Loft style kitchen design: interiors in the best traditions of American developers

Unusual interior design, non-standard layout without partitions and playing up urbanism in all manifestations - this is the difference loft style kitchen design. Today it is one of the most popular modern styles for arranging "lofts" or premises of warehouses and attics converted for housing. In such an extraordinary solution, the features of different styles are successfully interwoven - high-tech and modern, eclecticism and classic.

loft style kitchen

Each of us, even before the renovation, plans and dreams of how his apartment will look like.

Characteristics of the layout of the loft kitchen

The idea of ​​converting a non-residential fund into a full-fledged housing of a large area came from the West. At first, the Americans thought of redoing the abandoned warehouse, but the idea was not widespread. After the war, in the middle of the twentieth century, Europe experienced an acute shortage of city apartments, so people actively lived in basements and attics of surviving houses.

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If your dream is a loft-style kitchen, then in this article you will find a source of ideas and inspiration.

The name of the modern loft style, which borrowed these principles, is literally "room under the roof" or loft. In the Russian-speaking space, the loft is known relatively recently, but the number of its adherents is growing daily. Many interior designers specialize in loft kitchen interioroffering stylish solutions for any layout.

kitchen loft ideas

How you can create a loft style in the interior of the kitchen, with what details to complement and decorate the design - read on.

For this style, the following features are characteristic:

  • Spacious rooms without partitions with large windows;
  • Roughly plastered surfaces;
  • Metallized and plastic facades of kitchen furniture;
  • The dominance of glass and concrete;
  • The presence of bare brickwork and raw boards;
  • "Industrial" chic in the form of open pipes and corrugations;
  • Discreet colors characteristic of the urban environment;
  • Spectacular decor on the "technical" theme;
  • Good lighting (daylight and artificial), lamps as spotlights;
  • Lack of traditional window decoration;
  • Memorable furniture of a simple form with an unusual design.
black kitchen loft

Loft style, which originated at the beginning of the last century, today is a real hit in the design of the premises.

Stylistics has long gained recognizable features. Today it is applicable not only for the transformation of non-residential buildings into loft apartments and penthouses. The loft is suitable for decorating small-format urban apartments and a cooking unit in a large country house.

loft kitchen design

Distinctive elements of the loft style here will be materials such as brick, wood, steel and metals.

The style is preferred by young citizens who are prone to freethinking and desire to express themselves through the environment. This is a mix of a creative workshop and a small, well-stocked hangar of sufficient area. The design does not need large investments, but do not save on the original decor, since only a brick wall with a pipe under the ceiling loft kitchen interior do not decorate.

modern loft kitchen

Textures perfectly complement each other and help give an industrial touch.

Typical layout for a loft style kitchen

The choice of design in favor of the loft style is the design of a modern kitchen in an urban spirit, a little brutal and spectacular.

bright loft kitchen

Wooden floor, beams on the ceiling, brick walls - this is how a loft style kitchen usually looks.

A typical loft in a traditional layout is a great option for transforming a room, where the kitchen and living room are combined during reconstruction or redevelopment. It is interesting to cook and treat a company of friends at the same time, while managing to keep track of events on a large plasma monitor.

kitchen with living room loft

Instead of brick walls in the interior of a loft kitchen, you can often see an unusual tile design.

The television panel may occupy part of the wall, hanging on chains or cords from the ceiling in the form of a partition for zoning. It is impossible to imagine unstable partitions without delimiting space loft style interior - typical living room-kitchen.

loft kitchen with living room

Indispensable loft-style kitchen decor items are correctly selected and placed industrial accents.

Loft is a slightly careless aesthetics of megalopolises embodied in plastic, rough wood, uncoated concrete and chromed surfaces of metal elements. It is often called the American or New York or style, which is not far from the truth.

loft kitchen ideas

It is for such unusual combinations that we love the loft style!

Designers of Manhattan and Brooklyn made every effort for the conceptual development of stylistics, leaving beams, pipes and brickwork almost in their original appearance.

