Design of a kitchen-dining room-living room in a private house: how to organize space

Having a large own house is a huge advantage, but it is important to properly equip it. When planning, you need to think through the details design of a kitchen-living room in a private houseto create a comfortable environment. Some homeowners have to modernize their old home or transform their summer cottages to modernize their homes in the spirit of the times.

design kitchen dinning room living room in a private house

The combination of the kitchen with the living room is today a very popular design decision.

The harmonious interior of the united space raises the mood, raises the appetite, gives rise to the desire to invite guests to itself. Using the advice of specialists, it is easy to combine the kitchen and the living room according to all the rules of organizing space.

living room dining room kitchen design

The main goal pursued by combining the kitchen, dining and living areas is to visually expand the space.

How to plan the combined room in a cottage or a private house

The implementation of design ideas largely depends on the total area of ​​the rooms, which it was decided to transform. This is done for a different purpose.

  1. Modernization of the house.
  2. Reprofiling of adjacent rooms.
  3. Expansion of the living room area through the kitchen.
  4. The implementation of a certain design concept.
private living room kitchen design

Consider the design of the kitchen-dining room, located in a private house of urban or country type.

These goals can be combined or a radical modernization of housing for the sake of some interesting ideas. For example, you can equip a billiard room in the house of an admirer of this game. But with the same success interior of the kitchen-living room in a private house can arrange as a large home theater or soccer fan hall. The combined room can be a cozy living room with a bar and an island sofa in the center near a large aquarium.

kitchen dining room

From the point of view of arranging a large room in which the zones of the kitchen, dining room and living room are connected, it is not an easy task.

When space is limited, you have to be particularly creative. To visually expand kitchen-living room interior own at homeIt’s important to consider how the combined dining room will look. All design elements must be decorated in the same style. What was previously not given much importance, today it is recommended to do more aesthetic.

As a result, you need to get a space that will 100% fulfill the functionality assigned to it.

Think about what the updated design of each corner will be - everything should be done with taste:

  • Place for cooking;
  • Kitchen apron;
  • A stove or other hearth;
  • Shelves for kitchen equipment;
  • Facades of cupboards for kitchen utensils;
  • Free piers.
stylish design of the dining room kitchen

The interior should be convenient, comfortable and easy to care for.

Classical space organization scheme in the design of the dining room in a private house.


1. Kitchen block The main platform for cooking, everything should be at hand so as not to waste time moving around the kitchen
2. Dining area Visually separated from the catering unit (high back of the sofa, bar counter, rack for dishes, decorative border), the base is a table, dining set, corner with a low table
3. Guest area A sofa set or a group of upholstered furniture, combine the dining area with the guest, plus a large countertop
4. Auxiliary space Passages should be free - to deliver ready meals in a straight line to any place (where guests and hosts eat)
5. Additional functionality TV or plasma panel, monitor, aquarium.
6. Adjoining areas The space under the stairs to the 2nd floor of the house, pantries, porch, hallway are made out as a single space.
kitchen dining room living room in a private house

The design of the kitchen, dining room, living room should not just look attractive, but harmoniously and balanced.

In the limited space of a small house, neighboring areas can be combined. The cooking place should be optimized for the needs of the family and the lifestyle of the owners of the house. Often this is a suburban home ownership, where they come, mainly in the summer, and cook outdoors. At the cottage there is enough electric kettle and stove for 2 burners or electric heating elements.

kitchen dining room living room with fireplace

In a building without heating, you need a fireplace, which will become a worthy decoration of the design of the kitchen-dining room-living room in a private house.

The principles of the organization of the united space

Two-story houses in the private sector have their own planning features. Sometimes this is an inferior suburban building with an auxiliary ground floor, including an open veranda below and an attic. The distribution of the main zones should be as convenient as possible for home owners. It is inconvenient to raise cooked food every time to another floor, therefore, a combined dining room is the best option for country houses with an attic.

kitchen dining room living room in a private house photo

When planning repairs in a large room with a lot of functional workload, you will need to consider the style and color palette of the interior.

In cottages, where everything is provided for in advance by the architectural plan, it is difficult to make a significant transformation of space. Here, the same principles of combining adjacent rooms work as in urban apartments during redevelopment.

bright kitchen dining room living room

It is necessary to provide an ergonomic arrangement of structures, furniture and decor items that do not interfere with free traffic around the house.

