Art Nouveau style in the interior of a modern house

One of the most recognizable is the Art Nouveau style in the interior, but the name is often used to refer to some modern solutions. The confusion is connected with the translation of the name "modern", and it really was "modern" at the time of its formation - at the turn of the 19th-20th centuries. This is an extensive direction in art, which emerged as an alternative to the classics and eclecticism that reigned during the years of “premodernism”. And for over a century, his concept has been in demand in the design of interior spaces and in architecture. In modern painting, the canons of postmodernism dominate. Having mastered its principles, it is easy to independently create an organic home interior in the Art Nouveau style, which will not lose its relevance in a decade.

unusual design of the living room in modern style

Art Nouveau interior design idea

bright decor of a bedroom in modernist style

Art Nouveau apartment interior

beautiful interior of the modernist style apartment

Modern Art Nouveau Room Design

Art Nouveau in the interior: what is it

Applied art in decoration, soft palette, extravagant furniture, flowing lines flowing from one subject to another - a business card of a unique style and all its varieties. Art Nouveau in the interior design was enthusiastically picked up in many European countries, he came to America and Russia, slightly different in terms of expression. It willingly introduced new technologies and materials to emphasize the merits of the new approach in architecture and interior decoration.

"Modern" originated in Britain, but the "modern" innovative style was quickly picked up in France, where he received his reinterpretation as "Art Nouveau." Then there was the “Jugend-Calm” - in Germany, in Spain - “Liberty”. The style of “decline and elevation”, as critics dubbed it, received a new breath as “Russian modernism”, thanks to Moscow architects and St. Petersburg artists.

In America, it is better known as the “Tiffany” style, in Austria as the “secession”, the “New Kunst” has become the Dutch version, and in Europe it is known as the “spruce” style - that is how it was called in Switzerland. All of these varieties are similar and recognizable. They present the destruction of classical stereotypes, the novelty and versatility of decisions without a clear framework.

Art Nouveau light home decor

Art Nouveau style in the interior of the apartment

bright art nouveau design

Art Nouveau apartment design

Modernism in interior design is the lines borrowed from the fluttering banner and “Whip Blow” by O. Herman from the embroidery exhibited at many European exhibitions of decorative and applied art. This is also erotic fantasies on the subject of the bends of a young female body with long curly locks of long hair. Such patterns are appropriate in a bedroom with a modernist finish. Once upon a time, all of this was perceived in Puritan Europe as something daring, bold, and revolutionary. Later, this concept became the most popular in the design of rooms of different functionality. Today they make out this:

  1. Country houses.

  2. City apartments

  3. Loft luxury apartments;

  4. Expensive restaurants and cafes;

  5. Large hotels

  6. Small private hotels.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, this was something akin to the current avant-garde, high-tech or futurism - the active use of metal structures, glass and concrete. But in those days, preference was given to soft flexible lines and smooth outlines.The interiors of modernism without symmetry and right angles, in which one feels a tribute to natural lines, quickly found many adherents. Some eminent architects, decorators and designers began to specialize only in this direction. Many examples are reflected in films - events unfolded against the backdrop of scenery in the spirit of modernism.

bright bedroom interior in modern style

Art Nouveau interior design idea

bright design of an apartment in modern style

Art Nouveau apartment interior

unusual decor of a bedroom in modernist style

Modern Art Nouveau Room Design

Characteristic features of the style

Refinement, laconicism and sophistication, borrowed from some historical styles, found a new embodiment through modern in the interior. A clear attraction to streamlined forms and beautifully defined lines borrowed from nature. They are transformed in forged lattices and glass stained-glass windows, in paintings and engravings. They read the outlines of the crest of a wave, water lilies and curved tails of lizards. This is a special aesthetics of refinement of living forms and shades of fading plants and flowers. Perhaps there is also a certain line between reality and the subtle worlds, life and death - through the birth of something new.

Indispensable attributes of the style of modern Art Nouveau in the interior:

  • unity of architecture and interior decoration;

  • the lines of wrought iron stairs resonate with furniture and decor;

  • drawings on stained-glass windows and interior door inserts;

  • widespread use of colored glass, including partitions for zoning;

  • floral ornament in wallpaper and wall painting;

  • intricate metal fixtures with shades of unusual shape;

  • graphics, sculpture, arts and crafts as a search for new means of expressing artistic taste and special aesthetics;

  • the nobility of outlines, the choice of special accessories and textiles that organically fit into the general concept, not being separate emotional elements.

beautiful modernist living room interior

Art Nouveau style in the interior of the apartment

Art Nouveau living room decor

Art Nouveau apartment design

Today, the Art Nouveau interior is an almost modern “classic” of the twentieth century. A positive point in the self-decoration of the rooms is that you can find everything ready for sale. There are many directories that offer ready-made furniture, doors, stained glass, forging for stair railings, lamps and floor mats specifically for this style. It remains to buy the appropriate elements for each room with a design in the spirit of Art Nouveau.

