Design of a kitchen with a gas water heater: where to start the repair and how to save space?

Typical Khrushchevs are distinguished not only by the small-sized kitchen, but also by the presence of a geyser, which takes up a lot of space. Usually the design of a kitchen with a gas water heater seems to be a problem for homeowners, but do not despair. There are many ways to save space when planning and visually increase the area.

An example of a bright kitchen interior with a gas water heater

Sometimes in Khrushchev, a geyser is a whole problem

variant of the unusual decor of the kitchen with a gas column

There are many ways to save space.

the idea of ​​a beautiful style gas kitchen

The gas column can be hidden

How to fit a column

Before deciding where exactly the column will be installed, how it will be disguised, you should familiarize yourself with several rules for placing such equipment.

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What to look for




It is important to note that the distance from the speaker to the walls or cabinet should be at least 3 cm



A cabinet for hiding the column is recommended to be made to order. At the same time, ventilation holes must be provided.



All surfaces near the column should be covered with a reflective surface.


Technical solution

Do not forget about the holes for the pipes when installing the column inside the cabinet.

An example of a light gas stove kitchen design

There are some rules for installing a gas column

variant of a beautiful design of a kitchen with a geyser

When installing a gas heater, consider the features of the furniture

There are also certain safety requirements when installing a geyser in the kitchen.

  1. The room should be well and regularly ventilated, the ventilation system should work properly.
  2. Flammable objects must not be placed nearby.
  3. It is forbidden to block the chimney with any finishing materials.
  4. It is not recommended to block the bottom of the heater.

Often the standard arrangement of equipment does not suit the owners, as it prevents one way or another from planning the interior. In this case, the gas column can be moved. But at the same time, you have to consider a whole list of additional costs:

  • changing the entire water heating system, since the pipes will have to be digested;
  • coordination of changes with relevant structures.
idea of ​​a light kitchen decor with a geyser

To hide the gas column, furniture needs to be made to order

the idea of ​​an unusual style of kitchen with a geyser

When installing a gas column, the room should be well ventilated

version of the bright decor of the kitchen with a gas column

To transfer the gas column, you need to change the water heating system and coordinate the transfer with the services

Species of Columns

Before installing heating equipment, you should familiarize yourself with the types of geysers. They are divided into two types:

  • Automatic
  • semi-automatic.

Semi-automatic means that the gas wick burns constantly, and when hot water starts, the burner also turns on. The automatic column is arranged a little differently: when the hot water tap is turned on, the igniter is ignited, from which the burner is ignited.

Outwardly, both types practically do not differ. Design may vary in color, location of the control panel and its type (buttons, levers, sensor). The owners of any kind of speakers are primarily interested in the question: is it worth hiding the heater or not.

Modern speakers often have a fairly stylish design and easily fit into the interior of even a small kitchen, look great among the cabinets of the headset.

If the open view of the geyser in the kitchen does not suit you, then it can be masked, for example, in a cupboard.

The idea of ​​a bright kitchen interior with a gas water heater

Geysers are divided into two types: Automatic and semi-automatic

version of the unusual design of the kitchen with a gas column

Modern speakers are able to blend harmoniously into the interior

How to save space in the kitchen

A small kitchen room usually makes it possible to save literally every centimeter of space when placing furniture and household appliances. There are several nuances that professionals do not forget about when designing a kitchen with a gas water heater.

  1. The volume plate can be replaced with a hob. It is also worth considering modern options for transforming stoves or folding models.
  2. Often enough miniature oven built into the headset.
  3. A compact washing machine or dishwasher fits perfectly under the sink.
  4. You can choose a compact refrigerator or even place it in the hallway. Usually in Khrushchev it is quite possible for this to determine a place near the kitchen. You can use stylish horizontal refrigerators, as shown in the photo.
  5. The table can be attached to the windowsill. A folding model is considered very convenient. It will make the small kitchen more spacious. The interior will look very creative.
    an example of a beautiful style of gas kitchen

    To save space in the kitchen, you can use some tricks

    The idea of ​​a bright design of a gas water heater

    Instead of a large oven, you can put a miniature

    version of the unusual style of the kitchen with a gas column

    To visually expand the room, use light colors.

