Design bedroom 12 sq. m. Layout and type

Of course, the bedroom should be comfortable. After all, this is a nest for love, relaxation and relaxation. Small space in this case is only for the best. So it will be easier for you to create a cozy and warm atmosphere.

Bedroom 12 squares in white colors

The bedroom is not shown to guests, so its interior should first be comfortable and convenient, and only then fashionable and stylish.

But, be careful, you risk making a dark closet out of a warm nest. To avoid this, you need to know the rules for the design and selection of parts. This is what you will learn today. Let's get started!

Our subsequent actions depend on these indicators. If the layout can still be changed, then you can’t change the type in any way.

Remember! Changing the layout of the apartment, do not forget to complete all the actions according to the letter of the law.

Therefore, some criteria have to be adapted. So, low ceilings can be compensated for with the help of skillfully selected colors, the coldness of brick walls - after some technical transformations.

Highlighting the head of the bed with contrasting wall decoration in the bedroom 12 sq m

Reception of contrast allows using dark tones even in a small room. Looks good over the headboard, focusing on the sleeping area

Under the conditions of the existence of shortcomings of one or another type of structure, the power of planning comes into play. Proper zoning of a room can free up several square meters; there are other tricks to compensate for shortcomings. We will definitely say about them.

Bedroom in Khrushchev

Everyone knows Khrushchev’s make up a fairly large part of the buildings in the Russian Federation. So many are familiar with how to design a bedroom design in Khrushchev for 12 square meters. m. In addition to the lack of free space in breadth, there is also a truncation of the room up due to low ceilings. Therefore, it is not always possible to translate all ideas.

Design of a small bedroom in Khrushchev 12 square meters

Light colors, compact furniture and good lighting are recommended for a bedroom in Khrushchev.

The basic rule in this case is a simple decor of the ceiling and walls. Here, multilevel structures, suspended ceilings, wooden beams or panels will be inappropriate - they reduce the height of the room by at least 7-10 cm.

12-square-meter bedroom in beige shades

Beige tones are always a priority for small rooms.

Another trick is the use of light colors in the design. It will be beneficial from all sides: you will be able to create a cozy and calm atmosphere, and visually increase the space.

Multi-storey panel building

In this case, it will be easier to cope with the design of a rectangular bedroom of 12 square meters. m. In such a building, the ceilings are higher than in the previous type, which gives additional space, and at the same time, allows you to use new ideas for decoration.

Bedroom interior 12 sq m in a multi-storey panel building

The bedrooms in panel high-rise buildings are better illuminated by natural light, here you can use the extended color scheme

So, a stretch ceiling will be appropriate here: its light and glossy surface will play into your hands in the arrangement of a small room. It is still worth giving up multilevel drywall constructions and dark tones. In detail, the conditions for arranging a small bedroom will be described below.

A private house

There are no limits to fantasy. If the room with high walls and a good layout, make a comfortable and beautiful design is not difficult.In this case, it is already possible to add more dark shades, since they can be compensated by the abundance of natural light.

Bedroom 12 sq m in the attic of a country house

The bedroom in a private house may well be isolated from other rooms and radically different from other rooms

If there is a balcony overlooking the courtyard, it can be equipped as a relaxation room, a place for tea, games or work. Make it part of the bedroom, but you can design it different from the general.

The walls in private homes are usually thicker, so you can make a niche, or built-in shelf, which will help save valuable space. Get a wardrobe with a mirror surface and add a lot of natural light, not forgetting about artificial lighting - these are the main tricks of bedroom design in a private house of 12 square meters. m

Mirror cabinet in the design of the bedroom 12 square meters

Cabinet with mirrored doors - fashionable, convenient and practical


House type Advantages and disadvantages rules execution
Khrushchev - Low ceilings

- Cold walls

+ The comfort of a small room

Lack of multi-level ceilings and complex wall design
Panel building –       The rooms often rectangular, narrow;

- Lowish ceilings

+ These apartments are mostly warm

Using light colors and natural materials;

Mirror and glossy surfaces

A private house +    The ability to independently control all dimensions and layout premises Any ideas can be realized. design, the main thing is that they harmoniously combine

You can realize any design ideas, the main thing is that they harmoniously combine

And now let's move on to the general provisions, regardless of the type and layout of the house.