The same canons can be traced in other areas of arts and crafts, since he had a powerful influence on the culture and aesthetics of the last century. The style continues to be reformed by specialists in our time, as new finishing materials and technologies are offered that are also acceptable for interior design in modern style.

unusual art nouveau interior

Art Nouveau interior design idea

light bedroom design in modern style

Art Nouveau apartment interior

unusual art nouveau home decor

Modern Art Nouveau Room Design

Materials and colors traditional for Art Nouveau

  1. Glass and metal in the form of stained glass compositions are typical for the interior of a room in the Art Nouveau style. They safely replace not only windows and sliding doors, but also entire piers.

  2. Forged lattices - it is also a characteristic component, they are acceptable in furniture, partitions for zoning, flights of stairs (as ornate railings).

  3. Non-ferrous metals are used, painting and spraying for forging are possible.

  4. Widely used wood, stone and other natural materials.

  5. Much attention is paid to the design of the floor - tiles, marble and parquet are laid with sockets in the center and frames along the edges, the asymmetry of the pattern is welcome.

  6. A glossy bulk floor on top of tiles and other patterned surfaces is recommended - for a seamless effect and greater light reflection.

  7. The wall decoration is plain or patterned, depending on the design decision and the overall balance. Preference is given to wallpapers of any type, texture plastering and painting.

  8. In the color scheme, preference is given to beautiful soft shades as the main background, plus contrasting combinations, small inserts and spectacular decor elements.

For the interior of rooms in the Art Nouveau style, the following colors and shades are used.

1. Primary color or background

2. Linear contrast

3. Complementary colors


The black





Lemon (pale)



Pearl gray



Light purple

Dark violet





Light beige

Navy blue



Wenge tree color

Silver and golden

Wood of any shade is used both for modernism style furniture and for skillfully decorating rooms.

light living room design in modern style

Art Nouveau style in the interior of the apartment

bright design of a bedroom in modernist style

Art Nouveau apartment design

Recommendations for the design of functional rooms

Art Nouveau style in a modern interior is able to most organically combine all the elements of architecture, planning and zoning through the harmony of decoration and decor. Nothing “falls out” of the general concept, therefore, with the independent design of the house, you need a visualization of the idea or a preliminary sketch. This approach will help to assess the advantages and disadvantages of the design of individual rooms or functional areas. It is recommended to duplicate some of the decor elements, for example, in the insets of interior doors of adjacent rooms and stained glass partitions.

Tip: The aesthetics of "decline and elevation" organically fits into residential and non-residential buildings, is well perceived in the interior decoration of rooms. Upon completion of the repair, place an order for doors with stained-glass windows in the Art Nouveau style, they will become the "business card" of recognizable styling. Also, do not save on forging in the railing of stairwells, on ornate patterns and graphics that adorn the walls.

Experts recommend choosing elements where the lines characteristic of modernism are clearly traced.

When buying a bed in the bedroom, pay attention to the wide double models with forging on the head. They are in catalogs offering products for this style. Often, furniture manufacturers exhibit sets of sets with a bench and a bedside table for general decor. If you can’t do without a closet, pick up a “compartment”, where the sliding doors are decorated with frosted glass and an exquisite pattern that emphasizes the choice of this style.

Suitable furniture is half the battle, it remains to pick up a soft mat with a pattern that duplicates the soft forging lines of the purchased bed, plus textiles that are suitable for the shade and pattern. Beautiful bedroom windows should not be tightly curtained - a light monophonic tulle will complement the decoration. It is better to sew the curtains yourself, adding a blanket from the general curtain fabric. Who does not know how to sew - it is easier to order the entire ensemble in the cabin according to the proposed sample. Art Nouveau welcomes garters, folds and draperies of curtains, multilayer asymmetric lambrequins on elegant cornices.

beautiful art nouveau living room decor

Art Nouveau interior design idea

unusual design of a bedroom in modern style

Art Nouveau apartment interior

bright interior of the modernist style apartment

Modern Art Nouveau Room Design

As a background of the bedroom walls, soft colors that do not overload perception are preferred:

  • milky or pale yellow;

  • caramel and sand shades;

  • pinkish beige and delicate peach;

  • light lilac tone;

  • pearl and ashy.

The bedroom in the Art Nouveau style will complete the picture in the style of "nude" (nude). The general aura of personal space will help fill the “mystical” light original lamps made in bronze or gilding.

Tip: Choose wall sconces on both sides of the bed, a full-length floor lamp by the mirror and a luxurious chandelier with a "floral" design. They are best selected according to the catalog of lighting devices. Soft streaming light should emphasize a soft pastel range with dark contrasting inserts and ornate patterns.

