Tiffany color in the interior: features, photo

Tiffany-style interiors look elegant and beautiful. An important role is played by the color scheme, based on one of the most spectacular shades of turquoise, as well as the use of stained glass in the design of the room. In many ways, such interiors are based on the Art Nouveau style, being its more modern variation. Turquoise gamut and elegant outlines of furniture are suitable for any room, whether it be a bedroom, a living room or even a nursery.

bright tiffany color in kitchen design

Tiffany color in room design

beautiful tiffany color in room style

Tiffany Room Design

chic tiffany color in the decor of the corridor

Tiffany color in the interior

Key Features

Despite the fact that the origins of this trend are in the Art Nouveau style, there are differences. Here are the main features:

  • simple and elegant lines;
  • plenty of light and lack of partitions - the space should be spacious;
  • high-quality materials that give the room a respectable look;
  • functional and comfortable furniture;
  • modest decor with no frills;
  • the decoration successfully combines old pieces of furniture and decor with the latest technology;
  • use as objects of art decoration - stained-glass windows, paintings, figurines, etc .;
  • warm and delicate colors, diluted with bright details.

The first Tiffany-style interiors appeared at the end of the 19th century and immediately gained great popularity. The design was distinguished by the novelty of color combinations, the use of modern materials at that time, as well as the high cost and individuality. The author was the first to combine unusual tones with each other and use a large number of stained glass structures, floor lamps and chandeliers in the decoration of rooms.

Now in the decoration of living rooms and bedrooms, combinations of vintage elements (decor, furniture, etc.) are used with modern materials. With a competent combination, you can create a unique and harmonious atmosphere.

beautiful tiffany color in the interior of the nursery

Tiffany color in the living room interior

chic tiffany color in the style of the hallway

Tiffany Room Design

What is the color of Tiffany and with what to combine it?

This is a bright and at the same time very delicate shade of blue, which is able to refresh the living room or bedroom, while not drawing attention to itself. Beautiful cool turquoise can be chosen both as an accent and as a background. Wallpapers and furniture of this shade look beautiful and unusual.

Of course, you should not use too much turquoise in the same room, like any other color. It is best to choose several shades for home decoration, so the room will look more harmonious. Greenish-blue looks best in the form of decorative elements, this shade is convenient to highlight the necessary details. In the living room, you can use turquoise curtains and sofa pillows, while for the bedroom, a blanket of this shade is well suited, complemented by appropriate wraps on chairs or pouffes.

bright tiffany color in bedroom decor

Tiffany color bedroom interior

beautiful tiffany color in the room interior

Tiffany color in bedroom interior

bright tiffany color in corridor design

Tiffany Bedroom

Important! too much blue in the decor or decoration will make the design too cool.

So that there is no "overload", turquoise must be diluted with other shades. The following colors are best combined with it.

  1. White.
    This combination is considered harmonious and fresh, despite the contrast. Turquoise and snow-white decoration and decor will set you at peace and quiet, and in the hot summer noticeably refresh the room. However, you should not abuse the cold gamut in rooms where there is little sunlight - they will seem cold and lifeless.
  2. Blue.
    The most successful option, since these tones are related to each other. Such a design is primarily based on turquoise as a background, while blue plays the role of an accent. These are textiles, furniture compositions, vases, etc.
  3. Green, light green or mint.
    You can choose one of the presented options or several at once along with blue. It looks fresh and very spring-like.
  4. Light blue.
    This option is better to use in the decoration of the bedroom, for the living room is too calm range.
  5. Pink.
    A very interesting combination, especially popular abroad. Most often it is used to decorate a nursery for a girl.
  6. Yellow.
    But for the nursery belonging to the boy, you can combine turquoise and bright yellow or orange.
  7. Red (scarlet, brick, etc.).
chic tiffany color in the interior of the kitchen

Tiffany color in a room interior

chic tiffany color in bedroom design

Tiffany Kitchen

A very bold approach to the color scheme of the room, which will be appreciated by creative individuals who love non-standard solutions. However, red should be selected very carefully, their share should not exceed more than 25%, otherwise this design will be tiring for the eyes.

In addition to the above listed tones, turquoise combines brown and beige.

How to apply the color of Tiffany

In many respects, everything depends on whether the turquoise background or accent. If the interior is made in calm brown and beige colors, turquoise can be used as an addition. Often these are various accessories, for example, photo frames, figurines, vases. You can also pay attention to curtains, bedspreads, pillows, lampshades, etc.

beautiful tiffany color hallway style

Tiffany color in a room interior

bright tiffany color in the decor of the nursery

Tiffany Bathroom Design

bright tiffany color in the interior of the corridor

Tiffany color interior

The color of tiffany is well suited for highlighting specific elements of the room’s decoration: an unusual set of furniture, designer stairs, decorative objects that you want to highlight (in this case, it is convenient to paint part of the wall in turquoise). To decorate the walls, you can choose bright inserts highlighted by moldings, paint stucco molding or plaster decorative elements.

