Stylistic injection of a dressing table with a mirror into the bedroom with photo examples

An example of a dressing table with a mirror in the bedroom

Brown dressing table with mirror

For everyone and everyone, a bedroom is a “sacred” place in which you always want to retire from the surrounding busy world and just relax. Usually no strangers are allowed into the bedroom, and you can learn a lot about its owner from the decor in this room. There we discard all worries and masks, and become ourselves. Therefore, the ideal bedroom should be as comfortable as possible and stylistically harmonious with the person living in it.

What is the main, central object? Of course it's a bed. But you should not lose sight of the accompanying item, such as a bedroom set, which can be bought as a ready-made standard set of furniture, or pick up its component items individually individually.

Stylistic injection of furniture with an old-style mirror into the bedroom

Old style trellis

An example of a stylish dressing table with a mirror in the bedroom

Stylish dressing table with a mirror in the bedroom

The main thing that you need to consider when choosing a sleeping set, in addition to an attractive appearance, it should be as functional as possible. Of course, the composition should include cabinets and bedside tables, selected in a compliment. But the dressing table should bring completeness to your room.

It may not fit perfectly stylistically, but should reflect the owner’s personality 100%. Choosing a dressing table in the bedroom, the size of the mirror, the number of different drawers and, of course, the finish are important for women.

Infusion of a dressing table with a mirror into the bedroom

Dressing table with a mirror in the bedroom

But there are additional nuances of choice, and so as not to make a mistake, we will try to pour a dressing table with a mirror into the interior of the room according to the type of temperament.

  • Sanguine people are active. Some kind of leaders. They love spacious bright rooms. They use glass and mirrors in the setting, which is an integral part of the dressing table. And, indeed, these kinds of elements give the room additional depth and illumination. Among the color spectrum, they will choose warm light colors such as pale pink, light green, blue and, of course, all shades of milk and beige. It is impossible to divide the sanguine bedroom by comfort zones, because it is cozy everywhere, the uniformity of design and details reigns. From the styles “Classicism”, “Baroque”, “Vanguard” will suit him. In the photo below, the perfect pier glass for sanguine.
White dressing table with a mirror

Dressing table with a mirror in white

  • Choleric, as well as sanguine, are quite active, but their activity is manifested in the sharpness of communication, imbalance and temper. Cholerices are not adapted for routine work. They light up quickly and also fade out quickly. Due to such features, it is difficult for them to sustain a certain style in the interior for a long time, and therefore their desire to modernize everything around, merging together different directions, becomes clear. “Constructivism” and “Minimalism” will harmonize with choleric most of all. However, Kitsch and Eclectic will also be on its list of recommendations. They are also fickle and require constant intervention. The choleric dressing table should definitely be a little brighter than the rest of the bedroom furniture.
Pouring a dressing table with a retro-style mirror into the bedroom

Pier glass with mirror in retro style

  • Phlegmatic people are distinguished by calm and absolute estrangement of leadership. Finding a common language with others is difficult for them. Phlegmatic people open the space, make it more spacious. In this they are similar to sanguine persons. You can’t definitely name the styles characteristic of phlegmatic, but you can definitely say that he is not peculiar to “Hi-tech”. Phlegmatic prefers "classicism."Furniture in the phlegmatic bedroom should meet the main requirement - to be functional and safe. Each item has its own place. But this is not always a plus: often a phlegmatic person may encounter the problem of excess furniture or their elements (drawers, shelves, chests of drawers, cabinets). The dressing table, whether it is with or without a mirror (which is also characteristic of them), should first of all be as simple and spacious as possible.
Dressing table with mirror stylistic infusion

Small-sized dressing table with a white mirror

  • Of all types of temperament, melancholics are characterized by increased sensitivity. They are very vulnerable and anxious, tend to "lose balance" in an unforeseen situation. To say that comfort is important to a melancholic is to say nothing, but reliability and security are also fundamental factors for him. In this regard, in the bedroom of the melancholic, you can often notice the dressing table as the most comfortable and protected corner of his house. He will often prefer angular objects to furniture with rounded edges, and he will not forget about lighting sources that will create additional comfort. The melancholic feels comfortable in light brown and blue colors. Most likely, all calm and balanced styles that do not cause extraneous emotions will suit him.
Bedroom dressing table with mirror

Dressing table with mirror and backlight

The style of the bedroom, regardless of whether it is “Classic” or “Kitsch”, should provide a comfortable environment that allows a person to relax. The design must necessarily contain soft colors, subdued or multi-level light, soft outlines.

Stylistic injection of a cabinet with a mirror into the bedroom

Fashionable dressing table with a mirror

Choosing her style, do not try to pour the interior into the overall style of the house. The main task is to create something very impressive above all of yourself.

