Pros and cons of using laminate flooring in the interior

In the old days, most houses had clay or cement flooring. Wooden was also common. All of them had their advantages and disadvantages. The tree and at this stage of development is highly valued. It is its high price that prevents widespread distribution. However, now there are cheaper, but rather high-quality and strong analogues that have justified themselves during the operation, and have earned great popularity. So, laminate is widely used in the interior of any room.

Laminate in the interior of a modern living room

Laminate is represented by products of various quality, textured solutions and color palette

What is it

Laminate is a cellulose-based and dense wood-based flooring. It consists of 4 layers:

  1. Carrier. The role of the carrier layer is performed by a fiberboard. It performs the main functions of the coating: noise insulation, thermal insulation. A lock is cut into this layer, with the help of which the laminate boards are fastened. The condition of the entire board depends on the quality of the carrier layer.
  2. Stabilizing. This is the bottom layer, which is located under the wood-based panel. It is designed to strengthen and stabilize the base layer, protecting it from deformation. And also it can serve as additional thermal insulation if the corresponding layer is applied to it.
  3. Decorative. This layer consists of high quality cellulose and provides the appropriate pattern.
  4. Upper. It performs protective functions, consists of melamine or acrylic resins. The class of the laminate depends on its strength and thickness, that is, it provides an indicator of wear resistance.

All these layers are bonded to each other under high pressure, which ensures high strength and durability of the board.

The main parts of the laminate panel

Laminate Board Structure

Tiled laminate on the kitchen floor

Laminate panels are usually available in the form of rectangles with an aspect ratio of 1: 9 or 1: 6, less often square tiles

Advantages and disadvantages of such a coating

Laminate in the interior is a widely used material. It has more advantages than disadvantages. However, there are such. Let's start with the positives.

  • Cheapness. Due to the fact that the main layer is not a solid wood board, but consists of pressed wood-shaving materials, manufacturers can significantly reduce the price.
  • Easy to install. On the main layer of the board there is a lock that provides fastening of the boards together. Thus, the installation method is very simple, and you can cope with this task without the help of a professional.
  • Wide range of. Due to its popularity, laminate is produced in large quantities; manufacturers can offer a choice for every taste. The main advantage of appearance is that this material allows you to simulate the color of natural foundations.
Gray laminate in a modern room design

Laminate is most appreciated for being able to simulate various coatings.

The disadvantages include hygroscopicity of the material. The basis of the plate is wood chips, which absorbs moisture well. If you spill a large amount of water on it and do not remove it in time, the plate may become deformed. For this reason, we will not find laminate flooring in the interior of the bathroom.

Basic selection rules

To choose the right laminate for any room, you need to follow certain selection rules. To get started, find out your budget and explore all the options. To do this, you can use the catalogs of online stores.

Laminate in the interior of the hallway of a private house

The entire laminate is divided into classes - the number in the marking, indicating the resistance of the coating to wear. The most widespread classes 32 and 33, as the most durable

Important! It is necessary to immediately calculate all the costs in order to avoid unforeseen situations.

Light brown laminate in a living room in pastel colors

The thickness of the laminate varies in the range of 8-12 mm, if heavy furniture is planned in the room, it is better to choose the most thick panels

Focus on product quality. Of course, it is advisable to choose high-quality products in order to avoid unpleasant consequences. However, you can find durable and well-established models at a lower price. Remember, a high price does not always mean good quality.

Laminate in a young family bedroom

For the bedroom, it makes sense to take a thick laminate not of the class itself for rooms with medium traffic

Blue kids room with laminate flooring

For children's rooms, it is recommended to use coatings marked with an environmental safety symbol.

Also take into account another factor - the function of the room. If you choose a laminate for the kitchen, remember that this is the most used room. The floor here may be flooded with water or sticky substances. For this reason, pick up dark models, the texture of which will be quite large. Also carefully monitor the installation, it must be of high quality, so that in case of spilled water the coating does not deform. Now more about the selection of appearance.

Texture differences

To begin, we select the type of flooring. Laminate in the interior of the living room can be smooth or textured. The first option is divided into a matte and glossy look. Not only its appearance, but also tactile perception depends on these characteristics. The texture may also be different. The most common is imitation of natural wood. However, you can find the texture of stone or brick.

Glossy laminate in red

The glossy laminate looks gorgeous, but it is easily scratched and even the smallest dirt is visible on it.

Imitation ceramic tile for the kitchen

Tile laminate in the interior of the kitchen-living room

Brown textured laminate photo

Textured laminate with imitation of fine wood

It is worth noting that the option with a smooth texture is more convenient to care for. Dust and dirt are clogged in the relief folds, so the second coating option will have to be subjected to more frequent and thorough cleaning.

