Features of interior design living room with green curtains

The green color for interior decoration is chosen by many people. Its various shades, ranging from light lemon and ending with a deep emerald tone, are always popular at all times. This color is associated with young spring grass and nature, and its positive energy can create a pleasant and calm atmosphere in the house. This rich color for curtains looks especially harmonious, reviving the room and introducing fresh notes into the design.

Classic style living room with tall windows

Green color creates a harmonious harmonious atmosphere in the room.

Sofa in the living room with light green upholstery

Green curtains on the windows - a great solution for creating a comfortable and cozy atmosphere of the living room

Green color for curtains. Which shade to choose?

Using green curtains in the interior, it must be borne in mind that this color has a lot of shades, and a wrong tone can ruin a design idea.

Green curtains in different shades

In the palette of green shades there are both cold and warm tones.

When choosing curtains for a room, pay attention to such nuances:

  1. The illumination of the room. The amount of sunlight that penetrates through the windows during the day is of great importance for the design decision. Curtains of a dark gamut are suitable for well-lit areas, and light, lemon or salad colors will look harmoniously in a darkened room, where the sun rarely falls.

    Black sofa in the living room with white walls

    Dark canvas curtains are appropriate in the living room with windows to the south.

  2. The size of the room. Dark curtains should not be hung in small rooms, as they visually “steal space” and make the room even smaller. A small cozy children's room or bedroom will be decorated with translucent, light curtains in bright colors.

    Green tree on the wall of a children's room

    A light green hue will visually increase the room

  3. The main colors and style of the room. Green curtains need to be correctly combined with walls, furniture, carpets and other things in the room. Depending on the chosen style, textiles can be in the same gamut with surrounding objects or serve as a bright color accent, attracting attention and contrasting with the main palette of the room.

    White and green checkered floor

    Green can be duplicated in upholstery, flooring or wallpaper

  4. The purpose of the room. Each detail of the interior is selected taking into account what they are doing in it. If it is for children, then preference should be given to bright or pastel light colors. For a large fireplace room, green curtains of a noble coniferous or olive shade are suitable.

    Black deer sculpture in the living room with fireplace

    Stylish living room with classic curtains on the open cornice

What room is green curtains best for?

Draperies, tulle or curtains of this color are a universal option and are perfect for any room, whether it be a kitchen, a nursery, a bedroom or a living room.

  • Kitchen. Juicy green color perfectly promotes appetite, so it is often used in the design of the kitchen. Curtains in the kitchen are best chosen from a practical material that is easy to wash and does not require special care. Suitable shades: light green, lemon, saturated olive, light colors. In the kitchen, various patterns, both floral and geometric, look great.

    Clock on the wall between windows with roman blinds

    For the kitchen, practical pastel shades of Roman curtains will be a good option

  • Children’s. For a child’s bedroom, the green color is great. His ability to create a calm but energetic atmosphere contributes to the development of thought processes and better learning. For the children's room, you can use green curtains with funny patterns that the kid will like.

    Green curtains in the interior of a children's room

    Kids room with green curtains, bedspread and carpet.

  • Bedroom. For an adult bedroom, fabrics in the color of sea wave, dark green, olive, emerald are suitable. These noble shades will create the necessary atmosphere of peace and tranquility in the room. Too bright green curtains should not be used for a bedroom, but it is better to make sure that they are dense enough and do not let in excess light in the morning. If necessary, you can use a special light-transmitting lining for curtains.

    Green walls and curtains in the interior of an adult bedroom

    In the bedroom, green curtains go well with white light tulle

  • Living room. In the interior of the living room curtains of this color can be used in a variety of options. Depending on the design of the room, it can be either bright, contrasting shades of color, or calm, neutral tones. Since the living room is usually the largest room in the house, dark and heavy curtains can be used here, but the translucent tulle in combination with large panoramic windows will look very impressive.

    Living room design with dark green curtains

    Saturated emerald curtains will add brightness to the interior of the living room

Green curtains in the interior of the living room can be complemented by various decorative elements - lambrequins, laces, frills and bows. Designers use the so-called kiseya, which is a thin silk thread, falling down like streams of water.

Choosing fabric for curtains in the living room

In order for the green curtains to look harmonious, it is important not only to choose the right tone, but also to choose the right fabric from which they will be sewn. In terms of texture, fabrics are very different: thin and dense, smooth and structural, with or without a pattern. The stores offer a huge selection of a wide variety of materials and it can sometimes be difficult for a buyer to decide which option is ideal for room design.

