Kitchen design 6 sq. meters: the choice of style, furniture, lighting.

Small kitchen - This is a common problem of standard apartments in high-rise buildings. However, designers and people who have already faced this situation are well aware of what to make stylish and functional. kitchen design 6 sq.. meters - it is quite real.

stylish kitchen 6 sq m

The main secret of the proper arrangement of a small kitchen lies on the surface - it is necessary to use literally every square centimeter of its area as efficiently as possible.

At room layout The following points must be taken into account.

  1. Placement method of furniture. Three options are acceptable:
  • Linear;
  • Angular;
  • U-shaped.
kitchen 6 sq. meters

Functional version of the kitchen in a small apartment.

  1. When arranging a working zones be sure to pay attention to these details of interior:
  • Apron
  • Convenient countertop;
  • A place for all household appliances;
  • Plumbing.
beautiful interior of a small kitchen

Prefer natural materials when decorating a small kitchen.

  1. Compact dinner Zone.
  2. Color scheme.
  3. Lighting.
  4. Maximum possible optimization of space.
kitchen 6 sq m photo

The stylish white interior looks good with natural wood.

Now consider in more detail the work on 6 sq. kitchen interior. meters.

Choice of style and color

When kitchen Because it is cramped, the combination of this territory and the living room will be a good solution. Otherwise, you will have to use various design tricks for compact floor plans. And first of all it is necessary to decide style.

kitchen design 6 sq m

Discreet and sleek white kitchen design with chrome accents.

Title Description Main elements Leading colors
Classical Classic is relevant for any type premises. The main thing is not to overload the already cramped environment style attributes. Furniture from a natural tree, stucco molding, a picture, a mirror. All light shades.
Modern The main symptom style - minimalism. Therefore, it is ideal for kitchen design 6 sq.. meters. Any room, arranged in this styleIt seems spacious and bright. Modern modular furniture glossy, built-in appliances, each lighting zones. Bright colors with the addition of rich contrasting tones.
High tech Style also minimalist in combination with pure bright flowers. Hi-tech is distinguished by various communications left in sight that are used as decor (water pipes, gas pipes, hoods) A lot of glass, metal and mirrors, built-in appliances.

Ruffles and flowers in all manifestations are excluded.

Contrast rich combinations colors.
Rustic Such the kitchen will be distinguished by naturalness and comfort. In many ways resembles French Provence. The abundance of textiles (curtains, tablecloths, napkins, potholders), wooden or wicker furniturehidden equipment Light beige tones, discreet pattern, natural wood.

For all stylesselected for layout small-sized the kitchen in an apartment, there are certain rules for choosing a color scheme. The selected background will become the basis for the design of the whole the kitchen and his choice must be approached very responsibly.

kitchen 6 sq m blue

In order for the plan to be implemented, furniture should be carefully selected.

So, we will consider the basic rules of choice colors for design.

  1. The bright palette in all its manifestations is an indispensable assistant in the development of the project small kitchen design 6 sq. meters. In this case, the shades should be warm and calm.
  2. Glossy surfaces the walls and headset like mirrors visually increase space.
  3. Bright accents must be present to premise didn't seem dull.
  4. Kitchen headset can be both light and dark. For visual augmentation of space is responsible wall color. Moreover, the dark furniture on the kitchen - it's practical.
  5. Large patterns and contrasts will need to be excluded. colors. If you want to add something, it is better to opt for unobtrusive prints and accessories.
  6. Curtains and headset may well be bright saturated colors. But only if one or the other does not immediately occupy everything walls.
  7. Vertical and horizontal stripes always look advantageous in small kitchen.
  8. Universal neutral colors always remain relevant in modern design.
kitchen design 6 sq. meters

Do not forget that the kitchen should not get out of the general interior of the apartment. The style should be similar to the rooms.

Furniture selection

Kitchen design 6 sq.. meters includes one more crucial moment - the choice of furniture. This issue should be approached with caution so as not to overload space. Designers constantly come up with and implement ever new ideas for saving places and compact placement of all necessary of furniture and technology. For this reason small kitchen sometimes it can look much more stylish and interesting than the big one.

small kitchen 6 sq m

With small dimensions, the functionality of each part is important.

Let's consider a few rules that guide professionals in planning an area. the kitchen in 6 square meters meters.

  1. Maximum reduction in sharp corners. All transitions should be smooth. Most likely, do with a standard kitchen headset will fail and will have to do it to order, taking into account the installation of all equipment. Although many manufacturers already offer ready-made compact solutions that you only need to “fit” to the required sizes.
  2. Usual dinner table can be replaced by a folding or bar counter.

    kitchen 6 sq m with a breakfast bar

    Such solutions will significantly save space.

  3. A convenient and functional solution will be a wide windowsill. This is not only a stand for flower pots. Here it is quite possible to place household appliances and various kitchen utensils. In many apartments, a small locker is provided under the windowsill, which is very convenient.
  4. Corner furniture will help use properly every centimeter.

    kitchen 6 sq m with corner cabinets

    Corner cabinets are always much larger than standard direct furniture.

