Red color in the interior of the kitchen: value, influence, who will suit

The kitchen is an important place in the house, a person spends a lot of time in it. It should be not only practical, functional for the smooth preparation of dinners, but also pleasant. So that time in the room did not burden, but rather contributed to a good appetite, frequent gatherings with family and friends.

Kitchen furniture with red doors

You need to be careful with red, as all people perceive it in their own way.

Color design is important when decorating a room. Color has a great impact on a person, especially those who are constantly in a particular room.

Red color is the brightest, screaming, aggressive, at the same time tonic and attracting attention. Promotes good appetite, which is important for a room for eating.

Glossy surface of the red refrigerator in retro style

Appetizing bright scarlet refrigerator in a gray-white kitchen

The design of the kitchen in red is perfect for active, energetic people - extroverts who love outdoor activities, are good for noisy gatherings with friends. For those who value peace, comfort, silence and for the most part are an introvert, it is better to choose a calm color for the decoration of the room.

Advantages and disadvantages of red cuisine

Like any other option for designing a kitchen space with a certain color, there are both advantages and disadvantages. If you understand in advance the positive and negative aspects of using red, you can come to a compromise. Then such a room will make the inhabitants happy and will delight their incoming guests.

Bar counter with solid wood worktop

Red cuisine is definitely suitable for energetic, active and welcoming owners.

Benefits disadvantages
Households will be provided with positive energy, energy boost thanks to red colors. Roomperformed entirely in red color, will badly affect the nervous system, make a person irritable.
Red color will be able to create a festive mood, add solemnity and atmosphere of hospitality. Such registration contraindicated for people with the problem of frequent increase in pressure.
It has the ability to stimulate mental activity, so it can prompt fresh ideas. Favorably affects work productivity. Screaming red kitchen may tire of the inhabitants of the house over time and reduce their performance.
It’s possible to add elegance and luxury, using with any a touch of red Golden color. Right combination colors will create a stunning effect at minimal cost. Red color visually reduce the kitchen: make walls narrower and lower ceilings. Items can come closer, expand, and become heavier visually. The room will become crowded and uncomfortable.
Catchiness red will divert attention from any room flaws.
Kitchen interior with red floor

If you value peace and quiet, then red cuisine is not the best choice for you.

Important! It should be remembered that the design of this room must be approached seriously.After weighing the pros and cons of using such a bright color, it will turn out to make the right decision and get the perfect result.

Red apron in a white kitchen

Active red color affects the human mind both positively and negatively

Tips for using red in the kitchen

Here are the main tips for decorating a red kitchen. They will help to correctly and harmoniously fit this color.

Tip 1

As mentioned earlier, red visually brings closer, enlarges, burdensome, adds bulkiness to any objects. In the kitchen of small and medium sizes, the full use of this color will be inappropriate. Only in spacious rooms will he be able to add coziness and not burden the atmosphere. Thanks to dilution with other shades, you can make the kitchen unobtrusive.

Spacious kitchen with island and large windows

The whole range of red shades is so active that even in spacious rooms you should not use this color as a dominant

Tip 2

When choosing finishing materials for walls, as well as when choosing appliances, furniture, a headset, you need to decide on a shade of red. The location of the kitchen is taken into account: rooms located on the north side are “warmed up” using warm shades of red, while those on the south side are “cooled” due to cold tones.

Dark red headset and transparent chairs

Kitchen set with a cool shade of red suitable for a kitchen with windows to the south

Tip 3

Also, do not forget about auxiliary colors that can solve certain problems, for example, with lighting. If there is not enough natural light, yellow, white, beige tones will correct the situation. Add coolness and freshness to the room due to the blue, blue, gray shades. Surfaces made of various types of materials will be able to create the necessary red balance: glossy, glass, metal, chrome and other options.

Small kitchen design in red and white

Red and white kitchen on 7 square meters

Tip 4

Making all the walls in red is not worth it. The consequences of this decision are already described above. For a harmonious introduction of color, you should choose the option - decoration of one wall. She will become accented and will attract all the attention to herself. Often such an accent wall is created in the dining area, but in another place it will look good. For example, you can finish the apron with red tiles or some other material for decoration.

Red acrylic apron in white kitchen

Contrast combination of a red apron with a working surface of white color

Tip 5

When decorating the ceiling, pay attention to the fact that it should be decorated exclusively in bright colors. An ideal option would be a pure white ceiling. He will be able to compensate for the flashy finish of the rest of the space.

Corner kitchen set with red countertop

Red countertop in a small kitchen with a perfectly white ceiling

Rules for the design of red kitchen

When choosing any detail in the room, you must adhere to certain rules. They will help create a pleasant atmosphere and, pleasing to the eye, the design of the red kitchen.


It is necessary to thoroughly approach the selection of furniture for the red kitchen. Particular attention is paid to the kitchen:

  1. The red color of the headset will be a winning addition to the room. In this case, it is important to think through the design to the smallest detail.
  2. Most often, kitchen sets are made from chipboard and MDF. Coatings are made of glossy, varnish or laminated material. Everyone will find a suitable view.
  3. The contrast of colors and varieties of materials will create a stunning effect. There is only one rule - a glossy kitchen set and matte remaining surfaces, objects in the room. This is the key to success.

Kitchen design made in this way will turn out respectable and stylish.

Red headset with integrated appliances

The bright facades of the red kitchen set will look softer and more restrained against the background of white walls lined with glossy tiles

Important! Best of all, this design option is suitable for the kitchen - living room, dining room.The interior design of the studio apartment will be based on this emphasis in the form of furniture.