White tulle on the window with curtains in light green

When choosing, the composition and density of the fabric are taken into account

Classic-style bedroom with green curtains

The denser the fabric, the richer the green shades on it.

Living room window with greenish sheer curtains

Translucent curtains and tulle will make the living room interior light and airy.

The living room, unlike the bedroom, where everything should be convenient and practical, is conducive to experiments, here you can give free rein to your imagination. Luxurious green satin or jacquard curtains accentuate your impeccable taste. These materials are quite dense and heavy, but at the same time soft, which allows them to be laid in beautiful folds. Curtains of this color look chic in the interior in a classic style or baroque. If the owners of the house prefer a modern style with bright details and unusual combinations of textures, then green color with an interesting print or bright color pattern will make the living room original and spectacular.

The combination of green and brown curtains on one window

The windows of this living room are decorated with green curtains of a natural shade, complemented by inserts of brown material, which gives a greater contrast to the overall textile composition

When choosing a fabric, you should pay attention to such aspects:

  • Fabric structure. Curtains can be made of natural material or synthetics. The most practical material will be a combination of both types of fibers, since purely natural green materials quickly fade and lose their shape, synthetics are unpleasant to the touch and inferior to natural material in an aesthetic form.
  • Resistant to damage. Some fabrics have a pleasant texture and rich colors, but clues from various kinds of contacts quickly appear on them.Such options are especially not recommended for families with small children and pets, which can easily touch and damage the tissue.
  • Easy to clean. Before buying curtains, you must always consult with the seller about the care. It is best if the fabric is easy to wash, iron without any problems and not lose its shape and color after drying.
Satin curtains in dark green

Thick fabrics such as velvet, brocade, satin and jacquard are used to design windows in dark shades.

Pale green transparent curtain in the doorway

Tulle, organza, satin and veil are suitable for making light translucent curtains.

What do green curtains go with?

Combinations in which green colors are appropriate in the interior can be a great many. Green in the color palette is between yellow and blue, it can be either a warm or a cold shade. Due to this feature, green curtains are easy to combine with white, brown, blue and blue, yellow and orange. Green contrasts sharply with red, which with proper use can become a highlight of the design. As for the pattern, the most natural and beautiful on the fabric will be a floral ornament. Floral patterns are perfect for the kitchen and living room in an eco-style, which has long been at the peak of popularity.

Black and white striped carpet in the living room

Green tones blend perfectly with brown, white, and gray.

Blue sofa in the living room with green curtains

The combination of green and blue is used to create a vibrant, vibrant interior.

There are also a lot of materials with which green curtains blend well. All shades of this color are in perfect harmony with wood and textiles, creating a natural palette. Such curtains have proven themselves well in combination with aluminum and other metals, as well as with glass and stone. Proximity to nature allows you to successfully use various options with all natural materials, without exception.

White furniture in a room with green curtains

White tulle and dark green curtains - an example of a classic window opening

Dark green pillows on a gray carpet

Dark green curtains are best combined with decorating elements of the same shade.

Many designers choose bright green to create color contrast. The room can be decorated in soothing cream colors, curtains, sofa cushions, a carpet or a chandelier can be saturated green, which gives a feeling of freshness and vitality. This technique is a win-win and is most suitable for a living room, in which there is more space to beat an unusual combination of color.

Red-green curtains on the rings

Bright contrasting combination of green with a red tint

Comfort and harmony in the house

A dull green color helps to relax and creates a calm atmosphere. People who are in a room where the primary colors are green, more balanced and peacefully tuned, and in workrooms decorated using turquoise shades, brain activity and memory improves.

Minimalist living room with green curtains

Bright green curtains effectively dilute the neutral atmosphere in a minimalist style.

Important. Green should also be careful. Cold shades of this color, although they stimulate thinking, can cause melancholy and despondency if there are too many of them in the room.

Mint curtains on the window in the living room

Light patterns on mint curtains accentuate the elegance of a classic style.

Light transparent tulle curtains

When choosing curtains, you need to focus on the style of the living room

Green curtains are good because letting in bright sunlight, they fill the entire room with a soft natural glow. In this case, the green color creates a natural atmosphere and positively affects the psychological situation in the house or apartment.

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