It is not necessary to limit oneself to individual accents; one can go on to more global solutions. For example, when using green-blue in the kitchen, you can highlight a whole apron, as well as the floor and countertops. In such an environment, the color of Tiffany will become the dominant. It should be borne in mind that various options of blue and blue muffle appetite.

Turquoise blue can be used to combine different functional areas or entire rooms. This is most convenient in one-room studio apartments, where space often has to be zoned. In this case, the tone can be chosen to create a single interior composition with the help of wall and floor finishes, furniture elements, carpets, etc.

chic tiffany color in kitchen design

Chic tiffany bedroom design

beautiful tiffany color in a nursery decor

Bright tiffany room

The role of Tiffany-style stained glass

The stained-glass window is a beautiful and luxurious detail that instantly transforms the look of the living room or bedroom. Stained glass elements are made in different sizes, from full glass partitions and windows to inserts in the facades of cabinets and lampshades for nightlights. This stained glass window is made of glass, however, this design is fragile, heavy and very expensive. In modern interiors, stained glass films that can be applied to windows, glass surfaces, etc. are the most popular. These are the main advantages of such stained glass windows in the Tiffany style.

  • Glass is a heavy and traumatic material; serious injuries can occur if a structure falls on a person.PVC film weighs nothing and is easy to apply on any smooth surface.
  • Glass stained-glass windows do not tolerate high humidity, while polymer films can be used even for bathroom decor.
  • When using the film in the bathroom or in the kitchen, an important advantage should be taken into account - steam does not condense on the surface, which means there will be no ugly smudges.
  • The stained-glass window in the decoration of the ceiling will look original and stylish, for which you can easily choose stretch linens. If you mount the backlight inside, the effect will be even more stunning. When using stained glass canvases in the bathroom, there are pluses - the film is not afraid of water, and in case of flooding from above it can withstand the load.
  • Film stained-glass windows are easily and quickly mounted.
  • PVC cloth does not fade over time, it is easy to clean from dirt, not afraid of water.
  • Such stretched stained glass structures can be of any shape, and their installation is carried out quickly and without excess dirt.
  • In addition, PVC will cost much cheaper than a heavy glass analog.
bright tiffany color in the bedroom interior

Beautiful tiffany room design

chic room-style tiffany color

Tiffany Room Design

bright tiffany color in room decor

Tiffany color room design

In which interiors turquoise is appropriate

Turquoise tones look good not only in the modern style and its modern variations. Tiffany color is able to refresh and decorate almost any room. Consider the most popular and effective options.

Mediterranean style

It is distinguished by the simplicity of lines and materials, natural shades and textures are used here. This wood, stone, plaster, and tones completely echo the natural gamut of the sea coast. There is a lot of white or sand in such rooms, the use of turquoise will emphasize freshness and give the room a more modern look.

White, beige, olive, terracotta are also actively used. Mosaics and tiles with Greek ornaments are popular. This design is well suited for the kitchen, while you can combine blue furniture with colored tiles. Also muted blue will look great in an old version.

beautiful tiffany color in a nursery design

Tiffany color bedroom interior

chic tiffany color in the design of the hallway

Tiffany Kitchen

Modern hi-tech

To create an interior according to the rules of hi-tech, you can and should choose only the most modern materials and technologies. Blue will fit perfectly into the design in contrast with other tones. Bold combinations together with simplicity of forms and a large amount of glass will look stylish and interesting. Turquoise blue can be used in any quantities. It can be represented by decor, furniture, elements of decoration or in the form of decor.

chic tiffany color in the bedroom interior

Tiffany Bedroom

bright tiffany color in the decor of the kitchen

Tiffany color in a room interior

beautiful tiffany color in the style of the corridor

Tiffany color room interior

Cultural features

Tiffany style decor can be successfully combined with various national motifs. This may be Japanese painting, Indian ornaments, country elements (for example, Provence). It is important to correctly select the gamut and choose a harmonious composition, in which case the turquoise will look good.

A bit of insanity

A fashionable shade of blue allows such combinations that in other design areas would look too pretentious. You can apply various animal prints, combining them with neon tones, choose elaborate forms of furniture, paint walls and do what fantasy tells you to do. The design of rooms in the tiffany style allows the most daring experiments.

Home Office Design

It is generally accepted that the workspace should be rigorous and minimalistic so that nothing distracts from work. However, in a too boring environment, productivity is unlikely to be high. The severity of the situation will easily dilute a small amount of bright blue, which will cheer up and give the necessary charge for the whole day.

chic color tiffany style kitchen

Tiffany color in bedroom interior

beautiful tiffany color in the design of the hallway

Kitchen design in tiffany color

Vintage and retro

Blue goes well with vintage and antique objects.This can be antique furniture, or cabinets and cabinets, made old by hand. Provence and shabby chic are best suited for this combination.

So, the color of tiffany looks great not only in modern style, but also in more modern interiors. This unusual variation of turquoise refreshes the room and brings brightness and modernity to it.

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