Color psychology

One of the fundamental factors is the color scheme. Here we pay attention to the influence of design factors, that is, how this or that color works with the advantages and disadvantages of the room. And also psychological ones, because it has already been proven that a certain color scheme of a room can cause depression, joy, a quick recovery, promote concentration, a good rest, etc.

Bedroom 12 square meters in the attic of a country house

The choice of shades of bedroom decoration begins with the base color - the one you like the most

So, the design of the bedroom is 12 square meters. m. it is better to do in warm pastel colors, especially for Khrushchev. So you can make up for the lack of space. Pay special attention to the ceiling - this part must certainly be light, as it plays an important role in the reflection of light. It is better to use a plain coating or a combination of several plain paintings. It is absolutely necessary to refuse wallpapers with a pattern.

Design of a bedroom of 12 squares in a green scale of shades

Green shades relax the brain and relieve tension from the eyes.

Best suited beige, milky, white, peach. Blue, green, purple can also make a room spacious, but, due to its nature, cold and not quite comfortable. If you want these shades to be present, combine them with soft ones. You can add some dark details: a significant place here is brown and black.

Bedroom interior 12 square meters in cold colors

Cold colors are acceptable if the bedroom windows are facing south.

The ideal option is a gray room. Combine different shades of color to get some variety, and add a splash of bright detail. This combination is approved by leading psychologists: it is proved that gray color has a calming effect and promotes rapid recovery.

Bright pillows as a decor for a bedroom of 12 square meters

Bright shades can be, but better in separate decorating elements.

You can experiment and make the design of the bedroom in coral, red, burgundy colors. By the way, in Norway such a solution is common, and is often used in the design of apartments. But be careful, red can cause a depressive state, so it is better to dilute it with calmer colors.

Design details

Now let's move on to the particular, and talk about the laws and tricks of the selection and decoration of parts in the bedchamber.After all, you still need to be able to properly organize lighting, choose functional furniture, choose textiles, etc. All these elements affect the general appearance of the room, so you should approach their choice with responsibility.

Table lamps and a picture in the design of the bedroom 12 square meters

The classic way to decorate the interior - paintings and lamps animating the empty space

How to choose the right furniture

Since we are talking about a small room, there is a struggle for space. And it unfolds quite tough - every centimeter counts. Now we mean that it is impermissible to spend precious space for piling up unnecessary details. For example, a desk and shelves are completely superfluous in the bedroom.

Two narrow windows in the interior of the bedroom 12 sq m

In a small bedroom there should be no excess furniture

You can refuse natural flowers or artificial ornaments, but without the necessary furniture in any way.

What relates to this:

  • bed;
  • nightstand;
  • cupboard.

This is a must-have furniture. It is better to refuse the rest, and not to clutter up space.

Round-shaped bed in the interior of the bedroom 12 squares

The bed should define the bedroom exclusively as a room for sleeping and relaxing.

When choosing a bed, give preference to a double model with additional drawers for storing linen, or shelves for small items (in this case, you can even refuse the cabinet). Speaking about the material, of course, the natural tree remains the undisputed leader. Pine is the cheapest option. Meanwhile, it is durable and durable. You can choose any other wood. Remember, the more elite the variety of wood, the more expensive the product. And not always the price is justified by quality.

Bed on the platform in the interior of the bedroom with an area of ​​12 sq m

A bed without legs seems lower visually, which means the ceilings will look higher

Choose a cabinet made of light wood. If the room is rectangular, a wardrobe with mirrored doors, which will be along the smaller wall, completely blocking it, will be an excellent option. But do not worry, due to the mirror surface, this item will not seem bulky.


An important point is the organization of lighting. After all, it is closely related to the color scheme. These two factors can complement each other, helping to profitably design a room.

12 square meter bedroom chandelier

The central chandelier is the most classic version, it can be simple or massive with decorative elements

Let's start with natural light. The larger it is, the lighter and more spacious the room will be. This suggests that large windows should be present. If you live on high floors or in a private house, make a window on the wall, complement it with lighting, beautiful curtains, and you will get an elegant, useful and profitable design. In addition, you do not have to come up with a window sill decor.

Lamps on the bedside tables in the bedroom 12 square meters

The relaxation area can be illuminated using floor lamps, sconces or table lamps located on the bedside tables

Artificial lighting also has an important role, both psychological and practical. There should be a calm atmosphere in the bedchamber, therefore, the lighting is dim. Therefore, a good choice will be point diode lamps. If you are a fan of bedtime reading, place the sconce over the bed. But it is better to refuse bright artificial.

