We think through the design of a small living room to the smallest detail

Design a small living room must be thought out, every detail is carefully selected. Then it will turn out to embody a cozy atmosphere and beautiful appearance. Small dimensions of the space will cause some difficulties, but this will not become a problem. Following useful recommendations, it will be possible to combine practicality and taste.

design of a small living room

The owners of a small apartment will have to literally think through the design of a small living room in cramped circumstances

What should be the interior of a small living room

Of course, a small living room will add inconvenience to its arrangement. But nothing is impossible. Interior of a small living room should reflect the spaciousness, cozy atmosphere and attract the inhabitants of the house and their guests so that they spend more time in this room.

cozy little living room

You can also design the interior of a small living room so that it will appear spacious and bright.

A simple option to add luxury to the room is to combine it with a kitchen or another room located nearby. It is not always possible to take advantage of this solution. Therefore, use methods to visually expand the space.

combining living room with kitchen

Of course, the owners of apartments in the so-called "Stalin" were lucky - there are high ceilings and larger areas.

Design guidelines for a small living room

Design a small living room involves the implementation of several tasks.

  1. Proper placement of furniture.
  2. The maximum increase in space.
living room in Khrushchev

Design options for a living room in a small apartment.

Do not use massive furniture. They are replaced by compact sofas, shelving, low cabinets, side tables. When embodying your design, you should adhere to the tips:

  1. Furniture items need to be placed compactly;
  2. Let light shades prevail;
  3. You can organize a light background on which to place bright decorative elements, such as pillows, carpets, paintings;
  4. Introduce the correct geometric shapes into the design.
bright accents in the living room

To slightly expand the area of ​​the living room of a small size, you can make a redevelopment.

Visual Expansion Techniques

The basic techniques for increasing the visual space are shown in the table.

Receptions Description
Minimum small parts Many small decorative elements create a sense of clutter. Therefore, it is important to exclude them.
Crushing rugs If you can’t refuse carpet, choose compact rectangular models. It will stretch the room.
Using vertical structures Cabinet furniture is suitable with a vertical facade. Its color scheme should match the shade of the walls. Do not use many open shelves.
Embody the ombre effect This will help synthesize paint and light. Allows you to introduce bright colors into the room, but visually do not overload. Ombre is a color gradient applied to the wall.
Choose the right curtains So that they do not create obstacles to the penetration of light, it is important to buy light products in bright colors. If there is a need to periodically tightly close the windows, it is worth hanging up roll screens. They are opened on their own need. Open and free the window opening and window sill as much as possible.
Use light variations Well-organized lighting allows you to visually increase the space. Ensure that there are no dark areas in the room. Add in addition to the main light source, local lights.
design options for a small living room

Remember that light tones visually increase the area, and dark tones reduce it.

The color scheme for a small living room

The interior of a small living room suggests choosing the perfect color palette. Dark tones visually reduce space, light tones give the opposite effect. If there is a low ceiling, you can visually raise them using vertical stripes on the walls.

living room color scheme

Before making a large room out of a small room, weigh the pros and cons.

You can apply a variety of scales for zoning. Paint one of the walls in a bright color where the recreation area is located.

decor of a small living room

Before starting the redevelopment, decide on the color scheme and think about how to furnish the room.

In addition to the dimensions of the room, it is important to consider where the windows are. For southern rooms, cold tones are suitable, giving freshness and a little invite the sun's rays. Warm shades should be chosen for northern rooms, which have less natural light.

windows in a small living room

For small apartments it is better to adhere to minimalism in everything.

Lighting in a small living room

The perception of the room depends on the amount of lighting. AT small living room design It is important to use quality light. The main source you can make a chandelier and hang it over the guest area. Light up other areas of the room with additional devices, such as floor lamps, sconces. You can integrate light locally into furniture, ceiling.

living room lighting

Know that the color scheme in the room can affect the mood and well-being of the owners.

The room should also have natural light. Because the curtains are only light, letting in the rays of the sun. You can hang blinds that allow you to adjust the amount of light that will penetrate into the room.

furniture in a small living room

Light colors will make your living room both visually larger and brighter.

