Kitchen design in Provence style and its distinctive features

Having heard the word "provence", We immediately present a quiet, comfortable and simple French town. And not in vain, because the villages and villages in the south of France carried just such a mood. All these qualities and many others were reflected in the design of the same name. style. You can to issue using it the whole apartment or country house to create your own French Provence". But if in doubt whether it suits your character, or if you want to mix several ideas in an apartment, do Provence style kitchen design

kitchen provence

This room is great for experimenting.

Simplicity and openness are the visiting card of this direction. French country: another name for the current speaks for itself. Originating in the south-east of the country, he absorbed the sunny mood, freedom of the Cote d'Azur and the simplicity of local towns. It is saturated with calm and comfort, there are no flashy motives and sudden transitions in it. Suitable for people who want to create a quiet comfortable atmosphere. This is achieved thanks to certain rules that make up the distinctive features french country.

kitchen provence

European styles in interior design are becoming increasingly popular among our compatriots.

The houses on the south coast of France and the mountainous area focus on kitchen room. She is assigned a large premise, in which there is enough space for an extensive working area, and it is also customary to allocate a spacious territory for dining the table. From here we have the first feature: the kitchen for this style must have decent dimensions and are divided into 2 zones: working and guest.

Provence style kitchen

A special place in this series of stylistic trends is occupied by the warm, cozy and rustic style of the home interior - Provence.

The French are famous for their hospitality, which is especially welcomed in provincial towns. It is customary to treat guests to delicious dishes from beautiful dishes, arranging maximum comfort. These features have absorbed the appropriate direction. Therefore, dishes and textiles play a significant role. Being put on display, they not only have a practical purpose, but are also part of interior.

bright kitchen in provence style

Originating in southeastern France, among the coastal towns of the Cote d'Azur, this style has become almost the hallmark of French design.

We also have some more features that you can easily recognize Provence in the interior of the kitchen.

  • Main parts premises (headset, floor, walls) have pale shades.
  • Lighting plays a central role. The room can accommodate a large amount of daylight and artificial light.
  • Furniture It has an old look: the appropriate configuration, abrasions, etc.
  • The presence of carved wooden and iron forged parts.
  • The presence of a large number of cabinets with transparent doors and shelves, kitchen dressers tables.
  • Dishes along with porcelain or clay figurines are put on shelves as decorations; decorative dishes are popular.
  • We have many dried herbs and flowers; they are placed in pots and other utensils, and also hang around the premises.
  • Walls can be simply plastered;
  • Widespread using decorative ceiling beams, also performing a practical role.
kitchen design provence

Everyone who would like to decorate their kitchen space with the warmth of the southern French latitudes, with a special flavor and comfort, should definitely learn about the features of the manifestation of the Provence style in the interior.

In general, we have an open and comfortable style, which will be revealed as you become acquainted with him.

Materials used

Since the described area is famous for its naturalness, its characteristic feature is the use of natural materials for executionStarting from flowers as a decor, and ending with a wooden floor.

Provence style table

Provence style is simplicity and coziness, it is natural materials and home-made furnishings, it is the desire to create a comfortable environment in which everyone is comfortable.

So, furniture we select exclusively from natural raw materials: tree and metal. No plywood or chipboard, let alone plastic. This trend does not like synthetics - do not forget about it. Wrought iron or wooden chairs are great. Also use wicker chairs and bedside tables - they will well complement the atmosphere and create the mood of a fresh and boundless coast.

kitchen provence

Having absorbed the traditions of good taste of the coastal towns of southern France, the Provence style has become a symbol of warmth and coziness for designers and their customers in all corners of the world.

For flooring choose stone or tree. Linoleum, widely distributed in decoration of apartments, exclude and give preference to naturalness. You can to choose any variations of stone or wooden coating: marble, unpolished stone, parquet board, etc.

Kitchen headsets are also an embodiment naturalness

wooden set with a small countertop

A combination of a wooden base and a marble countertop is common.

Window sills should also be made of marble or other genuine foundations. Often we see the transformation of this part into a continuation of the countertop. Common plastic window sills are excluded.

As you can see, the emphasis is on naturalness. In the modern world, of course, one cannot do without synthetics, therefore, here we also observe its intervention.

kitchen provence design

The described direction brings us closer to naturalness.

Color - style business card

Palette cuisine provence It is presented in light soft tones. They give the impression of "burnt out in the sun" premises. In general, the palette conveys the solar mood and the free flow of the sea wind. The color scheme like the rest of the details supports the leading slogan - simplicity and naturalness. Therefore, here you will not see flashy motives and bright ideas. However, it is not without originality, and does not look empty and bland.

kitchen provence photo

Due to the competent combination of central shades inherent in “Provence”, a cozy fresh and original design is achieved.

