How to place a refrigerator in the kitchen: basic rules, important and useful tips

The refrigerator is the largest item of household appliances in the kitchen, and it’s also very important, and you can’t replace it, because there’s simply nothing to do with it. Somewhere after all, you need to store food. Therefore, when planning any kitchen, the question always arises “where to put the refrigerator?”. Indeed, the reality is that large kitchens in an apartment are a rarity, although even in a spacious room you need to approach this issue wisely. And if the kitchen is small, then the placement of furniture will turn into a whole problem. For this reason, you need to familiarize yourself with the topic and find ways to solve the problem.

Installing a refrigerator in the kitchen.

When planning the kitchen, the question arises where to install the refrigerator.

Which refrigerator to choose

It’s definitely not worth the rush to buy a refrigerator. First you need to analyze the features of the layout and interior. If this is a standard Khrushchev-definitely need to avoid large models. Plus, the color of the technique plays an important role.

Going behind the refrigerator, answer a number of questions that will help you make the right choice:

  • The refrigerator must be built-in.
  • How much can you spend on this item of household appliances.
  • What are the main colors in the design of your kitchen.
Refrigerator in the design of the kitchen.

The refrigerator should be combined with the overall design of the kitchen.

Today, manufacturers offer a wide selection of a wide variety of models for any room. Increasingly, you can find color models, which is very good for certain design decisions. It is for this reason that the task of finding a suitable model in any price category has long ceased to belong to the category of super-complex ones.

Two-door refrigerator in the kitchen.

Kitchen interior with a two-door refrigerator.

The basic rules of location in a modern kitchen

The kitchen is the place where households visit most often during the day, and it is for this reason that it is important that everything on it is located extremely convenient and practical. The refrigerator is constantly used - it opens and closes, and therefore should be located so as not to disturb anyone. To do this, it is important to know some of the nuances:

  • the most important factor is the shape and size of the kitchen;
  • the working area of ​​washing, processing and storage should be located at a distance from each other (how this distance will depend on the size and layout of the kitchen);
  • ceiling height;
  • location of windows and their sizes;
  • the presence or absence of a balcony;
  • the kitchen is a passage room or not;
  • location of outlets.
The choice of a refrigerator for the kitchen.

When choosing a refrigerator, you need to consider the size and height of the kitchen.

There are a number of factors that determine where it is definitely impossible to install a refrigerator:

  • the refrigerator should not stand near a stove or radiators - this can lead to malfunctions;
  • can not be placed near the window to avoid heating from direct sunlight;
  • indoors, the humidity in which may be more than 80%.
Installing a refrigerator in a large kitchen.

It is not advisable to put a refrigerator near the window and heating appliances.

Additional Information! If the choice fell on a stainless steel model, then the interior must necessarily have similar elements to complement it. So the technique organically fits into the style.

Location options

Experts identify several of the most optimal accommodation options. Among them, everyone will find something that suits him.

Corner is a valuable place

This arrangement is the best solution for a small kitchen. Such a arrangement will not spoil the design concept and fit into the layout organically. The refrigerator can stand on the side of the entrance, becoming as if a continuation of the headset. Thus, you save space and save free space for other purposes.

Fridge in the corner.

Fridge in the corner of the kitchen.

Choose a line

This option is suitable for spacious kitchens. The essence of the linear principle is that the headset and all household appliances line up along the wall in a straight line. The refrigerator can be built in between other elements of the furniture, or can be placed on the edge.

Fridge in the linear kitchen.

Installing the refrigerator in line with the headset.

Kitchen with dining area

Such a kitchen, due to its size, greatly simplifies the problems of arranging equipment, because the dining area with a table can be located in the living room. Any model is suitable for such a room. The main thing is that it looks harmonious. Since this is a large-sized equipment, the refrigerator can be balanced by acquiring a cabinet or any rack of the same size. It is necessary that such furniture is combined with a refrigerator in size. Sometimes when using this technique, the rule on working areas is violated, but the aesthetic part wins and freedom of space is added.

Kitchen fridge with dining area.

Fridge in the dining area of ​​the kitchen.

Built-in refrigerator

This option is often chosen for spacious spaces, because it additionally “eats” a few square meters. The main thing is not to forget that before you build in the equipment, you must leave room for air circulation, that is, there must be gaps between the walls, otherwise the equipment will not be able to work normally. This arrangement allows you to make the technique completely invisible. Particular care must be taken with the dimensions so that the selected instance exactly fits the dimensions of the prepared niche.

Built-in fridge in the kitchen.

Design of a small kitchen with built-in fridge.

