Dining room kitchen design requirements

The kitchen becomes more comfortable when it is possible to place a dining area on its territory. With the segments nearby, it’s important to organize everything so that everyone is comfortable. Especially problems arise when being developed small dining room design. Limited area can add a number of dilemmas. But important nuances and competent design will help to cope with difficulties.

dining room kitchen design

The presence of the dining area in the kitchen is the most popular option for organizing the process of preparing and absorbing food.

Determine the layout of the kitchen area

Develop interior in the kitchen-dining room follows from the definition of the layout. Possible options are shown in the table.

design kitchen dinning room photo

Many believe that it is much more convenient to establish a dining group in the kitchen so as not to transfer food from room to room.

Layout Description
Linear It consists in placing the headset along the wall. Thanks to it the useful area is saved. You can conveniently put a table and chairs, even on average room size. A storage and storage system for kitchen utensils can be arranged up to the ceiling. This allows you to hold more items, using the entire space.
G shaped The headset is installed in the corner. Suitable layout for medium-sized kitchens. Thanks to the useful use of the corner, space is available for the dining group. The L-shaped option eliminates the need for zoning the space with improvised means. The layout itself divides the room into segments.

U-shaped and parallel layout of the kitchen-dining room

The layout can be arranged in the form of the letter P or in parallel. The first option looks very impressive. Not suitable for a small room. Often they choose it for country houses, where there is enough space. U-shaped layout includes the placement of appliances and furniture near three walls, leaving only one free.

U-shaped layout of the kitchen

The most popular options for organizing a dining area in a kitchen are linear (in one row) and corner (L-shaped) layouts.

If the room has a large window opening, you should think about a parallel layout. The equipment and storage system are installed opposite each other. In the middle is a table.

linear layout of the dining room kitchen

It is when the storage systems are located along one wall or with a small perpendicular branch that the maximum amount of usable space for the installation of the dining group remains.

Kitchen-dining room from a small room. Layout

A small room is not a sentence. In it you can create a unique design dining room kitchen interior. It is important to consider certain recommendations. It is worth making custom-made headsets that fit perfectly into limited dimensions. The remaining free space is reserved for the dining segment.

light dining kitchen design

It is recommended to choose a light palette.This will make the room freer, fresher.

Kitchen-dining room combined with living room

Redevelopment is very expensive. This applies to the financial side and the time that you need to spend before the result is ready. It is recommended to understand in advance the advantages and disadvantages of connecting the kitchen and the living room so that there are no disappointments.

dining room kitchen design ideas

In very spacious rooms with a large window or walk-through structure, you can find a parallel layout of the furniture set and a dining area in the kitchen-dining room.


  1. A significant increase in space, becoming more space.
  2. You can implement ideas and plans that were previously unavailable due to limited territory.
  3. There are more windows. This helps to increase natural lighting, visual expansion of space.
  4. Guests will be in the same room with you, you can make snacks without leaving them alone. This also applies if there are children. They will not go unattended while you cook.
  5. It is easy and convenient to communicate with guests, family members.
dining room kitchen design ideas

With the angular arrangement of the furniture set, there is enough space to install a small dining table.

The combination of two rooms into one large carries some disadvantages.

  1. In the process of cooking, odors will begin to spread around the perimeter, touching the living room. To avoid this, you have to buy a quality special hood, which entails additional costs.
  2. In addition to smells, there will be more extraneous sounds coming from household appliances. The problem can be fixed by buying low noise models.
  3. The room needs to be cleaned more often due to the spread of dirt from the work area.
layout of the dining room kitchen

These disadvantages can be eliminated, but this will require additional financial investments.

An option is worth considering if the kitchen has very tiny dimensions and expansion is necessary.

What are the advantages of the kitchen-dining room, and how to beat the design correctly

Advantages of combining the working area with the dining segment.

  • The increase in the amount of light in the room. It becomes more spacious, freer.
  • Guests can take in the kitchen, comfortably placing them in the dining area. This will allow you to communicate and not be distracted from the cooking process.
  • Combination allows large companies to be located.
loft dining room kitchen design

Everyone will be able to sit comfortably, communicate without moving from one room to another.

The basic rules of the design of the kitchen-dining room

First of all, it is important to take care of a high-quality and properly organized ventilation system. This will avoid the spread of odor throughout the area.

kitchen design dining room with hood

Therefore, install a hood with high power.

The design of the zones should be different. This will allow you to separate the working segment from the lunch. For the first, choose materials that are resistant to moisture, high temperature. Suitable tiles, washable wallpaper, artificial stone. Finishing care should be as simple as possible. For the dining room, you can choose a vinyl cover or cork. Parquet and laminate are suitable for the floor. Zones can be divided by arranging lighting.

dining room kitchen lighting

Choose a color palette and style for the interior design of the kitchen-dining room

A properly selected palette and style helps to create a certain atmosphere in the room. More often for the kitchen choose a white gamut. It fills the space with lightness, gives freshness. Actual for small kitchens. Allows you to expand the space.

A completely snow-white room may seem boring. Then it’s worth adding bright spots. One juicy interspersion in the form of a saturated color of chairs is enough. White fills with coolness.

dining room kitchen design white color and wood

Use wood surfaces to add “warmth” to the kitchen.

If you want to create contrast, it is recommended to choose the classic combination of black and white. Use the first shade for the headset. The table will have a white tone.To add emphasis, make the wall black by adding details of a second color to it.

