Corner shelf in the kitchen, features of the choice and installation methods

Who wants to cool decorate the kitchen? You will be offered very interesting formats for the interior decoration of the kitchen space. From here you will learn about some features of the decoration of fashionable rooms. What room in the apartment is visited most often? This, of course, is where you cook, eat. What can surprise a capricious, skilled worker in a metropolis in design, besides the usual worktops made of epoxy resin or slabs. If you are told that corner shelves in the kitchen can do this, will you believe it? It seems that this is impossible, but there is a chance. And having secured the advice of this article, having reviewed all the examples, photos generously presented by us, you will become infected with this thought. Read this review. There are many useful tips here.

Corner shelves in the kitchen.

Open shelves in the kitchen are able to give the interior a special touch.

Features of corner shelves

The corner shelf, than good, is the convenience of placing utensils, interior decoration on it. No need to open the doors, like a cabinet, put a thing there, and then close it again. Moreover, if the hands are busy, this is impossible.

Open shelves in the kitchen.

In addition to the aesthetic appearance, open shelves are also convenient to use.

Also, a corner wall mounted kitchen shelf takes up less space than lockers. Due to the lack of doors, useful space is freed up. Some opponents of this finish complain, they say, the interior design will lose much if, instead of a standard, familiar wall cabinet, an open shelf is hung. But there is some peculiarity. If you correctly position the compartments, equip them with decorative objects, decorate the surfaces: the design in this case will not be able to lose in beauty or originality.

Decor open kitchen shelves.

In addition to kitchen utensils, shelves can place original decor elements.

But what are the advantages distinguished by a detailed examination:

  1. Simplicity of execution leads to low cost.
  2. Self-assembly is possible and, as a result, budget savings.
  3. Easy assembly guarantees a long service life. There is simply nothing to break. There are no moving parts, and the location in the corner, on two supporting walls, reliably fixes the structure.
  4. The original look, which can be selected independently, repeatedly transforms the interior space of the room.
  5. Unusual finishes, various forms of shelves / departments - all this positively affects the overall design.
  6. Ease of use speeds up the process of cleaning, storage.
Installation of corner shelves for the kitchen.

For such shelves, self-assembly is not difficult.

The shelf above the kitchen table can coolly transform the space. Low cost, simplicity in the device - those attractive features that lure buyers to choose them. Indeed, a simple design scheme guarantees long, trouble-free operation. Such an element of the interior can serve you not only a decade, but a whole century. There is simply nothing to break here.

Wooden shelves in the interior of the kitchen.

The shelves above the surface of the kitchen countertops look especially harmonious.

If you decide to order a hinged shelf in a corner (and only by order you can choose the right size and corner turn), then pay attention to the fact that the best advice for you would be to contact a specialized organization of furniture makers who will make all the necessary measurements at your place.
Here, the most important value is the rotation of the angle. After all, builders are not always perfect fit the corner of the building. It should be 90 degrees, but in fact there are always discrepancies. For a corner shelf, this can be a fatal mistake. The central joints simply do not converge, because of which the interior design will lose much.

Shelf made of wood.

Open kitchen shelf made of wood.

Types of shelves

For the kitchen there are several types of different shelves. Let's list them.

  1. Simple.
  2. Outboard.
  3. Mounted.
  4. Trellised.
  5. Standing.
  6. Backlit.
Types of open kitchen shelves.

There are as many as five types of kitchen open shelves.

There are also variations on the material of manufacture. It could be:

  • natural wood;
  • plastic;
  • metal;
  • Chipboard, MDF;
  • ordinary or Finnish plywood;
  • glass;
  • natural or artificial stone;
  • polymers.
Materials for kitchen shelves.

The price of shelves depends on the material.

There are plenty to choose from. To understand which material is preferable, you need to get acquainted with the properties of each.


So, natural wood. One of the most beautiful materials that you can choose to buy / manufacture a corner hinged shelf. Reliability of wood is an axiom. Therefore, feel free to buy such a product. Its benefits include:

  • reliability;
  • quality;
  • long term of operation;
  • aesthetic properties.
shelves made of wood.

The most reliable and durable are shelves made of natural wood.

With proper dexterity, by having a small amount of a power tool, it is easy to make a wooden shelf on your own with your own hands. You will need a jigsaw, a planer, in some case, a circular saw. The manufacturing process is as follows.