When arranging an urban kitchen of a small format, it is advisable to look at the best samples loft style kitchen interiors The Big Apple.

loft kitchen design

Loft is a rejection of the framework, a combination of freedom and creativity, self-expression and comfort.

Having decided to combine the living room with the kitchen and the balcony, it is important to think in advance how to use each square meter functionally. The purpose of the main functional areas is typical for any kitchen.


1. Cooker and other cooking equipment It is important to provide a powerful hood so that the smell of burning does not spread throughout the living room, all equipment is placed nearby
2. Sink, dishwasher, dryers The unit is undesirable to place far from the cutting surface and the plate
3. Workplace (large countertop over pedestals) Provide additional illumination to the countertop; the necessary equipment for cleaning and cutting products is located nearby
4. Food storage unit Hidden in cabinets, cabinets and other cabinet furniture, a refrigerator anywhere in the kitchen
5. Reception area At the same time, the place of eating is better to be fenced off from the canteen by the bar counter

The most interesting options are with a bay window and an attached loggia, which was insulated and expanded with panoramic windows. It is to the large windows that the dining area or place for receiving guests is taken out, especially when there is a beautiful urban landscape outside the windows.

loft kitchen interior

“Maximum air and minimum partitions” - that’s the whole definition of a loft style in a few words.

TIP. The industrial zone, where a real loft was converted into housing, does not differ in the beauty of the panorama. In this case, you need to beat the windows with well-chosen textiles that will let in a lot of light, but hide the dull picture behind the glass.

For visual expansion design of a small kitchen in the loft style use all known tricks. The separation for zoning in this style is rather arbitrary:

  • Glass partitions;
  • Light screens;
  • Low sides;
  • Bar counter and back of a sofa;
  • Double-sided cabinets without doors;
  • Mobile screens and false walls.
zoning kitchen loft

Who needs a loft style kitchen? Fans of risk and unbridled dynamics of large cities, lovers of defiant decor and bold design decisions.

The combined kitchen-living room is always visually perceived more than the total area of ​​these rooms.With this approach to the arrangement of the kitchen, it does not matter that before the modernization, the kitchen was very tiny. Now it will be a convenient catering unit in the design of the dining room under the loft, isolated during zoning, which can be equipped with all modern equipment.

kitchen living room loft

Loft style will especially appeal to creative, free natures, striving for self-expression - both of their internal "I" and the external environment.

ATTENTION! When arranging a kitchen in this style, try to make sure that it does not look cold and inhospitable, as happens with an illiterate design.

A room in this style may resemble an open cafe in the city center or a food block of a large restaurant - it is important to add a touch of home comfort due to the upholstered furniture of the guest area. Zoning is complemented by lamps and spotlights in the urban style.

loft kitchen lighting

A loft-style kitchen is an ideal solution for everyone who is tired of standards and templates.

Properly executed loft style living room kitchen design should be well lit. New technology for cooking in high-tech style is organically emphasized by rare items. Light kitchen cabinets and open shelves, refrigerators and chairs for cafes made of plastic or metal are suitable, you can even use garden furniture. This will help to create an inexpensive but memorable exclusive interior.

loft kitchen decoration

A bit rough, but certainly bright, bold and memorable atmosphere will cheer up a cup of coffee in the morning and enjoy dinner after a busy day.

The basic colors and bright decor for the loft kitchen

The style typical of the stone jungle, although democratic with respect to the color scheme, is dominated by a white background, beige color and all shades of gray. Vivid emotional accents will dilute this palette with success:

  • Black and white contrast;
  • Lilac and purple;
  • Blue and cyan;
  • Light green and dark green;
  • Chocolate and terracotta;
  • Lemon and yellow;
  • Orange and peach;
  • Muted red, burgundy and pink.
shades of loft kitchen

The sharp contrast of industrial minimalism with home comfort gave birth to a unique phenomenon called the loft.

The choice of the main or prevailing color is based on the shades of the facades of kitchen furniture, decorative elements and the texture of finishing materials. Characteristic for loft style kitchen design Calm tones used as background:

  • White;
  • Lactic;
  • Metallic
  • Silver;
  • Gray;
  • Blue;
  • Beige;
  • Light brown.
loft kitchen color scheme

Priority characteristics of the loft style - space, freedom, volume.

