Bedroom Design 11 sq. m.: the right choice of finishes, furniture, lighting, design tips

Someone thinks that issue the bedroom an area of ​​11 square meters. meters - it is very difficult. But professional designers have a different opinion. They claim that small spaces give much more freedom of imagination.

bedroom design 11 sq m

To make a beautiful repair with your own hands in a small bedroom so that it does not seem even smaller is quite problematic, but possible.

modern design bedroom 11 sq m

To fully furnish a room, while visually increasing its space, you need to take into account the features of small rooms.

In such cases, a minimal set of functional of furniture. Next, we will consider what it is worth first of all to pay attention to design small bedrooms and what rules should be followed. And it doesn’t matter: a global repair is planned or just a small rearrangement.

bedroom photo 11 sq m

In the bedroom, you need to apply small tricks when creating a design.

To find the most suitable idea, you can use the following options.

  1. Exploring catalogs and magazines dedicated to design the interior. Do not immediately start embodying the brightest and most modern idea. It’s better to look at many different options and choose the most suitable one. Perhaps viewing will inspire the development of a personal project.
  2. Make a sketch yourself. Indeed, in any case, each person has at least minimal ideas about how it should look bedroom. For development, you can use various computer programs.
bedroom design ideas 11 sq m

Small rooms are often found in Khrushchev’s houses, in which most of the Russian population lives.

What role does the finish play?

Naturally, before buying a new furnituremust be repaired in indoors. Room Design 11 square meters requires a serious approach in this matter.

light finish bedroom 11 sq m

In such a cramped space it is not easy to turn around, let alone the full-fledged decor of the bedroom.

Choose a wallpaper

To the ownerssmall roomsAs a rule, I want to get stylish walls that will not visually reduce the already small area. To achieve this effect, a number of rules should be followed.

striped wallpaper in the bedroom 11 sq m

If your room has high ceilings, then this fact opens up more room for maneuver.

  1. A small drawing will visually make the bedroom less can provoke a depressing mood.
  2. If a room narrow and elongated, it is recommended to choose a wallpaper with a horizontal pattern.
  3. Monophonic coverings of neutral colors will always remain the ideal solution. The walls will not look empty if you use mirrors, paintings, photographs as decor.
  4. Discreet vertical drawing visually raises the ceilings.
wallpaper in the bedroom 11 sq m

The bedroom with high ceilings can accommodate furniture in several tiers. In "low" rooms, such luxury is not available.

Floor coverings

The flooring cannot be ignored. Many are sure that the floors are still hidden under the furniture and do not have much influence on the overall picture. This opinion is erroneous, there are also some good advice from designers here.

bedroom 11 sq m with carpet

A feature of a small bedroom is the frequent need to combine it with other functional areas.

  1. The flooring should be contrasted with respect to of furniture.
  2. AT small bedroom monophonic carpet, parquet, laminate or linoleum with a “wood look” pattern will look better.
bedroom 11 sq m with linoleum

Lighting planning often comes first.


On little area is not a lot of options ceiling design. If they are tall enough, then ceiling can be made two-level based on drywall. Accordingly, each level will have its own lighting, which visually can increase the space.

plasterboard ceiling in the bedroom 11 sq m

With the help of light, you can completely change the proportions of the room, drawing attention to the winning places and distracting from the unsuccessful.

Tension ceiling Glossy often comes to the rescue when room design 11 sq. meters. As you know, reflective coatings always expand the area due to the large amount of light.

bedroom 11 sq m with stretch ceiling

For rooms with low ceilings, lighting is a priority.

Choosing the right lighting

Lighting and decor are an important component bedroom design. Light can be of several options:

  • Central;
  • Point;
  • Layered.
bedroom lighting 11 sq m

A feature is the need to install a complex system of ceiling lighting, with the help of which visual correction of the height of the room is performed.

It is better to give preference to the last type of backlight. So bedroom will look more harmonious. The table shows the basic rules for the selection of lighting devices.

No. Tip Description
1 Refusal of marker lights Large chandeliers and floor lamps steal a lot of space and at the same time do not emit a lot of light
2 Availability of nightlights Warm light from compact nightlights will make small bedroom much more comfortable
3 Spot lighting Such light always remains relevant, visually enhances the room.
4 No congestion Too many lighting fixtures will make the room loaded with extra items and uncomfortable.
photo of bedroom lighting 11 sq m

By visually increasing the height of the ceiling, you can fill the bedroom with air, make it fresher and more comfortable.

