Mosaic in the interior of modern rooms

Recently, a finishing method that has gone out of sight for some time, but existed long before the first paper appeared, is gaining more and more popularity. Mosaic in the interior was used in ancient China and Rome. Archaeologists find confirmation of this. At the moment, this method returns its fame and is in demand. We offer you to study in more detail what this art is all about.

Unique bathroom with colored mosaic walls and ceilings

Using mosaics, you can revitalize the interior and achieve different effects - from strict graphics to a real work of art

What is a mosaic way of facing

This method has long been known as an art form. For the first time it was used for decorating vases and caskets. Later - chairs and other interior items. And then this method moved to the walls and floors. He was a luxury item, pointing to wealthy people, so he was highly appreciated. It was quite rare in the interior due to the high cost and painstaking work. Previously, only houses of nobles and churches were laid out in this way.

Ceramic mosaic on the bathroom wall

The most common type of mosaic is ceramic, made of quartz sand, clay and other additives, on which the durability and wear resistance of the coating depend

Glass wall mosaic in the bathroom

Glass mosaic is not afraid of temperature changes and can be used both indoors and outdoors

Stone mosaic in the interior of the living room

Mosaic made of natural stone has a non-slip surface, therefore it is recommended for facing steps and floors

In ancient times, the basis for this art was pieces of fine glass, which were laid out individually in a certain order, making up a pattern or drawing. It was a very hard and painstaking work that took a long time. Basically, the pieces of the picture were made of clay or marble, so the picture had a matte or slightly glossy surface.

In the modern world, this method of facing is greatly simplified. It no longer takes so much time, and it takes less work to do. You can meet mosaic elements not only in a luxurious mansion, but also in an ordinary apartment.

Decorative panel from pieces of old dishes and ceramic tiles

Unusual decor from fragments of old dishes combined with shop-mosaic tiles

Handmade mirror with ceramic mosaic trim

A delightful mirror with mosaic trim

Mosaic tabletop coffee table

Elegant countertop, laid out by hand from pieces of colored mosaics of various shapes

Now the basis for such cladding is made of artificial materials like ceramics. There are also traditional species made from natural materials such as marble. There is also a view based on glass or porcelain stoneware. The cost of natural materials will be significantly higher, so to some extent this method has remained expensive. But with the replacement for artificial raw materials, we got an affordable and beautiful type of room decoration, which is widely used in modern design.

Practical use in different rooms

This type of decoration has many advantages, among which moisture resistance and ease of care. Therefore, the most common locations are the kitchen and the bathroom. It can also be in demand for decorating an entrance hall or living room. In this case, most often tiles are laid on the floor or a drawing is laid on the wall.Mosaic in the interior of the bedroom is considered inappropriate, as it is quite cold and strict.

The use of mosaics in the design of the living room

Handmade mosaic panel in the living room interior

Before laying, do not forget that this type can be used for curved lines, while it emphasizes all the surface irregularities. For this reason, it is necessary to carry out the alignment before starting to lay the picture.


Mosaic in the bathroom is a fairly common occurrence. Here it is used most actively. A mirror-like look is popular for a bathroom, because when playing with light and water it gives a strikingly beautiful effect. And small joints allow you to make a complete picture and not spoil the external picture with a wide distance from each part.

Mosaic decoration of the bathroom

The thoughtful design of the bathroom allows you to create a single style, highlighting the mosaic of separate zones and planes

Mosaic decoration of walls and floors in the bathroom

On the floor in front of the bathroom, a pebble mosaic looks beautifully resembling a sea beach and serves as a massage surface for steps

Countertop in the bathroom with mosaic tiles

Mosaic elements can be rectangular, square, oval or diamond-shaped.

In this room, they generally do not lay out a specific pattern, but prefer an ornament or a plain glossy base. You can also manipulate tile sizes to create the desired effect. Here, both light and dark shades are used, depending on the choice of style and the general mood of the room.


Mosaic in the interior of the kitchen is less common than in the bathroom. But in this room she also appears often. A profitable decision remains to veneer in this way with the kitchen apron. Since this area is most susceptible to high temperature, moisture and pollution, tiles will be a good option. It is easy to maintain, and, importantly, does not allow moisture to accumulate in the openings between the tiles, as a result of which mold does not form on its surface.

Mosaic tile kitchen apron

Looks great mosaic kitchen apron

Kitchen unit with mosaic worktops

Mosaic can decorate countertops for kitchen furniture

Mosaic-coated kitchen sink

Custom solution - decorating the kitchen sink mosaic

In the kitchen, two-color mosaic tiles are often found. Widely known models using white in combination with green, blue or purple. A little more expensive, but more original will be the use of tiles to create a picture in the kitchen.

