The combination of lilac with other colors in the interior

Lilac color is included in the palette of violet colors formed by mixing two main ones - blue and red. However, lilac is a lighter tone, and this gives it a touch of refinement, femininity. A lot of nuances and a combination of lilac give unique combinations with other colors, respectively, the ability to create different images.

combination of lilac in bedroom decor

Beautiful lilac bedroom

combining lilac in the design of a nursery

Lilac color in the interior of a bright bedroom

combining lilac in the interior of the corridor

Modern bedroom design in lilac

Lilac Shades

An ordinary person will call this tone light purple, and designers highlight many of its nuances:

  • pale lilac;
  • violet-lilac;
  • purple;
  • lilac amethyst;
  • dusty lilac;
  • violet;
  • lavender;
  • blue-lilac.

The differences in nuances are explained by the difference in the ratio of blue and red in their composition, additives of other colors. So, the lightest, pale lilac tone is characterized by a high content of white, and the darkest - blue-lilac, it would be more correct to call blue with a lilac shimmer.

The high content of pink in the composition is distinguished by a bright, fresh violet hue, and the dusty lilac has a more muffled tone, due to which it receives universal application. Lavender has a significant blue content, so it belongs to the blue-violet range.

combination of lilac color in the style of the apartment

Lilac bed in the interior

combining lilac in the living room interior

Lilac color in the interior of the apartment

Color Matching Tables

Features of lilac color, its constituent components, dictate the appropriate color combinations that can be presented for convenience as a table. This table will help you choose the right wardrobe items for a woman, create a harmonious interior in the house.


Recommended Combinations


Pale lilac

- white;

- beige golden;

- light yellow;

- pink;

- mint;

- apricot;

- blue.

The lightest shade of lilac colors in clothes will allow you to create a delicate, sophisticated image of a young girl, suitable for spring, summer, winter color types, not recommended for Autumn.

The interior is recommended for provence, shabby.

Purple lilac

- warm tones of beige;

- peach;

- in monochrome compositions, it is recommended to use lilac, lavender shades.

In clothes, combinations with mint, white, and black are recommended. An interesting black and white strip in combination with a plain violet-lilac.

The interior is used to design a children's room, romantic bedroom, Provence and shabby-chic styles.


- pink;

- red;

- Violet;

- Gray;

- brown;

- ocher;

- denim.

The classic color for a blouse, turtleneck, plus a strict gray suit or skirt is the perfect option for office style, and in combination with a denim suit - a set for a walk or a date. A variety of combinations make this color popular. Suitable for all color types except Summer.

Lilac Amethyst

- pink;

- yellow, golden;

- mint, menthol;

- beige;

- peachy.

A hue with a touch of pink will suit girls with any color type of skin, except summer. This shade is dynamic, it can be found in clothes of sports and everyday styles.


- light pink;

- red;

- light yellow, gold;

- beige and brown shades;

- blue, gray-blue, denim.

The gray-lilac shade combines the romance of violet with the calmness of gray, suitable for all color types except winter.


- pale green;

- dusty rose;

- beige;

- milk, cream;

- light yellow;

- mint green;

- darker tones of purple;

- Gray;

- the black.

Delicate, pure color - refreshing the face, uplifting. It can be combined with lighter colors of the violet palette or with darker ones, in the interior it is well combined with a light gray, milky background, only violet should be no more than 25%. It harmoniously looks in a bedroom, a drawing room, a bathroom.


- pink;

- coral;

- light green, light green;

- yellow orange;

- blue;

- blue-violet;

- dark purple.

They recommend combining lavender with contrasting shades, this is the color of the dress for self-confident girls, it is not suitable for an office strict style, it doesn’t set to work, but like no other, it’s suitable for creating the image of a mystery girl.

For the interior, you can choose it as a background.

Blue lilac

- light pink;

- apricot;

- wormwood;

- malachite;

- light blue;

- beige, brown shades

Light - suitable for everyday look, dark - for evening dress. Like lavender, it inspires confidence that the presence of blue gives it, is associated with a holiday, relaxation.

combination of lilac in the design of the hallway

Room design in lilac

combining lilac in apartment design

Lilac color in the interior of the apartment

These basic recommendations for combining will allow you to choose the right color scheme in clothes or in the interior.

