Kitchen Design Tips with Entry Vent Box

In some kitchens, part of the space belongs to the ventilation duct. It becomes a problem when designing. It is important to take into account all the nuances in order to beat this circumstance profitably. Kitchen design with ventilation duct involves many features. Useful recommendations will help to realize a beautiful interior.

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In almost all apartments, the kitchen is a small room, so every meter counts in it.

kitchen with ventilation duct

And how the owners of the apartment get lost when they discover that part of the usable area where food should be cooked is occupied by the ventilation duct.

What are the ventilation ducts?

The box can have modest dimensions and take up little space. Or have a large size, which causes a lot of inconvenience. It is important that the dismantling of the structure is not possible for safety reasons. The box can be located in the corner or at the entrance. Most of them are rectangular in shape.

air duct in the kitchen

The presence of such a detail is confusing for many people, because it does not allow the use of headsets created for standard planning and to realize many ideas.

kitchen with ventilation duct

The design of a kitchen with a ventilation duct requires a special approach and a non-standard solution to the problem of poor planning.

Kitchen design with ventilation duct: the right mask for the necessary details

To organize competent disguise, tips should be considered.

  1. Use putty to level the structure. After painting it and the ceiling in one tone.
  2. It’s better not to mask, but to increase functionality. You can turn the box into a TV stand. Having beaten favorably, you can get an additional location for the equipment.
  3. Build in furniture. This will hide everything from the eyes and do not need to take decorating techniques.
box as a TV stand

The main task when creating a kitchen interior is to turn an extra design, as it seems initially, into a useful thing.

ventilation duct hidden in the headset

The ventilation duct can become not only functional, but also the main detail in the kitchen and its decoration.

The correct and asymmetric shape of the ventilation duct: design secrets

Embodying kitchen design with air duct, it is important to consider its shape. Description of species is shown in the table.

kitchen design with air duct

Before you start repairing and designing a kitchen with a box, you need to study all the features of this subject.

air duct in the kitchen

Typically, there are two types of ventilation ducts in rooms.

The form Description
Rectangular For decoration, mosaic, tile, which completely matches the general interior, is suitable. A work surface is installed on each side. It turns out a holistic image.
Wrong Shape the rectangle yourself using the casing. The latter can be created from plywood or drywall. For decoration, choose attractive materials like bricks, tiles.

Features of the design of a kitchen with a ventilation duct

Kitchen design with ventilation duct involves mandatory planning of the premises. Draw the project on paper. This will help to identify problem areas, complete, eliminate the controversial nuances. Remember safety. So, when located next to the gas stove box, vinyl siding is not suitable for decoration. Otherwise, the risk of fire will increase. If there is a sink nearby, discard the wallpaper.

kitchen with ventilation duct

Some boxes are small in size: less than sixty centimeters in width and depth.

set in the kitchen with a box

Others deliver a lot of inconvenience, since the huge size of the structure attracts attention.

Masking methods for the ventilation duct

There are several methods for effectively masking. The most harmonious and popular is embedding in furniture. Elements are made to order, which will require an increase in financial investments. But after carrying out all the work, it will be difficult to guess that the box is present in the room.

embedding the box in furniture

Such an element is difficult to imperceptibly enclose, in addition, the situation is complicated by the fact that not all ventilation protrusions are rectangular.

Much depends on the location of the structure. With a slight protrusion, you can install a cabinet in front of it. If the box is at the top, choose a mounted model for it.

kitchens with ventilation duct

The most common layout option: a kitchen with a ventilation duct in the corner. Usually all communications are located in the same place.

You can make shelves on the structure to accommodate kitchen items. If you fix the bracket, then there will be a place for the TV.

box as a place for a TV

It is more difficult to mask the box, which is located along the wall and is located almost at the very entrance to the kitchen.

Masking the box with simple materials

The following materials may be used for masking.

  1. Slate. Suitable for modern design. Helps create a key accent in a room.
  2. Mirrors Actual for a small kitchen. The mirror surface allows you to visually increase the size.
  3. Mosaic. Allows you to turn a problematic design into an attractive highlight of the kitchen. Having chosen the metal details of the mosaic, you can advantageously fit this into the style of a loft or high-tech.
  4. Tile. Allows you to create an attractive appearance. A combination of light and dark squares is particularly preferred.
mosaic box decor

It is forbidden to dismantle the duct, because any damage to the ventilation system can lead to serious consequences.

kitchen with air duct design

In some rooms, you can reduce the ventilation duct, but for this you need to first get a diagram of the ventilation system at home in the housing organization, and then seek help from specialists.

Options for involving the ventilation duct in the overall interior design of the kitchen

The ventilation duct can be involved in the general style as follows.

  1. To build several niches where the backlight or contrasting decoration materials are mounted.
  2. Set several paintings, turning this island into a miniature picture gallery. Wall murals are also suitable.
  3. Hang a chalkboard where you can leave messages, draw.
board for drawing on the box

In fact, the box is a very important element, because it allows odors that arise as a result of cooking to escape from the apartment faster.

ventilation box in the kitchen

Before it becomes clear what can be done with the ventilation duct, you will have to study the features of the layout of the kitchen

New design trends

By hanging cabinets in rich colors, you can distract attention from the imperfections of the room. To align the area, choose a floor with a geometric pattern for the floor. To increase the size of the kitchen, you can connect it to the living room. More space will appear, the box will become less noticeable. If the design is too large, then you should abandon the design techniques for camouflage. It is better to divide the work surface into several sections.

ventilation duct decor

The ventilation protrusion can be masked in several ways.But most often, designers hide it under the elements of the kitchen.

tiled box

In this case, the furniture will be made to order, which, of course, will require large investments.

Disadvantages: solutions

To solve the inconvenience created by the box, you can use the following solutions.

  1. Enhance everything with the shelves of the mounted wall cabinet. Facing with various materials.
  2. Disguise using the manufactured headset. Suitable only for rooms more than 10 square meters. m. A floor cabinet equipped with open shelves can be installed on the construction site.
box mirror finish

when the specialists take the necessary measurements, make and install the cabinets, no one will even guess about the existence of the "extra" element in the kitchen.

plastic duct for ventilation

In those cases when the box is located in the corner, and the kitchen is quite large, you can buy ready-made furniture, namely a set, which is installed in the form of the letter "G" or "L".

Recommendations and nuances for planning

Pre-measurement of the entire room. Future design on paper is surely embodied in detail. It is important to consider the type of ventilation duct, its dimensions, shape. The place where he is located is also important. This will help determine the choice of style.

layout of the kitchen with a ventilation duct

The box can be hidden under the floor cabinet, which has open shelves.

kitchen design with air duct

If the box protrudes only a little, then an ordinary cabinet can be put in front of it. If the box is located at the top, you will have to find a suitable wall cabinet.

The protrusion of the box under the raised fireplace

One of the finishes is the embodiment of a false fireplace. This is one of the simpler but more beautiful solutions to the problem. In other cases, expansion of space will be required to form an additional approach. A false fireplace will add coziness and warmth to the atmosphere of the kitchen.

ventilation duct fireplace

There are a number of ways that make the ventilation duct a useful item.

fireplace in the ventilation duct

This is not only an excellent disguise, but also a very beautiful solution that enlivens and ennobles the interior.

VIDEO: Design of a kitchen with a ventilation duct.

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