Functional kitchen design with sofa

Designing a kitchen with a sofa is a good idea for a spacious room. After all, this will add special chic, make the kitchen more functional, as it will add another zone - the dining room. With the arrangement of a soft sofa in the kitchen, it will become convenient not only to take food, but also guests, arrange holidays, set the table. All guests will be able to accommodate themselves without prejudice to free space.

kitchen with sofa

Upholstered furniture in the kitchen is convenient, functional and cozy.

chic sofa in the kitchen

Modern manufacturers offer a huge number of models from which you can choose a practical and stylish sofa.

Advantages and disadvantages of having a sofa in the kitchen

Before you understand what are the disadvantages and advantages of sofas located in the kitchen space, it is necessary to consider all commercially available models and forms of sofas.

trend sofa for the kitchen

The main thing is that the dimensions correspond to the area of ​​the room, and the style of furniture fits the interior.

Design Benefits disadvantages
Straight Convenience Most often, a kitchen set is sold as a set, not separately
Wide range of colors and textures A sofa of this design takes up a lot of space, so it is suitable only for large kitchens
Can be placed anywhere
Angular Suitable for small kitchens Furniture for the kitchen has a solid back and seat:

· To maintain posture during meals;

· The sofa is not suitable for relaxation.

Helps create a dining area
Large selection of products, various materials and shades The cost of a kitchen set is high, as it has a high-quality and wear-resistant filler to withstand various loads
Many models have additional storage drawers, shelves and compartments.

They create storage space:

· of things;

· Dishes;

· Preservation.

Folding Functionality (will help to accommodate as many guests as possible in the apartment) Such a set can be placed only in a large kitchen, where there is enough space for a folding sofa.

The cost of this product will be an order of magnitude higher than products of other designs.

Ergonomics (there are places for placing things and kitchen utensils)
Compact (assembled takes up little space)
Conveniences (to receive guests, it is more convenient to celebrate holidays on a soft sofa with a back)
Large assortment (there is an option for a kitchen of any style)
kitchen with sofa decor

An important role is played by the color scheme and material.

Where to install a sofa?

You can choose a place to set up a sofa only after installing a stove, sink, refrigerator, cabinets, shelves and other kitchen units. However, its arrangement is an important component in creating a kitchen interior with a sofa.

kitchen with sofa in the apartment

The tone should match the color of the walls, furniture, or vice versa, contrast with them.

Criteria on which the installation site of the sofa depends:

  • The shape and size of the room;
  • Dimensions and number of windows and doorways;
  • The choice of the layout of the kitchen set for work;
  • The number of functional areas (also takes into account the design of the kitchen - combined or separate with the living room);
  • Size and design of the product itself;
  • Options, the presence of a group for the dining area.
minimalist kitchen

A gray or black sofa will ideally fit into a white large kitchen.

red sofa in the kitchen

The frame of the sofa should be waterproof, and dirt and greasy stains should be easily washed away from the upholstery.

Placement Methods

  1. For a square kitchen, the following arrangement of the product is suitable: opposite the work surface. The most appropriate will be a sofa of angular design, as shown in the photo.

    designer corner sofa in the kitchen

    It is better to take a model upholstered in leather or a quality substitute.

  2. For elongated rooms suitable sofas P or G - shaped. It is also acceptable to place several of these sofas.

    kitchen design with sofa

    The kitchen with a large, upholstered sofa and a TV offers pleasant communication with family or friends.

  3. For the kitchen-studio, choosing the most suitable sofa is most important, since the set plays the role of both a dining area and a relaxation area. Also, this element of the environment can divide the space into functional parts.

    kitchen studio with sofa

    Remember, if there are a lot of bright colors in the interior, you will want to leave this room as soon as possible.

How to decorate a sofa area

It will be necessary to think over in advance what the zone at the sofa will look like. After all, this will create a cozy atmosphere in the room and refresh the interior of the room. The most successful option is pasting the recreation area with photo wallpaper.

Wall mural in the kitchen with sofa

Carefully experiment with bright colors in the kitchen.

