Dark doors in the interior: advantages and disadvantages

Gone are the days when in all apartments without special designer frills there were cheap interior plywood doors painted with yellow and white paint. They were replaced by refined dark doors in the interior, which should be subject to stylistic requirements and follow world fashion trends. The door leaf is made of natural wood or coated with veneer of valuable species, the budget option is an eco-veneer imitating the natural texture of any shade. Any proposal looks expensive and stylish, but it is important to make sure that the black and dark brown solution blends seamlessly with the decor.

dark walnut style doors

Interior corridor with dark doors.

dark doors in mahogany corridor decor

Dark doors in the interior

dark doors in pine tree design

Room Design with Dark Doors

Basic rules for combining the color and texture of doors in a living room


Light shades give more light, and noble dark doors in the interior look expensive and elegant. But all this should be in harmony so that the doors do not look like a cosmic "hole" that absorbs space. Even a reasonably designed contrast can be perceived too strictly and inhospitable.

The door leaf is not installed for one year, and overhauls are done for at least a decade. Therefore, no one wants to make a mistake with the choice of palette and balance, so as not to redo it. The most unpleasant thing is when investments in repairs do not justify large financial investments. The saturated color of an inexpensive door leaf can become the main design accent, as in the photo.

There are proven combinations that designers have long put into practice.


Black doors

Gray laminate and white walls


Door color wenge

Light brown floor and beige walls


Canvas saturated emerald color

Pearl gray wallpaper and marble floor tiles


Brown doorway

Beige interior


Black doors

Black and white design with a dark baseboard and other linear contrasts against the background of light walls


Plum, blueberry and eggplant hinges

Room in delicate lilac or pink colors


Many people choose noble wenge wood in the interior with dark doors and a light floor, casting wine, chocolate and chestnut shades. But if a dark ceiling is added, then it seems that the space of the room is narrowing, the upper plane lowers and “presses” on the perception.

dark doors in oak living room interior

Examples of dark doors in the interior

dark mahogany hallway style doors

Room Design with Dark Doors

dark walnut doors

Dark doors in the interior

For production, natural shades of wood are used or stain working out cheap materials. The most common varieties are:

  • the Red tree;
  • oak;
  • nut;
  • wenge;
  • cherry;
  • Pine;
  • holly;
  • ash;
  • spruce;
  • beech;
  • teak.

How to beat different types of door leaf

The general solution “light bottom - dark top” gives a solution to inverted space. It must be balanced, returning the dark down. But the "wood" shade or "stone" floor and dark doors in the interior of the hallway or living room on a white background is a classic.

Much depends on reflective ability:

  1. Mirror surface (any color).
  2. Lacquered shiny.
  3. Glossy.
  4. Semi-gloss (satin).
  5. Semi-matt (satin).
  6. Matte (non-shiny).

If you install a black door, opened with a noble glossy varnish, it does not seem dark. It goes well with black mirror tiles on the wall or ordinary mirrors in a dark frame, as in the photo.

Some colors of the door leaf are so beautiful that they seem attractive, especially if there is nothing dark anymore. This property has an African rosewood or wenge with an inimitable game of brown shades.

dark doors in pine bedroom design

Room Design with Dark Doors

dark doors in the interior of the hallway made of oak

Interior dark doors

dark doors in walnut interior

Corridor with dark doors

Any natural wood with a pronounced striped texture looks interesting if it is opened with stain and varnish. A solid black surface treated with amber or pitch varnish noticeably plays in the light with golden and pearl tints.

Tip. Ideally, a spectacular texture with a luxurious surface should not solo in the interior with dark doors, it is complemented by furniture or accessories with a similar effect.

Another aspect worth paying attention to is the total surface area. A black or dark brown door leaf with inserts looks quite organic if the wood is framed as a frame for a beautiful frame.

Insert options:

  • picturesque stained-glass windows;
  • mirrors;
  • frosted, patterned or sandblasted glass;
  • decorative panels.

The shape, design and decoration of the black interior door in the interior can be so interesting that it is pleasant to consider them without perceiving other elements. In a small cozy hallway, several openings are often decorated in the form of arches, frames or vaults made of dark wood, most of them have beautiful handmade paneled doors with inserts. This design of the room does not need fanciful additions, as in the photo example.

Tip. In a small room, even small details are important, so pay attention to the fittings and stylistic solution of the door leaf.

The game of contrasts is appropriate in a spacious room or with pronounced zoning of a house without walls, when you want to fragment the space a bit. However, not everyone likes black and white, although it is considered classic.

dark doors in oak kitchen design

The design of dark doors in the interior

dark doors in the decor of the apartment from pine

Dark doors in the interior

dark mahogany style living room doors

Room Design with Dark Doors

Experts recommend using an alternative to white - delicate pink, lilac, aquamarine, milky or peach tones. They select a door leaf with traditional brown or rare palette options:

  • plum;
  • sapphire (dark blue);
  • emerald (dark green);
  • burgundy or wine;
  • reddish chestnut;
  • Violet;
  • dark olive;
  • graphite (dark gray).