It is not always advisable to use an abundance of red, so the emphasis will be the most advantageous option. Especially, it is pertinent in small kitchens. The advantage of this idea will be the choice of any shade of this color.

Red door in a white kitchen

One emphasis in the form of a bright door will be enough for someone

As such accents fit:

  • red curtains or tablecloth;
  • photo printing on the headset;
  • lighting;
  • kitchenware;
  • decor (vases, figurines, paintings and other elements).
Kitchen interior with red curtains on the windows

A spectacular solution - red Roman curtains on a white wall background

Two red chairs against a black wall

If you are not ready for bold experiments yet, just add a couple of red details

Good color combinations

Before proceeding with the formation of the style of the room, one should take into account the basic combination of colors and choose the right color scheme:

Colour Description
White It is considered a classic combination that does not need to add other colors.
The headset is better to choose the following: bright reds lower modules with white glossy or matte top modules.
Gray Colour restrained and neutral, able to balance the active red.
The combination goes well with technology, frosted glass.
There are many options for introducing gray: facades, an apron, a countertop, walls or furniture.
Beige Able to create a cozy atmosphere.
In most cases, beige is the base, while others are auxiliary colors (intermediate shades between yellow and brown).
Blue It will help to find a balance between two colors.
Predominance red will make the space warmer, and blue - cooler.
Green Interesting combinationwhich will surprise many if you choose the right ones shades.
It’s best to pick up emerald green with a hint of blue, and red - Bordeaux, cherry, carmine or coral.
Brown The combination will look very harmonious, since the tones are similar to each other.
Dark cherry, burgundy accents will create a luxurious the kitchen using wooden elements.
The black Blackred interior It looks spectacular, respectable, but gloomy, defiant.
Such a solution will only fit spacious kitchens or shared rooms.
Finish the walls and other surfaces must be done in bright tones.
Complete kitchen with natural wood facades

Red color goes well with wooden surfaces.

Red-turquoise kitchen set

The combination of warm red and cold turquoise colors looks positive and even youthful, despite the echoes of the vintage decor.

Bright red kitchen interior

A bright combination of many colors, in which red is not a leader, but rather a partner

Suitable interior styles

According to the advice of experienced designers, a red kitchen will look thoughtful, harmonious and attractive, if you fit it into a certain interior style. You can select only a few style options that suit such a color scheme.

High tech

This style characterizes the functional component of space, as well as abundance:

  • glass;
  • plastic;
  • metal;
  • straight sharp lines.

Red color will make the high-tech kitchen more comfortable, cozy and warm. After all, this shade is friendly with chrome objects and black and white blotches in the overall color component.

Red color in a high-tech style kitchen interior

A certain scarcity of hi-tech environment is compensated by a game of glare, arising from the abundance of modern light sources and amplified by chic glossy facades

Red bar counter in a modern style

A bar made of modern material will decorate the kitchen and serve as a space divider

There is another kind of hi-tech style - it's bio-tech. He is also pragmatic and loving austerity, however, along with this, he is very good at nature. Materials for decorating the room are selected appropriate.


The loft migrated to the interiors of our houses from New York in the second half of the 20th century. At that time, studio apartments became popular.They were cheaper than other apartments and attracted the opportunity to fulfill all their desires, ideas on the decor of the home. To implement such ideas factory or office buildings were assigned.

Brick bar counter with wooden worktop

The bellied refrigerator of dark red color harmoniously fits into the industrial interior of the kitchen

Now the loft is spreading as a modern and practical style of interior. About him becomes known only when you enter the apartment or house. After all, outwardly, all houses look alike. To understand that it is impossible to wait inside. It bribes many.

Loft style red kitchen interior

Glossy kitchen with a burgundy tint and a pair of open shelves on a brick wall background

Embed the red color in a charming luxurious loft will turn out using brickwork of a dark red or terracotta hue. The composition will be completed by rough objects made of wood (shelves, cabinets, shelves, kitchen modules), metal (chairs, tables) or glass.


Among the classic design trends, preference is given to: baroque, rococo. Red is best written in these styles. For this mission, use dark cherry or burgundy tones. They clothe kitchen furniture or some accessories.

Set with burgundy doors

Burgundy furniture looks great in a classic style

Advice! The perfect complement in this case will be gold inserts and decorative elements with stucco molding. They will help you travel back to the era when the classical style raged in almost every home.


There are a lot of oriental-style directions, and red color can harmoniously fit into each of them. Among these areas: Chinese, Moroccan, Arabic style.

Red and white oriental style kitchen

Cozy Chinese-style dining area

This color is actively involved in creating any of the listed styles. Differences can only be found in the stylistic direction of space, decorative elements and color combinations:

  1. Arabic and Moroccan styles are characterized by the presence in the interior of bright openwork, carved objects, ornaments. These directions differ only in the choice of colors.
  2. Arabic loves neutral tones, while Moroccan loves flashy ones (dark blue, violet, yellow, red, carmine red).
  3. The Chinese style loves the natural combination of colors (blue, green, gold, red, white, black). He is able to correctly enter all these colors within the same room and it is interesting to supplement with accents.
Moroccan-style small kitchen interior

Moroccan red cuisine

Oriental-style kitchen with corner sofa

Oriental design styles look great in spacious rooms

Video: real-life examples of kitchens in red

Photo: 50 ideas for using red in a kitchen interior

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