With the use of photo wallpaper, the kitchen will become more fresh, vibrant and cheerful. Drawing on the wallpaper can be any:

  • Abstract;
  • Landscape;
  • Using geometric shapes;
  • Floral or animal ornaments.
photo wallpaper kitchen

A harmonious combination of colors in the kitchen.

If square meters of the room allow, then the recreation area can be decorated with artificial stone. This will add sophistication to the kitchen and make it more chic.

kitchen design with sofa

In such a kitchen it will be convenient to receive guests and rest comfortably with meals.

Also, some accents in the recreation area will make the kitchen cozy, for example, paintings or photos of the family on the wall, original lamps, flowers in vases, small pillows in the corners of the sofa, bright curtains or, conversely, curtains of calm tones.

colored pillows in the kitchen with sofa

A kitchen with a sofa can be a suitable solution for anyone who is looking for the option of optimal use of limited space.

Important! It should be remembered that all selected accessories should be suitable for the style of the kitchen in order to complement the interior, and not overload it.

Rest area by the window

Installing a soft sofa, and, consequently, a sitting area by the window is an interesting option. However, it is not suitable for everyone, usually the windows on the kitchen are located in the middle of the wall. This means that the recreation area will be located right in the center of the room, which is not particularly convenient if the kitchen is not gigantic in size, and the work surface is at your side. Therefore, this option is suitable only for spacious rooms.

sofa in the kitchen by the window

The fashionable design of the kitchen does not have to be expensive or consist of a large number of objects and decor elements.

pillows on a sofa by the window

Ideas and interesting interiors, and sometimes just individual elements given here, will help you find the only solution that fits in every way.

An interesting idea for such accommodation would be combining the kitchen with the loggia and moving the recreation area there. Such a solution will definitely make the kitchen spacious, and most importantly interesting for many who come to visit.

kitchen combined with a loggia

Beautiful modern furniture can be inexpensive and durable for a long time.

Placing a sofa in a small or medium kitchen

Before drafting a kitchen design with a sofa in a small area, it is important to think through all the details. It is important to remember a small kitchen, this is not a sentence for using a soft headset.

kitchen design with sofa

A sofa with drawers below is a functional complement to a cost-effective solution.

bright sofa with pillows in the kitchen

The most original and interesting kitchen design is possible with a sufficiently large space.

In such a room, compact sofas of the bench model or corner sofas without the function of transformation will fit perfectly.However, even in such small products there are places to store kitchen utensils or other trinkets.

functional sofa in the kitchen

If the space is small, then a sofa with drawers can be placed near the window, so that it is convenient to enjoy the picturesque landscape.

The color scheme when choosing a product in a small room will be light shades: white, beige, cream or gray. So the emphasis will not fall on the sofa, and thereby - distract from the general perception of the entire interior of the entire kitchen.

small white sofa in the kitchen

The color palette can include all shades of white and black.

Kitchen sofa design

One of the main criteria when choosing furniture will be not only the model and type of construction, but also the color, texture of the headset. Even the furniture in the kitchen can visually increase or decrease the space.

modern kitchen with sofa

Interesting ideas arise not only in the largest areas, but, rather, at the interface of technologies and contrasting flows of the visible part of the interior.

  1. Small kitchens. For small rooms, light furniture is suitable (this applies to a sofa, chairs and a table). Also, gentle tones will help to make the room brighter and more sunny, and small accents in the form of a picture or curtains will complement the interior.

    small kitchen with sofa

    Having a sofa in the kitchen or dining room in no way contradicts the grace.

  2. Large kitchens. Here you can already walk around and make the furniture an accent of the room, highlight it with bright colors, for example black, blue, or yellow.

    spacious kitchen design with sofa

    Such an additional element as a pillow on a sofa will always add a little idyll to the whole home atmosphere of any kitchen or dining room.

Important! The upholstery of the sofa should be in harmony with the kitchen. This means that motley upholstery with patterns can make the interior heavier.

modern kitchen with sofa

To give your own imagination more freedom, you need to move away from the traditional understanding of the word “sofa” and its role in the kitchen: the main thing is convenience and harmonious combination with all other interior details.

VIDEO: Interior of a kitchen with a sofa.

Kitchen design with sofa - 50 stylish and practical ideas:

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