  5. Extendable modules - an indispensable invention for small kitchen. It is desirable that each module be up to 40 centimeters wide. So they can be moved as you like, and save at the same time space. On a photo several options are presented layout with using modular of furniture.
  6. Open cabinets and shelves can significantly offload furnitureadding air to premise.

    kitchen 6 sq m with shelves

    Tall narrow modules with shelves will look especially good.

  7. By acquiring furniture every element must be carefully thought out - there should be nothing superfluous, only the most necessary.
  8. Instead of a slab that takes up a lot places You can buy a hob and, if necessary, an oven.

    arrangement of equipment in the kitchen 6 sq m

    It can be installed in one of the modules.

  9. The refrigerator is sometimes very well placed in a niche in the corridor, as shown on a photo.
  10. A washing or dishwasher is successfully installed under the sink.

    kitchen 6 sq m arrangement

    You should carefully consider this or that choice, so as not to redo it later.


Last, but not least, is the six-meter lighting the kitchen. The first thing to consider is visual division. of space on dining area and backlight work surface.

For small kitchen compact lighting fixtures that effectively stand out are always suitable table or decor elements. It is better to opt for spot lighting.

kitchen lighting 6 sq m

There should be a lot of lighting, despite the modest dimensions of the room - this will also visually expand the space.

Create a cozy atmosphere and properly highlight work surfaces can halogen lights. Especially if light rays are reflected from mirrors and glossy surfaces of furniture.

Do not forget about daylight. It is better not to clutter the window opening with curtains made of dense textile.

curtains in the kitchen 6 sq m

You must choose either curtains in the style of minimalism or any version of the blinds.

Design options for small area

Now it’s worth considering several options. kitchen designsuitable for standard layouts.

Standard Scandinavian layout

scandinavian cuisine design

This will enable the interior to become light and airy.

Kitchen design 6 sq.. meters can be done in scandinavian style. The basis is White color in combination with warm light shades of any tones.

Be sure to add bright accessories to avoid the manifestation of "sick leave" style. For example, you can buy bright roller blinds, as shown in a photo.

In this style flooring should be chosen with geometry elements, also in light colors.

Scandinavian style kitchen 6 sq m

The apron at the working surface may well be dark.

The main source of light is the window, so curtains will have to be excluded. Be sure to have a central chandelier with adjustable brightness and illumination work surface.

The original solution may be folding dinner table, which is a continuation of the windowsill, as shown in a photo.

kitchen 6 sq m in the Scandinavian style

Light colors, on the contrary, visually expand the room, so they will be the best choice.

Kitchen with built-in refrigerator

Pondering layout small-sized the kitchen, I always want to use every centimeter with maximum benefit. On a photo represented by kitchendecorated with using three leading colors: whitegray and beige.

kitchen 6 sq m refrigerator in the cupboard

As an additional finish, you can use elements of natural wood, plastic, metal.

Furnitureas for any miniature the kitchen, it is better to choose with a glossy finish. The expediency of such a decision was indicated above.

Apron in working zone should contrast with headset both in color and texture. You can make it in the form of imitation of natural stone or brickwork.

kitchen 6 sq m in white colors

The main advantage of such a layout is a refrigerator hidden in a cabinet.

In this case, the technique should be very compact. Many modern manufacturers of household appliances offer consumers a wide selection of such models. Practically all equipment, including an oven, can be hidden behind the facades. Only the hob remains visible.

kitchen set 6 sq m

When decorating small rooms, it is better to refrain from using bright contrasts - a harmonious color scheme will work much better without sharp transitions.

Loft Design

Shabby shabby walls create an excellent addition to modern finishing materials and stylish of furniture. Style not everyone likes loft, and it must be combined with others rooms in the apartment, so as not to get out of the general concept.

kitchen design 6 sq m loft style

The style in this case sets not the color, but the texture of the wall surfaces.

The ceiling must be required white color. Better if the chandelier is replaced by spot lighting. Particular attention is paid to the distribution of daylight.

kitchen 6 sq m loft

Loft - simplicity and lack of elaborate details. Also suitable, because the room will not be overloaded.

French provence

If there is a desire to make in the kitchen interior ease and comfort, then Provence will be a great choice. On a photo it's clear that room design harmonious, prevails White color. Ok if all the rooms the apartment will be decorated in a similar way.

kitchen 6 sq m in the style of provence

Provence also goes well with the classic style.

For flooring, it is better to choose a natural tree or its high-quality imitation. At the same time, wooden boards can perfectly combine with light ceramic tiles. Apron in working zone can be made in the form of mosaics. Great decor on the free the wall can become family a photo in a beautiful framework.

In the center the kitchen should be miniature round tableas seen on a photo. A window suggests air curtains to the floor.

kitchen 6 sq m provence

It is important to pay special attention to the interior of the space considered in this article.

It `s that a placewhere all family members will spend a sufficient amount of time. Here everyone should be cozy and comfortable.

VIDEO: Design of a small kitchen of 6 square meters. m

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