The living room is the main room that sets the general tone and color scheme of the apartment for modern.In the premises for the reception of guests it is worth investing in the design of the floor, where the elegant lines inherent in the style are made out using:

  • bulk polymer floor with a pattern;

  • “Marble” porcelain tile in the form of a multicolor rosette;

  • mosaic parquet of classic or original laying;

  • expensive laminate with wood decor, laying it out with a linear frame around the edges and a single insert in the center;

  • linoleum on a heater with a characteristic pattern.

What will be decorated with the walls of the house in the Art Nouveau style, is not so important, it is only the background or the basis for the rich decoration of the living room. Functional zoning with spectacular partitions made of glass and metal is appropriate. Modern household appliances and equipment fit well into postmodern houses, but they should be “lost” in the design so as not to unnecessarily attract attention, as in the photo.

beautiful decor of a bedroom in modernist style

Art Nouveau style in the interior of the apartment

unusual interior of the apartment in modern style

Art Nouveau apartment design

If you prefer soft sofas and armchairs with colorful upholstery, then textured plaster, wall painting or wallpaper is better than plain. Textile or paper rolls with graphic patterns - for plain furniture and curtains. Upholstery materials and curtains should look luxurious and expensive, regardless of real value, for example, golden satin or furniture brocade, colored tapestry or plain jacquard with overflows.

Tip: The ceiling should not be overloaded with decor, if it is in abundance on the floor and walls, in stained-glass windows and doors. In the living room everything should be in harmony and surprise with an exquisite taste.

The entrance hall should be spacious, but if there is not enough space, you will have to visually enlarge it with a mirror wall and well-chosen lighting. Much attention is paid to the entrance and interior doors, which are expensive and spectacular. A metal hanger, a shelf for shoes and a forged bench are preferred; their appearance leaves the impression of a weightless spider web on thin bent legs.

As in the bedroom, it is better to choose from the catalog a kit for the hallway in a characteristic style, so as not to engage in the selection of what can stick into the general concept. There is no place for faceless geometry and primitive forms, even poufs and banquets for hallways should be with a noticeable artistic design.

bright design of the living room in modern style

Art Nouveau interior design idea

bright bedroom interior in modern style

Art Nouveau apartment interior

beautiful Art Nouveau house design

Modern Art Nouveau Room Design

For cladding, it is worth choosing a stone, Italian or Spanish floor tile finish with characteristic patterns. If there are enough of them, then the walls and ceilings should be monophonic, right down to simple painting. On a smooth texture, glare of lighting devices with a design for French Art Nouveau of the early twentieth century - “Art Nouveau” play well.

For a bathroom or a bathroom, the general décor in the Art Nouveau style should be more modest than in residential premises, although it should remain a logical continuation of the whole concept. The main reservoir is in the spotlight, especially if it is not just a bath, but a small mini-pool with a podium. This is characteristic of European postmodernism in its modern incarnation.

The bathroom does not look like a normal city bathroom - plumbing is disguised as furniture. Curtains and large lamps with closed shades where water does not fall are appropriate. The furniture in the room for hygienic procedures will be complemented by a comfortable chair by the dressing table, all items from practical washable materials.

The real indicator of the culture of life is not the living room, but how the toilet and the bathroom are decorated. Hinged shelves and cabinets are selected with characteristic stained glass inserts. The shower room with a tray is separated by a partition with frosted or sandblasted glass. The main decoration is a mosaic, a decorative panel made of broken tiles, border inserts or a beautiful baseboard.

Attention: When choosing a floor tile, buy with a rough texture so that it is not slippery when leaving the bath or shower. Safety is more important than beauty and gloss.It is better to somehow show a refined taste in the decoration and the special preferences of the owners of the house.

When Art Nouveau dominates the interior, the nursery is designed in the same spirit. It is important to show a sense of proportion without breaking the plan. Calm gamma and sophistication of lines, choice of natural materials and variations on the theme of nature are welcome.

bright interior of the Art Nouveau apartment

Art Nouveau style in the interior of the apartment

Art Nouveau living room decor

Art Nouveau apartment design

For general harmony, experts propose painting the wall with flying butterflies, elves and fairies with dragonfly wings leading to the open gates of a fabulous country. Light carved partitions for zoning, spectacular curtains and lamps, a rug with "grass" are appropriate. The room of the little princess in the Art Nouveau style is a delightful fairy tale at home.

The “modernism" of the kitchen is in characteristic elements, but zoning without symmetry is clearly traced. Built-in appliances do not have to be hidden if their appearance is perfectly combined with the facade of the kitchen. Facades of a furniture set - any color listed in the table. Preference is given to wooden cabinets with stained glass inserts. Particular attention is paid to lamps and utensils - this is the main decoration of a place for eating. Curtains and tablecloths are selected from natural materials (without oilcloth), with a pattern, perforation or handmade lace.

More inspirational examples are in our photo gallery.

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