These tones in themselves are quite friendly to many colors of the warm and cold gamma of the spectrum. However, it is better to opt for 2-3 primary colors, diluting with closely related and mixed shades - gray-lilac or gray-blue.

kitchen furniture loft

Most successfully, such a design looks in the combined rooms: studios, kitchen-living room or kitchen-dining room.

The grayness of the loft will be decorated:

  • Large interior paintings, written in the technique of modern art;
  • Modular panels (from several paintings of the same plot);
  • Original installations from structural elements;
  • Large prints;
  • Photowall-paper with spatial illusions;
  • Wall panels in the style of murals and graffiti;
  • Bright abstract spots.
loft kitchen decor

It is in the kitchen that it is easiest to reveal the versatility of the loft style when decorating a regular city apartment.

The choice of a bright decorative element depends on what, in your opinion, should be the atmosphere of a typical loft kitchen interior. The main thing is not to go over with bright decor. There must be one attractive semantic element.

kitchen loft design

Due to contrasting combinations and bold decisions, non-standard comfort is born.

Some experts seek to give their project more meaning by borrowing techniques from other styles. The loft is perfectly "friendly" with other modern styles:

  • White design in the spirit of Scandinavian minimalism;
  • Stained glass decorations for modern at the beginning of the twentieth century;
  • The dominant concept from hi-tech;
  • Art Deco in the urban version, etc.
original loft kitchen

Rough, aged, artificially worn textures are adjacent to smooth, shiny and luxurious materials.

If there is not enough free space in the kitchen, a mosaic panel in the apron area or on any free wall can decorate it. This will provide cozy atmosphere and add warmth to the cold "stone jungle" typical of an urban environment.

Tips for choosing textures for decoration and decoration

Loft style has its own laws, but don’t be afraid to go beyond traditional materials and look for original solutions. in the design of the kitchen space.

  • Suspended particles are deposited on kitchen surfaces during cooking. The porous surface of masonry and rough plastered walls is impractical, it is inconvenient to clean from greasy summer and soot. Natural brickwork, decorative panels and facing “boar” can be painted with enamel on top or opened with a colorless matte varnish. Such a solution will not change the industrial appearance of the wall, but will greatly facilitate the cleaning of the kitchen.
  • Use corrugation, tin foil rolls, chromed metal surfaces more widely for decoration. They will make your loft style small kitchen design as much as possible relevant traditional urban canons.
loft style kitchen

Small kitchens should be decorated in one color, for example, white, it can simply be smooth surfaces or bleached brickwork.

  • Looking for a way to decorate the ceiling, you need to proceed from the type of room. If this is the beautification of the attic, wooden beams are a great solution. In a city apartment, designers recommend false ceilings with original lighting or rough stucco. With the low ceiling of a small kitchen, lime whitewashing or plain painting is offered.
  • The floor can be left concrete or tiled with stone chips. An excellent solution will be the “warm floor” system with linoleum or porcelain stoneware trim of the corresponding color. She should emphasize the choice of style. loft kitchen design. A good solution is a moisture resistant laminate. But when zoning it is better to take it out to the guest area, and in the place of cooking to line it with non-slip tiles, which are easier to wash.
kitchen floor loft

Bold color transitions for the loft style are natural.

Tempered glass, colored plastic, concrete and coarse wood are favorite materials from design designers. loft style kitchen interiors. Their examples can be taken for inspiration, but build on their capabilities to make the room comfortable and stylish. Please note that kitchen furniture is often not the same as in a classic kitchen - the top is open. Wall cabinets replace shelves, frame modules and blocks.

loft kitchen design ideas

Do not be afraid to combine the old with the modern in the interior of the kitchen-loft, this is what makes the room unique and comfortable!

There should not be much textile, only where it is indispensable, it should be practical and of high quality. No curtains or curtains, better blinds and thread or rope curtains. Their design should organically complement loft kitchen interioras in the best samples of our photo gallery.

VIDEO: Loft style kitchen - 75 options.

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