Fuchsia color: a combination with other colors in the interior

A cheerful and rich floral tint is back in fashion. It has a natural origin, having received the name from the same-name room exot, "domesticated" one and a half centuries ago. At first, a bright tone was enthusiastically introduced by women of fashion. In the last decade, the color fuchsia in the interior has become more actively gaining ground. It must be used dosed so as not to get bored because of the bright palette that excites the imagination.

unusual fuchsia-style kitchen decor

Fuchsia color in the living room interior

beautiful fuchsia living room interior

Fuchsia toilet

Color properties

Bright dark pink palette refers to the cold part of the spectrum. Related - raspberry, lilac and purple, but together these tones should not be used. The amazing flower, which gave a new name to the palette, astounded the imagination of the young ladies from the time they took root on window sills in the northern latitudes. In interior design, it has been practiced since the 2nd half of the 20th century, when the emotional and nonchalant post-war era came, bringing the world of art deco, pop art and disco. A bright shade quickly bored its fans.

In the wake of popularity, the fuchsia color in interior design has returned at the turn of the millennium - with a new style such as “Glamor” and “Barbie”. At first it was used in a children's bedroom, living room and bathroom. But most actively he practices the decor of the personal space of young fashionistas.

light apartment design in fuchsia

Beautiful room design with the addition of fuchsia color

bright fuchsia hallway style

Striped wallpaper in fuchsia

Today, a bright, juicy and life-affirming tone is considered “female”, although it is used in the design of the following residential and auxiliary premises:

  • living room;
  • Marital bedroom
  • bathroom;
  • fashionable kitchen;
  • study with a library;
  • home theater;
  • children’s.

Decor of fuchsia color in interior decoration is used for another purpose - to fix errors after a failed repair. For example, if a white, gray or beige interior turned out to be plain, a few bright pink accents will bring life and positive emotions, as in the photo.

Psychologists recommend using the fashionable favorite in a metered way, but it’s rare for anyone to think of decorating the whole house so brightly. Excess fuchsia excites the nervous system and interferes with relaxation. But this same property can be successfully used for depressed teenagers - it distracts from gloomy thoughts. No wonder EMO and adherents of different youth subcultures use it in combination with black.

unusual bedroom decor in fuchsia

Kitchen design in fuchsia

light corridor style in fuchsia

Living room in fuchsia

Fuchsia is a natural floral shade. For a bright pigment in the composition of paints, it is obtained by mixing in different proportions of red, pink, blue, violet and lilac. When talking about fuchsia, each presents his own, because there is no standard - the flower itself has several saturated and bright shades:

  • saturated and blurry;
  • with a predominance of pink, blue or red;
  • noble pink and lilac;
  • dark (with the addition of purple).

Since it mixes warm and cold components, psychologists endow it with such associations as erotic, alluring, mystical, ardent, adventurous and uncompromising. It is believed that people with similar character traits choose it, not only because of fashion, but more subconsciously.Sometimes they want to duplicate their favorite flower in the decor - curtains "fuchsia" in the interior or other textiles.

beautiful fuchsia bedroom interior

Fuchsia color in the interior of the kitchen

bright living room design in fuchsia

Fuchsia Bedroom

Designers argue that the moderate use of shades of fuchsia in the design of a living room or office helps to open up and position the interlocutor. However, an excess of this palette is capable of “crushing” the psyche of people if it is not included in the category of favorites.

Due to the saturation and selective combination of fuchsia colors in clothing and the interior, it is not recommended to use more than 3 different tones, and one of them is necessarily the background. When designing a room, a modest interior is recommended for the number of things. Small objects and bright decor overload perception.

light kitchen interior in fuchsia color

Sofa in fuchsia color in the interior

bright apartment style in fuchsia

Fuchsia color in the living room interior

Experts recommend

  1. Violet fuchsia - for large rooms.
  2. Blurred range - for small apartments.
  3. A cool bluish shade of fuchsia is ideal for the bathroom.
  4. A reddish tone goes well with wenge in the decoration of the living room.
  5. A flower favorite is sometimes used to decorate furniture facades for kitchens and children's rooms.
  6. Looks luxuriously bedding with tones of purple and pink fuchsia on a background of greenery.

Fuchsia color in combination with other shades

The interior with bright accents must be balanced, otherwise the most interesting concept will fail.

An important rule: if you are betting on a bright shade, you need a neutral background and a contrasting “companion” that is close in saturation.

unusual fuchsia corridor design

Striped wallpaper in fuchsia

beautiful fuchsia hallway decor

Fuchsia Bedroom

The fuchsia in the interior is best shaded by a calm neutral background:

  • white;
  • light blue;
  • silver;
  • pearl gray;
  • blurred lemon;
  • pale green;
  • light pink;
  • light beige;
  • purple.

It is believed that this color is "with character." But it is in perfect harmony with many floral, "edible", "stone", woody and simply dark accents:

  • dark brown (chocolate, wenge, black coffee);
  • emerald and malachite;
  • graphite, granite and anthracite;
  • sapphire and royal blue;
  • purple palette (eggplant, indigo, blueberries).

Depending on the saturation and proportions, you can use a combination of fuchsia color and other bright decor:

  • orange;
  • citric;
  • golden yellow;
  • turquoise;
  • mustard;
  • crimson;
  • red;
  • the black.