  1. Buy edged boards at any hardware store. If you have old garage deposits, then this is very good. There you can easily find what you need.
  2. Using an electric planer or hand tool, plan the board to the desired thickness. Try to observe the parallelism of the planes (use ingenuity).
  3. After the planing operation, cut the boards to the desired size with a saw or jigsaw.
  4. At the last stage, you just have to collect the finished product, cover it with color or colorless impregnation on wood, pass the varnish.
Shelves with their own hands.

If you have the necessary materials, wooden shelves can be built with your own hands.

Tip. Apply 2-3 coats of impregnation. So the product will last longer, will acquire a more saturated color and texture. After complete drying of the impregnation (2-3 days), you can begin to apply the paint layer. To do this, use varnish or paint. It depends on your taste, as well as on the color of the impregnation, which previously covered the product.

Drawing impregnation on shelves.

For the wooden structure to last for a long time, it is necessary to carefully impregnate the finished shelves.

Particleboard and MDF

If you are going to make a hinged shelf of wood yourself, then it is profitable and cheap. But not everyone can buy a finished product in a store. Wood prices bite (especially hardwood). Alternatively, materials such as particleboard and MDF can be used.

These are structurally similar boards made of shavings and fibers, respectively. There is another difference: the adhesive composition of the particleboard is formaldehyde resin, and MDF is paraffin. The first is very toxic, so if young children live in the house, it is better to purchase a corner shelf made of MDF.

shelves from MDF and particleboard.

Unlike wooden structures, shelves made of MDF and particleboard will serve much less.

The advantage of chipboard, MDF - the finish layer has already been applied, moreover, by postforming. What does it mean? And this means that your shelf is lined with plastic. And this is a very strong, wear-resistant material that will last a long time.

In decorative terms, these two wood substitutes are very practical. Using postforming, they imitate any surface, whether it is stone, marble, metal, wood, even glass.

Kitchen design with shelves.

open shelves from MDF in a modern kitchen.

Metal, stone and plywood

Plywood is available in two versions: this is an ordinary, multi-layer version and Finnish plywood made using unique technology. Its properties are similar to wood. But in visual qualities inferior to her. Therefore, to equip the kitchen with a corner shelf, plywood is not desirable.

Metal shelves in the kitchen will look very amazing.In particular, the style of Hi-Tech, Minimalism, Loft. The metallic sheen of the texture of such a product will perfectly fit into the general play of this “kitchen theater”.

Kitchen design with open shelves.

Open kitchen shelves fit perfectly into the design of any kitchen.

Marble / stone products occupy a special place. Afford such chic can only wealthy citizens. But what is the beauty of natural stone. The marble surface is mysterious, mysterious, beautiful. This beauty is interrupted only by the high cost of such a shelf. To install stone suspensions you need to use powerful fasteners. The design is very heavy. Only brick or concrete walls are needed.

Fixing systems of shelves.

For shelves made of stone and porcelain, special fastening systems must be used.

Execution options

The shelf in the corner of the kitchen can carry two functions:

  • decorative;
  • functional.
functionality of open shelves.

Open shelves have great functionality.

If the partitions are installed mainly to create the effect, go to improve the design, there is no point in fixing them much. But if it is planned to lay heavy objects on them, or those decorative ornaments have considerable weight, then the shelf will have to be fixed well.

Kitchen shelves in the corner are made inclined, transitional, multi-level, single-level, pitched. There are some very creative options. For example, the image of a tree branch on the wall, where each individual branch extending to the side, is a place of storage of a particular thing.

Types of kitchen shelves.

By design, kitchen shelves are divided into several types.

An interesting option is the arrangement of a kitchen set with open inserts for storing dishes. And, for example, if household utensils have significant attractiveness, then the entire upper part above the worktop can be made open type.

Kitchen in retro style.

The kitchen unit with open shelves is an excellent solution for a kitchen in retro style.

Corner shelves for the kitchen space in the Provence style - an ideal option for functional organization, decorative decoration of the interior of the room. Be sure to use white, coupled with sand and beige. The arrangement of such an element of the interior is made in three or four levels in height. It is convenient to fold the dishes here.

Provence style kitchen.

The design of open shelves in the style of Provence.

Make the top of the headset fully open. The color scheme is better to make light. The emphasis will be on dishes, other elements that will be located on the shelves. Learn the rules of beautiful, harmonious arrangement of dishes on open partitions on the Internet. You will be surprised at the simplicity and at the same time the resulting beauty of the product.

You can make a shelf in the corner in the kitchen with your own hands from improvised materials. Look for old belts, buckles from bags. Use them for mounting hanging ropes. When the installation is finished, install the wooden crossbars in the resulting loops. There is no need to fix them. With the help of belts, the fixation is reliable.

Do-it-yourself corner kitchen shelf

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