Advantages and disadvantages of wood finishes in the interior

Wood wall decoration is a popular type of room decoration in many interior styles. Any natural finishing material brings to the design notes of freedom, coziness, comfort, and most importantly, a feeling of unity with nature. Now, with the tremendous progress of technology and the creation of many artificial objects in any field, we are beginning to move away and forget all the real, the natural.

Wood in the interior of the living room

Wood - a very common finishing material, environmentally friendly, durable and attractive in appearance

Decorating walls and other surfaces with wood will help people get closer to nature and feel more relaxed, open and disposed to the manifestation of spirituality.

Like any other material for decoration, wood also has positive and negative qualities.

Benefits disadvantages
Strength It is highly resistant to many mechanical damage. Care Special care is required: the use of special means, a strict ban on the use of water.
Durability Guaranteed long life. Marc It may be difficult to remove stains and other contaminants.
Environmental friendliness It does not pose a threat to health, therefore it is valued and selected as a decoration material in children's the rooms. Update There is a need to update the top layer, which means that to cover wood varnish or wax is needed every 3-5 years.
Microclimate It passes air well, absorbs the required amount of moisture and also gives it away. Cost Natural material suggests a high price, but even with this situation, it will be possible to find a way out.
Fragrance It has a pleasant natural smell that reminds of forests and mentally transfers to your favorite place for everyone.
Natural wood wall decoration

The use of natural wood contributes to a stylish, beautiful interior and a favorable indoor microclimate.

Choosing the right material and texture

There is an immeasurable amount of ideas for decorating the interior with wood. The presence of a wide range of materials, their varieties, analogues and the ability to choose the suitable option helps us in this. Making one room or even all with natural wood will create an elegant and high-quality interior.

Decorative wood in living room design

Decorative wood trim is used by designers to design rooms in various styles.

Interesting fact! Another advantage of this choice will be - a good microclimate. This is due to regular moisture exchange and air circulation.

To understand what type of finishing material will be suitable, you need to get to know each one better.


Facing board made of various types of wood (spruce, pine, aspen, larch and others).

Wall decoration with clapboard in the living room of a country house

Lining - the most affordable material for wall decoration

Benefits disadvantages
It has an acceptable cost. It does not tolerate temperature extremes and humidity.
It is quite durable.
It is durable and resistant to mechanical stress (scratches, chips).
Installation is carried out without difficulty, special skills are not required. There is a chance of infection by various microorganisms (fungi, insects).
It has good sound insulation.
Allows you to repaint the surface many times and often change the overall room interior.
Burnt lining in the interior of a bedroom

The burnt lining of cedar is characterized by a characteristic pattern and a deep gray tint


In the manufacture of applied European standards for wood processing. It is divided into three categories: “A” (the most expensive, high-quality version), “B” (inferior in quality to the previous type, but remains a good option), “C” (low-quality type, it is used very rarely).

Eurolining in the interior of the bedroom

Eurolining is different in that it is manufactured according to European standards

Advantages disadvantages
The presence of connectors with a certain width allows you to ventilate, protect from moisture and prevent deformation of the tree. Cost is higher than usual lining, but this is justified by its quality and pleasant appearance.
Deep grooves are provided to reduce the size of the slots.
Thanks to the manufacture of products with exact dimensions, it will not be difficult to make installation on their own.
There is a minimum amount of waste left.
The interior of the bedroom of a country house with wall decoration painted lining

Painted light lining in the bedroom

Decorative wood panels

The panels are made in three layers: the top of the expensive wood species (oak, alder, cedar, maple), the remaining two layers of pine or spruce (to reduce the price of the product).

Wood paneling in modern living room

Rare wood panels are priced more expensive than others


  • They are able to emphasize the taste and sense of style of the inhabitants of the apartment due to the high cost, luxury and nobleness of the material.
  • Varnished: protects wood panels from moisture, ultraviolet radiation and pollution.
  • For children and bedrooms, waxed products are more suitable - a more environmentally friendly look.
Wall decoration with wood decorative panels

Wooden panels are available in the form of square tiles, rectangular panels, slatted elements and sheet products


  • Careful care is required without the addition of abrasive detergents and water (it is allowed to wipe with wet sponges).
  • Every 5 years it is necessary to renew the varnish or wax coating.
  • The cost of wood panels is high (you can find a less expensive version of the panels).

Block house

It is made from the outside of the board, it creates the impression of a solid log house, imitates a beam, a log.

Block house in the interior of a private house

The block house, on the one hand, resembles a rounded log, on the other a board, and at the ends it has a spike and a groove

Distinctive features:

  • Durable, durable material.
  • It has good sound and heat insulation.
  • Installation does not require special knowledge.
  • Lack of deformation after 15-20 years.
  • It is fireproof.
  • Rarely affected by microorganisms.
  • Non-waste production allows Block House to make an affordable product.
Finishing the wall indoors with a first-class block house

The block house is mostly made from pine and spruce.


