Design of a bright kitchen - how to avoid mistakes?

For every housewife kitchen is a very important place. This is her pride. This is the place where the whole family gathers for a delicious dinner, where they spend holidays, where frank conversations sound. Of course, such a special place should look special. Just paste over walls Wallpaper is not enough. This room requires special attention. Many designers advise kitchen interior in bright colors. Why and how? We have to find out.

light kitchen design

Kitchens designed in bright colors are classics.

Bright kitchen: pros and cons

There are several reasons why you should use bright hues at registration the kitchen. One of them is small premise. As you know, such colors able to visually increase the space. This decision has many more positive aspects.

spacious bright kitchen design

Light color, in spite of its simplicity, can be cold and warm, at home cozy and at the same time stylish and catchy.

Bright kitchen design:

  • Positively affects the appetite and digestion process in general;
  • Creates high spirits;
  • Does the kitchen fresh and spacious;
  • Lays the foundation for the implementation of various styles;
  • Goes well with any flowers.
light kitchen photo design

The color scheme of such designs is very large, and everyone will be able to choose for themselves the solution that will seem to him the most optimal and beautiful.

Despite all the advantages, this solution has its drawbacks:

  • Bright kitchen fairly easily soiled, and requires frequent cleaning;
  • Cold bright hues somewhat inappropriate for this premises.

As you can see, this option has practically no drawbacks. And having studied the features of the arrangement kitchen interior at light shades, it will turn out to extract from this a lot of positive aspects, and get around all the negative ones.

accent kitchen design

The light color of the kitchen is not only cold white.

Implementation methods

Bright hues. This term covers a fairly wide range of colors. Both cold and light shades. And you can implement existing ideas in different ways. But, regardless of the chosen option, for all of them there is a general rule: harmony in everything.

design of a bright kitchen in the house

In fact, the choice of shades is very large.

This primarily relates to combinations. Even in bright, steep and contrasting combinations, there must be complete thought and harmony. Of course, for each option it takes on its own shape. But you definitely need to find that middle ground, which will create a beautiful designrather than a set of strokes and strokes.

vivid color combinations in the kitchen

Even white color has a huge palette of shades, just people who are far from design do not always think about it.

White is always in fashion

White - the king colors. It is worth highlighting in a separate category. It is the beginning of the spectrum, and goes well with any color from the gamut. However, being alone is also quite comfortable for him.

So you can choose white finishing material genderwalls and ceiling; pick up white kitchen set, and accordingly the rest furniture in tone.

white kitchen design

Textiles and tableware can also be matched to this color.

Of course, for many, this option may resemble a hospital ward.But with the right selection of materials, you will get the right effect and no associations with the hospital will arise. However, if we are talking about ardent opponents of such an idea, then there is also a way out for them.

To brighten up coldness and emptiness whiteCombine it with bright colors. Focus on the kitchen of furniture or textiles.

bright kitchen

For example, colored towels, a service and a soft corner will clearly attract attention, and white will not be so alone anymore.

There is another secret - the contrasting selection of one of the walls. This technique performs two functions at once: zoning premises, and color scheme. Highlight contrast color wall near the dining table, and so you add a bright accent, and emphasize the territory of the dining area.

Warm colors

Great option for the kitchen is a combination bright warm tones, which include beige, Colour ivory, milk, peach, etc. It is proved that such a palette helps to calm and positively affects the digestive process.

bright kitchen in classic style

In a bright, warm kitchen, people feel more comfortable and comfortable, which obviously will play into the hands of the hostess.

Kitchen in beige tones looks sumptuously. This design option is suitable for style country, provence, classical. For their implementation, select the old-style plumbing: florid-shaped faucets made of antique, ceramic beige sink. Add forged chairs and a table, handles with a door under Colour copper, an abundance of decorative dishes, handmade products.

Warm colors are also suitable for creating modern styles. Hi-tech and modern will make excellent friends with beige and dairy. Add a little brown, such as a kitchen set or floor covering, and a modern soft kitchen ready.

bright kitchen in a modern style

For these styles, as a coating for surfaces, it is better to prefer marble, granite, ceramic tile, laminate.

Warm shades can be combined with white, cold spectrum and dark colors. So you can create the most complete picture style. But do not forget that in this embodiment, pastel colors still remain the leaders.

Cool mood

In accordance with psychology colors cold tones are not suitable for decoration the kitchen. They badly affect the formation of appetite, promote concentration, while during the meal you need relaxation. However, here we encounter an exception, because we will use bright cold tones.

bright kitchen with cold tones

Add a drop of black, red, orange or another catchy color to the interior, and then the white room will be transformed beyond recognition.

They will do the room fresher and lighter, and with skillful combination they will not do harm, and only its advantages will be emphasized.

