Definition of the golden ratio in design

The golden ratio is the ratio when the ratio of the majority to the smaller is equal to the ratio of the sum of these parts to the majority. In numerical terms, the ratio is 1 to 1.618, or rounded to 1.62. In percentage, the ratio will be expressed as 62 and 38%.

Graphic example of the golden ratio

This is easier to understand with a graphical example.

This principle of separation was mentioned by the ancient Greeks, and was used by them to build a regular pentagon. Also, a number of Fibonacci numbers are suitable for the principle of ideal correlation, where each next number is the sum of the previous two:

A series of Fibonacci numbers based on mathematical dependence

Fibonacci numbers series

Most harmonious natural creations correspond to the shape of the Fibonacci spiral:

  • shells of snails and mollusks;
  • arrangement of petals and flowers in plants;
  • the ratio of the phalanges of the fingers of a person.
Photo of a flower of a sunflower during the ripening of seeds

Sunflower seeds grow from the center to the outside, filling the seed head. They are usually spiral-shaped and resemble a golden spiral.

Golden ratio diagram on blue rectangle

The most revealing example of a “golden section” is a rectangle, all sides of which are in a “golden” ratio

Schematic representation of the golden ratio on the example of a rectangle

The grid shown shows the unity between the Fibonacci sequence and the “golden” rectangle.

The ancient Greeks used the golden rectangle in the construction of the Parthenon temple. Leonardo da Vinci was one of the first to apply the method to create his canvases, including the famous Mona Lisa.

The rule of the golden ratio on the example of Mona Lisa

Leonardo da Vinci was guided by the rule of the golden ratio when creating the famous Mona Lisa

Behind him, the trend was supported by other artists who found application in ideal proportions in painting, portraits, architecture, stained glass and mosaic. Over the millennia of use, it is not outdated, and is now actively used in modern design and architecture.

Photo of the ancient Greek Acropolis in our time

The golden ratio was known to the builders of the Acropolis in Athens

The principle of the golden ratio in design

The golden ratio rule is often applied in design. It helps to achieve harmony between parts. Many logos of famous brands were made with its use:

  • Pepsi;
  • Apple
  • Toyota
  • Twitter
  • iCloud
  • and many others.
Golden ratio in the logos of famous companies

Examples of using the golden ratio in logo design

Harmonious separation can be used in design when creating logos, business cards, posters, banners, sites. It is used when choosing element sizes, font sizes, and even the ratio of primary and secondary colors. So if the main text will be a font of 11 points, then for the subheadings by the rule you need to take the font of 18 points. National Geographic uses a gold rectangle to separate the site into the main and side columns.

Tip. When using the method, do not fanatically adhere to the accuracy of the ratio. Sometimes a slight deviation may look more aesthetically pleasing.

White living room with dark sofa

In a space designed according to the golden section rule, it is comfortable to live and relax

So, the golden ratio is used in various fields:

Direction Example use of
Font Defining font sizes for text, headings and subheadings.
Sites Separation of page structure. The arrangement of elements according to the Fibonacci curve.
Printed products Using the Golden Rectangle Rule for dividing the area and calculating the place for accents of decor.
Design apartments Calculation of sizes, arrangement of furniture, determination of gamma.
Golden ratio in the size of furniture doors

The Golden Ratio is also used when sizing furniture doors. It is believed that just such a ratio is perceived by people as the most aesthetic

Golden ratio in interior design

The ideal section method is used in the interior for greater harmony. When choosing a place for furniture, this rule will help to achieve a harmonious and aesthetic position. When choosing paints, wallpaper and furniture, it is also used.

Folding chairs on metal frames

The ideal shape of the room has a width to length ratio of 5 to 8

Living room interior with sloping ceiling

Furniture should be balanced

If we consider it round, then we can use the ratio of 2 to 3. Moreover, you can divide it into more than 2 parts - then each division should be performed in the same way and a smaller part should be divided. When dividing into three fragments in percent, first divide by two, we get 62 and 38%, 38% when dividing, they will give 24 and 14%. It turns out 62% will be the main, 24% - the second and 14% - the third in importance.

