For many home decoration is characteristic of the effect of sunlight - sunburst. Rays in the art deco design are everywhere - trapezoidal headboards, couches often combine stepping, diverging stripes. The diverging sun's rays can become the decor of a mirror frame, stucco on the ceiling surrounding the chandelier. Striped wall, stripes on furniture - all this is a sunburst effect.

Art deco room design

beautiful art deco corridor design

Art Deco in the living room interior

Gloss and Gloss

Varnish, metal, polished surfaces, gloss, an abundance of mirrors - characteristic features for the interior of Art Deco. Mirrors - in elegant expensive frames, tiles, furniture with mirror elements - all this creates an illusion, a game of reflections, the rays of the sun, which are reflected in the mirrors.

The interior should shine, amaze - hence the love of mirrors, polished natural surfaces. If a tension structure is chosen for the ceiling - only glossy, if the walls are finished with wallpaper - then only expensive, shiny, if the fabrics - then brocade, silk, satin, satin.

Expensive materials - crocodile, stingray leather, expensive fabrics - taffeta, brocade, silk, other shiny fabrics: all this, combined with glitter and gloss, creates an atmosphere of celebration, luxury and wealth.

bright art deco bedroom interior

Bright room in art deco style

beautiful art deco style hallway

Beautiful room design in art deco style

Ethnic motives

Reflection of the culture of ancient peoples, animal prints that convey the spirit of African safari (ivory, skins of African animals), mother of pearl, Egyptian motifs, expensive oriental ornaments - characteristic for Art Deco features.

In the 20s of the last century, this was associated with many archaeological finds - the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun, the study of the culture of Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, the Aztecs, Mayans, and African peoples.

In the art deco design, this was reflected in the use of materials imitating animal skins, the use of decor items made from ivory, sculptures in the classical ancient Greek and Roman manner.

light art deco style corridor

Design of a large bright room in the style of Art Deco

bright art deco kitchen design

Art Deco in the living room interior

Art Deco Decorating

To decorate the room in the Art Deco style, natural materials are selected:

  • valuable wood species;
  • leather;
  • glass;
  • metal - chrome or gold plated;
  • processed bone.

Considering that the main thing in Art Deco is furniture, decor, and the walls serve only as a background, do not get carried away with colored, patterned finishes, so you can choose matte paints and textured plaster for decoration.

beautiful art deco living room interior

Art Deco Design

beautiful art deco kitchen interior

Art Deco Living Room

For walls, coloring is suitable, wallpaper is plain, with a wide strip, with an ornament, a geometric pattern. The coloring will be original “zigzag”.

The floor should be glossy, so it’s better to choose for it parquet or large shiny ceramic or natural stone tiles.

bright art deco bedroom style

Art Deco Pink Entrance Hall

bright art deco hallway design

Art Deco Corridor Design

The ceiling in the style of Art Deco - with stucco molding, lighting, multi-level. All this looks best in rooms with high ceilings, but the art deco style requires space, in small rooms with low ceilings it is unlikely to recreate a full style match. The geometric shape can be emphasized with the help of ceiling borders.

A style characterized by luxury, scope, means a lot of light. For the living room, it is better to choose a luxurious chandelier placed on a plaster outlet. You can create a multi-level lighting system using brilliant lighting devices made of steel, copper, glass.

bright art deco style living room

Art Deco in the interior

beautiful art deco corridor interior

Beautiful Art Deco bedroom

Art Deco Design Furniture

With all the luxuries inherent in Art Deco, the interior has simple forms of furniture. The central piece of furniture in the bedroom is a comfortable bed with a high headboard, often of a trapezoidal shape, with chrome legs.

For the living room, it is best to choose a large sofa, chairs made of genuine leather, expensive fabric. They can have a trapezoidal shape or resemble a barrel. You can supplement them with either a small table with a glass top. If the living room area allows, or the house has a separate dining room, a spacious kitchen, you need a large dining table, comfortable chairs. They must harmonize with upholstered furniture.

bright art deco living room design

Bright living room in the style of Art Deco

bright art deco apartment interior

Black art deco home interior

bright art deco style kitchen

Dark art deco room design

Buffets, chests of drawers, cabinets decorated with inlay and painting will be appropriate. Furniture must necessarily be wooden, with varnish, polished surfaces. Artificial imitation style does not accept.

The skin of a zebra on the floor, sculptures, vintage posters, mirrors, floor, table vases - all these details complement the interior in the art deco style - an interior that speaks of luxury, but does not shout about it, and therefore it looks harmonious and modern.

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