Available in an assortment of 10,000 profiles with a variety of patterns and textures, which are quite combined with each other.

Wooden wallpaper or gusvarblok with a profiled surface

Gusvarblok - a new generation of finishing material that allows you to create a unique design of interior and exterior decoration


  • It has high strength, durability and environmental friendliness.
  • It has excellent heat and sound insulation.
  • Easy to care.
  • Installation does not require connection to the work of specialists.
  • Helps create a unique, mesmerizing room interior.
Room wall after cladding

The surface lined with gusvarblokami can be painted or covered with stain

Important! It is the most expensive representative of the finishing material. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford it. It is necessary to deal with the budget in advance so that you will not be disappointed later.

Natural wood wallpaper

They are made of expensive wood and are veneer rolls that are glued to paper.Over 100 types of wood are used to produce natural wallpapers.

Wallpaper made of natural wood veneer in the interior

Wood veneer wallpaper is an unusual and exotic decoration material, which can be purchased only in specialized boutiques

Advantages disadvantages
A variety of patterns, patterns and textures of wallpaper are presented. Due to ultraviolet rays wallpaper may darken over time.
The ability to glue on different types the walls (forms). Deform when exposed to water.
External view stored using a special substance. Most susceptible to infection by fungus and insects.
They have a high fire hazard.

Advice! This option is worst suited for decorating walls and other surfaces, as it has too many disadvantages that can harm the interior. You can use such wallpapers as a last resort.

Wallpaper made of thermal wood

They are a good modern alternative to the previous option, due to the use of more modern technologies in production.

Wallpaper from the thermal tree in the interior of the bedroom of a country house

Wooden wallpaper from TMD - an alternative to natural wood wallpaper

Benefits disadvantages
They are distinguished by good moisture resistance and durability. Glued on perfectly smooth walls.
They are inherent to fire safety.
Not affected by microorganisms.
There is no need to additionally varnish.

Scope of wood

Wood finishing can be carried out on any surface of the room. However, you should know some rules for using such a decor so that the result can please the residents of the house and their guests.

Wall decoration in the bedroom with decorative wood panels

Decorative panels hide uneven walls, and you can mount them yourself

Wall Features

Before you start decorating the walls with wood, you need to pay attention to certain factors.

Room Area

This criterion for choosing future material is very significant.

Boards wall decoration at the head of the bed

The vertical arrangement of the boards on the wall will make the room taller, and the horizontal - wider

  1. A small room involves the installation of products with a picture or texture, located vertically. This will help raise the ceiling.
  2. Decorating the walls with light material will allow you to visually enlarge the room.
The use of wood in the interior of a bedroom

Diagonal laying of the laminate helps to visually expand the room


The presence of good or bad daylight affects the selection of wooden products.

  1. In the first case, you can use any color option for wall decoration.
  2. The second case involves the installation of wood in light, natural tones, the use of dark colors will only aggravate the situation.
White wood bedroom interior

White wood will create spaciousness and a sense of cleanliness in the interior

Mounting method

The option of fixing the finishing material and its choice will depend on the state of the walls in the room.

  1. Strong thick walls can withstand the installation of panels and other massive products that are mounted on the frame and can make the overall structure heavier.
  2. Thin walls accept only the use of trim, which can be simply glued. This will prevent the risks of destruction.
Finishing the attic with natural wood do-it-yourself

High-quality installation provides a perfectly even and smooth finish

Interior of a bedroom in a country house with natural wood trim

Will the cracks remain after installing the boards, depends largely on the professionalism of the masters

Decorative ceiling

The ceiling decorated with wood can create the illusion of your own wooden house in a simple city apartment. Also, a wooden ceiling is an ideal exit for apartments located on the top floor of multi-storey buildings, since the material has good thermal insulation qualities. Apartments located below the product will be pleased with excellent soundproofing. This means that finishing the ceiling with wood, in any case, will benefit everyone.

Wooden ceiling in the interior of a residential building

To paint a wooden ceiling or not, everyone decides for himself. But what's the point in a tree if it is hidden under a dense shell of paint

Thermal board in the interior of the living room of a city apartment

Ceiling floor

Interior styles in which wood trim is appropriate

Wood design is presented in almost any interior style. You can choose the material for decoration, which will look best in one or another style.

Material option Style
Lining Scandinavian
Board Scandinavian
Solid board Modern
Modern classic
Aged Board Vintage
Cuts Country
Scandinavian (rare)
Panels Chalet
Art Deco
Modern classic
Wood trim in the Scandinavian style living room

Wood wall decoration is often found in the Scandinavian style of interior


Rustic wood living room

Rustic rustic style initially involves the use of wood in the decoration of the room

Video: wood brushing technique for interior decoration

Photo of wood interiors

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