Size ratio

Creating sizes that correspond to the ideal separation, while redesigning the room, will improve the aesthetic perception of design. When zoning a room, a section with a larger area should not exceed 5/8 of the entire space. The same applies to the arrangement of furniture.

Distribution of the living room space according to the golden ratio rule

Following the rule, most of the living room can be given to the sofa group, and a smaller part to the dining area

Rule 62% must comply with:

  • a sitting area with a sofa in relation to the room;
  • a coffee table in relation to the length of the sofa;
  • distance from the ceiling to the lower border of the decor and wall lighting.
Ideal size sofa and coffee table

Furniture dimensions are calculated from the largest object

Proportions are suitable for the height of small furniture. It should not be more than 3/8 of the height of the room. It concerns:

  • nightstands;
  • the height of the back of a chair or sofa;
  • height of floor decor elements.
White bedding in matrimonial bed

The dimensions of the bedside tables and the luminaires installed on them are selected so that their total height does not exceed 2/3 of the wall

Wooden coffee table with octagonal table top

The total number and dimensions of furniture are calculated based on the largest items

Looking closely, you can see that the method is taken into account in the architecture of furniture:

  • the ratio of the main part of the wall and the cabinet;
  • height of the lower tables;
  • location of key elements.

The rule should be applied when choosing a sofa and a table for it. In a balanced corner sofa, the smaller side must be no more and no less than 1/3. The coffee table should also be proportionate in order to fit into the interior.

Gray sofa against the background of a white wall of the living room

It is advisable that the sofa does not occupy more than two-thirds of the wall near which it stands

Coffee table with glass top

The coffee table should be no more than two-thirds the size of the sofa

For high apartments, segmentation into 2 sections is suitable, and for low, additional separation of the wall will help to visually increase its size.

Color ratio

The golden ratio in the color scheme of the room is used to select the main color of the interior, as well as additional and accent: 62, 33 and 5%, respectively.

Living room design with dark curtains

Large and dark objects are placed below, small and lighter - above

Four paintings over the sofa in the living room

The main part of the interior composition should be the most illuminated and saturated

The choice of three colors for the design of the room is most preferred. Main used for walls and ceiling. The complementary color is suitable for furniture in the room. And the remaining 5% of the design is used to highlight accents.

You can divide the palette by 4:

  • the main color for the room is 62%;
  • additional coloring for furniture - 24%;
  • tones for various decor - 9%;
  • accent design - 5%.
Defining an interior color palette using triangles

The color palette of the interior is divided into three parts - the main, active and accent

This division is more suitable for interiors that are rich in decor and allow a wide range of palettes.

Golden ratio in the decor

Using the rule is much easier to place decor elements, especially hanging and wall.

Bird's Nest Chandelier

Before placing decor elements, you need to determine their ideal location

Loft style room decoration

Each decorating part of a smaller size should belong to a larger one, as it relates to the largest

A picture as an accent element located according to this rule will look more harmonious. For the portrait version, the lower boundary of the work of art should retreat from the floor by 38% of the height of the wall. The height of such a picture should not exceed 2/3 of the remaining wall section. For a horizontal picture, proportions are applied a little differently. The bottom of the picture should be at the border 5/8 from the floor, and the short side should be 62% of the remainder.

Decorating the walls of the room with paintings of various formats

It is especially necessary to carefully select paintings of different sizes.

The method can also be applied to the arrangement of scenery. Having mentally positioned the perfect spiral, you need to enter the decor according to its size. This way we get the perfect location. Of course, do not abuse the rule and always evaluate the aesthetics of the resulting interior, relying on a sense of beauty.

An ideal division is also suitable for such a small element as a vase with flowers. By adjusting the length of the stems to the proportions, you can get a harmonious look.

The ratio of the size of the vase and color according to the rule of the golden ratio

It looks like a perfect vase of flowers

It must be remembered that the golden ratio method is just another tool to simplify the creation of a harmonious design. Therefore, it is not necessary to adhere to mathematical accuracy. Interior design is always a creative solution. The main thing is that the result corresponds to aesthetic requirements.

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