To form a gamut is selected one main background, and added with various additional notes. Therefore, to begin with, decide on the basis, and then select the most suitable “set” for it. Prevailing flowers in our future design are white, beige, olive, dairy. Also widely used are blue, cyan, green, brown (often only light shades).

kitchen interior provence

It is generally accepted that this style is ideal for a kitchen located in a country house, spacious and bright, cozy and so “homely”.

So, in contrast to established stereotypes, Provence style kitchen interior plays a variety of colors. Introducing the most profitable combinations.

Focus on blue

Blue is best complemented by sand. At the heart of color combinations french country lie natural plexus and smooth transition shades. Therefore, we often find combinations copied from nature.

blue provence kitchen

The combination of blue and sand is based on the marine theme, which is closely related to this area.

Also, blue can be diluted with beige or milk, complement interior a brown ceiling and floor, and a warm refectory is ready. You can select blue as the background (then it will be displayed in of furniture or the walls), and add it in soft pastel colors (countertops, floor, ceiling). Or focus on blue using the main sand.

blue color in the kitchen of provence

Both options will look beneficial.

White base

White - a sign of purity and freedom. And the presented current cannot do without it. Him can be used in a wide variety of combinations.

white kitchen provence

The interior in the Provence style is always a little archaic - there are no clear rules in the arrangement of furniture, household appliances, decor.

Start with use of him alone. This refers to the coloring of the main components in this Colour. We select white furniture, tile, walls we process it with plaster, complement it with curtains in tone - a rather sterile room has turned out. To dilute its rigor, add a brown floor, countertops of the same shade, and a variety of small details of light pastel colors. The main thing is not to overdo it. French country uses a combination of 2-3 colors, with the possible addition of a small amount of two more.

kitchen provence design

When working with white, follow the rule of the golden mean.

Let's talk about profitable "neighbors". White - the king of the ball, but he can act not only alone. The combination of white and pistachio looks great. So, green notes are added to the sterile base, which make it softer and more comfortable. Thanks to the interspersed pistachio we get a fresh and comfortable design.

Beige. The Colour will also create a great pair for white. A good addition would be to add shades copper or brass products (can be used for forged decorations or the base of chairs).

kitchen provence decoration

Such a tandem will make the room bright and spacious.

Beige versatility

Beige is a great foundation for any other. shade. It is advantageous to combine with close tones, creating a bright, delicate and spacious interior. It will also be a great backdrop for highlighting any one tone.For example, a combination of olive and beige personifies the natural picture of grass yellowed in the sun in an olive grove.

cuisine provence olive color

Transferring such a gamut to the kitchen, you will get a warm homeliness, rustic in a simple, and at the same time progressive urban style.

You can endlessly list combinations for French Provence, but they are all built on a certain pattern. You need to choose a basis for the background, and dilute it with various additional shades. In this case, all colors in the combinations should be warm (with the exception of blue and green), light and soft.

We make a kitchen in the style of Provence

Now let's move on to the practical part, and consider the patterns of flow functioning by examples. So what do we need for this?

Details Material Colour
Dishes porcelain Beige, white; decorate with various patterns
Headset Treemarble countertops Beige, Blue, Milky
Furniture Metal, natural wood White, olive, pistachio
Textile Only natural tissue Brown, Colour twine, flax.
Flooring Parquet board, laminate, tree, a rock Dark brown, brick, beige
kitchen design provence

Depending on the color and material used, you can create a different mood.

So, with the help of this direction, it is possible for us to create a fresh atmosphere of freedom, or a cozy, warm and homely one. Let's get started!

Ceiling decoration

AT the interior houses of the south of France a long time ago which became the progenitor for Provence style the attic remained open space. The attic as such was absent and the roof was visible from the inside, i.e. all supporting beams.Having undergone some changes, this detail leaked into the formed flow.

Provence style kitchen

One of the hallmarks of ceiling decoration in any kind of country style is the use of wooden ceiling beams.

Such decor is used in private homes, where it is possible to leave the attic unmasked. With proper handling of the fasteners and a good roof covering, such a move is safe, since you don’t have to worry about a leaking roof or shedding debris from the beams. In modern design, such a decor looks quite organic and unusual, making up a distinctive feature of the proposed direction.

ceiling beams in the kitchen provence

If the ceiling height allows, then the use of this design technique will be the perfect option to recreate an authentic design with a special charm of a village home.

