Bedspread in the bedroom, new items and photo ideas

Matching bedspreads to bed

It is not so important to have a shawl for a bed in a modern decor to create luxury, you need beautiful bedding. You need to approach the creation of a beautiful interior wisely and the bed should fit beautifully into the interior. You need to be able to choose the cover correctly, which will create neatness, and dress it beautifully. The selection of bedding photos should not be limited to one coverlet. The choice will not be easy, and the best option would be to sew it to order, and be sure to pay attention to the choice of fabric, its quality, colors. Design work is always very helpful when making such a responsible choice. The house will look cozy, luxurious with the right things to decorate. Do not be upset if it is difficult to choose these decor items for a steel room yourself. Beautifully decorated decor in the dormitory is the key to a full, deep sleep.mult-comforter

The selection of colors for bedspreads

Any decision will be correct. The color of processing, furniture, accessories, the rest of the interior textile photo can serve as a guideline in choosing bedspreads.

Here are some ways to create a good mix of bedroom items:

  • Leave emphasis on the color of cella. Choose the color of the bedspread according to the shade of the decoration of the bedroom. The cover of white, using beige color will come down just right in the bedroom with light brown tones. When decorating a bedroom in blue-green colors, blue, green, cyan, turquoise and other shades are suitable. The option of averaging the shades of the bedroom, and its dominant objects, is also suitable.
  • leave emphasis on the color of the walls. The fusion of the colors of the walls with the bedspread will create an interesting look in the house. It is advisable not to allow a complete repetition of the colors of the walls and shawls. The difference in the cell is well combined, making it more interesting. Blue wallpaper will create a combination with the addition of a picture or ornament. It is better to choose a cover for a plain wall closer to the color of the bed, not excluding the option of drawings. Embroidery, appliqués for decoration look great.
  • leave emphasis on the color of the furniture. Under wooden or upholstered furniture choose a cover for the color. The combination here is just in time, which will give a pleasant appearance to the room.

mi-jenny-george-designs-rainer-beddingPlaid into the bedroom and his choice according to the recommendations of the photo. The selection of textiles is influenced by the color of the decoration of the relaxation room of a bright room, a warm cover. Boards of different colors are introduced into the bedchamber of small sizes, they are well suited to walls, furniture. If the view falls on an element of the interior in one place, the bedroom will appear visually shallow. It is worth noting that the cover on the bed of the photo in the presence of the walls of orange, red coloring looks small. Variegated tones of the walls evoke a decision to prefer plain textiles, and inconspicuous ones to add brightness to ornaments and drawings. A unique look will help create 2-sided patterns, where the game of new shades does not hurt. Fleecy fabrics will be combined to create warmth, lightness, shawls of saturated colors.

Selection of manufactory for the room The apartment will look better if you take a lace cover of a ribbon of bright colors, ruffles, frills.Curtains, curtains should be combined with textiles in the room, giving it a special look.

Dense fabric helps to remove the negligence of bedding, creating neatness. You can choose thin summer linens or thick winter ones, depending on the material.

Materials for the plaid, which is better?

Synthetic or cotton fabric for shawls is good to use in the hot season. A variant of the quilted board made of Turkish cotton on the bed in the bedroom is the perfect photo of the novelty, an excellent choice in cold and heat. A cover made of polyester or wool is suitable in winter. Textiles from the Turkish manufacturer exist for a long time on the market.

Cape for a double bed; Bedspreads for a double bed; photos can be decorated with laces and ruffles. The main thing is not to overdo it and create the same style of textile for a double bed in the bedroom, so the dormitory will look in a favorable light. Beautiful natural fabrics for wraps made by yourself will be a wonderful decoration.

Luxury-bed-sheetsA brown shade is the best option, if there are no other ideas, this color is always a winner, it can fit well into the interior. Coloring calm, promoting a good rest. Design work is also a good option for a double bed, in the house it will all look profitable, the main thing is to apply the idea on your premises in the apartment.