Design ideas for a small living room

Do not oversaturate the space with paints. Choose a pastel, beige palette. Accessories should be selected from natural materials. Glass, clay vases, cotton pillows and more will do.

bright living room design

Get rid of everything superfluous. A cluttered room also seems smaller than it is.

It is acceptable to choose elements of decor in bright colors, but always with a harmonious entry into the general atmosphere. The emphasis should be made either on the piece of furniture, or on a shallow decor or carpet. You cannot select all of the above together.

pastel colors in the living room

Try to provide the room with natural light as much as possible, and disperse the artificial throughout the room.

Secrets of fashion designers

Talented designers know some of the secrets of creating interior of a small living room.

design of a small living room

Remember that in the living room of a small area, with the right approach, you can equip a stylish and modern interior.

  1. Avoid dark shades as much as possible. For a limited area, only light scales are acceptable.
  2. To decorate the walls, use wallpaper with a small pattern. Give up large prints.
  3. Visually add latitude, and space can mirror. Especially relevant for narrow rooms. You can install furniture with mirror inserts.
  4. A suitable style in these conditions is Provence. It combines a light palette, elegance, compact, lightweight pieces of furniture and a lack of conglomeration.

Color scheme in a small living room

To avoid a visual decrease in area, you should follow the tips when creating interior of a small living room.

wall decoration in the living room

Design ideas can be very different.

  1. Cold tones. They will bring freshness and air. The gray range should be supplemented with colorful spots from a warm palette.
  2. White. The ceiling in such shades will bring spaciousness to the room. White walls and floors add lightness. Furniture in such a range is not practical, but it looks beautiful. You can use removable covers that easily solve the problem of pollution.
  3. Asymmetry. This will be a winning solution in a similar situation. This applies to textures, shapes and placement of furniture. The standard layout must be discarded. Focus on original solutions.
trendy living room interior

If you suddenly stopped “pulling” home, then you need to change the interior or supplement it with various accessories.

Optical Illusions: Design Ideas for a Small Living Room

You can not change the area of ​​the room, but make it more spacious by applying visual techniques. A person perceives each object relative to others that are nearby. If you surround a medium-sized circle with small circles, the first will look larger. Therefore, by placing compact furniture in size, you can visually increase the area of ​​the living room.

minimalism in the living room

The main thing is to select everything according to color.

Lines in the interior

Psychologists say that the object can be perceived differently depending on how correctly placed the vertical and horizontal lines. The former allow you to expand the walls, the latter raise the ceiling. By choosing one of the options it will be possible to achieve a visual increase in area.

cozy living room design

Modern design ideas and building materials allow you to make a beautiful, cozy interior.

Compact furniture for a small living room

Plan ahead where what will stand. Better to do a sketch. Tables and cabinets in a limited area should be as compact as possible. A great option will be models with the ability to transform, like a sofa bed. The exception to compactness is only angular options.

corner sofa in the living room

Such a sofa should be comfortable, therefore it’s not worth placing a tiny one.

Decor and decoration

Designers were divided on the design of small living rooms. There are supporters who believe that it is better to limit oneself to neutral tones. Others suggest making a bright accent, using photo wallpaper as a decor. You can replace the empty wall with an impromptu window that opens up any view you like.

photo wallpaper in the living room

Design your room so that there are no unnecessary things in it.

Interior design of a small living room includes the use of accessories. It is important to take their choice seriously. Choose glass shelves, vases narrow and tall, and more.

arrangement of a small living room

Chrome metal has the ability to reflect the light needed in a small space.

Choosing a style for a small living room

Responsible is the style selection stage.

  1. Loft. An abundance of light shades visually expands the room. It differs in spaciousness, a minimum of decor.

    small loft lounge

    Loft style living room interior.

  2. Eco style. As an accent, wooden furniture and decor elements from the same material are used.

    eco style living room

    Eco-style living room interior.

  3. Monochrome. One of the features is the placement of the elements of the dark palette, matching in tone with the curtain.

    black and white living room

    Monochrome interior of the living room.

Similar styles are ideal for a small living room. Such design will save square meters, visually increase the area, but maintain comfort and practicality.

living room with white furniture

Approach the choice of style responsibly, arrange the furniture correctly, think over the lighting, choose soft textiles and light colors, then your living room will become a favorite vacation spot for family and friends.

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50 stylish and practical design ideas for a small living room:

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