Attention! Depending on the predominance of the blue or red component, it harmonizes with the cold or warm half of the spectrum. If you choose the wrong shades, harmony is not achieved.

beautiful kitchen design in fuchsia

Fuchsia color in bedroom interior

unusual decor of the living room in fuchsia

Fuchsia Room Interior

For a long time it was believed that it was tasteless to combine fuchsia with yellow, red or orange. But they harmonize in floral bouquets and colorful textiles of ethnic patterns from India, Morocco or Malaysia. In the photo examples there is a lot of evidence of such combinations in clothing and interior design.

The natural harmony of floral shades and fresh greens is not always possible to repeat - the tone is chosen incorrectly. The perfection of the palette of a living plant can be tried to duplicate in the interior. For example, a large painting or photo wallpaper with fuchsia flowers plus dark green curtains and a pink rug against the background of white walls.

The perfect fuchsia combination in a trio:

  • with milk and chocolate;
  • with lilac and emerald green;
  • with indigo and whiteness;
  • with wenge and silver gray.

Such combinations will be appropriate in any style, but light background should prevail.

light fuchsia corridor interior

Kitchen design in fuchsia

bright bedroom interior in fuchsia

Fuchsia Kitchen

What styles use fuchsia color?

Spectacular fuchsia colors in the interior were initiated by women designers, but in some developments they are perceived most organically:

  • barbie style;
  • Art Deco;
  • Neo-Gothic
  • high tech;
  • avant-garde;
  • minimalism;
  • pop Art;
  • Indian ethno;
  • postmodernism;
  • kitsch;
  • Disco
  • Glamor
  • eclecticism;
  • boho;
  • romanticism;
  • shabby chic;
  • expressionism.

According to Feng Shui, it is a joyful color that brings good luck and inspires you to reach new heights. It is a vital energy that brings happiness and success. Modern kitchen furniture with facades of this shade has spread, thanks to this teaching. On the other hand, breakfast in such a “charged for luck” setting is a quick awakening of consciousness and positive for the whole day.

beautiful fuchsia style hallway

Fuchsia color in the interior

light corridor design in fuchsia

Beautiful room design in fuchsia

Fuchsia in the interior of rooms with a neutral style

In the living room, this color is most acceptable in the form of bright accents on the wall, sofa cushions and colored curtains. They will make the cold interior warmer and more cheerful, but subject to a light background.

If it is a living-dining room, it is better to give a “mouth-watering surroundings” due to edible shades - cream, chocolate, cream caramel. Indoor plants of related shades and lamps in the form of these flowers will perfectly complement the decor.

In the design of a kitchen, an exotic color is most appropriate if used dosed. Facades of built-in furniture, window decor, an apron in the working area, original chairs or floor tiles. Better when bright is one thing. The more saturated bright color in the cooking area, the fewer things. The floral decoration of facades with chrome fittings and modern household appliances perfectly combines. For a dark contrast, black, graphite, plum, wenge or dark chocolate are suitable.

unusual fuchsia hallway decor

Kitchen design in fuchsia

unusual living room interior in fuchsia color

Room Design in Fuchsia

Sometimes you can give free rein to decorating a woman’s bedroom. We turn off the light, and all this "riot of life" ceases to be perceived. When morning awakening, the contemplation of floral shades breathes life. But if you spend a lot of time in needlework in such a space, the shades of fuchsia can scatter attention and unnecessarily strain visual analyzers.

In the matrimonial bedroom, light shades and small bright intimate paintings are possible. Preferred floral decor in textiles - curtains, bedspreads or bedding. If you want a bright wallpaper on the wall, use only one wall, for example, at the head of the head.

In a children's bedroom, this shade is most appropriate - in the design of a boudoir of a little princess or "Barbie's House". Such a “girlish” color will not please a boy.

Tip. If the children's bedroom is divided into a zone of a boy and a girl, fuchsia colors in the interior design are appropriate in the form of bright accessories on the side of the daughter. Half of the son’s room will have to be balanced with bright blue or turquoise details.

bright bedroom design in fuchsia

Fuchsia color in the interior of the kitchen

beautiful apartment style in fuchsia

Living room in fuchsia

In the hallway, floral shades can look bold and bold, especially in combination with black or wenge color. Any furniture under a natural tree in such an environment will look organic. But it’s important to consider what the companion colors will be. Shades of stone and saturated greens are appropriate.

In the office, so that it is not boring and dull, it is customary to add original details and bright accents. Today, racks and bookcases in fuchsia color are in fashion in the interior, as in the photo. They are effectively shaded by the nobility of gray or silver.

light kitchen decor in fuchsia

Fuchsia Room Interior

unusual living room style in fuchsia

Room Design in Fuchsia

beautiful kitchen decor in fuchsia

Fuchsia color in the room interior

In a modern bathroom, the floral scheme is appropriate in the form of painted floor tiles and bright accents. If the house has a plain bathroom in white, gray or blue tones, it will be complemented by fuchsia towels, plastic shelves and a mirror frame in that mood.

When choosing bright floral shades for your interior, do not forget about the sense of proportion and the general stylistic decision of the house. Extravagant color requires a balanced approach, overall balance and excellent taste. The editors of the site hope that good examples of the photo gallery will inspire you with fresh solutions and help you avoid mistakes.

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