Selection of curtains to create style in the decoration of the entrance hall

Curtains on the advice of designers should be in harmony with the color, which should not be particularly relied on. Drawing, coloring, does not have to coincide, it is better not to choose curtains that are dense, silk, satin. For a double blanket, you need to take a natural bedspread made of hard cotton materials, faux fur. Cover the single blanket in the bedroom with a light cloak, decorate with accessories and other elements of creating decor.

Keaton-Coverlet-Set-MP13-6The main thing in making the decor The interior of the entrance hall for rest does not play the main role, but the creation of comfort, warmth of the hearth is important. It will help to achieve bed attributes, and it is their correct selection. The coloring and texture of the material give it a special shade. You can make a unique plaid with your own hands; a photograph for the originality of the decoration can not come up with boards for your preferences and taste on the bed with your own hands. Take faux fur for the plaid, and comfort in the house is provided, in addition with a woolen rug. Tapestry manufactory for bed made of satin, silk is suitable for modern apartments.

The ancient style of "Provence", "Vintage" will be able to brightly painted blankets with ruffles. Lightness, elevation - all this about this style. The mixed model of the blanket-blanket from the manufacturers is well suited to hide. Things like the bed of the photo with your own hand in the bedroom, you need to choose carefully, your skin should feel comfortable during sleep. Organizations will provide a certificate of quality, hypoallergenic products will not prevent people suffering from allergies. You should not miss this opportunity, and check everything carefully, the health of each family member depends on it.josephine

Independent tailoring of a plaid

Take materials of different color charge, colors, colors for sewing plaid with your own hand. Pre-stretch the fabric, smooth with an iron. The sewing process consists of dividing the fabric into equal squares, leaving a distance of 2 centimeters. Pillow, seat covers, chairs are sewn in such a way, with their own hands. Batting is a good material for a non-woven lining.

Cover for a children's bedroom

The blanket serves as a decoration and functions to protect the crib from litter and pet hair, which prevents the laundry from getting dirty. According to psychologists, the shawl on the bed for a child is associated in different ways, during periods of sleep and wakefulness. Independence in children develops when making the bed, teaching what, the child develops quickly and quickly make independent decisions and actions.A blanket on cribs will make the photo neat and tidy. To buy for a crib you need a high-quality blanket, durable, good production.Intelligent-Design-Caleb-4-Piece-Comforter-Set-ID10-174

In the store they offer to buy home-made items for a baby bed:

  • Quilted capes, using drawings of animated films, fairy-tale characters;
  • a shawl of fur in a bedchamber for leisure;
  • Wraps of uniform tones, easy for any age;
  • Linen and satin products.

The decision is up to the parents of the baby, on which the full value of the child’s sleep will depend. It is worth buying bright textiles, colorful, to give cheerfulness. Maternal love is able to make beautiful products, sew cloaks, making them original, taking care of your child. We advise everyone to take special care of the child and make a shawl in the chambers for him with his own hands, putting his soul into the process itself. Of course, thanks will be from the child and he will be happy to sleep on such a bed.G074-001

Italian manufactory and its main differences in the manifestation of the gain for the interior

Beauty, chic to give a cell a special look. Italian manufacturers are able to give a room a special chic, shine, taking a blanket on the bed photo. Materials are taken from their natural and beauty will amaze just right, will create the effect of a rich look in the house. The gloss of the surface of the coating will give chic to the manufactory. Especially the jacquard wrap looks perfect indoors, gives it its features. The fact of this is impossible not to notice and buy just such a product, to give uniqueness and a pleasant appearance in the cell. Guests will be pleased to see such a dormitory if they have to show it. How, by the way, to have a wonderful thing as a cover for a bed. Everyone will be delighted with what he saw at the entrance and will also want the same chambers with objects of decoration.G022-001

A selection of colors for blankets

The fabric is chosen according to the tastes of the owners of the house, given the coloring and drawing. If you look at the combination of curtains and blankets, a good decision would be to choose a connection between color schemes and this would be the best option. Bright colors look great with beige, white or cream.

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