Disguised Fridge

One of the most interesting options is disguise as a closet. In this case, the integrity of the design is maintained. The equipment can be hidden under the cutting surface of the headset - in drawers (which is most convenient for a small kitchen). This arrangement has its advantages:

  1. Harmony with the general concept of style;
  2. Savings due to additional wall insulation;
  3. Low noise level during the work;
  4. Protection against damage.
Fridge in the cupboard.

Fridge disguised as a cabinet in the interior.

Installing a refrigerator in a niche

If there are several ways to save a place in the apartment. This issue is especially relevant for owners of small apartments, Khrushchev. And one of the options for how to do this is to install the refrigerator in a special niche. In a small room, large objects seem especially bulky, and sometimes create a sense of disorder and clutter. Location in a niche is a great way to save space properly and hide bulky equipment.

The refrigerator is in a niche.

Installing a refrigerator in a niche.

Placing the appliance on the balcony adjacent to the kitchen

If the kitchen has an exit to the loggia or balcony, then a good way to relieve the space is to install furniture on that very balcony. However, this option is not very popular, because in order to implement it, you need to warm the loggia in advance so that even during severe cold weather the room temperature remains there. It is also necessary to provide high-quality ventilation of the balcony, which is important to prevent overheating or, conversely, the appearance of condensate in a large volume.In addition, direct sunlight should not fall on the refrigerator, and the base of the balcony should be fortified taking into account the weight of the refrigerator.

Installation of the refrigerator.

Fridge on the balcony.

Several solutions for a small kitchen

One of the most common accommodation options is moving the refrigerator to other rooms. But if this is not possible, then other options should be considered how to beat the space:

  1. take care of the kitchen set in advance with a special niche for the refrigerator;
  2. replace the stove with smaller equipment: microwave, slow cooker, double boiler;
  3. instead of a conventional stove, purchase a built-in;
  4. consider purchasing a desktop refrigerator and place it under the table;
  5. implement the above described angular arrangement method.
how to choose a refrigerator.

The interior of a small kitchen with a refrigerator.

You can decide that placing a refrigerator in the kitchen is not an easy task. There are no general rules in this matter, so each case is individual. It is necessary to take measurements as carefully as possible, take into account the appearance and design, and also not neglect the advice and advice of specialists.

Examples of placing a refrigerator in the kitchen

Reflecting on the question of where to put a refrigerator in the kitchen, many are at a standstill. After all, there are no universal rules regarding how best to put a refrigerator, for example, in a large kitchen? And what should the owners of small apartments do? How to put a refrigerator in a small kitchen correctly and without harm to space? In order to make it easier to make the right decision, you need to get acquainted with examples of ready-made kitchen plans and furniture layouts.

Refrigerator in a large kitchen.

Design a large kitchen with a two-door refrigerator.

Useful Tips

Whatever question you are facing, do not be afraid to seek the help of professionals and more experienced specialists. Of course, you can figure it out on your own, but it can take too much valuable time. The problem with the placement of the refrigerator is no exception. Here you also need to familiarize yourself with the recommendations of experts:

  1. It is important to think carefully about the place where the refrigerator will be located, because the equipment should not interfere and create inconvenience.
  2. The choice in favor of glass! It is better when compared with plastic. Glass shelves last longer and are easy to maintain.
  3. Particular attention to the quality of the seals when buying: it is important that they are flexible and allow the refrigerator to be opened without additional effort.
  4. The best models are those equipped with the NoFrost system. Caring for these will be much easier.
  5. Be sure to inspect the model before purchase, right up to the moment it is plugged in. If you feel an unpleasant odor, then this means that the plastic is of poor quality.
  6. For an apartment in which a family of no more than 5 people lives, a model with a volume of not more than 300 liters is more convenient.
  7. For giving it is better to choose a single-chamber model. For the home, the best option is a refrigerator with two or three cameras.
  8. The recessed handle in the case visually helps to save space and will not heap it.
  9. If you want to save space, consider a separate freezer.
  10. It is important to pay attention to the noise level - it should not exceed 40 dB.
  11. Wheeled models are especially mobile in mobility; they are more practical.
Refrigerator to match the color of the headset.

The refrigerator should be combined with the color of the kitchen set.

Following these recommendations will help everyone first choose the best model from the variety offered by modern manufacturers who supply the assortment, and then choose the most convenient placement option.


The choice of household appliances is always not an easy task. You need to choose a model with optimal characteristics, suitable design, size, and price. In the case when the item is large, like a refrigerator, the question of competent placement also arises. However, only at first glance this may seem like a problem.Professionals have repeatedly tried many tricks in the most diverse kitchen areas, and they know exactly how to comfortably and functionally install a refrigerator in the kitchen. If you carefully study these recommendations and apply them in practice, taking into account the characteristics of your kitchen and your needs, then without much difficulty you can place the refrigerator so that it does not hurt, but rather, it will delight the eye.

Interior with fridge.

Design studio apartment with a refrigerator.

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