How to create a modern design of a 2-room apartment?

One bedroom apartment is one of the most common housing options. Despite the small area, it is quite roomy and comfortable. Great for living, as one person, and families with children. One bedroom apartment allows you to implement various design ideas. It will radically transform and transform into a modern and comfortable living space.

Creating a modern design of a 2-room apartment is not difficult. The choice of ideas for such a home is huge and varied. Bring them to life is not difficult. Especially if you turn to professionals for help.

idea of ​​a bright interior of a 2 room apartment

On the table in the kitchen you can put flowers

version of the original design of the apartment

On the wall in the corridor you can hang pictures

variant of the unusual style of the apartment

The combination of white and chocolate in the interior

The choice of a design project should be approached correctly and take into account a number of points. The main one is the geometry of the room and the location of the window openings. Since changing it is quite difficult, and in many cases impossible. The interior design of a 2-room apartment should be consistent with these features. This will allow him to get concise, beautiful and modern.

No less important role is played in this process by the wishes of homeowners. The atmosphere in the room depends on how comfortable it is for them. Do not clutter the interior with furniture and other details. You need to think through everything to the smallest detail. This will allow you to organize a functional and comfortable place to stay.

the idea of ​​a beautiful design 2 room apartment

Modern style in the interior of the living room with wall lighting

the idea of ​​an unusual style 2 room apartment

In the kitchen, the TV can be mounted on the wall

Apartment design without redevelopment

This option for planning the apartment involves the presence of two rooms that are isolated from each other. They have a small area, but are convenient and comfortable. The distribution of this space can take place in several ways.

The most common involves the use of a small room as a nursery, and a large living room. This option is great for families with children. Another way to organize is also practiced. In this case, the large room, which is located far from the entrance, acts as a bedroom. The space allows you to equip:

  • place to relax;
  • dressing room;
  • install a crib.

Such a two-room apartment design is standard and is common. When arranging it, it is better to use light shades for the walls. For example, beige, sand and others. They will create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere in a small room.

variant of the original interior of the apartment

You can hang a chandelier above the bed

nice style option 2 room apartment

You can hang a modular picture on the wall

the idea of ​​a bright apartment interior

Nice chocolate color in the living room interior

So that it does not seem boring and monotonous, it is necessary to use bright accents. They will revive the atmosphere and give individuality to the interior of a two-room apartment. For this, green and blue colors are perfect. They should not be very bright, but muffled. Such an interior two-room apartment is universal. If necessary, it can be supplemented, improved and refitted. Such a room will easily become a nursery for a newly born baby.

For ceilings, it is better to use shades that will contrast with the walls.In this case, the material must be of high quality, wear-resistant and not dark. Otherwise, the situation will not be very comfortable. It is good if it reflects the rays of the sun during the day and fill the room with light.

You can use a rug, which gives the room a home comfort. The main requirement for him is the size. It is better to choose a small rug of a light shade. Thus, the interior of a two-room apartment will be spacious with the effect of infinity, which will visually increase its volume.

The ceiling is decorated in a classic style and bright colors. This makes the room spacious and comfortable. Small lamps that scatter warm rays of light are well suited. For such a room, do not use suspended structures, since they take centimeters on the ceiling. As a result, he will reduce his height and create the effect of crowding.

As decorative elements, paintings, photographs and more are perfect. They must be correctly matched to the overall interior of the room. Thus, they will be combined with it and look harmonious. They are positioned so that the attention of a person during rest is scattered throughout the space.

idea of ​​bright apartment design

The combination of white and black in the interior of the living room

unusual design of a 2 room apartment

Modern style in the interior of the kitchen in gray

Studio apartment: design features

Quite often, these apartments have a small kitchen. To hide this drawback, you can use modern layout options. In this case, an excellent solution to the problem is the design project of the studio apartment.

This type of interior is preferred mainly by creative people. Since in a small space they do not feel comfortable. The increase in area is achieved through the use of visual effects and a change in the layout of the apartment. The transformation of space allows you to create a comfortable and convenient place for living, recreation and creativity.

variant of the unusual interior of a 2 room apartment

Beautiful ceiling in the bedroom with a chandelier

the idea of ​​the original style of the apartment

Design a bright bedroom in a modern style

the idea of ​​a beautiful style 2 room apartment

Together with a stretch ceiling, you can make a highlight

The main task in creating the design of a two-room studio apartment is to ensure spaciousness and spaciousness. Light colors for walls, floors and ceilings will help. But there is one problem - the room performs several functions. Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish separate zones. They are designed for different purposes:

  • recreation;
  • cooking;
  • lunch.

