Design features of a rustic kitchen

Tired of the hustle and bustle of the big city, many residents of megacities acquire small country houses where they have the opportunity to relax their souls and enjoy the cozy atmosphere of rural tranquility. Accustomed to comfort and style, modern owners of rural estates pay great attention to the interior of their home, starting from its very heart - the kitchen.

The design of the kitchen in a rustic style has its own characteristics and differs significantly from the usual kitchen design of a city apartment. Moreover, it is no less spectacular and can have a very different performance. Many of the elements of decor can be done with your own hands or purchase designer items in the country style.

an example of an unusual design of a rustic kitchen

The rustic kitchen has its own characteristics.

idea of ​​a bright rustic decor

In this it will be nice to cook

variant of a beautiful rustic style kitchen

Design in this style does not require large financial costs.

The interior of the rustic cuisine is always concise and simple, but at the same time filled with softness and warmth. Combining these qualities in one room becomes possible thanks to the features of a rustic style:

  • decorative carving on furniture;
  • natural wood, lack of artificial materials;
  • fireplace or stove;
  • retro accessories;
  • warm colors.

The creation of such an environment does not require space financial costs and innate design talent. The rustic style in the kitchen is one of the simplest in execution.

An example of a beautiful rustic decor

Almost the entire kitchen can be made of wood

An example of a bright rustic style kitchen interior

The main feature of the rustic style is simplicity

Style directions

Ethnic design is quite popular all over the world, and each country leaves its own special imprint on it. Thanks to this, the ethno style was divided into many areas.






Black, white, red

Dark wood floors, light ceiling

Indoor plants, antique objects


Delicate pastel shades: beige, peach, mint and others

Textured plaster, light walls, the use of stone, brick and old boards

Antique or self-made furniture, lots of textiles and souvenirs, floral patterns, open shelves,


Bright accents on a white base background

Boardwalk or laminate flooring, tiles may take place, light walls are required

Minimal decor, spacious bright space, furniture of simple shapes, many light sources


All shades of wood + bright textiles

Slightly careless whitewash, wooden floor, use of natural stone

Wooden dishes, embroidery and painting, baskets with fruits, herbs and mushrooms, flowers on the windows, oven


White and all shades of blue

The apron can be finished with ceramic tiles with majolica, for walls - textured plain wallpaper, plaster or brickwork

Elegant wrought or wicker furniture, marine themes, natural textiles, simple curtains or blinds.


Milky, beige, bright yellow, chocolate, green, blue, orange and light gray

Wood paneling or wall panels, checkered wallpaper, polka dots or with traditional ornaments, wooden floor

Pelmet curtains, earthenware, wicker baskets, decorative plates, carpets and embroidery

All these styles are easily mixed together, creating fresh and innovative solutions for your home. The main mistake that should be avoided when creating a rustic kitchen interior is excessive clumsy combinations.

variant of an unusual style of rustic cuisine

Ethnic style is divided into several categories.

the idea of ​​a beautiful rustic decor

It’s not necessary to do everything in one style, you can combine several directions and get a unique interior

the idea of ​​a bright rustic style kitchen interior

Natural wood is a must in the interior of the kitchen


In the interior of the kitchen in ethnic style, a special place is occupied by decoration. It is she who tells us about the style of the room and should prompt thoughts on the comfort and tranquility of provincial life. Even going into a room with bare floors, walls and ceilings, we already understand that in front of us is just a village house, and not a modern city apartment.

An example of a beautiful rustic design kitchen

By decoration, you can determine the style in which the room is made

variant of an unusual decor of a rustic kitchen

In a rustic style, natural wood is usually used for decoration.


The main technique that is used to decorate the interior of a modern kitchen in ethno style is wood wall decoration. It’s great if the walls of the house are actually wooden. Otherwise, to create this effect, you will have to resort to the use of decorative panels or wallpapers with imitation wood.

Visually expand the area of ​​a small kitchen using photo wallpaper. Be sure to choose a picture that will organically fit into your interior: the image of a birch grove is suitable for Russian-style kitchens, floral patterns for provence, and murals imitating rough boards will look like a Scandinavian interior.

Decorating in a rustic style involves some roughness, so uneven textures, whitewashing and stucco are quite appropriate here.

the idea of ​​an unusual design of a rustic kitchen

Wall decoration can be done with wallpaper, plaster or wood panels

variant of a beautiful rustic style kitchen interior

Perfectly smooth lines can not be achieved

idea of ​​a bright rustic decor

Whatever material you choose, the main thing is that everything is harmonious


The ceiling decoration in the village house has its own characteristics. It actively uses decor in the form of ceiling beams. Usually these ceilings are quite massive, the material of execution is natural wood, and the color is chosen a little darker than the main surface of the ceiling. In the interior of the kitchen in the Russian style, these beams are usually decorated with bundles of dried mushrooms, herbs and garlic.