The contrast should be pronounced, with a harmonious selection of a warm or cold palette. Against a pale background, a dark baseboard, furniture and accessories contrasts favorably.

Note: Woody, beige and sand shades are traditionally attributed to warm colors, gray and white colors - to neutral, green and lilac - cold tones.

Combination Type:

  1. Achromatic contrast with a sharp contrast of color.
  2. Soft transitions from one tone to another, where all the features of the selected palette are used.
  3. Merging or dissolving when colors match or duplicate in furniture and other flat design items with dark doors.

Note! Doors of excellent quality and design are always made from expensive materials. But even a simple interior panel with a glass insert will look quite worthy.

dark pine-style bedroom doors

Interior of rooms with dark doors.

dark doors in mahogany corridor design

Room Design with Dark Doors

dark doors in oak bedroom interior

Corridor Design with Dark Doors

Advantages and disadvantages of saturated door leaf

A modern house where dark doors and a light floor are competently combined is one of the most popular trends. Despite the risky choice, which is important to balance correctly, it is preferred by many lovers of natural building materials.

The main advantages of a dark interior door in the interior:

  • emphasizes the chosen style;
  • outlines the dimensions of space;
  • It looks expensive and solid;
  • goes well with most light shades;
  • ennobles extravagant surroundings;
  • creates an atmosphere of luxury and prosperity;
  • practicality in leaving (not easily soiled).

Attention: Psychologists are not recommended for those prone to depression, suspicious, irritable and pessimistic people. They have black doors in the interior of their personal space can be associated with hopelessness and absorption of the problem.

dark walnut hallway doors

Dark doors in the interior

dark doors in pine living room interior

Room Design with Dark Doors

dark oak-style apartment doors

Room interior with dark doors.

Some disadvantages of a black glossy or dark brown varnish surface:

  • oily fingerprints and dust are noticeable;
  • with an unbalanced design, they bring a gloomy atmosphere;
  • demanding care;
  • preferably good lighting;
  • dark shades in the interior visually absorb the volume of the room;
  • all defects are noticeable.

Recommendations of specialists

  1. Artificial materials imitating natural wood should be as natural as possible and harmonize with each other. For example, imitation of wenge on doors made of eco-veneer and laminated plastic windows should match the texture.
  2. The most noble combination is a dark floor covering of one shade with a door leaf on a pale wall background.
  3. If the tone of furniture and doors matches, then the floors, ceilings and walls should be in a related gamut.
  4. It is not so easy to choose curtains and textiles for black doors; it is better to limit yourself to reformatting the walls and upholstery of upholstered furniture.
  5. The bright entrance door in the interior with furniture under the wenge is quite justified, so as not to create visible gloom.
  6. The shade of the door often acts as an auxiliary or connecting link in a brown-beige palette.
  7. The light floor and light doors in the interior of the premises easily balance the excess of black or brown wood in the hallway, where it is important to think about lighting design.
  8. Saturated wood of dark tones will go well with well-chosen decorative inserts on furniture, baseboards and platbands, and the decor of suspended ceilings.
dark doors in walnut home decor

Room Design with Dark Doors

dark doors in mahogany kitchen design

Dark doors in the interior

dark doors in the decor of the pine corridor

Room Design with Dark Doors

How to choose flooring for black or dark doors

The choice of woodwork saturated colors from natural wood indicates the good taste and viability of their owners. But the interior with a light floor and dark doors should be balanced so that the dark palette does not prevail - this gives an oppressive mood.

It is not necessary to choose imitation wood, although it remains in preference. In addition to parquet and laminate, other coatings are quite appropriate - carpet, tile materials and other modern solutions.

Bulk white floor and suspended ceilings will give extravagance to a large room with a black door and baseboards. It is advisable to balance with white leather furniture on black elegant legs or with contrasting inserts, as in the photo.

dark doors in oak bedroom design

Room Design with Dark Doors

dark doors in pine hallway design

Room interior with dark doors.

dark doors in the interior of the mahogany corridor

Dark doors in the interior

dark doors in mahogany kitchen interior

Dark doors in the hallway

If you feel busting with a dark finish in a room, you can refine one wall with suitable photo murals or decorative panels. The dark floor "lightens" the natural skin of the animal at the feet near the sofa.

You can change saturated multilayer curtains to lighter ones - from light transparent materials. A more expensive option is hauling furniture, but it is justified if it is time to replace obsolete or spoiled upholstery. Even more original ways to ennoble the room - in our photo gallery.

Video: Interior doors. The choice of color, texture and combination with floor, skirting and furniture

50 photos of design ideas for rooms with dark doors:

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