Color matters

We proceed to consider the second main selection factor. Color plays an important role in any room. To begin with, it is worth considering the functions of the room. In the kitchen, it is better to lay a dark laminate, it is possible with an imitation of natural wood. You can choose other options that suit the style of the room, but it is desirable that the kitchen flooring is dark.

Light laminate in the interior of the living room of a country house

Light laminate visually expands the space of the room

The design of the living room of a private house with a dark laminate

The dark laminate brings piquancy to the classic setting and ennobles the room.

Cream sofa on gray laminate

The darker the floor, the more lighting is required. This applies to both artificial and natural light.

Of course, focus on the general style of the room. Laminate should be a continuation of the style and comply with all the laws of the selected course. In modern areas, both light and dark models are popular. The choice in the majority depends on your taste preferences and the practicality of the color for a particular room.

We combine style and flooring correctly

We mentioned that the texture and color of the laminate should match the style of the room. We offer to make out popular styles in the design of modern residential premises and choose the right flooring for them.

Style Colour Texture
Provence Colour bleached oak Wood imitation laminate beveled
Country Dark models imitating natural wood Boardwalk imitation coveringsDeck deck
Eastern ethnostyles Preference for light wood The texture is similar to bamboo or sisal flooring; laminate "Under the skin"
Chalet Light models Colour walnut or ash Rough forms coating with furrows
Minimalism The best option is white Smooth matte or glossy finish
High tech Gray oak, white There are no restrictions, but it is better to choose a smooth structure
Minimalist bedroom interior with laminate on the ceiling

Laminate can also be used to decorate walls or ceilings.

Now we will select a laminate for each style, and we will analyze in detail their laws and combinations.

Vintage directions

Business card of vintage styles - aged surfaces. This applies to any thing, gender, including. Therefore, the models of the laminate are artificially aged well here. A light surface with gray patches will help convey this effect best.

Provence style bedroom design with laminate flooring

Bleached oak in a vintage style bedroom

Laminate under an old oak in the interior of the living room of a private house

To design a room in a country style does not need high cost and pretentiousness. Imitation of a shabby oak board is good for a living room

This category of styles includes Provence and country. They are distinguished by simplicity and comfort, to some extent rudeness. For provence, the best option would be a textured laminate in the color of bleached oak. But dark options also look great, especially if you add notes of antiquity to them. In country it is better to focus on naturalness, and choose dark models to match the color and texture of natural wood.

Eco-friendly destinations

In modern design, trends tend to be natural, so eco-directions are very relevant. In their design, you need to try to maximize emphasize the environmental focus. For flooring in this case, it is better to select models that are as close as possible in appearance to natural wood.

Modern eco-style bedroom with laminate flooring

For a floor in eco-style, a laminate is used under a tree or under a stone, preferably without highlighting the seams between the panels

In this category you can highlight the most popular areas - eco-style and chalet. For the first, a dark laminate is suitable. In combination with bright and rich shades on the walls, he will create the best combination for eco-style.

Laminate flooring on a chalet-style private home

Chalet-style flooring should mimic massive patina boards

Floor decoration in the living room with a laminate under the ash wood

Ash wood color laminate

Swiss chalet personifies a simple and rude style. This is a combination of stone and wood. The walls are usually made in dark shades. For flooring, it is better to choose brighter and lighter models. Light nut is best.

Exotic in fashion

Existing laminate models allow you to implement bold exotic solutions. At the moment, ethnic oriental styles are popular: Chinese and Japanese. Some trends in the Middle East also apply.

Japanese-style laminate flooring on a Japanese-style living room floor

For interior decoration in oriental styles, laminated panels with imitation of bamboo or sisal are produced

Oriental style living room design with laminate flooring

A short pile carpet may be placed on top of the laminate flooring.

To recreate the Japanese and Chinese directions, light options with a bevel are suitable. They will create a good imitation of floors made of sisal or bamboo. For more exotic designs, there is a laminate that mimics leather flooring. It has a matte slightly rough surface, and creates an interesting exotic atmosphere in the room.

Modern tendencies

In modern areas there are no special restrictions. But most of the latest styles tend to simplify. Therefore, for minimalism, high-tech, cubism and pop art, smooth white models are suitable. You can pick up other bright options. But in general, the laminate in the interior of modern stylistic trends is used without restrictions, but in accordance with the selection rules described above.

Laminate with imitation natural wood in the design of the living room

For the room in a modern style, various natural shades of the flooring are suitable: natural wood, cotton, quartz, glaze, sandy, almond

High-tech living room interior with gray laminate.

Imitation light oak is great for a high-tech apartment.

Dark brown laminate in the interior of the room in the style of an art house

Dark brown floor in art house studio

Video: how to choose a laminate for your interior

Photos of interiors with laminate in various colors

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