We create an original house interior in the village

Almost everyone will like a rustic house. Even from a combination of words, it draws warmth, comfort and crackling firewood in a Russian stove, next to which it is pleasant to spend an evening in peace and tranquility. To create the interior decoration of a house in a rustic style will not be difficult for owners of suburban real estate. Such decoration is akin to a return to the roots, to the origins of folk culture. Perhaps that is why rural interiors give such a sense of peace, which happens only in childhood. For the same reason, they are so popular among residents of urban apartments.

variant of the bright design of the cottages in the village

In such a kitchen it will be a pleasure to cook

idea of ​​an unusual interior of a house in a village

The interior of the house is made in the style of Provence

idea of ​​an original style of a house in a village

A house made of wood will look beautiful both outside and inside.

The advantages of wooden buildings

Modern architects and designers use a variety of materials for construction and decoration. The benefits of wood are:

  • special aesthetics and practicality;

  • excellent sound insulation, allowing you to listen loudly to music or watch TV, collect noisy companies without disturbing your neighbors;

  • excellent thermal insulation. The tree retains heat for a long time, such walls and roof will maintain a comfortable indoor temperature in the cold winter;

  • maintaining the same level of humidity.

a variant of a beautiful summer cottage style in the village

Wood is the basis of a rustic style

version of the original design of a summer house in the village

The fireplace in the living room will warm you on the coldest days

What determines the choice of interior?

The interior of the village house has a certain specificity that distinguishes it from the design of urban apartments.

Distinctive features of a rural interior


Antique or with imitation of antiquity (a large chest or chest of drawers), the simplest.


Lack of frills, simplicity, roughness


Preferred natural: stone or wood

Details, decoration elements

The abundance of different things made by the owners or masters


Embroidered tablecloths, napkins, potholders with ethnic ornament, curtains made of natural fabrics: linen or cotton

When decorating a house in a rustic style, vine furniture and art forging elements are often used.

idea of ​​a beautiful interior of a house in a village

Bright living room will be a great place to relax.

idea of ​​bright design of a house in a village

In the kitchen you can make a wood stove

a variant of the unusual interior of a summer house in the village

Wood goes well with the interior

The main directions in the design

The design of the village house inside should meet the main goal - to create an atmosphere of peace and genuine comfort, so you should not make out your cottage, for example, in the style of minimalism. Typically, the design of a house in the village is done on the basis of the cultural characteristics of a particular people. In this case, you can choose any ethnic direction: a wooden house in the style of Provence on the banks of the Volga will look just as appropriate as in the French province.

So, the most popular directions in decorating a country estate:

  • country;

  • Provence

  • English village

  • Russian village.

the idea of ​​an unusual style of cottages in the village

A blue sofa will stand out in the interior

version of the bright style of a house in the village

The rustic style is perfect for giving

Country Style Design Features

Country creates a warm, relaxed atmosphere in a country house. Use pastel colors: olive, lavender, sand and others, avoid sharp contrasts.Since textile products are an indispensable attribute of decorating, decorate the living space with napkins, curtains in a large cage, lay a tablecloth with hand embroidered. Choose fabrics not synthetic, but cotton, linen or chintz.

For wall decoration, natural and decorative stone or brick are perfect, you can paint them in a plain color. Furniture, dishes, decorative elements should be made of natural materials: glass, wood, stone or paper. Upholstery with small flowers is acceptable for sofas and armchairs.

a variant of a beautiful design of a summer house in the village

The interior of the house is made in a rustic style

the idea of ​​the original interior of the house in the village

This living room will be your favorite place to relax.

The idea of ​​the original design of a summer house in the village

A large modular wall perfectly complements the interior of the living room

Provence-style country house interior

Another name for the style is “French country”, such interiors are great for people who are tired of the bustle of the city and want to plunge into the atmosphere of an unhurried rural life. The walls are most often whitewashed or painted white, decorated with paintings and vibrant or artificial flowers. All textile accessories should be made of bright fabrics with floral patterns. Exquisite, thin forged elements are actively used. The floor should be made boardwalk and painted in light color or decorated with stone tiles.

A distinctive feature is the large windows, not typical of other close styles due to the climatic conditions. For the same reason, in most of Russia, such a solution is not recommended, since the building will cool too much in the winter.

variant of the unusual style of a house in the village

Home decor can be decorated with beautiful curtains

idea of ​​a bright interior of a house in a village

A house made of wood will last a very long time

Russian rustic style

The historically established characteristic feature of the direction is the active use of wooden materials. The walls, ceiling and floor are sheathed with boards, the furniture is made of the same material. Often used chests with traditional ornaments. In the modern version of the style, rafters and beam ceilings are required.

An indispensable element - a Russian stove or stylization for it, often make tiled stoves, in the past typical for the design of palaces and castles, but harmoniously fit into a village house. To decorate the room, you can use towels, knitted toys, rag dolls, potholders (preferably handmade).

variant of the beautiful interior of a summer house in the village

A fireplace in the house would be a great idea

the idea of ​​an unusual design of a summer house in the village

A tree house looks very practical

version of the original style of a house in the village

A small house can be made into a living room

Rustic style kitchen interior

When decorating and decorating, it must be taken into account that in the past, the kitchen was the central place in which most family events took place. The remaining rooms were intended for sleeping. Therefore, when designing, close attention should be paid to the space of the kitchen.

If the size of the room allows, put a wooden corner and a dining table made of the same material.

The kitchen needs to be made light: the ceiling is whitewashed with lime or water-based paint, the walls are glued with plain light wallpaper (floral ornament is possible), it is recommended to lay the rugs on the floor. To decorate the room, use herbariums or straw figures; napkins, curtains and potholders made of natural fabrics, hand embroidery will be a wonderful touch.

variant of a beautiful style of a house in a village

The bedroom should be bright

the idea of ​​a bright interior cottages in the village

In the house you can make a fireplace and bask while sitting in the living room

Rustic living room

The design of the living room, in general, is close to the interior of the kitchen: a whitewashed ceiling, light wallpaper. Vases or large flower pots are often placed on the windows, so the curtains should be up to the middle of the window. An interesting solution would be windows with internal shutters. An important element of the interior of the living room is the fireplace.

Since the key condition of the interior is natural materials, upholstered furniture should be covered with woven cloth. On bedside tables and tables you can lay knitted napkins, on the floor - a rug or carpet.

variant of a beautiful interior of a house in a village

A house made of wood will be very durable

variant of the bright design of a house in the village

The combination of wood and tile in the house

the idea of ​​a bright style of a house in the village

The interior of a house in a village usually looks like this

Bedroom decoration

The central design element around which the room’s composition is going to be is a large wooden or forged bed with a natural mattress (an ideal version is a feather bed) and a large number of pillows of different sizes. For textiles, linen or calico in pastel shades with a medium-sized pattern or without it should be preferred. On the floor are small rugs or rag rugs.

It is better to choose bedside tables, cabinets, chairs, a massive chest of drawers or a chest of impressive sizes, decorated with carvings. The most important condition is good lighting, preferably natural, so there should be many windows in the room.

variant of the unusual interior of the house in the village

A wall of wood will retain heat in the most severe frosts

the idea of ​​the original interior of a summer house in the village

Wood walls look very beautiful

Creating a rural style is an exciting process in which you can show all your creative abilities. Any skills will come in handy. The ability to sew, knit and embroider will help create designer napkins, tablecloths and curtains. By learning the technique of wood carving, you can make unique pieces of furniture and decor, even from old things. Hand-made accessories in this design are more relevant than in any other stylistic direction. Show your imagination, remember your childhood hobbies, and as a result get a village house that fully reflects your personality.

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