Kitchen retractable storage systems: key features, helpful selection tips

For kitchen furniture, it is customary to use various types of drawers and cabinets. Mandatory in a modern kitchen are pull-out systems. Thanks to the retractable systems, they open faster, optimize the workspace, and they are also silent.

Retractable storage systems

Retractable storage systems are a must in modern kitchens.

Retractable systems are used for:

  • furniture in any room and configuration;
  • doors - guides that allow you to do different designs and upgrade doors;
  • kitchen furniture - systems for functional areas for storage, racks, cabinets.

Sliding and sliding systems save space and money, as well as more efficient and convenient than simple rails.

Retractable systems in the kitchen.

Retractable systems help save valuable space.

Kitchen sliding systems can be used in such furniture:

  • Cutting-out cutting boards - it is mounted inside the main tabletop and thereby expands it; a hole is also often cut in it for the convenience of slicing salad or collecting crumbs.
  • Extendable table.
  • "Carousel" - is provided for corner cabinets. It brings comfort to the use of such places due to its shape - the shape of the carousel in the form of the Latin letter "L". It is mounted either to the door or to the side wall, when opened, it is completely pushed out.
  • Retractable bins - leaving rails are attached to the back of the cabinet doors or the wall.
  • Various storage boxes.
Retractable storage system.

Retractable pan storage system.

Types of fittings

Sliding cabinet systems can be of the following types:

  1. Mechanisms that are based on the fact that the rollers move along the guides. This is the most common type of hardware due to its affordable price and ease of installation. The disadvantages of this system is the short life, noise, the box opens only two-thirds of its size.
  2. Telescopic fittings - ball type guides. They move smoothly, softer than roller guides, withstand a sufficiently large load, and are also quite durable.
  3. Metal boxing is a retractable furniture fittings in which the movement is due to the built-in rollers. The peculiarity lies in the side walls of metal, which contribute to the transfer of increased load, they are able to carry up to 30 kilograms.
  4. Tandem - created by individual measurements. Guides and amplifiers are located on the side and bottom of the drawer. The design runs smoothly and is durable. They can be supplemented with door closers or electric drives. The biggest minus of the tandem system is the high cost.
  5. Cargo - systems - drawers that are attached to existing furniture, they are provided exclusively for the kitchen.
Types of retractable systems.

There are five types of retractable systems.

Installation of retractable systems

Installation of such elements can be done by anyone. The most important task is to create a structural drawing and acquire all the necessary details for this.

Basic installation rules:

  1. Measure the dimensions in advance and select the fittings according to the appropriate size.
  2. Make clear markings of fasteners.If the holes and the hardware itself do not match, then the design will be incorrect.
  3. The mounting bolts twist two thirds of the entire length of the bolt into each hole. After checking the progress of the guides, if everything is well, tighten all the bolts all the way.
Mounting drawers.

Before installing retractable systems, you need to create a structural drawing.

Main features of retractable systems

Roller guides

This is the most common retractable mechanism. The main advantage of such a system will be the absence of fragile parts, only when the box is overloaded from the relay balls can pop out. The maximum load for such a system is 15 kilograms.

Roller guides.

Drawers with roller guides.

Such accessories are made of plastic and metal, only plugs, feet and fasteners are made of plastic, and all other parts are made of sheet metal and coated with a special reinforced coating.

With the correct calculation of the dimensions of the retractable design and the size of the guides, you can get almost silent open. Drawers with such a retractable system are easily removable and removable, which is important for cleaning and cleaning such objects.

Roller guides have different sizes. In length they go from 250 to 600 millimeters, and in width from 3 to 6 millimeters. When choosing, consider the following parameters:

  • If the box itself is shallow, but long, then the guides should be taken of medium width.
  • With deep drawers - use the widest guides. Otherwise, they simply can not withstand the load and quickly fail.
  • If the depth is 350-500 millimeters, then it is better to use metaboxes - this is one of the subspecies of roller guides.
Drawers in the kitchen.

Roller guides allow noiseless open and closed drawers.

Telescopic fittings

Used as functional units in pull-out sections. More often they give the opportunity to open the box only two-thirds of its length. Designed for both large and small loads.

Telescopic fittings.

Drawers with telescopic fittings.

Telescopic fittings are made entirely of metal and lack plastic parts. The most vulnerable place is the balls, due to which the movement is made, with overload or curve installation, they quickly fly out and erase the fastening teeth.


The tandem is made to order and helps to optimize space and place. The peculiarity is that when you open the cabinet door, certain drawers located behind it will automatically open. You can configure the logic for opening boxes by yourself, or discuss this when placing an order.

Tandem drawers.

Tandem drawers in the kitchen.

They are made of steel and can be of completely different heights and sizes.

Cargo system

They allow you to rationally use the place in small rooms. The design will allow reliable and safe storage of dishes, food and so on.

Cargo storage boxes.

The cargo storage system allows you to rationally use the premises of a small kitchen.

Good materials such as steel, aluminum, industrial plastic are used for manufacturing. All models of such a system have a different shape and design, and this makes it possible to choose a convenient option.

The cargo system includes a basket with shelves, guides for fastening and a set of screws. Shelves in such baskets can be removable and stationary, you can adjust their height and, if necessary, completely remove them.

Lifting systems in the kitchen.

Design of retractable cargo storage systems in the kitchen.

In fact, cargo is a replacement for a conventional storage box. Most often they are vertical orientation, but sometimes there are horizontal baskets.

The maximum weight that they can withstand depends on the design and its size, but on average it is from 5 to 30 kilograms.

Other kitchen fittings

When installing sliding systems in the cabinets and cabinets, it is necessary to provide the necessary hinges for the cabinets. They are of the following types:

  • Hidden - all parts after installation are mounted hidden from the eyes and almost do not protrude from the surfaces. Opening angle up to 90 degrees.
  • Overhead - suitable for doors that are mounted on the end walls, but they are massive in themselves and can prevent the departure of the drawer or cargo system.
  • Hinges transformers - opening angle up to 165 degrees. They are perfect for a cabinet with a retractable design.
  • Gas lift - the doors open from the bottom up. If you want to install a pull-out element or mesh in the upper cabinets of the kitchen unit, then this fastening is best suited.
Hidden storage.

Concealed retractable storage in the kitchen.

Thus, you can make the kitchen functional and practical in all directions.

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