Wall for TV in the living room: photo examples of the interior

When choosing an original design of cabinet furniture for a living room or a hall, it is recommended to pay attention to mini designs, which are appreciated for their compactness and increased ergonomics of the equipped areas. The attention of buyers and those who are just planning to place an order is provided with comfortable furniture for the living room, where you can place not only a TV, but also speakers, a home cinema and similar household appliances.

A universal wall for a TV for installation in the living room and according to the photo is offered in a variety of models.


A large assortment of options and constantly updated news will allow you to compare original designs according to description, size and price. The proposed walls, quickly assembled by modules, convenient for transportation and installation, can quickly transform spaces, creating an acceptable style in the layout.

To do this, a minimalist style design is recommended - look at the photo and evaluate how laconic the option is for a particular living room, after orienting yourself on what and where it will be placed.

If furniture is selected where the design requires contrasting solutions in the choice of cabinet designs, models with textured furniture facades should be preferred. Modern design, where there are spectacular walls and slides for the hall, will decorate any interior.


For fans of everything bright and non-standard, branded furniture with colored plastic panels and with elements of glossy enamel is offered. Low pedestals and the presence of many compartments can significantly increase the ergonomics of the zone. For those who prefer a mini design, where the furniture has compact dimensions and a spread in the palette in a maximum of two primary colors, a model with one cabinet, several closed compartments and open shelves is offered. At the bottom there are cabinets on which a TV and other household appliances will be located.

Which design is best for a small living room?

If this is a communal apartment or you want to choose the suitable option for a small living room, it is recommended for a room with an area not exceeding 18 m2:

  • order a mini design with a multifunctional design;
  • select walls in a single or contrasting color scheme;
  • familiarize yourself with the TV in advance to choose the right furniture according to the catalog photo.

When it is planned to place furniture in a room with a minimum number of items, it is recommended that the wall:

  • had a mini-slide design;
  • differed in compact dimensions not to the detriment of the ergonomics of the equipped space; m
  • in a small hall or living room created the maximum comfort and coziness - this is a kind of visiting card of any home;
  • extremely saved usable area;
  • visually expanded free space.

For those who love comfort and harmony in everything - choose minimalism


Spending a lot of time on TV, lovers of video and watching family films tend to choose the design in full accordance with their tastes and preferences. It pleases the eye of ascetics and lovers of strict classics, if it is modern furniture in the minimalist style, which is distinguished by:

  • simplicity of geometric shapes;
  • uniformity of colors;
  • minimum number of components;
  • discreet decor.

The proposed design solution is also suitable for the loft style, when it is recommended to place the mini-living room not only in residential spaces and equipped offices, but also clubs, studios, various salons and design studios that are styled for visiting clients.


To place cabinets under the TV that are completely in harmony in color with the case of multifunctional electronics, it is recommended to select a design from the catalog. The preference is mainly given to light shades - they are conducive to relaxation and help to calm down quickly. It is much more profitable when the wall has a special backlight - this can be seen in the photo and everyone will be able to appreciate that such dim lights will organically fit into the living room or the small hall that is being equipped.


Walls are not always worth decorating with prints. In practice, in order to create a romantic and inviting atmosphere, it is customary to use pastel coatings for decorating walls, floors and ceilings. This gives the space more harmony and helps to visually expand even the most compact studios and salons.

When the minimalism style is chosen and a cabinet with a contrasting color is planned under a black TV, it is better if it is stylish furniture in black and white.

A stylish mini wall in a black and white solution looks organically against a gray background, as well as in combination with a marble surface of the floor and other pieces of furniture stylized as natural stone. Such a natural design will be able to decorate not only a small space, but also separately equipped areas.

It is possible to arrange cabinet furniture designs from the category of mini sets in the spacious living room, stylized as natural wood. This is ideal for bright rooms, where one wall is decorated with spans of glass and stained glass.

Choose a spectacular design in the living room with a pendant TV


Advice for those who choose stylish furniture in the living room

The wall ordered through the catalog must fully meet the stated requirements and be:

  • multifunctional;
  • differ in increased ergonomics;
  • compact, which will provide maximum savings in free space and the ability to quickly find all things.

Such a design, where a pendant TV is provided, will give more comfort, create the opportunity to have a great free time watching your favorite video, and engage in relaxation.

Matte walls with a black surface will appeal to everyone who loves restraint in everything and claims to be ascetic. This is ideal for fans of strict classics and lovers to often invite reputable and status guests to their home. The mini option will be chosen by those who live alone or a couple without children. It is quite another thing when ordering furniture for a large family, where several soft sofas are installed in the living room and create everything for a comfortable family viewing of your favorite cartoons and videos.


Develop an interior concept for your living room and consider a detailed version of the purchased furniture.

Original mini designs presented by case blocks will help to simulate a comfortable environment. Having a TV, it will be easy to place it on a stable stand or hang it on the wall.

When developing an interior concept, it must be remembered that:

  • the installed wall should not be opposite the windows. Otherwise, direct light entering the room and the TV screen will create glare and discomfort;
  • a suitable design should initially be governed by acceptable parameters.

Zealous owners will have to “sacrifice” space for the placement of hull structures.

  • when developing a high-tech style, it is recommended to select structures made of glass and metal;
  • classic style will require the selection of cabinet or modular furniture made of wood or chipboard;
  • an important role should be given to the cabinet under the TV and the counter, where you can place other household appliances and video equipment.

When it comes to the mini option, it is recommended to select a compact or folding table as a kit for modular designs.


Create a cozy atmosphere in the house - pre-select the free space for the wall in the living room

Not having much space, it is better to choose a compact wall-slide, in which household appliances and acoustics will be located. Stylish and modern, and without additional costs for assembly and installation - this is distinguished by modular designs, which allows you to change the space and completely transform living spaces over time. A room equipped for receiving guests belongs to the central place in an apartment or a private house.

Styling this room, you must be guided by the principles of:

  • conciseness using the minimum number of pieces of furniture:
  • moderation in everything that will allow us to develop a unique concept and create zones that fully meet the tastes of the owners of housing;
  • aesthetics, which will help express themselves and create a comfortable environment where you want to return again and again.

Having a taste and focusing on the already developed style of the interior, it will be easy to choose the appropriate equipment. To do this, you need to draw a diagram and specify exactly what will be located. Only harmoniously inscribed elements of the interior can create a cozy environment for watching videos and other media files. It is better if all the components are united by the color of the used furnishings, including home textiles. This is important for the applied details of drapery, curtains and accessories of the stylized interior in the form of - pillows, curtains and decorative floor coverings.


Combining space and echoing among themselves, the used interior items will help to emphasize the impeccable taste of the property owner and create a cozy atmosphere.

When zoning, when there is a breakdown of the interior into separate spaces, details and details are decisive. It is recommended to select the appropriate elements of lighting technology, focusing on the colors of the facades of the cabinets, shelves, pencil cases and free-standing modules. In a room intended for receiving guests, not only sconces are appropriate, but with specially stylized floor lamps or lamps that can replace beautifully designed stained glass windows.


As a decor, you can choose a stylized fireplace. It is better to choose modular systems in light shades - such blocks will be able to visually expand the spaces and bring a positive mood for the guests gathered in the house.

TV wall in the living room: 40 photos of ideas

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