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The kitchen is the place where all members of the family spend different amounts of time. It can be feasts, family gatherings, just a meal and cooking. Therefore, it should be as convenient and comfortable as possible.

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It has long been noticed that color preferences are completely dependent on the temperament, age and nature of the person.

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Bright colors and bold combinations are very organic in modern interiors, including on the kitchen.

Kitchen Styles

Currently available kitchen Design for every taste. There are many styles and directions of design, therefore, giving preference to any one, you need to think carefully.

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Style is a reflection of our Self. Just as each of us selects an outfit for ourselves, we create comfort in our home based on our hobbies.

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Perfectly chosen style will create a suitable atmosphere and inspire you to conquer new gourmet peaks.

  • Classic style.

We can safely say that it will never go out of fashion; its main advantage is versatility. Quality in this case should also be on top. Kitchen Design in the classical style he cannot get tired, he will “serve” for many years. In most cases, all furniture is made from expensive and reliable wood.

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Such a design, even with prolonged use, will not be able to get bored.

There are also budget models of furniture for the kitchen. In such cases, some elements are made of plastic, MDF.

classic style kitchen

Classics are characterized by restraint, unobtrusiveness, reliability and functionality.

The favorites of the classic color are brown, beige, in shade they are as close to wood as possible. Sometimes designers use black wood in the design.

classic style kitchen design

The undoubted advantages of the classic version is that it is possible to rationally organize the space and think through the details of the interior.

Expensive, classic kitchen Design It is used to design spacious rooms, in small ones it looks trimmed, cramped. If you want to fit the classics into a small footage, then the presence of such elements as cornices, carvings is undesirable.

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All shades are light, neutral.

  • Hi-tech style.

The current version of the design of kitchens, in which glass and metal prevail. Its main difference is modern technology, perfect ergonomics and “smart” fittings. Furniture elements play the role of complement, all lines should be clear, catchy.

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Glass and metal lovers will love the hi-tech style in the interior of the kitchen - unobtrusive, straightforward, with perfect proportions.

Giving preference to this particular style of kitchen design, it is necessary to remember that technological progress does not stand still, equipment will need to be constantly changed, and this requires considerable expenses.

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It is not difficult to determine the color, since hi-tech makes a clear rule for this: the dominant is a bright shade (blue, yellow, red), dilutes its neutral color (black, white, gray, steel).

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Such an interior is preferred only by people whose character has a tendency to adventurism, non-standard thinking.

  • Provence style.

Over the past few years, it has become increasingly popular. Its main advantages are compactness, versatility, ergonomics. This kitchen design is an excellent option for Khrushchev with small kitchens.It looks sophisticated and comfortable, there is always warmth and harmony.

Provence style kitchen

The interior of the kitchen in the Provence style can be considered the most fashionable this year, but so far few decide to risk doing this in their home.

Furniture, room decoration should always be in bright colors, everywhere floral patterns, pots with plants, ruffles, delicate curtains, lots of dishes, glass.

kitchen design provence

Everyone is attracted by the cozy and warm decor of this style.

  • Art Nouveau style.

This style cuts off all unnecessary. All household appliances are built-in, color shades can be taken any, but no more than 2-3.

Art Nouveau style

The interior, in which there will be no excess trifles, can be created with the help of Art Nouveau.

An important point in the design is lighting. The chandelier is a thing of the past, spotlights are used. With the help of lighting, you can adjust the shape of a small or incorrect room, "play" with colored lighting.

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The design of the kitchen in the Art Nouveau style will become a very practical and convenient place for the owners.

  • Scandinavian style.

This style is able to combine minimalism, simplicity, restraint, naturalness. Perfect for rooms with a small footage. Materials for the manufacture of furniture are used only natural, preferably wood, to make the design of the kitchen glass, vine, metal are more diversified.

Scandinavian style kitchen

If you are a fan of laconic design, but hi-tech minimalism is too boring for you, then a Scandinavian-style kitchen design is for you!

The color palette is always light, neutral: coffee with milk, white, beige, milk, cream, sky blue. If you want to dilute the interior with bright, then yellow, green, turquoise are recommended.

Scandinavian style cuisine

The Scandinavian style breathes freedom and purity, restraint and comfort.

  • Japanese style.

Style of restraint. Suitable for small areas. When decorating, the Japanese have adamant rules: no flatulence, only one color prevails. Furniture facades are opaque, without decor and decorations.

japanese style cuisine

Japanese style is the same modern minimalism, but more refined.

If partitions are needed, then slats of dark wood, rice paper are used. If we talk about accessories, there should be a minimum number of them, mainly these are antiquities that have a certain meaning.

japanese style kitchen

For the Japanese, the kitchen is not just a room for cooking and eating, it is a small life.

Types of kitchen design

The competent layout of the kitchen room directly depends on its footage, the shape of the room.

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Each layout has its undoubted advantages and characteristic nuances, which are important and need to know.

We list the main ones:

Corner A universal option suitable for all types of premises. Advantageously emphasizes all the advantages of the layout of square kitchens. The “golden” rule of the triangle is ergonomics. Furniture elements are placed along 2 walls.
Linear Actual for small, narrow kitchens. Harmoniously fit into the design of the kitchen of the studio apartment. The furniture stands along one wall, it is preferable that the sink is in the center.
U-shaped Actual for all types of premises. Most furniture and appliances are installed along 3 walls.
Island Only suitable for spacious rooms. If the footage allows, then you can connect the place for cooking with the dining area. Either a work area or a dining table is brought to the center of the kitchen. The island itself can be any size.

Bright kitchen

If in the bedroom and living room you need to be as careful as possible with bright shades, then in the kitchen you can give free rein to imagination and imagination. All the main bright shades: red, blue, yellow, green can be diluted with black, white, gray. The eye will not "get tired."

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Using various shades of the same color, you can not only achieve interesting visual effects, but also affect your mood and psychological state.

Recently become fashionable kitchen Designcombining shades such as blue and purple, yellow and green, pink and beige.

purple kitchen design

It is difficult to imagine a deeper, unusual and multifaceted color than purple.

There are options for the design of the kitchen, where they successfully combine natural shades with bright background colors. It can be: yellow, red, green, blue. But, the furniture is only neutral. Surfaces can be glossy, matte.

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It would seem that only two colors, but how different they can be combined!

For the kitchen, sunny colors are preferable: lingonberry, strawberry, heavenly. They will give a good mood in the morning, set in a positive mood.

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Blue shades have a beneficial effect on the human psyche and help to relax.

Separately, it is worth paying attention to lighting, it is better if it is point and separate, that is, it was possible to highlight only certain places, for example, a work or dining area. Chandeliers have long been irrelevant.

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The kitchen interior can be the most diverse, the main thing is to make it comfortable and convenient.

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50 original design options for the kitchen:

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