  6. When choosing a headset, it is better to give preference to modular compact designs.
  7. Glass and glossy facades of the headset visually increase the space.
  8. The door to the kitchen is recommended to replace the arch. Such a solution will significantly save space, as you do not have to think over a place to open the door.
  9. A small cupboard can be placed under the windowsill.
  10. It is better to exclude dense heavy textiles in the design. Roll blinds or lightweight fabrics will look original.
  11. Light color increases space. The photo shows the interior options in bright colors.
An example of a light kitchen decor with a gas water heater

Prefer modular furniture systems

variant of a beautiful kitchen interior with a geyser

Textiles in a small kitchen are inappropriate

How does repair begin?

The gas water heater, of course, greatly complicates the repair work. The design of a gas water heater is recommended to start with a precise planning of the interior of the room and creating a sketch. You need to calculate not only the dimensions of the equipment and the kitchen set, but also the dimensions of the finishing materials. Changing the position of the gas column entails significant additional costs. Transfer can only be done under the guidance of specialists and after obtaining the appropriate permission.

There are several options for the location of the gas column in the apartment.

  1. In the bathroom, if its area exceeds 7 square meters and the room has a ventilation hole.
  2. In the corridor, subject to the same conditions as in the bath example.
  3. Transferring columns inside the kitchen.
idea of ​​a bright style kitchen with a gas water heater

The design of the geyser needs to be considered in advance

an example of a bright decor of a kitchen with a gas water heater

The geyser greatly complicates the repair work

the idea of ​​an unusual design of a gas water heater

The gas column must be carried out under the supervision of a specialist

How to hide pipes

In addition to the column, problems often arise with pipes and a chimney. In order for the repair to be integral, they often also have to be masked. In stores, you can pick up a kit to help hide the pipes. It consists of boxes and panels. Everything is assembled easily and quickly. In the photo you can see the result of using such an acquisition.

A similar kit can also be created with your own hands. Plywood or drywall will be an excellent material.

An example of a beautiful kitchen interior with a gas water heater

To hide pipes and a column, you can order furniture on an individual project

version of a light kitchen design with a gas column

You can hide the column using plywood or drywall

Creating a work area

The work area is the main part of the kitchen. It should be as convenient and functional as possible. The main thing to remember is that a small-sized kitchen with a gas water heater may well be stylish and modern. Of course, you will have to carefully consider each step in order to rationally use the space.

Most often, the problem of lack of space for everything necessary is solved with the help of multi-level and retractable countertops of the kitchen unit. It will be a good decision to make the windowsill a continuation of the working area.

A lot of space is occupied by a classic gas stove. It should be replaced with a hob. And the functions of the oven will be well performed by a compact microwave with the function of an air grill. You can save space by choosing a compact sink. As practice shows, a large sink is often not fully used.

an example of an unusual style of a kitchen with a geyser

The working area should be as convenient and functional as possible.

the idea of ​​a beautiful gas kitchen interior

The gas water heater can be stylish and functional.

variant of a bright style kitchen with a gas water heater

Think through each step to make good use of the space.

Selection of furniture and household appliances

A small kitchen in Khrushchev, of course, cannot accommodate a lot of furniture and appliances. Therefore, you have to choose the most necessary, which is sometimes very difficult. Designers share a few tricks that can help save space.

  1. It is better to choose a corner headset. The kitchen corner in Khrushchev will be maximally involved, and corner cabinets are considered more spacious than classic ones. Lockers with sliding doors will be an excellent choice. This will help and visually increase the kitchen in Khrushchev.
  2. The height of the walls should be used to the full. For example, you can order two-tier suspension modules or a pencil case for storing kitchen utensils from floor to ceiling.
  3. It is better to install a folding dining table and light folding chairs.
  4. Household appliances are recommended to be built into the furniture headset. So it does not spoil the design with its appearance and does not take up much space.
  5. The use of white color will visually increase the room. In this case, a light gas column will not stand out against the general background.
  6. Particular attention should be paid to lighting. You can highlight the workspace in the kitchen.
  7. Ceiling is best done with stretch of glossy material. Reflective surfaces always increase space.
  8. In Khrushchev, a refrigerator is best placed outside the kitchen.
the idea of ​​a beautiful kitchen decor with a geyser

Choose comfortable and functional furniture

variant of a bright kitchen interior with a gas water heater

Use every possible space, from floor to ceiling

A creative approach to the design of a small kitchen and rationality will help to create a stylish and functional room in which all family members will be comfortable. The main thing is to use the available space wisely, not to overload the kitchen in Khrushchev with useless objects and decor.

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