AT apartment Such a move is impossible. Therefore, false bulbs are used for replacement. They do not fulfill a practical purpose, but serve only as decorations. In this case, the cult of naturalness has to be violated, since natural materials will make the ceiling heavier, creating an additional load. AT apartments to simulate beams use wood-shaving products, disguised as wood or painted plainly. It should be remembered that using drywall and plastic are not acceptable.

decorative ceiling beams

It is difficult to make such a finish within a standard apartment, but in a country house with a spacious kitchen, such a design will look more than appropriate.

Choosing furniture

In this case there is a possibility use only natural materials - do not miss her. Exclude plastic, MDF, chipboard, etc.

kitchen provence from natural materials

With the neutrality of the general palette, you can choose any color to design the most vulnerable surface in the kitchen space - the work area.

Furniture for french the kitchen has some features. She makes up the bulk executionTherefore, it should carry a semantic load. So kitchen The headset is selected in accordance with the following recommendations.

  • Naturalness. Choose wood, in extreme cases, high-quality particle board materials.
  • No gloss. The surface kitchen Headset matte matched. The same applies to its small parts, such as pens. They are made mostly of brass. An exception may be a countertop if it is made of marble.
  • It’s necessary to “age” furnishings. The set can be artificially caused by cracks, scuffs, chips.
  • Solid color. Use light colors, or olive, blue, natural wood colors.
brickwork in the kitchen provence

One can safely say that it is precisely by the color and design of the furniture set that one can “recognize” the Provence style among many other country variations.

Speaking of the rest of furnitureIt may also be with signs of old age. However, do not overdo it. Particular attention is paid to chairs. They can be wooden, wicker or forged. A distinctive feature for this trend are chairs with a high back and a comfortable seat, as comfort is above all.

chairs for kitchen provence

Here you have the opportunity to dream up: country generally welcomes original ideas in design.

Kitchen Sideboards should have many shelves, open or glazed. A large number of hinged shelves and cabinets are also welcome. Dishes are placed in them, which should be on public display.

kitchen provence decor ideas

Decorative elements are exhibited on the shelves: figurines, clay pots, linen bags, etc.

Comfort in the details

Provence style kitchen decoration suggests the presence of various trifles that create comfort in the room.

The love of adherents of this movement to display dishes is widely known. In modern design, decorative dishes are often used for this purpose. It fits on shelves and buffets. You can also notice the placement of decorative plates on the wallssometimes even on the ceiling.

kitchen provence dishes

As an alternative to the upper tier of kitchen cabinets (sometimes partially) open shelves can serve.

At all, kitchen utensils are given great attention. There is a variety of materials: brass, copper, bronze. Typically, these products carry only a decorative load, they are polished to a shine and suspended above the worker the table. Also kitchen the utensils are made of porcelain, unfired clay, and ceramics. Most often it is used for decoration. Milk jugs or pots are used as a vase for fresh or dried flowers. While for food glass or ceramic products are used.

style provence in the kitchen

The use of a large number of figurines is welcomed: figures of angels, people, cockerels, chickens and other symbols of the village are common.

Generally, provence very “loves” various little things.

  • Distributed using decorative linen bags with any embroidery. They also perform a practical task. Aromatic herbs are placed in them and used as a natural freshener.
  • Pillows, curtains and plenty of napkins underline the basic laws style and the hospitality of the hostess.
  • On the shelves you can see a variety of bottles, jars, phials, baskets, pots.
  • Walls hung with bunches of dried herbs, you can often find a bundle of garlic or onions.
  • A variety of forged details are welcome: candle holders, figurines, etc.
kitchen provence arrangement

Use your favorite little things in every possible way showing imagination.


A big role is played by light. In the submitted style We observe the use of large windows. Their goal is to fill the room with daylight. If possible, increase the number of windows. They are a source of a lot of light, and pale tones premises bring their share: expand the room and make it brighter.

In the evening, adequate lighting is supported by artificial lights. A mandatory element is a chandelier.

kitchen provence wrought iron chandelier

Often it is forged and massive enough.

AT apartment this element can be replaced with a more modern modification. If the ceiling height allows, follow the tradition of direction, and get a chandelier with a long suspension.

AT indoors must be present additional lighting. Every corner of the room does not go unnoticed. We follow the slogan of the current: the more light, the better. Moreover, the lamps can be varied and absolutely not suitable for each other. Generally given style can be called chaotic, since it combines the incompatible, while at the same time personifies grace and sophistication.

kitchen provence fixtures

An atmosphere in which you don’t want to rush anywhere, but just enjoy delicious food and a pleasant company in the circle of households or invited guests, is a visiting card of the Provence style.

So if you are tired of modern synthetics and shine, this option kitchen space It will be a healing for you, creating a cozy and warm atmosphere.

VIDEO: Provence style kitchen - 60 options.

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