What style is suitable for

Mosaic is a universal decor and is suitable for many styles. It all depends on the color, texture and selected pattern. An important role is played by the location of the mosaic element. For some currents, the decoration of walls is characteristic only, for others this is unacceptable. Therefore, it is worth focusing on the laws of the chosen style. We will divide all the proposed areas into two broad groups: historical and modern.

Wall with mosaic tiles in the kitchen of a country house

Mosaic can be present in the interiors of rooms of various styles, from country to hi-tech


Since the mosaic was invented and gained popularity in antiquity, it is often used to recreate historical motifs. It is widely used in the direction of Baroque and Rococo. In these times, this art was used mainly for flooring.

Mosaic floor in the living room interior

Roman mosaic floor

In Gothic times, this species was widespread for the decoration of various surfaces. Along with stained glass, it was used within the windows, on the walls, as well as on the floors. This style is rather gloomy, characterized by sharp corners and straight lines, so choose a dark matte tile to recreate it.

Photo mosaic composition in the style of Gothic

Gothic mosaic panel

The Victorian era is completely different, which is reflected in the design accordingly. The style, which received the same name, is characterized by pomp and luxury in everything from decoration to trifles. This area is characterized by large images and large interior items, therefore large elements and corresponding patterns should also prevail in the drawing.

English style mosaic finish

Combination of British Victorian sophistication with colonial Indian motifs

Mosaic was also widely known during the Renaissance. Here it was used everywhere. The Renaissance is considered one of the most beautiful, so colorful and positive motifs prevail in the ornaments and drawings. The direction is not without brilliance and luxury, which is also displayed in the cladding.

Modern destinations

Despite the fact that the mosaic mainly emphasizes the old directions, it is widely used in modern design. And with the advent of new materials and types, it has become quite popular at the present time.

Contemporary marble mosaic bathroom

Marble mosaic in a modern bathroom

Perfect for a Mediterranean style flow. It has pronounced Greek motifs, so glossy and light tiles will only emphasize the merits of the direction. In this case, mosaic tiles are used primarily for flooring. Artificial balconies and the corresponding arrangement of a bay window are widespread here. For these areas, this type of finish fits perfectly. Speaking of colors: in the Mediterranean style they mainly use white, the whole range of blue, light brown, green.

Mosaic mural on the wall in a Mediterranean style bathroom

Light, natural and warm Mediterranean style atmosphere

Provence is another common style in modern design. It is also called French country, so it is distinguished by tenderness and warmth. The hallmark of this trend is beige color and rustic motifs in the design. In this case, the mosaic finish is used mainly in the design of the kitchen. It is desirable to select models from natural materials, light pastel colors and fine texture.

Natural curls on a mosaic kitchen apron

Rustic natural ornament

The classic stands apart. She absorbed the trends of antiquity, and at the same time underwent some changes in accordance with the present era. It is also acceptable for her to use the described art. But in this case, it is necessary to focus on rigor and conciseness. The classic is distinguished by soft lines, but does not suffer frills. Match simple patterns and soft colors to show classic direction.

Mosaic in the design of classic cuisine

Pink apron in the kitchen in a classic style

Summarize to determine the necessary style.

Style Color preferences Picture
Baroque Blue, pink, white, golden blotches required Complex shapes, elaborate figures, ornate lines
Gothic Brown, gray, black, white Simple motifs with linear images.
Victorian Brown spectrum, shades of green and yellow Recreating portraits of famous people, coats of arms and symbols of the Victorian era
Renaissance Pastel shades Images of angels, ornate figures
Mediterranean The whole range of blue, white, green, purple Marine focus, plain light base
Provence Beige, Ivory, Olive, Yellow Rustic motifs, imitation of natural materials
Classic White, beige, black, dairy Simple images or plain color
Mosaic kitchen wall mirror

White gloss modern kitchen in mirror reflection of mosaic wall

Thus, if you decide to use mosaic in the interior of your apartment, choose a style to start with, and then, acting in accordance with its laws, determine the structure and type of tile.

In addition to the full or partial decoration of walls or floors, you can put mosaic tiles to create interesting decorations that will become part of the design. Mosaic decoration of vases and caskets is still popular, and this technique is also used in creating original frames for photographs.

Moroccan style mosaic on living room wall

In the modern interior, original motifs reminiscent of African and Arab culture are increasingly being used.

Design of a modern bathroom with mosaic wall covering

Mosaic provides a huge choice for the imagination of any designer or a simple person who wants to decorate his home

For a long time of existence, this type of finish is well established. If you are thinking about mosaic in the interior of the kitchen, do not hesitate for a long time. Feel free to make a positive decision.

Video: mosaic types and styling tips

Photo: mosaic in modern interiors

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