More light in the roomthe more spacious it seems. Therefore this paragraph in design not to be missed. On the walls the bedrooms sconces will always look relevant. This is the decor, and an additional light source.

beautiful bedroom design 11 sq m

The use of spotlights on the ceiling will allow you to portray interesting patterns.

Furniture selection

Bedroom Design 11 sq. meters - This is work in a very limited space. Accordingly, each item of furniture must meet the following criteria:

  • His need for precisely this indoors;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • Multifunctionality.
functional design of the bedroom 11 sq m

In addition to visual expansion, designers are also faced with another task: to make the bedroom fully functional, containing everything necessary for a comfortable sleep, relaxation, pastime.

bedroom 11 sq m in orange

If you decide on the necessary and discard the excess, the task becomes quite feasible, sometimes even a place for cute trinkets.

First of all, you should think about storing things. The most spacious and compact are considered to be sliding wardrobes. It is worth paying special attention to corner models. Bedside tables for storing small items can turn into a small table, and a chest of drawers - in the workplace.

11 sq m bedroom with wardrobe

The simplest and most obvious solution for a small bedroom is to design it in bright colors.

The bed can be completely replaced with a folding sofa. For the modern design styles, the podium is perfect - this is a spacious bed, and free space if necessary.

11 sq m bedroom with multi-function bed

This technique works very well. It makes the area of ​​the room larger.

Important Tips

Developing a project bedroom designIt is worth taking the advice of experienced designers.

stylish bedroom design 11 sq m

Well-placed rich accents emphasize the intimacy of the room, as well as indicate the architectural features of a small bedroom.

beautiful bedroom design 11 sq m

If dark shades are chosen as the main background, it is necessary to create a sufficient level of lighting.

  1. On the floor you can lay a dark soft carpet, but not too thick. Any carpets on the wall are excluded.
  2. Ceiling should not look defiant, attract attention.
  3. Properly selected quality photo wallpaper will make the room Cozy and more spacious.
  4. If the wall covering has some kind of ornament, then it should not be too bright. It is better to choose a plain wallpaper of soothing colors.
  5. Not necessarily in the bedroom to place a classic bed and tables. You can find a lot of modern options.

    bedroom design 11 sq m with a transformer bed

    For small bedrooms, it is especially important to follow the golden classic rule: dark floor, middle walls, light ceiling.

  6. The use of tables - transformers can significantly increase the functionality premises. Moreover, modern manufacturers provide a large selection of furniturethat implements several functions at an affordable price. But acquiring such furnitureIt is recommended to check the quality of the mechanism.
  7. Reflective coatings are what will save small bedroom from crowding. AT small room the gaze should not look at one point only, as often happens. Make the room it is mirrors or glossy coatings that help more visually. A compact wardrobe with mirrored doors can be a good choice. It’s better to install it opposite the entrance to premise.
  8. Despite the fact that 11 square meters is not enough, the decor in the bedroom still needed. Next, we will consider options for the most successful jewelry for the bedrooms.

    bedroom decor 11 sq m

    When setting bright accents, one must act extremely carefully, since their presence can both “eat” the space and increase it.

All decor can be divided into several groups:

  • Curtains, curtains, designer pillows;
  • Vases, sculptures, flower arrangements;
  • Pictures, mirrors.
bedroom 11 sq m with decor

Soft bright nuances, for example, pistachio, chocolate, peach, on the contrary, will make the space more spacious.

All these elements are able to complement the interior, emphasize the chosen style, make premise more comfortable. But you should not buy everything at once. Overloaded with accessories bedroom will be hard to perceive with vision, look ridiculous. If a picture hangs on the wall, then a mirror or family photos will already be superfluous in this area. Flower arrangement in small room one will be enough.

beautiful bedroom decor 11 sq m

A properly selected wallpaper pattern will help to cope with the problem of a small space. Do not be afraid to experiment.

TO bedroom design Always approach with maximum responsibility. It `s that premisewhere a person is resting, relaxing, gaining strength. This is where a new day begins. Do not neglect even the smallest details, the style consists of the smallest details.

light bedroom design 11 sq m

The basic tip for decorating small rooms: put aside your fear of new ideas.

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