Untreated logs or boards are usually used to make such ceiling structures. Artificial materials are used much less frequently.

The disadvantage of this decor is the reduction due to it the height of the room. Therefore, it is used only in the interior of kitchens with a high ceiling.

An example of a beautiful rustic style kitchen

Ceiling decoration needs special attention

the idea of ​​a bright rustic style kitchen interior

Ceiling beams can often be found on the ceiling.


For flooring, a laminate with imitation wood is quite suitable. Especially interesting and natural are its varieties, depicting boards of different widths.

The wooden floor of oak planks fits perfectly into the interior of the rustic kitchen. Do not cover it with varnish, grinding and impregnation will be quite enough.

The room will look even more charming if you add to it several wicker rugs, which are very popular in the interior of village houses.

variant of a light rustic design kitchen

Usually use wood to finish the floor.

An example of an unusual rustic decor

You can lay tiles on the floor, it will look beautiful

the idea of ​​a beautiful rustic design kitchen

The kitchen will look even better if the floor put a wicker rug

Rustic furniture

A significant component of the rustic style is furniture. Massive tables and wide headsets made of natural wood occupy a lot of space in the kitchen and attract attention, setting the tone for the entire interior.

The main components of a country-style kitchen are:

  • big table;
  • massive chairs and benches;
  • wide kitchen cabinets;
  • cupboards and tables.

All of them are decorated with carvings, panels, lattices and murals that you can create with your own hands.It’s also very delicate to approach the choice of appliances for the kitchen: it should not look deliberately modern and progressive. Ideally, if you can find such models that will be executed in retro style, but at the same time have a good functional filling.

Making a rustic kitchen requires simple, simple furniture. Give preference to open cabinets and shelves, try to refuse closed models, since in the country style even ordinary dishes are part of the overall decor.

Large Scandinavian-style kitchens complete with rustic oak furniture. It will go well with the ceiling beams that often decorate such rooms.

Interesting furniture design kitchens a la rus. A feature of this direction is the use of benches instead of chairs, painted furniture and bright textiles. The oven and chest are also key elements of Russian cuisine, and it can be difficult to fit them into modern homes.

variant of a bright rustic style kitchen

Making a rustic kitchen requires simple, simple furniture

the idea of ​​an unusual rustic decor

The furniture is usually made of wood.

Windows and lighting

Since the basis of a rustic kitchen interior is the use of natural materials, in particular wood, it is better to replace modern plastic windows with ordinary wooden ones.

Do not forget to also remove the blinds from them and hang in their place simple curtains made of linen or cotton. For a house decorated in the Russian style, bright curtains with floral patterns are suitable, and for a classic or Scandinavian one, in a cage or strip.

There should be plenty of lighting in the kitchen, especially in the work area. To do this, lighting fixtures are placed not only on the ceiling, but also on the walls, as well as built into furniture. The design of the fixtures is selected so that it fits into the general environment of the room and does not look too modern.

An example of a bright rustic style kitchen interior

Windows are preferably wooden

variant of a beautiful rustic decor

Curtains can be used in linen or cotton.

The idea of ​​a light rustic design kitchen

There should be enough light in the kitchen

Classical rustic cuisine

The advantage of the classical style, which allows it not to go out of fashion for centuries, is an amazing combination of simplicity and elegance in one interior. A competent approach to such a design requires a competent ratio of the colors used among themselves: red, white and black.

It is always white that is taken as the basis. So the kitchen room will seem lighter, and, therefore, spacious. Using light shades of walls and ceilings, you can create an illusion that visually makes the area much wider.

variant of the unusual interior of the kitchen in a rustic style

A rustic kitchen should be simple and straightforward.

An example of a vibrant rustic style kitchen

It is advisable to use furniture made of dark wood

Dark shades of black, gray and brown are used mainly as a frame: furniture elements, ceiling beams, flooring. For this, it is better to use materials from natural wood of dark breeds.

Red color makes the kitchen more vibrant and life-affirming. It is used in details and accents: towels, curtains, tablecloths. It may well take place and red furniture, but it is worth buying very carefully so as not to overdo it in the number of red items. An unusual decor element can be a red brick wall on one side of the room. Against its background, both white objects and black ones will look great.

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