Stylistic injection of furniture into the bedroom

Furniture in the bedroom

Baroque mirror in the bedroom

Baroque dressing table

Continuing the conversation about the innermost corner - the dressing table, we will try to pour it into the interior according to certain styles, but not in all their diversity, but, highlighting the most common in recent times.


Small dressing table with a mirror

Small dressing table with mirror in the bedroom

Filled with a large number of complex elements that cause a feeling of pretense. Laconicism of forms is replaced by theatrical, staged constructions. The options of the pier glass in “Baroque” are relatively simple in general, but at the same time they have ornate legs (as in the photo), additional elements, for example, in the form of orders and silvering.


Classicism solutions include several style components at the same time. The rooms are rectangular in shape, the walls directly border each other, but have decorations in the form of stucco moldings, gilded lamps, paintings and even wall paintings.

Stylistic infusion of a white dressing table with a mirror into the bedroom

White trellis in the bedroom

Ceilings are also framed with caissons and decorated with carved cornices and chandeliers. For "Classicism" is characteristic: shine, lightness, airiness, furniture from the corners, embossed with leather or dense fabric.

Stylistic infusion of a white dressing table with a mirror into the bedroom

White dressing table with a mirror in the bedroom

Photo of bedroom with dressing table

Pier glass with a round mirror in the interior

From the materials they choose gold, silver and, of course, wood. The bedroom in "Classicism" necessarily has a carved dressing table with a mirror, but stylistically it is not an accent of the room, but is an exact continuation of a single design.


In this style, the emphasis is on the rational distribution of the space of the room and its functionality. Usually in the interior you can come across interesting zoning solutions, as well as the non-standard use of quite ordinary objects. Be sure to have built-in appliances.

Stylistic injection of furniture with a mirror into the bedroom

Luggage in the bedroom

The proportions are accurate and measured, there is no "extra" furniture, reinforced concrete structures, brick and glass are used. The bedroom can be quite easily confused with High Tech, Minimalism, and sometimes even Loft.The dressing table does not always fit into such an interior, in this case its presence depends on the characteristics of the temperament of the owner of the room.

Stylistic injection of furniture with a mirror into the bedroom

Folding mirror in the bedroom

Dressing table with a mirror in the bedroom

Minimalist Mirror

But, if you still decided to add it - the appearance is quite strict, 1-2 drawers are enough, the mirror can be multifaceted, but with a clear geometric shape. Additional lighting is not required, since the dressing table is already planning to be located in the most light area of ​​the room.


The speaking name - “Minimalism” - tells of an impeccable sense of proportion for itself, it does not forgive mistakes. In his interiors, as in Constructivism, everything is functional and durable to the maximum. The main task is competent space planning. Only the most necessary pieces of furniture, characterized by natural simplicity, are introduced.

Stylistic injection of modern furniture with a mirror into the bedroom

Modern dressing table with mirror in the bedroom

Italian dressing table with a mirror in the bedroom

Italian dressing table with a mirror

However, there are still decorations in the room, it can be calm paintings or, as in our case, a dressing table and a mirror. They should not be located in the center of the composition, but nothing should interfere with its contemplation either. It uses high quality materials, a combination of close, but not identical, textures, metal elements (pens, shelves, legs). Colors are mostly monochrome or close in gamut.


The youngest style of all presented. His main idea was a mockery of the surrounding: history, culture, architecture. Items are not combined, they are multidirectional and absolutely not tied to the external design - a key point in this direction.

Pouring furniture with a mirror into the room

Antique Mirror Furniture

Designer dressing table with mirror for the bedroom

Brown mirror dressing table

“Kitsch” is a mixture of true retro and our, not always correct, ideas about it. In the photo, the option of pouring a dressing table into a modern interior. The pier glass itself already combines several styles and even eras.


Eclecticism is the most controversial style. The combination of incongruous. Borrowing elements from opposite directions, for example, “Hi-tech” and elements of the East, “Ethno” and “Classicism”. As a result, incompatible objects are formed in the interior, creating a completely unique, bright and flashy design.

Stylistic infusion of a dressing table with a mirror into the bedroom

Mermaid with a mirror to the bedroom

It is also possible to combine historically similar trends such as Baroque and Empire, Baroque and Modern. Here things from different times create a certain harmony, complementing each other. The risk of space overload is then slightly reduced, but not reduced to zero.

Pulling a skimmer with a mirror into the bedroom

Modern room trellis

Eclectic's bedroom can use antiques, furniture from the flea market, as well as modern pieces of furniture. It is very important here to focus on the details. The dressing table will pour into this room as well as possible, but not the fact that he will fulfill his direct role. It can be used as a desk, for example, as in the photo, cabinets for equipment or as a flower stand.

Dressing table for a bedroom

Dressing table with a mirror for a bedroom

When choosing a dressing table, do not forget that it should correspond not only to the style of the room, but also to its size, and also should be of sufficient height and depth so that it is convenient to lean on it while sitting in a low chair, or a bedside pouffe. Good luck with your choice!

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