Kitchen design 10 sq m in the house of the P 44 series with a box: options for arrangement

The ventilation duct is the main problem of the kitchens of the typical P-44 buildings, proposed in the years 70-80. A series of multi-storey buildings designed at the sunset of the Soviet era were better than previous Khrushchev and Brezhnevka. But certain inconveniences are much more difficult to eliminate than in apartments of a different layout. You can’t remove the only source of ventilation along the riser of the entire entrance to the kitchen of 10 sq.m. You can beat the design in different ways. Decor and furnishing options were offered by specialists who kindly provided their best practices on our website.

the idea of ​​an unusual interior of the kitchen is 10 sq.m. n series 44

It will be difficult to equip such a kitchen, but really

An example of a beautiful kitchen style is 10 sq.m. n series 44

For the correct layout of the kitchen, use the advice of specialists

option of light decor of the kitchen 10 sq.m. n series 44

Ventilation duct - the main problem of kitchens of typical buildings P-44

How to equip the kitchen in the houses of the P-44 series

Modernizing the kitchen in a 1-room or 2-room apartment of the P-44 series is not an easy task, especially if there is only 8 square meters, although for some this room is more by a couple of meters. The main problem is to accommodate everything that is necessary for the kitchen:

  • fridge;
  • oven with hood;
  • cabinet furniture;
  • washing and working area;
  • dining table or kitchenette.

Some designers manage to safely squeeze all these pieces of furniture and kitchen equipment, adding a bar counter or original decor for zoning. But a lot depends on the size. For example, a refrigerator will fit behind a door if it is tall but small.

An example of a bright kitchen design of 10 sq.m. n series 44

The problem with such kitchens is that it’s hard to cram everything you need there.

the idea of ​​an unusual kitchen design of 10 sq.m. n series 44

Some designers manage to create a full-fledged kitchen and add decor elements

Built-in furniture is an ideal solution, especially if you beat the design of the kitchen with a ventilation duct in the P-44 house. The problem with an unaesthetic protrusion can be solved in different ways:

  • mask with spectacular finishing materials (decorative plaster, wild stone, tile);
  • hide behind the facade of cabinet furniture;
  • use as a plane for kitchen decor;
  • arrange as a functional area for zoning.

The ventilation duct noticeably takes away part of the small space of the kitchen, so it must be compensated - visually and functionally, as in the photo layout.

variant of the beautiful style of the kitchen 10 sq.m. n series 44

The kitchen can also be combined with a living room

An example of a bright kitchen interior of 10 sq.m. n series 44

Use built-in furniture, it will save space

the idea of ​​a bright decor of the kitchen is 10 sq.m. n series 44

The ventilation duct can be used as a decor element or otherwise

Specialists took into account all the moments in the design of the kitchen in the house of the P-46 and P-44 series, so that the kitchen would meet the basic requirements. She must be:

  • cozy for owners and guests;
  • stylish and aesthetic;
  • functional and practical (for moving during cooking);
  • comfortable and spacious enough for a joint meal of the whole family.
an example of an unusual design of a kitchen of 10 sq.m. n series 44

Try to make the kitchen cozy and comfortable

the idea of ​​a beautiful style of kitchen 10 sq.m. n series 44

When planning a kitchen, consider all the features of the room

Regardless of what advantages or disadvantages a particular type of layout has, you need to functionally beat every centimeter of the kitchen. Some features of the design of the kitchen in the house of the P-44 series with a box were repeatedly discussed in the "Housing Question" and other programs about repair and interior. Layouts with a bay window and annexed balcony area were played out.

However, a radical redevelopment in these houses is not recommended, this is due to the specific location of the box, which cannot be removed, and most of the walls are load-bearing.You can move the gas stove and sink with a mixer, but along the wall that was provided for by the initial design.

option of a bright kitchen interior of 10 sq.m. n series 44

Use all free space as functionally as possible.

the idea of ​​a beautiful kitchen design of 10 sq.m. n series 44

On some repair and design programs, the topic of small kitchens is often discussed.

An example of a bright decor of a kitchen of 10 sq.m. n series 44

General redevelopment in such houses is not recommended

If you use mirror tiles, glass shelves and countertops, the room will seem more spacious. But they require constant cleaning to look perfect. The same applies to light floors and ceilings. In a well-equipped kitchen P-46 of modern design I want to not only enjoy delicious homemade dishes, but also willingly cook. If the kitchen is comfortable, this encourages you to create culinary masterpieces.