Psychologists say that the lilac color symbolizes the future, immaturity - which is why children and adolescents love it. Its adherents are dreamy natures, subtly sensitive, they deeply experience separation, loss. These are creative individuals, patient and willing to help, at the same time they are prone to depression.

combination of lilac in the design of the hallway

Lilac room design

a combination of lilac in the decor of the kitchen

Lilac furniture in the interior

combining lilac in the style of the house

Lilac living room design

In clothes, lilac gives many opportunities for combinations, and in the interior it must be used carefully where households spend little time - in the bathroom, for example. Lilac and lavender will give the room warmth and coziness, they harmoniously fit into many styles and are combined with light, pastel colors, and with bright, rich and even dark - grape, black.

combination of lilac in the design of the living room

Combination of lilac in
bedroom design

combination of lilac in the interior of the apartment

Beautiful design of the apartment in lilac color

Lilac combination

In addition to the fact that color itself creates a psycho-emotional background, its combination with various colors also impresses a person in its own way.

Lilac color and light shades.

All the nuances of lilac harmonize with white. If white dominates, a very delicate composition is created: white becomes brighter, and lilac - more saturated. If the main background is lilac, white brightens it. This shade in itself is light, so there is no color overload.

combination of lilac in the style of the hallway

Light design in lilac

a combination of lilac in the interior of the nursery

Lilac color in interest

lilac combination in the style of the corridor

Beautiful design in lilac color.

Neutral pastel colors are more often used as a background, the combination with lilac allows you to create a light, airy atmosphere, so they are often used in the bedroom, living room, in children's rooms for baby girls. Again, white is recommended as the third color. It is better not to add bright accents - so the atmosphere in the room will be more tender.

Such shades are often used to create designs in the styles of Provence, shabby chic, which are characterized by a gentle, airy element.

combining lilac in home design

Bedroom design in lilac

combining lilac in the decor of the apartment

Lilac color in interest

Lilac color and black

Complicated, because the wrong ratio will create a gloomy space. One more color is surely added to the combination of lilac and black, more often - light.It acts as a background, it can be sand, beige, cream, milk and even white tones, lilac appears as an additional color, and black emphasizes details, observing the rule of harmonious combination of colors 60:30:10.

a combination of lilac in kitchen design

Light room design in lilac color.

a combination of lilac in the style of the house

Lilac color in the interior of the living room

combination of lilac in the hallway interior

The combination of lilac and white in the interior

An unusual interior can be created by combining purple shades with black, for example, in the kitchen:

  • black background - walls and floor - and glossy lilac facades of furniture;
  • neutral walls, lower cabinets black, upper hinged - lilac;
  • black kitchen set, bright lilac apron, white countertops.

Such bold combinations have expressiveness, dynamism. They do not accept additional decor details, they are self-sufficient.

But remember: the lilac color, like its shades, loves lighting - if the room is small and natural light is not enough, it is better to refuse such combinations.

combining lilac in the design of the corridor

Modern design in lilac color.

a combination of lilac in the nursery decor

The combination of lilac in the interior of the kitchen

Lilac and gray

A very pleasant and harmonious ratio, both in clothes and in the interior.

Designers recommend light gray to be done in the background color, and rich, saturated shades - violet, lavender - in complementary colors. With this combination, the blue tones that appear in lilac are deprived of gloom and negativity.

Light shades harmoniously look in children's bedrooms, teenage rooms. Light gray in combination with white can be the main tones, then the color accent can be done on the violet. An unusual but dynamic combination: gray-white striped walls and furniture (or textiles) in bright colors.

a combination of lilac in the style of the bedroom

Shades of lilac in the interior

combining lilac in the style of a nursery

Bedroom design in lilac

combination of lilac in the bedroom interior

Dark lilac color in interior design

Unusual and mysterious, many-sided, His Majesty lilac allows you to create different images - from a light, air-ephemeral, breathing youth and freshness - to strict, elegant, mysterious and enchanting. It all depends on the right combination and the right color ratio.

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