How to choose a large kitchen design?

A large kitchen is a trend of modern developers who create spacious apartments. Many women dream of a large kitchen - this is their small kingdom. From such a premises you can make a masterpiece of design art.

The design of a large kitchen.

A large kitchen is the dream of every housewife, in such a room you can implement any design.

Features and principles of creating an interior

The design of a large kitchen gives you a lot of opportunities to implement any design idea that you like. The functional design of a large area has many nuances that must be taken into account. To get started, draw a small project where the headset and equipment will stand, determine the location of the dining area and bar. According to the laws of ergonomics, the main areas for comfortable cooking by the hostess - the refrigerator, stove and sink - should be placed in an equilateral working triangle, which helps optimize the space for the hostess.

large kitchen project.

A large room is easier to design, you can easily create a working triangle.

From the standpoint of functionality and comfort, let's look at different options for the arrangement of furniture and equipment in the kitchen:

  • Corner arrangement, when the furniture is placed angularly on two adjacent walls of the room. This is a classic installation of a kitchen unit, which frees up free space for the dining area or the installation of a bar counter.
  • Linear arrangement. Furniture is placed along three adjacent walls of the room. This option is often used in small rooms without arranging a dining area.
  • The arrangement of furniture with the island, which is usually placed on the hob and sink and divide it into a working area and dining area.
Kitchen with island.

Interior design of a large kitchen with an island.

Decide on the style in which the room will be decorated. In a large kitchen, everything should correspond to this style: furniture, appliances, accessories and curtains that you hang on the windows.

Zoning a large kitchen

There are a lot of ideas for a large kitchen with the allocation of different zones - you can do this with furniture or with the help of design ideas for designing floors and walls. If the space of the room allows, select three main zones:

  • a cooking zone, which will be convenient for the hostess of the house;
  • a dining table where you will gather with the whole family and with guests;
  • a relaxation area where you can put a small sofa, a coffee table and a TV.

An apartment with a large kitchen will highlight all these areas and at the same time connect the area into a single whole.

Dividing the kitchen into zones.

To increase functionality, you can divide the kitchen space into three main zones.

There are several methods of zoning:

  • furniture, the most common and easiest way. With the help of an island kitchen set, table, bar or sofa set across the room, you can easily divide the space into two parts;
  • a small partition, whatnot or even a screen will help you plan your room. A partition can be made with niches that add useful shelves for beautiful little things. On the whatnot you can put home plants, they will add comfort and decorate any room.With the help of a beautiful screen, you can adjust the space and, if necessary, the screen can be removed.
  • multi-level floor. You can take the kitchen or dining area onto the podium, but remember that the podium dining table is only used in very spacious rooms. Making the floor and ceiling in different colors is also a suitable option, with this zoning option, avoid bold contrasts in color, it is better to use different texture of the material in one color scheme and different colors.
  • walls. Now there is a wide variety of color solutions for zoning. The kitchen, as a rule, is made darker, and the hall with the dining area is light.
  • a very beautiful and original option - to put a large aquarium between the zones, it will not leave anyone indifferent.
  • lighting. On the working surface of the kitchen, many small LED lamps are used, a beautiful chandelier is hung over the dining table, and a floor lamp is placed in the recreation area.
Zoning a large kitchen.

There are several ways of zoning the space of a large kitchen.

Design styles of a large kitchen

The choice of the style of the modern interior of a large kitchen is the main and main task in creating a comfortable and cozy room.

Here you can be guided by your taste preferences and financial capabilities.

The style of the large kitchen.

Making a large kitchen is possible under several styles.

Classic style

Classic has always enjoyed great popularity and demand. Design in this style allows you to combine simplicity, convenience and luxury of the interior.

The adherence of the classics to straight strict lines in the arrangement of furniture and decoration of the floor and walls allows you to apply this style in any room.

Classical cuisine.

Design a large kitchen in a classic style.

In this style, light-colored furniture is installed using the decor of darker countertops made of natural materials: wood and stone will always be in fashion. The overall design of the room implies a large bright room with small color accents in the form of an apron at the work surface, combined in the same style with a table in the dining area. Linoleum on the floor, stylized as a tree, will look good - all materials for decoration should be natural.

Materials for the design of the kitchen.

For classic design, only natural materials are used.

The classic style excludes many small details in the interior, everything should be functional. One shelf in a room with beautiful trinkets is enough. People choosing this style are very romantic.


The peculiarity of this style is the emphasized simplicity and the maximum feeling of emptiness in space. There is nothing superfluous in furniture and decor without classic bright accents and additional decorating elements in the interior - everything is just functional.

The kitchen is minimalism.

The design of a large kitchen in the style of minimalism.

The design is carried out in one or a maximum of two colors of the kitchen set with built-in appliances to the tone of the furniture. To create this style, choose combinations of white, black, gray and beige colors with a glossy texture. Finishing floors and walls to match the furniture. Maximum illumination of a space with open windows, on which blinds are often hung instead of curtains.

Colors for minimalism.

The minimalism style uses a maximum of 3 colors.

This style is suitable for creative people who love the perfect order in their home.

Country style

Great style for those who miss the village folklore in the big city.

Decide which "village" will reign in your kitchen: Russian, French, English or American - each has its own flavor. The main thing in this interior is everything natural: wood, stone and brick in the decoration of the room, the natural colors of the wallpaper with natural motifs or a cage.

Country kitchen.

The interior of a large kitchen in a country style.

Massive antique wooden furniture with many decorating elements, a round table covered with a tablecloth and the necessary floor mats.

It is necessary to exclude smooth and glossy surfaces: the rough texture of the floor and furniture finishes in this style looks great with delicate colors on the walls.

how to design in country style.

Country style eliminates glossy and smooth surfaces.

This style is suitable for original people who love a cozy atmosphere in the house.


When designing in this style, you can experiment with textures and colors - combine the rough texture of natural materials with glossy surfaces and glass in the finish. Choose any color of bright furniture that you like and combine it with a brick finish. Add a lot of bright accents to the interior of the room, combined with a wooden floor or ceramic tiles with ornaments.

Art Nouveau style kitchen.

The interior of a large kitchen in modern style.

In this style, a lot of glass and glossy surfaces are used in the kitchen. Alternatively, place a round glass table in the dining area and exclude tablecloths and carpets.

This style implies a soft and subdued light in the room and light curtains in the color of the kitchen set. Experiments with shapes and colors are perfectly combined and will bring all your fantasies to life if you are a creative person.

How to design a kitchen in modern style.

Art Nouveau preference is given to glossy and glass surfaces.

Bar counter in the kitchen

The bar counter in the modern kitchen is now very relevant. With the help of such a rack you can divide a large room into zones and add an additional surface to the interior for an easy snack or meeting with friends. In a large room, this corner can be used as a separate zone, which you can design in the design of the kitchen set, dining area or make a separate additional emphasis in the room. The bar counter must be in harmony with the rest of the furniture in the room.

Kitchen with a breakfast bar.

The interior of a large kitchen with a breakfast bar.

Design Tips and Tricks

When arranging a large room, select two primary colors that will be present in the design:

  • bright color furniture with plain walls or textured colors to match;
  • when choosing classic plain furniture, add a large bright pattern on the walls and bright curtains on the windows;
  • the texture and finish of the wood floor should be organic with a common design, add an apron in the working area in the general style;
  • the ceramic tile floor in the kitchen should be in harmony with the laminate in the dining area and be made in the same texture.
Interior of a large kitchen design.

Design of a modern kitchen with plenty of space in bright colors.

A large room gives you a lot of opportunities to express your imagination and arrange it to your liking and any design.

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