As an alternative to the described combination, pastel gamma can be used. White is distinguished by the ability to turn into expressive even neutral shades.

dining room kitchen design white with gray

In addition to the palette, it is important to determine the style correctly. If you like bold decisions, then you can not follow the general concept of the house. But it is recommended to maintain a certain connection between all rooms. This will make you feel comfortable at home.

If the kitchen is in the house, the implementation of country style is suitable. It reflects village motifs. The dining group should have a different decor on this subject, for example, carvings.

kitchen dining country

It is appropriate to implement a merge loft. Especially relevant for small kitchens. It is necessary to refuse unnecessary furniture, utensils. You can put the island, performing the role of a working area and a dining segment. All the flaws of the room, which are usually fiercely tried to hide - in the form of beams on the ceiling, open communications - need to be demonstrated. This is the loft.

loft style dining room kitchen design

Loft is the maximum use of multifunctional objects.

You can choose the classics. She remains popular at all times. Furniture and storage system for traditional models. As a palette, you should choose a combination of blue and white tones. Another option is minimalism. Perfectly fits into the limited dimensions of the room. It provides a convenient and useful design. The minimum amount of decor. It may not be at all. The palette is neutral, the furniture is laconic and austere.

kitchen dining room design minimum decor

A key feature is practicality.

Couch in the kitchen-dining room - comfortable dining area

A soft corner allows you to embody a comfortable and convenient place for eating. The preferred location is a bay window. This will usefully use all the space that is in the room. The corner will be near the window, which will allow you to observe beautiful landscapes. The place will be bright, filled with natural light. Often the soft zone becomes a continuation of the headset. The option is suitable for narrow and long rooms. Lets get a harmonious ensemble.

dining room bay window kitchen design

The arrangement of a soft corner in the kitchen is an excellent opportunity to organize a dining area with comfort.

If the kitchen is distinguished by the presence of complex geometry, it is worth maximally involving all the meters. An asymmetric bay window will become a dining area where a soft corner is placed. Finishing in white, light set will help to hide the unevenness of the room. For a bay window in the shape of a square or rectangle, choose an oval table or round. This will help smooth some corners.

dining room interior with sofa

If the dining room has a large place, choose a spacious, soft corner, where many people can comfortably accommodate.

We add a dining group to the kitchen island

To make room in the dining room, where the island occupies a central place, it is recommended to attach a compact dining table and several chairs to the end part. When fixing the countertops in the wall of the island, you can get a place for a comfortable arrangement of the feet of guests and family members.

island dining kitchen design

In rooms with complex geometry, it is necessary to use all available space in the most rational way.

You can similarly embody the modernist style in the kitchen. Then it is recommended to attach the original model of the dining group to the island. It can be a snow-white table equipped with mirror legs. Armchairs with dark leather upholstery are attached to it. Complete the interior with an original chandelier. It will turn out to realize an individual, beautiful design, filled with freshness and light.

Elegant furniture and modern style.

If the apartment is compact in size and no more than 3 sq.m. is allocated to the dining room, it is recommended to exclude pomposity in the decor. Do not use puffy legs, lush models of armchairs, ornate classics.Luxury is not suitable for such dimensions. Everything will look cluttered and cramped.

zoning kitchen dining

Spacious kitchen - a large couch. The capacious soft zone located near the window has created a comfortable and original dining area.

It is recommended to pay attention to furniture models that are distinguished by elegance and lightness.

  • Transparent designs. This is a great option for optical illusion. Choose furniture made of acrylic, glass or plexiglass. It creates the feeling that it evaporates from the room, which creates additional space. It looks beautiful and easy.
  • Change chairs. If the dining room is limited, exclude the use of high back seats. They look very bulky. Better use compact stools, chairs that have low backs. Neat banquets will do.
transparent furniture in the kitchen of the dining room

All this will allow not to clutter up the room, but does not affect the comfortable location at the table.

Lightweight construction

If you prefer the Provence style, pay attention to the chairs that have forged legs, backs, distinguished by grace and beauty of forms. If you prefer the Scandinavian design, you should buy models for seats equipped with a back in the form of a metal mesh. The listed designs look easy and beautiful.

scandinavian design kitchen dinning room

Do not use massive, huge chairs that visually only eat up space.

Fresh Mediterranean style

A similar design option in the kitchen, connected to the dining room, involves the maximum use of ceramic elements. Tiles are used as floor, wall finishes. She participates in the decor of the room. In the latter case, plates, amphoras are used. Necessarily listed items must be painted on a floral motif.

Mediterranean style dining kitchen

Dishes used in the kitchen should be ceramic, combining in design with decorative elements.

Furniture must be durable. A great solution would be objects made of wood. The buffet should have open shelves on which to place various kitchen utensils and decorations.

Mediterranean design kitchen dinning room

A set of impressive sizes will allow the overall interior to look rich.

It is recommended to complement the general decor with mirrors and other details having forged elements. As a textile for this design, linen or cotton fabric is suitable. Mandatory presence of drawings, patterns. “Mediterranean” implies a layout in the room in the form of the letter P.

Mediterranean design kitchen dinning room

All items and furniture are placed along three walls. This will avoid through traffic.

The combination of the kitchen and the dining room allows you to get a spacious room where you can spend time at the same time cooking, chatting with guests and relatives. It is important to take into account the nuances and reduce the negative aspects of such a merger. Then you get a beautiful, harmonious and practical interior.

VIDEO: Kitchen-dining room - layout and interior.

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