Ceiling decoration

We pass to large layers of the surface. If many people sacrifice a light design, using only a traditional lamp, then the question of the design of the ceiling and walls is at every repair.

Two-level ceiling in the bedroom 12 square meters

The ceiling in the small bedroom should not “crush”

Design bedroom 12 sq. meters in a low apartment does not imply a complex ceiling decor. In Khrushchev, the best option will be a monophonic painting in a light tone, or wallpapering. These are simple ways and cheap enough. If you want to diversify the interior, compensate for the dullness of the ceiling with a more original wall decor.

Bedroom 12 sq. Meters with a stretch mirror ceiling

Mirror ceiling will be a suitable option for young owners

A universal way (for rooms above) is a stretch ceiling. It can be combined with simple drywall constructions. This view allows you to make hidden lighting, which is very important for the bedroom.When choosing a canvas, give preference to white or cream. Blue, green or burgundy will trim the dimensions of the room, and make it overweight.

Wall decoration

The next parameter coexist closely with the previous one. If you decide to make an unusual decor on the ceiling (stretch, drywall views), then the walls should be calm, without frills. And vice versa. We advise you to pay more attention to the walls by making a simple light background on the ceiling.

Design a wall above the head of the bed in a bedroom measuring 12 square meters

In order not to overdo it with the color palette, you need to choose only three main shades

For walls, it is also appropriate to use wallpaper. But there is already more freedom. Combine, create unusual and contrasting combinations - create. Use textile models. They look noble and elegant, but require special care. Do not forget about 3D wallpapers. Recently, they have been used quite often. By choosing the right pattern (deep, bright, with a glossy surface) you will be able to make the room spacious and modern.

Photowall-paper in an interior of a bedroom of 12 sq. Meters

If you want originality, it is better to choose a wallpaper

In addition to monophonic staining, it gives many more options. Artistic painting, graffiti, watercolor, stencil, etc. Find out as much as possible about its capabilities, and select the option you need. Using paint and a stencil, you will be able to recreate your favorite image, add photo cards, and get a complete original idea.

Remember that everything should be harmonious. When thinking about wall decoration, consider other factors and objects in the room.


For the bedroom, this element is especially important. He is the center of comfort. Agree, windows with blinds look dry and cold. It is worth hanging the curtains, and the picture is completely changing.

Dressing the bedroom 12 square meters with colorful textiles

The pastel colors of the decor can be easily revived with colorful fabrics - pillows, bedspreads and curtains

Since we are talking about curtains. This is a required item. You can place curtains on top. Having bought original rings, you will be able to create a luxurious decor for curtains. And light and transparent curtains will give a special cosiness and lightness. In addition to aesthetic, curtains are of practical importance. During daytime sleep, they prevent light from entering the room, so choose models made of thick red fabric.

12 sq. M. Scandinavian-style bedroom

Bright floor-to-ceiling curtains visually increase the height of the ceiling and radically change the overall decor of the bedroom

The bedding is selected in accordance with the style and color design of the rest of the room. It is better to choose linen of gentle blue or purple shades, pastel colors are not inferior. Looks great in black, however strange it may be.

It would be nice to add decorative pillows. They will help to recreate the atmosphere of comfort, in addition, for them you can buy fillers from herbs. This option is ideal for the bedroom. The smell will spread throughout the room and have a beneficial effect on the mental state, calming and disposing to a healthy rest.

What if…

What if your bedroom is combined with other rooms, such as the living room? Then you need to combine several functions within the same zone. And if the study is also located here ... Basically, this applies to studio apartments. And in this case, there are several tricks that will come to the rescue.

Bedroom 12 square meters in studio apartment

Small bedroom in a modern studio apartment

Use multifunctional furniture. A foldable sofa or loft bed will save maximum space. As a desktop, a bar counter will serve, which will serve as a dining table, and at the same time share several zones. Of course, it turns out a hodgepodge, but in the studio apartment this is common. Be sure to separate the sleeping area, and give it a cozy touch with textiles and lighting.

Dedicated bedroom of 12 sq m in a studio apartment

You can use cabinets and book shelves as zone dividers.

What if there isn’t enough natural light? Make up for its lack of a large number of windows. When there is no such possibility - artificial lighting and light colors in the design.

There will always be tricks to help you design a 12 square bedchamber. m. cozy and comfortable.

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