Folding sofas in the kitchen: types, selection criteria and useful tips

The central place in the apartment is the kitchen. Family members always gather here. They drink tea, have dinner, and discuss the latest news. Such a place should meet coziness, comfort, warmth and convenience. And when distant relatives come to visit, or friends want to stay overnight, then the kitchen should also accommodate everyone here. To do this, you need to equip it with a separate, full-fledged berth. Yes, so that it was comfortable to sit, and at night go to bed without any problems. To solve this problem, a folding sofa in the kitchen is suitable. And in order to choose it correctly and not make mistakes, read our article.

Folding sofa in the kitchen.

A folding sofa allows you to add a berth due to the kitchen.

Varieties of sofas for the kitchen

Just note that the choice is great. It all depends on more than one parameter. There are several of them.

Here's what you pay attention to:

  1. Frame material. This is the first parameter that directly affects the life of the product.
  2. Folding, retractable system.
  3. Soft filler. And this determines the usability, comfort, coziness.
  4. Upholstery material. It affects the service life and visual quality.
  5. Dimensions The size of the kitchen space limits this setting. It is important to measure all quantities first.
  6. Additional functions. Drawers, open shelves at the ends, other functional features, useful and convenient.
  7. Decorative ornaments. The visual atmosphere of the kitchen largely depends on the appearance of the folding sofa. Colored threads, inserts, ruffles, elements of expensive wood or metal trim - all this transforms the space many times.
Folding sofa material.

When buying, pay attention to the frame material.

Before buying, you need to measure all sizes. Also determine the functional purpose, compare the area of ​​the kitchen. If the room is no more than 5-7 square meters, buying a full double bed is pointless. But over 7 is already logical.

There are kitchen folding sofas for a small kitchenette single. They are called couches. To accommodate one person at night, they are very convenient. They are complemented by drawers, as well as a comfortable backrest, which serves as a support under the back of sitting people.

Sofa with a berth.

Leather sofa in red with a berth.

Folding systems

On sale there are a lot of varieties of the type of transformation from a sitting position to a prone position. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages, movement geometry, sliding fittings.

But which are found:

  • Clamshells in French / American.
  • Book system.
  • Click-gag (common name).
  • Roll-out, roll-out.
  • Eurobook.
  • Couch (single).
  • Dolphin (the most capacious).
  • Puma, Conrad, etc.
Sofa book.

Book system sofa bed in the kitchen.

To understand which one is right, answer the question: how many people will spend the night, how often? Then it will immediately become clear what is best to purchase. But do not forget to choose according to size.

By the type of material of the frame, the sofa in the kitchen can be made of wood, metal or plastic. Do not be afraid of the latter. Manufacturing technology has gone so far that the plastic is strong. But, of course, not stronger than metal structures.

The wooden frame has varieties. It is made of plywood, particleboard, MDF or natural wood. Of course, the latter is the most reliable and environmentally friendly. But it will cost more than wood substitutes. Alternatively, plywood and MDF are good.

Folding sofa frame.

The most durable are considered sofas with a metal frame.

If you decide to take with a wooden frame, give preference to pine, Christmas tree, oak. But birch and acacia is not necessary. These types of wood are subject to excessive torsion and cracking.

Choose a filler

Convenience in operation, its service life, comfort depends on the correct choice of sofa filler. Here are the types found:

  • Komfortel, holofiber.
  • Polyurethane foam.
  • Polystyrene foam.
  • Foam rubber.
  • Latex.
  • Spring mechanism.
  • Gel fillers.
Filler for the sofa.

The most expensive materials for filling sofas are latex and gel filler.

Of the described, we especially highlight latex, as well as a gel filler. These two materials are the most expensive. But their high price is offset by the amazing performance, durability, and usefulness of the application for the musculoskeletal system of a person. A cheap alternative is a combination of polyurethane coupled with spring mechanisms. Light pillows that come with the product can be filled with comfort, holofiber or synthetic winterizer.

Sofa made of springs.

Spring-loaded filler systems are the cheapest.

Fact. The incomparable advantage of latex is its natural origin. It is made from the juice of an exotic plant, using special processing technology. This sets the material apart from everyone else.

The choice of a small sofa bed in the kitchen for the filler depends purely on financial savings.

Sofa in the kitchen.

Small sofa in the kitchen with a berth.

How to choose a sofa: practical tips

First of all, make sure that the sofa is comfortable for you and your family. Upon arrival at the store, sit on the product, try to sit for a while. Pay attention to the design. It must correspond to the existing design in your apartment.

Ask the seller, or rather, ask to show, if possible, from which the inner upholstery, filler, and also the frame of the product. If you choose a sofa with wooden inserts made of expensive wood, be sure to inspect the lacquered surface. It should be smooth, even, without scratches, traces of discoloration, fading.

Wooden sofas.

Natural wood sofas are the most environmentally friendly.

The folding mechanism is sure to try to expand, fold. So you understand the principle of work and the quality of furniture fittings. Carefully inspect the fabric or leather surface of the product for holes, scratches, excessively sticking threads, loose joints, traces of glue, paint, and other stains.

If you want to buy a leather product at an affordable price, pay attention to eco-leather, faux leather, and arpatek. the latter is the most similar, but more expensive than all. From fabrics fit velor, jacquard, flock. You can also buy sofas for their tapestry and matting. The latter is characterized by comparative low cost, resistance to chemical washing, powders, and also to pollution. The only negative is the external is not expensive. The material itself is cheap.

Leather folding sofa.

Folding sofa with beige leather upholstery.

Kitchen Design with Sofa

A soft sofa will fit into any style of interior. The kitchen space is no exception. Get an interesting piece of green gunny with a wooden frame of dark walnut. This design implies an emphasis on upholstered furniture. Then the flooring is beige and yellow, made of ceramic tiles.

Kitchen with sofa.

Kitchen design with sofa bed.

Make the walls combined. The main color is orange-yellow. You can make wooden decorations in the corners of the room. Corner, which is involved in the kitchen, highlight patterned ceramic small format. This is a kind of accent.Finish the rest of the adjacent part with an apron with a ceramic tile similar in color to the main wall.

Sofa in the interior of the kitchen.

A small sofa will fit into any kitchen interior design.

Kitchen set choose the colors of natural wood. Finish the countertop with artificial stone. Fortunately, postforming technology allows you to simulate any natural expensive material.

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