Layout design and interior of a kitchen combined with a living room in a private house should be thought out regarding the proportional distribution of the area.

  1. In the house, where there is a servant who is engaged in cooking, they make the maximum equipment, the working area is large enough, there is special frying equipment.
  2. In families where they like to get together as a large family, they need a headset - a large dining table with chairs with high backs.
  3. At the cottage of a lonely person who accepts friends or visitors according to his interests, the catering department is usually small, but the space for receiving guests is expanded.
kitchen dinning room living room ideas

When planning the repair or reconstruction of the kitchen-living room to obtain a comfortable and rational arrangement of functional segments, it is necessary to take into account the size and shape of the room.

When the dining room and living room are combined, in the center of the room do not exhibit a dining set, but island sofas with a wide table in the center. The number of guests often varies, it is advisable to have in stock several comfortable seats that can be moved around the house.

kitchen dining room living room in the house

Consider a stylistic solution to all the elements of the combined room ..

During the reconstruction of the kitchen, the amount of equipment is initially determined. Of course, the more appliances for processing products, the more convenient it is to cook and preserve everything that has grown in the garden. But there is equipment that is used once a year or less (barbecue, juice cooker, miracle stove), they should not be among everyday items.

bright kitchen dining room living room

A selection of design projects of modern living rooms combined with a kitchen and dining room will inspire you to search for your own design ideas, color schemes and original combinations.

Thoughtful the interior of the dining room-kitchen in a modern private house Designs are usually complemented by modern paraphernalia. Most often it is:

  • Bar counter;
  • Modern chairs;
  • Pendant plasma panel;
  • Open shelving for dishes and kitchen utensils.

The size of refrigerators and their quantity should also be justified. If the store is within reach, it makes no sense to put 3 refrigerators and stuff them with jams of drinks, raw meat and fresh vegetables, as is customary in some families. It is better to buy everything fresh more often, and large stocks are appropriate if the house is removed - purchases are made once a month.

living room dining room kitchen design

“Global” reserves do not decorate the interior of the kitchen-dining room in a private house, they only occupy a useful area.

Tip. With any organization of space, add some zest to the design of the combined kitchen, something memorable that reflects the taste of the owners of the house. For example, the decor is typical for a fisherman or a hunter, a travel lover's home should be recognizable by bright accents, like a photo.

It is important to consider how the windows of the joint premises will look. In a small house, it makes sense to replace the window sill with a wide tabletop, where you can sit down to have a bite to eat without setting a large table.

kitchen dining room lounge with breakfast bar

The bar also separates the kitchen from the living room.

Advantages and disadvantages of combining rooms

Design of a combined kitchen and living room in a private house specific, but it has its advantages:

  • Lots of space, light and air;
  • Extended work area for processing products;
  • Big bonus in the form of wide passages;
  • From the kitchen it is convenient to observe everything that happens in the adjacent rooms;
  • Possibility of placing multi-seat upholstered furniture or a sideboard with a collection of dishes;
  • You can chat with guests without breaking away from cooking, or watch TV shows on a large plasma panel in the guest area;
  • It is easier to organize parties or holidays for the whole family with invited chefs and animators;
  • It is easier to combine the preparation of technologically complex dishes and the reception of guests;
  • Large selection of stylistic solutions requiring a large space;
  • The ability to organize a full dining room for a large family.
spacious kitchen dining room living room

In modern rooms, the kitchen room is most often zoned.

But there are also disadvantages:

  • Distribution of condensate and condensate, smells from cooking, soot and greasy suspension, if a weak exhaust (or absent);
  • High noise level - there is no obstacle to the propagation of sound;
  • The common space makes it difficult to concentrate or relax when someone is engaged in the kitchen or other activities;
  • Smells from cooking stimulate appetite in advance;
  • Litter from the kitchen spreads throughout the room, it is often necessary to clean, unwashed dishes spoil the overall impression of the living room.
stylish kitchen dining room living room

The lighting of the kitchen area should be brighter than the segment for the rest - the living room.

Tip. It is important to consider cladding materials so that all surfaces are easy to clean. It is imperative to provide the stove with a powerful hood and think about how to hide its bell behind the decor, which does not differ in special aesthetics. The apron of the kitchen can be decorated with a beautiful panel of tile materials, mosaics or decorative panels.