To do this, you can use both different styles and shades. This will visually highlight each zone. Neutral colors work well with additional decorative elements. You can use and partitions mobile type. For example, in a bedroom with an area intended for outdoor activities or work. Such a wall is easy to move and, if necessary, change the area of ​​the room.

variant of the beautiful interior of a 2 room apartment

Minimalist modern living room

original design option 2 room apartment

The interior of the bedroom is made in a modern style.

Redevelopment: options

The design of a two-room apartment can bring to life the most interesting and original ideas. Especially when it comes to a large area of ​​the room. It is easy and simple to turn such an apartment into a three-room apartment. An additional room can be arranged for every taste. It will be an excellent bedroom, nursery, study and more. It all depends on the requirements and wishes of the owners.

Repair with redevelopment has not only advantages, but also disadvantages.



Space increase

Complicated repair

The simple process of dismantling the walls. Since those which are not bearing are involved

Separation takes room area

The new layout opens up a number of opportunities for designer renovation

Additional financial costs for dismantling and walling

Repair takes more time. It is accompanied by an increased degree of dust and dirt.

First, you need to carry out repairs.It involves combining several rooms, and then dividing the space in accordance with certain proportions. This design option is perfect for a large bedroom, a corridor and a loggia. Their combination will allow you to get a large area of ​​space, with which you can already work at your discretion.

To separate one room from another, use plasterboard walls. Partitions equipped with sliding doors are also good. Thus, light will penetrate into a room where there is no window.

the idea of ​​a beautiful apartment style

The design of the living room is made in chocolate color.

bright apartment style option

The combination of light and dark colors in the design of the living room

idea of ​​unusual design 2 room apartment

The walls of the balcony can be made flexible stone

For visual separation, multi-level ceilings are often used. They are equipped with a large number of lamps that are regulated. To increase the volume of the room, you can install a glossy ceiling. He will hide the decline in his level.

Walls can be made in various colors. The space allows the use of several shades. The main thing is that they combine and harmonize. Thus, the design of a two-room apartment will be concise and beautiful.

Redevelopment is a serious work that must be coordinated with the appropriate specialists. Otherwise, such work will bring a lot of trouble. The landlord will be issued a large fine. In some cases, you can’t manage to pay for it; you will need to return the housing to its original form.

the idea of ​​the original interior of the apartment

A kitchen can also look beautiful.

variant of the bright interior of a 2 room apartment

A sofa in the kitchen will perfectly complement the interior

The solution for couples

A married couple often chooses a two-room apartment as housing. And this is not surprising. If you choose the right design project for a 2 x room apartment, you can make it as functional and modern as possible.

A great solution for a couple is a studio apartment. This allows you to effectively use the room. Partitions are installed with the ability to move apart, shelving and more. The play of light looks good, it changes and transforms the space.

Ready-made design project of a two-room apartment can be obtained from both specialists and found on the Internet. The expanses of the network offer a lot of housing options. Of these, everyone will be able to choose the option that suits him.

Ready-made design projects of 2 bedroom apartments are quite expensive. Especially if they are made by high-level specialists. You can find it on the Internet for free. Responsibility for such a design lies with the owner.

beautifully designed 2 room apartment

On the ceiling, you can set the backlight, it looks amazing

the idea of ​​the original interior of a 2 room apartment

The design of the living room is made in a modern style.

version of the unusual style of a 2 room apartment

Harmony of color in the design of the living room

Interior for a family with a child

With the advent of children in the family, everything changes in the house. Especially the conditions for living. It is important to equip your child’s corner, where he will relax, play and engage. A separate room is well suited for this. It is in such design options:

  • standard;
  • redevelopment.
the idea of ​​the original design of the apartment

You can put a TV over the fireplace

bright design option 2 room apartment

A great option for a living room in a small apartment

If we are talking about the standard version of the design of the apartment, then the room, which has a small area, is equipped like a nursery. The redevelopment option in three rubles is suitable. An additional room can be arranged as a nursery. At the same time, it is better to use pastel shades so that the room is bright and cozy.

The interior design of a 2 room apartment is a great opportunity to implement any ideas. Choosing a specific option for the design of the premises must be guided by the preferences of those who will live in it. You can use unexpected solutions to create a cozy and modern atmosphere.

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