An example of an unusual style of kitchen is 10 sq.m. n series 44

It will be a pleasure to cook in a comfortable kitchen

variant of a beautiful decor of the kitchen 10 sq.m. n series 44

When using reflective surfaces, the room will appear larger

How to beat the ventilation duct with kitchen furniture





the furniture

To the detriment of space saving, the protrusion of the ventilation shaft is built into a table of 15 cm or a cabinet where a “showcase” or paneling with a dull facade is located to store objects vertically. The cabinets can be flush or protrude forward in the overall design of the kitchen of the P 44 series home.


Sideboard Buffet

Several options for the buffet on the box - as a one-piece case, where part of the space is in-depth, part is occupied by a ventilation riser, a small-sized buffet, combined or open (without doors).


Flush furniture with a box

The table near the box corresponds to its depth, from 45 cm, without a built-in sink, the wall edge does not fit, it is better to transfer it.


With spacing on the box

Transfer the sink to a short wall (a lot of household appliances) or build it into a corner table, you can leave it near a long wall, approaching the stove (hob), but there will be less space on the work plane.

the idea of ​​a bright kitchen interior of 10 sq.m. n series 44

To make everything right, you can use the advice of specialists

the idea of ​​a bright style kitchen 10 sq.m. n series 44

See kitchen ideas online

variant of the unusual decor of the kitchen 10 sq.m. n series 44

You can beat any difficulty

If you want, it is really possible to add a bar counter to the kitchen design, which can have a different configuration:

  • rectangular and rounded;
  • wide and narrow;
  • mobile (on casters and a rotary module);
  • with a roof for drying dishes;
  • closed with glass;
  • an island;
  • peninsula.
the idea of ​​a bright kitchen design of 10 sq.m. n series 44

Use only functional furniture.

a variant of a beautiful design of a kitchen of 10 sq.m. n series 44

All actions should be considered in advance.

For the design of a 10 m2 kitchen with a ventilation duct, you can allocate a place for a bar counter.

  1. Directly at the ledge, which will reduce the usable area, since there will be little space for the table (a mini-format, a folding tabletop will do).
  2. The bar counter of modern design will easily replace the table - do not put it at all (breakfast and dinner at the counter).
  3. A spectacular enclosed design that protrudes into a usable space can be multifunctional, replacing other pieces of furniture. At the same time, it is recommended to expand the working plane by combining a single tabletop with a windowsill.
  4. The bar “peninsula” can be of the same design with all countertops or differ in format and decoration materials. This is appropriate if it serves as a separator when zoning in the design of a small kitchen of 8 sq.m with a ventilation duct or to delimit the apartment after redevelopment.
  5. The “island” in the center of the kitchen is appropriate when there is enough space due to thoughtful built-in furniture of small depth. At the same time, the ventilation ledge is protected by the facades of the cabinets, and the bar counter replaces the dining table. This is a stylish solution for the modern design of the kitchen 10 square meters. m series P 44 with a box.
  6. Window placement is not always advisable. If there is not enough other furniture, and cut the bar counter into the work surface - this option also has the right to embodiment.

Tip. Do not forget that there is free space under the counter, so all pipes and other communications must be carefully hidden.

An example of a bright style kitchen 10 sq.m. n series 44

Everything must be at hand in the kitchen

the idea of ​​a bright kitchen interior of 10 sq.m. n series 44

Use compact and versatile furniture

option of light design of the kitchen 10 sq.m. n series 44

Lighting in the kitchen should be enough

Particular attention should be paid to chairs so that they fit perfectly into the style of the interior.

Attention! If we talk about zoning, then for the kitchen it is important to observe one rule - everything should be at hand. The owners of the apartment should not "wind up the mileage", moving from the table to the refrigerator, from the sink to the cutting plane, from the stove to the cabinets with food supplies.

Make the most of vertical planes, filling them with functional equipment of a small format:

  • metal modules for drying dishes;
  • hanging cabinets;
  • shelves (open and closed);
  • crossbeams between pencil cases, curbstones and cases.
an example of unusual decor of the kitchen is 10 sq.m n series 44

Prefer light shades

An example of the bright style of the kitchen is 10 sq.m. n series 44

The working area can be highlighted with diodes

Do not forget about competent lighting, which will emphasize the design of the improved kitchen of the P 44 series. It is recommended to replace the usual "hanging" lamp or bulky chandelier with a flat ceiling lamp. Lighting of the working area and cabinets with diodes is appropriate. You can use any compact light fixture, which tightly sits on the cartridge, so that less soot and greasy suspension from cooking settle.

Regarding the choice of color, follow the golden rule - the brighter the kitchen, the more comfortable and welcoming it looks. But there are more extravagant solutions, as in our photos.

Video: Repair of kitchen P44. Relevant and important tips

50 photos of kitchen design ideas 10 sq.m. P44 with a box:

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