Secrets of zoning the kitchen and living room

The basis of the successful design of a living room combined with a kitchen in a private house - in functional zoning. This is a guarantee of a comfortable stay and convenience in the creative process when you want to experiment with culinary recipes.

kitchen with bay window

A popular way to mark the invisible borders of the kitchen space from the living room is to highlight the level with a false ceiling.

Emphasized functionality - on 2-3 squares of the area is concentrated everything you need for a certain type of activity or vacation. For example, a personal space where you want to retire for classes or intellectual work should be isolated so as not to be distracted by trifles.

interior dining room kitchen ideas

The main place should be equipped in such a way that during operation do not run around the corners in search of the most necessary.

Guests entering the house should understand where each of the functional areas ends, even if it is a studio type room. In a house without internal walls, it should be noticeable in terms of demarcation, where the hallway ends and the living room begins.

kitchen interior in a private house

In the interior of the living-dining room in a private house, the kitchen unit should be separate from the place of eating.

There are several methods of zoning.

  1. The choice of color - the catering, dining room and reception area has its own shade and palette, but they should all be in harmony.
  2. Transparent partitions (glass, fabric, plastic).
  3. Various materials - tiles for the kitchen, linoleum for the dining room and laminate flooring - in the living room are part of the combined space.
  4. Zoning by the ratio of plane levels (thresholds, podiums, steps and multilevel ceilings).
  5. Each part of the room has its own finishing materials.
  6. Separation by blocks of furniture (put on the side, butt, peninsula or in the form of a short wall).
  7. Decorative screens and panels, design panels, installations or works of modern art.
  8. Different lighting in general light the design of the living room and kitchen in the house.
interior design of a living room kitchen

Similar designs can also play a decorative role if original forms or unusual colors are “connected” to the execution of a multi-level ceiling.

Local lighting should organically fit into the overall solution or complement the front chandelier in the living room.

Stylistic solution to the united space

When expanding the usable area by combining 2-3 adjacent rooms, more free space appears. This gives an additional bonus when choosing a style.

If we are talking about a new house, where the style has not yet been decided, you need to focus on the architectural solution. A traditional wooden log house, a modern house or a classic structure is arranged according to long-established canons.

modern kitchen dining room living room

To simplify the cleaning process, the flooring of the kitchen area is made of easily washable materials with high moisture resistance.

For lovers of solid houses, when built “for centuries”, passing the estate by inheritance, it is worthwhile to focus on classics or historical stylistics. She does not go out of fashion, only approaches to the implementation of design are slightly transformed interior of a kitchen-living room in a private the house.

Those who like a refined and luxurious interior are offered a historical style:

  • Empire;
  • Renaissance;
  • Baroque;
  • Rococo;
  • Palace style.

When you do not want to rush to extremes, it is better to dwell on something conservative - English classics or minimalism.

kitchen dining room baroque lounge

Traditionally, the baroque interior involves ornate lines, many details and accents.

People nostalgic for rural childhood, provincial wilderness and simplicity, embodied in a new way, it is recommended:

  • Retro or vintage;
  • Country in any version, including a chalet, Provence, ranch or Russian hut style (styles organically fit into buildings with an attic).

When choosing interior design, remember that you live here, not the guests you want to impress. Different options are possible, the main thing is to build your dream home. Modern style solutions:

  • Modern;
  • Loft;
  • High tech;
  • Fusion;
  • Contemporary.
modern living room dining room design

Try to design the living room combined with the kitchen in a modern Art Nouveau style.

Fans of ethnic styles usually have well-established interests, but the most popular:

  • Japanese minimalism;
  • Scandinavian functionalism;
  • Arabic style;
  • Moroccan; Chinese;
  • Indian;
  • African style interior.

Tip. When choosing furniture sets, pay attention to the technical description. Many headsets, soft corners and universal sets specified style. This greatly facilitates the choice.

kitchen living room in a private house

The harmonious interior of the living room with kitchen in a private house largely depends on the color scheme.

Dark shades are not recommended. in our climate zone, where there are many cloudy days and a long winter.

At the time of buying household appliances should think about how it fits into the stylistic solution and the overall gamut. Textiles, decor, accessories and handicrafts should also organically fit into design of a kitchen combined with a living room and a dining room in a private houseas in our photo examples.

VIDEO: Design of a combined kitchen dinning room living room.

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