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Style high tech originated in the late twentieth century and is very popular to this day. Initially, high-tech was used exclusively in architecture, but later began to be used in the design of work and residential premises, offices. Almost complete absence decor compensated by the absolute functionality and attractive play of light on various chrome surfaces.

high tech kitchen

High-tech kitchen interiors are never forgotten and, of course, are the subject of increased attention.

stylish high-tech kitchen

The development of this style today is fast, but with certain adjustments - high-tech high-tech is becoming softer, warmer.

At first glance, high-tech seems as simple as possible, but urban: the functional details of the interior, the reinforcing components are deliberately displayed, being the logical conclusion to the interior. All the wealth of the latest technology and materials is demonstrated in high tech style and many modern designers manage to create truly comfortable and lively interiors, despite the dryness of this style.

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Classic hi-tech means simple geometric shapes (often angular), clear lines, a monochrome color scheme without the use of decor and patterns.

High-tech style is characterized by the use of straight lines and angles. If the living space is relatively small, then high-tech will come in handy. Visually expanding the room is not difficult. For this purpose, large mirrors and ultramodern lighting devices are used. Many owners of studio apartments are wondering how to divide a room into special zones. This can be done by installing glass or plastic partitions.

high tech kitchen ideas

Dominant colors: gray, black, white, silver, luminescent and metallic shades.

The main components of the style are:

  • Furniture in the same color scheme as the walls;
  • Cabinets, shelves, drawers with integrated lighting;
  • Simplicity of shapes and geometric lines;
  • Use in the interior chromed surfaces, plastic and glass;
  • For economy and brevity of space installation of sliding doors;
  • Avant-garde lamps, a large number of various lighting devices;
  • The use of metal structures to give the room rigor and futurism.
high tech kitchen

The interior of the kitchen, made in the style of hi-tech has, as a rule, has several lighting points.

Undeniable plus hi-tech is that its possible use combined with other styles. You can combine high-tech with minimalism and a loft, it will look as spectacular and modern as possible. Some components of Art Nouveau and pop art will soften the technological style and give it a gloss and charm. For execution In recent years, urban apartments have been using high-tech, harmoniously interwoven with various components of eco-style.

high tech kitchen with eco style

The space is not filled with furniture, as a rule, it is empty, spacious and free space.

If we talk about the color palette, then this style is inherent in the most natural and neutral colors. Shades of white, gray and beige are especially popular. Bright accents are acceptable, but you need to do this very carefully. To get rid of excessive dryness, it is recommended to combine in the interior surfaces with different textures. Glossy coatings will look good with matte, an abundance of glass surfaces will visually expand space and give him liveliness.Such a move will look as nontrivial and advantageous as possible.

high tech kitchen interior

The main requirement is the use of innovative materials, complex structures, modern technology.

Style traits What is allowed
Color scheme All cool shades, contrasts are welcomed: black and white, silver and red
Textile Cotton Carpets
Furniture Straight lines, clear shapes
Finish Concrete paint
Sources of light Lamps in a minimalist design, the most stylish and discreet
Interior Items Glass vases of geometric shapes, elements of eco-style.

How to design a high-tech kitchen

Kitchen in high tech style in most cases, drawn on the contrast of light and dark shades. Smooth facades, clarity of lines, restrained design are fundamental to this style. The most responsible is the need to approach the choice of a kitchen set. Modern furniture companies offer different options for kitchen sets. Despite this, the kitchen high tech made exclusively to order, taking into account all the pros and cons of the room.

black and white high-tech kitchen

The interior is complemented by glass and chrome elements, glossy black furniture, metal moldings and cornices.

high-tech kitchen furniture

The interior is filled with only the most necessary things.

In order for the built-in kitchen to dissolve in space, it looks as modern and stylish as possible, you need to think about facades. To get the desired effect, facades should be matched in the same color scheme as the walls. Another important detail is the lack of various household utensils on the surfaces, so you need to think in advance about where pans, plates and pans will be located. An excellent option would be to use a capacious unit consisting of pencil cases with a minimum number of fittings.

high-tech kitchen set

Modern windows allow you to enjoy the surrounding world in plenty - after all, they often do not have curtains or curtains.

Hi-tech is inherent in shine and radiance, which is why surfaces are made glossy. Instead of the usual film, enamel and acrylic are used in the manufacture of furniture. From an aesthetic point of view, this solution looks fantastic, but sometimes it costs a lot of money. If the budget is strictly limited, you can purchase a kitchen made from chipboard. Will cost a little more headset from MDF, but will last much longer and will look more attractive.

high-tech kitchen furniture

High-tech is a laconicism and ideal geometry of interiors, exact observance of proportions.

As mentioned earlier, correctly exposed light in the apartment is the key to a successful design at high tech style. Thanks to the use of neon LED-backlight, the kitchen will look as futuristic as possible. Particular attention should be paid to LED backlighting. Thanks to her, the room will look light and weightless, not overloaded with various elements.

