What could be the design of a studio apartment

Own housing is a very important and enjoyable acquisition. Young families are often limited in budget and therefore begin to build their lives by buying a one-room apartment or studio apartment.

Studio apartment - fashionable housing, characterized by the absence of walls and partitions, dividing it into rooms. It represents a single space that combines the whole kitchen, living room and bedroom.

The design of the studio apartment has its own subtleties, the knowledge of which will help you to design its interior stylishly and comfortably.

variant of the unusual interior of a studio apartment

If you properly arrange the apartment, it will not bring inconvenience even with such a small area

idea of ​​light studio apartment design

Studio apartment is not inferior to ordinary apartments

variant of a beautiful apartment interior

Studio apartment would be a great solution for a small budget

the idea of ​​a bright apartment decor

Even such an apartment can be decorated beautifully and modernly.

variant of the unusual style of a studio apartment

Studio apartment - fashionable housing, characterized by the absence of walls and partitions

Choose a style

Starting to decorate the studio apartment, you should definitely decide in what spirit you want to transform your house. Despite the usually modest size and simplicity of such a room, a one-room apartment does not impose any restrictions on its design, but some styles nevertheless suit it more than others.



Distinctive features


Free, creative

  • Rough textures;

  • Brick and concrete walls;

  • Simple wooden furniture;

  • Open communications.


Romantic, rustic

  • Floral prints;

  • Ruffles;

  • An abundance of scenery and textiles;

  • Antique items.

High tech

Modern, minimalistic

  • Discreet colors;

  • Laconic forms;

  • Electronics;

  • The predominance of metal, glass and plastic.

Art Deco

Refined and stylish

  • Geometric patterns;

  • Black and white colors;

  • Natural materials;

  • Glossy surfaces.


Fresh and democratic

  • Mix of styles;

  • Bright colours;

  • Unusual decor elements.

idea of ​​an unusual apartment interior

Mirrors would be a great solution. They visually expand the boundaries of the room

variant of the bright decor of the studio apartment

Even in a small room, you can give fantasies a walk

variant of a beautiful apartment style

Some styles will look better than others in design.

studio apartment bright style option

The design of the apartment should be approached with seriousness.

the idea of ​​a beautiful apartment design

The design of the apartment is made in a modern style.

We plan the situation

The interior design of the studio apartment always implies the need for zoning the room. The main task in this case is to create a functional space that harmoniously combines all the necessary conditions for life.

Decide which room will be the “master” and which will be the “slave”. The distribution of the area of ​​the room will depend on this. There are some of the most common types of studio apartment design.

  1. Studio with an emphasis on the kitchen-dining room. The key role is given to the place of food intake. If you decide to pay particular attention to this particular functional area, then a simple kitchen set can not do here. You will also need to highlight a small sector for a dining table with a sofa or chairs. In this case, the bedroom is allocated a little less space, and you can separate it with the help of a shelf or a screen.

  2. Studio lounge. This option is more common and involves saving space due to the kitchen, the deployment in the rest of the territory of the place for rest and meeting guests. The cooking zone is designed as compactly and modestly as possible, usually in a neutral color.The design of the hall, in principle, does not differ from the living room in an ordinary apartment, but it will need to be protected from the kitchen using special zoning techniques.

studio apartment bright style idea

Functionality plays an important role in a studio apartment

the idea of ​​a bright interior studio apartment

If you decide to combine the living room and kitchen, you should allocate a place for a dining table

variant of a light apartment decor

The bedroom can be combined with the kitchen, separating it with a small partition

variant of a beautiful style studio apartment

The issue of zoning should be approached with seriousness.

the idea of ​​an unusual apartment design

The living room can be combined with the dining area.

Zoning the room

The first thing that comes to mind when it is necessary to divide one large room into several small ones is, of course, partitions. Very convenient sliding models that allow you to turn one room into two, and vice versa with a flick of the wrist.

The design of the studio apartment should not be overloaded with them, but it is quite acceptable to use a few simple designs. Also when zoning can be used:

  • Bar counter. This studio design idea is ideal for separating the kitchen from the living room. The bar counter looks stylish and modern, in addition, it is very compact and functional. This item replaces the cabinet, cooking surface and dining table.

  • Different levels. The easiest way is to place one zone on a small podium with a height of 15-20 cm. Those who are not afraid of more difficult tasks will like the idea of ​​vertical zoning. It will suit you if the ceilings in the apartment are high enough to place a bedroom under the ceiling. It will cost a lot, but the result is worth it. The multi-level design of the studio apartment looks creative and saves space.

  • Furniture. The standard way to separate rooms is with a sofa, table, or bookcase. The necessary item is simply placed at the interface between the two sectors. Of course, its functional purpose should be connected with the area in which it is located: it will be at least irrational to separate the bedroom from the living room by the kitchen table.

    the idea of ​​a beautiful studio apartment decor

    The standard zoning option is partitions

    variant of the bright interior of the apartment

    If zoning occurs with furniture, then its functional purpose should correspond to the zone in which it is located

    the idea of ​​an unusual design studio apartment

    Furniture is perfect for zoning

    variant of a bright apartment style

    You can separate the rooms with color.

    variant of a beautiful apartment design

    You can zoning the room with anything

  • Colour. Different shades of wallpaper or flooring work wonders, visually dividing the space. The method is suitable for designing apartments of a small area, since it does not use any additional items and saves space.

  • Decor Elements. This technique allows the owner to dream up: to put in the middle of the room a huge aquarium, hedge or false fireplace. The main thing is not to overdo it with originality and not to violate the general style of design of the studio apartment.

  • Lighting. Light sources are placed in a row at the border of two zones. For example, above a bar, in an arch or under a ceiling. This technique is rarely used independently and is more likely to complement any other method.

variant of a beautiful apartment decor

When zoning with furniture, you need to put it so that it does not interfere with the passage

variant of the unusual design of the apartment

Furniture in the apartment must be multifunctional

the idea of ​​a bright studio apartment decor

You can separate the bedroom with curtains.

the idea of ​​an unusual style studio apartment

The bedroom can be separated by a curtain.

light apartment design

Sometimes zoning may not be necessary

Choosing furniture

The main rule when buying furniture for a studio apartment is the preservation of stylistic unity. Unlike an ordinary apartment, it is impossible to design a kitchen in ethnic style, and in the hall to give preference to classics. All zones should overlap and smoothly transition one into another.

The second rule is multifunctionality and monochrome. The design of the studio apartment is already packed with many necessary items. In order for the situation not to resemble a vinaigrette, the main color should be chosen calm and, if necessary, diluted with bright details.

Multifunctional furniture is not only space, but also money.Therefore, be sure to pay attention to the compact and ergonomic transforming models.

Designing a studio apartment is an interesting and fascinating activity that can only seem complicated at first glance. In fact, it’s enough to just master a few rules and approach it with soul and imagination.

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