What should be the interior design of the apartment "vest"

The vests have this name because of the unusual layout. The rooms are arranged in the form of sleeves of a shirt, in a sequential order "one after another", and they do not have common walls. As a rule, they are separated by a common kitchen or a corridor. However, sometimes one room can be a walk-through. The design of the two-room apartment in the vest is designed to create comfortable conditions for the whole family.

Bright kitchen-living room in a two-room apartment

When developing a design, the opinion of each family member should be considered

How to make the most appropriate design project for a two-room apartment P-44t?

Thanks to a thorough and balanced design project of the interior space of the apartment, it will be possible to harmoniously connect the rooms separated by a corridor, bathroom or kitchen, filling them with an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. For the effective use of each meter of the premises, changes are made to the design project regarding the displacement or construction of partitions, the dismantling or movement of walls, the increase in area due to a balcony or terrace. Designing the living space of the P-44t series vest with redevelopment may involve dividing a huge room into 2 small ones, connecting a toilet and a bathroom, or connecting a kitchen with a guest room.

Living room design with two windows on one side

A large room with two windows can be divided into two rooms

Pros and cons of a baby undershirt

It is worth identifying all the pros and cons, when creating a design for the design of an apartment in a vest:

  • The main advantage of this type of layout of the apartment is that the windows face different directions. Therefore, the room is almost always light and slightly darkened corners. This allows you to have both the dark and light side. Thus, a visit always has a comfortable air temperature at any time of the year.
  • As a minus, there are drafts. However, they are present only if the windows are poorly installed or the balcony is not insulated.
Layout of a typical vest in a 44t series house

Baby's undershirts are most often located in the front of the house

A guarantee of safe redevelopment is the creation of extremely accurate drawings of the entire room, and their strict observance.

Options for redevelopment of the apartment

Due to the presence of two living rooms, there are many different redevelopment options for the undershirt apartment.

Kitchen-living room in a two-room apartment after redevelopment

The space of a two-room apartment opens up a lot of options for designer redevelopments

It is not necessary to demolish the walls, sometimes it is enough to simply install additional partitions. We bring to your attention the common options for redevelopment of the undershirt apartment.

For a family with a child

If the apartment owners do not like the idea of ​​connecting the bedroom and the living room, then this problem can be solved by dividing one room into 2, using a partition. The educated rooms create a room for a living room and a nursery.This layout method is great for rooms that have at least 2 windows. If there is no window in any of the rooms, it is recommended not to build a brick or plasterboard wall, but to install ordinary sliding doors. Differentiation of the territory is carried out by an arch or a rack, thereby separating the areas of the nursery and the living room.

Design of a living room with a small sofa in an apartment series 44t vest

Combined living room in a modern style

Zoning of a common living room with a movable partition

The children's space is separated by a sliding partition

Arrangement of a children's area in the combined living room

In a fairly small space, it was possible to place all the furniture necessary for the child

Design of a kitchen with a dining area in a two-room apartment

The 14-square-foot kitchen has a dining table for the whole family

Design of a bedroom-cabinet for young spouses

The room for adults is a bedroom-study

Design of a heated balcony with a desk

Home office is organized on a heated balcony

For the hospitable owners of the apartment

A small kitchen in this embodiment can be combined with a living room. In this way, free space for the kitchen and dining area with a large dining table.

Living room design after combining with the kitchen

The combination of the kitchen and the living room will make the room free and comfortable.

Zoning of the kitchen-living room bar

Functional zones can be divided using a bar or sofa

For one person

You can create a single space, for this you need to combine the kitchen with the living room. At the same time, the walls will remain exclusively in the toilet, bathroom and bedroom. Additionally, if the apartment has a balcony or loggia, they can be combined with one of the rooms. Such a union will add an additional area, put a wardrobe, create an office - a workplace, arrange a place for sports simulators. First of all, the balcony needs to be insulated, a heated floor is installed.

Interior of a modern hallway in a two-room apartment

The apartment begins with a spacious and bright hallway

Wall mural on the living room wall

The living room is decorated in a modern style.

The design of the working area in the kitchen-living room

Small linear kitchen with a breakfast bar instead of a dining table

Red bedspread in a bed in a modern apartment

The smallest room has a cozy bedroom

Bathroom design with comfortable shower

There is no bathroom in the bathroom, but there is a shower cabin, large and modern

It is important to know! Demolition of load-bearing walls is prohibited. Therefore, before carrying out all redevelopment work, it is necessary to contact the specialists. They will provide information on which walls can be demolished and which cannot.

Interior decoration in an apartment undershirt

Interior decoration in an undershirt apartment has a lot of options. For example, to highlight different zones in one room, you can apply 2 different styles in one color scheme. So you can highlight a lighter or brighter shade of the living room space.

Interior of a kitchen-living room in a two-room apartment 44t vest

The design of the kitchen and living room in a single style

Or if there is a passage room in the apartment, the interior decoration is possible in the same style, but in different shades. In particular, the living room space can be done in bright colors, and the bedroom can be done in pastel colors.

Design of a sleeping room in a two-room apartment

Calm pastel shades contribute to a good rest.

Designing rooms without redevelopment

Develop a practical design, and create an attractive appearance of the apartment without redevelopment. This can be done by knowing various architectural techniques and possessing the ability to correctly apply artistic techniques.

Design of a living room in a brick house

Bright accents dilute the monotonous interior

What contributes to the efficient use of usable space:

  • zoning of space;
  • multifunctional furniture;
  • a combination of various colors and shades;
  • organic decoration.

Bathroom design

The design of the bathroom must be formed in such a way that even from a small area to make an example of an advanced design idea. The main thing that needs to be provided in any bath is a convenient storage system for various accessories, such as cosmetics, hair dryers and all detergents.

Industrial style bathroom decoration

Loft style compact bathroom interior

Which design is suitable for a small bathroom?

Clear lines can increase the size of a small bathroom. Also, for a visual increase in the room, it is worth installing a mirror on a light wall.And floor cabinets should be discarded; they should be replaced with built-in furniture. The door should open outward so as not to reduce the size of the bathroom. An excellent solution for a small bathroom are sliding doors.

Small bathroom in the courtyard of a panel house

Bathroom design in beige colors

What design is suitable for a combined bathroom?

Options for the location of objects in the combined bathroom:

  1. Usual. The bathtub is installed near the wall, and the furniture is perpendicular to the bathtub.
  2. No corners. The design of all objects is carried out in the form of a semicircle around the central object of the interior - the bathroom.

Bathroom furniture should be made of moisture resistant materials, for example: glass, plastic, MDF, particleboard.

Brown ceramic tiles on the bathroom wall

The interior of a small bathroom should not have extra details

Acrylic corner bath in a small bathroom

A corner acrylic bathtub fits perfectly into the design of a small room

A very convenient bathroom cabinet is a floor-to-ceiling cabinet, or a cabinet with sliding doors.

It is better to choose a bathroom tile in accordance with the size of the room, that is, the smaller the room, the smaller the tile itself. Since visually it is perceived so that in a spacious bathroom there are more tiles, and vice versa. For small bathrooms, both matte and glossy tiles come in handy.

Modern bathrooms are decorated in a minimalist, high-tech or classic style.

High-tech bathroom design

Modern hi-tech bathroom

With a competent approach, creating a lay-out project, a two-piece t-shirt in the P-44t can be turned into a cozy and ideal area for living.

Video: 3 layout options for a two-room vest in a 44t series

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Loft style design

For a family with two children

With insulated loggia and wardrobe

Kitchen in a two-seater vestry

In modern style

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