So, from cold to the kitchen You can use blue, mint, purple, green, eucalyptus. Such colors give vivacity and good mood. In the same time kitchen such shades It turns out tender and soft.

bright kitchen in classic style

Even pleasant little things on tables, napkins, an apron, and appliances can become accents.

This option is suitable for implementation. style minimalism, modern, eco, Scandinavian Mediterranean. They are all light and fresh, like a gust of wind. There is nothing superfluous in them, therefore it is heavy premise they will not. If desired, you can combine these colors with warm dark or light. A good company will be brown and black. But best suited white

light kitchen design ideas

In combination with the above colors, they will create a truly wonderful, fresh and delicate design.

What to choose for surface finishes

Of course creating light kitchen design, you will definitely wonder which materials surface finishes are best suited.

design and decoration of a bright kitchen

A classic-style kitchen will never lose its relevance.

Here several factors come into play:

  • Selected style. For classic, rustic and antique only matte surfaces are suitable, since they do not tolerate gloss. While modern destinations get along well with brilliance.
  • Individual preferences.
  • The physical condition of the residents. Some materials can cause an allergic reaction, so their choice must be approached responsibly.
bright classic kitchen

About her owner she will immediately say one thing - he knows how to feel the style and see the beauty.

We offer you to consider the most common methods of finishing different surfaces in the kitchen and the nuances of their use.


For bright kitchen as a floor covering ceramic tile is perfect. It is strong enough and reliable, with proper care it will last a long time. In addition, in this area there are many design options.

tiled floor in the kitchen

You will find ceramic tiles for any style and color.

Linoleum. A cheaper and simpler, but no less common and beautiful option. The modern market offers many types of linoleum, which in appearance can not be distinguished from a laminate. Differences will only be in the mode of production materials (linoleum - artificial, laminate - from natural wood), and, accordingly, in price.

bright kitchen dining

The most advantageous thing in the kitchen is a set of solid wood.

Laminate. The option already mentioned above. It will be somewhat more expensive, and another drawback is that in the absence of proper conditions, it can swell. Therefore, we recommend giving preference to linoleum. But if you insist on natural materialslaminate flooring is a great option.

light kitchen design with laminate

It is also suitable to dilute a bright kitchen with dark wood flowers.

If we are talking about natural materialsIt is worth mentioning granite and marble. AT the kitchen it is rarely used for flooring, due to its high cost and fragility. However, this option also has a right to exist.


Here we also have an extensive range of options:

  • Tiled or ceramic tiles. Finishing method the wallsperfect for the kitchen. It is durable and easy to care for. Especially give preference to this material when finishing walls above the stove and desk, sink.
tiling kitchen

Set and other furniture here can be made in any shades of light color.

  • Wallpaper. This method offers many variations of performance. Paper, vinyl, non-woven, liquid, etc. For the kitchen Vinyls are best, as they can be washed.
wallpaper kitchen decoration

Modern styles of kitchen designs are a functional modern, high-tech hi-tech, an extraordinary loft, ascetic minimalism.

  • Wooden panels. For individual stylesthat accept only natural materials is a great option. It can also be replaced with wooden wallpaper. However, this species is still not popular enough, and has not come into use.
bright kitchen with wood paneling

Headsets in a modern style are as simple as possible and relatively inexpensive.

Kitchen furniture

The most important element in this room is the kitchen, that is, your work area. It consists of two parts:

  • Curbstone. For the manufacture of this part is used MDF, particleboard, natural wood. The color scheme of all proposed materials is not limited. The choice depends on personal preferences, price (of course, wood is the most expensive option), and style the kitchen.
bright kitchen interior

Tabletops for classic bright kitchens are mainly coverings of gray, beige and black tones.

  • Countertop. It can also be made of wood materials, stone, glass and even metal. The best option is marble, granite, artificial stone. From cheap we can offer laminated particleboard.
bright kitchen with marble countertops

The best option is to use natural shades and natural materials: light wood, stone.

To summarize

And now we offer to summarize what has been said, and decide how best to do light design on the kitchen, and what are its main components.

minimalist bright kitchen

A kitchen of bright colors is a win-win option for both spacious rooms and modest apartments.

Style Color implementation Basic finishes
Minimalism White, gray, blotches of black Painting; tile for gender and the walls
High tech cold bright hues in combination with white, black and dark warm flowers Stretch ceiling; laminate for flooring; glass or marble countertop
Classic Beige, white, Colour Ivory Multilevel plasterboard ceiling; tiles and wallpapers for the walls; linoleum on floor
Provence Milky, beige, mint, blue, olive Natural wood for all surfaces; stucco on the ceiling.
beautiful design of a bright kitchen

If you keep it in impeccable cleanliness, then it always looks great.

As you can see, realize the idea bright kitchen in many ways. Use your knowledge to create truly beautiful design.

VIDEO: Design of a bright, modern kitchen.

50 light kitchen design options:

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