High-tech kitchen with backlight

In the interior, the predominance of metal and glass is noticeable, which are complemented by plain and contrasting color schemes.

The almost complete lack of furniture fittings is the hallmark of the style. AT facades special fittings are built in, opening furniture with a little click on it. If this option seems quite inconvenient for you, use the profile handles or discuss with the headset manufacturer the possibility of embedding hidden handles.

high-tech kitchen set

Kitchen drawers can be designed with chrome handles made in a minimalist design.

Advantages and disadvantages

Everything in this world has positive and negative sides. Kitchensdecorated high tech, not an exception to this rule.The indisputable advantage of kitchens is that they are made from environmentally friendly and high-tech materials, which are famous for their durability, resistance to wear and meet all sanitary requirements and standards.

high-tech kitchen

The advantage of a high-tech kitchen is its rational and ergonomic use of space

Unlike kitchens decorated in classic style, high-tech cuisine have high fire resistance. It’s not difficult to take care of surfaces, just walk with a damp sponge on countertops and facades, and your kitchen is already shining with cleanliness. Chrome hardware contributes to the refraction of light, this feature visually expands space premises. This will especially be a plus for owners of small kitchens.

high-tech kitchen photo

A big plus will be the strength, reliability and durability of the materials involved in creating the interior.

It would be strange if the design of the kitchens high tech consisted exclusively of positive aspects. Some disadvantages are also available here. Sufficiently cold, strict and restrained style scares off a lot of people. Not every person can feel comfortable among a large number of chrome, plastic and glass surfaces.

white high-tech kitchen

High-tech makes it possible without major investments to change the mood of the interior.

Another disadvantage is the high price of kitchen sets. The thing is that for the manufacture of countertops, cabinets and drawers are used in most cases natural materialswhich will cost a very impressive amount. To space had a complete and harmonious look, it is necessary to take very seriously the choice of dishes and other kitchen utensils. You must admit that the plates from the grandmother's service and clay cups will look very strange against the background of minimalistic and urbanistic facades.

high-tech kitchen black set

Hi-tech style is ideal for both small and large rooms.

What else to look for

Due to the novelty of the materials used, the hi-tech style is characterized by high technological equipment. When designing a space, close attention should be paid not only to the kitchen set. Here it is important to take into account all the little things in order to withstand a single style at all points of the room.

high-tech style kitchen

If you decide that the hi-tech style is what you need for your kitchen, it is important to pay special attention to the selection of finishing materials, furniture and some accessories.

After finishing work, think about window decoration. Of course use flying and flowing tulles in this the interior completely illogical. Perfectly look blinds and roller blinds in natural colors. As for decorative elements, care must be taken with them. It will be advisable to decorate the walls with graphic paintings in metal or glass frames.

high tech kitchen decor

The main finishing materials for creating a high-tech interior in the kitchen will be paints, thanks to which you can create an imitation of concrete, metal.

Some people believe that high-tech style is something faceless and lifeless. To give the room coziness and warmth, use various plants of deep green colors. They will look especially impressive in snow-white or glass pots.

high-tech kitchen potted plants

It will be appropriate to use the stone in combination with a small number of living plants in order to fill the interior with heat - these materials will harmoniously fit into the technological concept of the style.

Household appliances and plumbing

High-tech style is inherent in household equipmentmade of stainless steel, strict furniture interspersed with frosted or transparent glasses. Effectively in this the interior induction cookers, chrome-plated refrigerators and dishwashers, massive metal hoods, a variety of glass surfaces will look.

bright high-tech kitchen

If household appliances do not fit the style, and buying a new one is expensive, then all the utensils can be hidden behind the facades.

Modular and recessed design furniture will give an ultramodern appearance to the room. You can create a futuristic atmosphere by using a large number of avant-garde lamps. Facades it will be appropriate to decorate with any desired shade of illumination.

high tech kitchen fixtures

The floor is usually made of tile, stone, bulk concrete or laminate.

An important issue remains the choice of plumbing. Ideally, it should be made of chrome materials, have the most concise and restrained appearance. Take a look at Italian and German plumbing. It will not only complement the overall interior design, but will also last for many years.

plumbing in a high-tech kitchen

Door and window openings are decorated with brick, wood, metal or materials imitating them.


High-tech style is very close in spirit to business, energetic, purposeful people who value comfort for the simplicity of lines. Ergonomic kitchen allows you to create culinary masterpieces with maximum comfort. Thanks to the zoning of the space and the location of household appliances, all items are in easy access, always at hand.

modern high tech kitchen

Convenience, spaciousness and functionality of high-tech kitchens are, to a greater extent, achieved with the help of well-chosen furniture, which is made of durable, high-quality and modern materials.

Do not be afraid to experiment, the skillful combination of natural materials and a combination of natural shades will give you the kitchen of your dreams, which will be a special pride.

high tech loft kitchen

This truly bewitching and constructive style will be the perfect solution for any modern person.

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