Bathroom decor: choice of plumbing, tips

The selection and implementation of a bathroom design is a complex process. The key problem is that often the rooms are small. The decor of the bathroom should combine beauty and functionality. There are many helpful suggestions and ideas that help create the perfect bathroom design.

original style shower room

Bathroom design in a contemporary style

beautiful bathroom design

Modern bathroom interior

bright interior shower

Bright bathroom

How to make a decor in the bathroom

It is recommended to think in advance what kind of bathroom you want to get. After all, even in a small room you can create something interesting and practical. In addition to buying everything you need, you can add a few handmade details to your bathroom decor. This will bring originality to the room. It is necessary to determine some criteria in advance:

  • Functionality. You should decide what must be in the bathroom, and what you can refuse.
  • Single style. How do you want to see the room.
  • Security. Especially important for those who have children in the house.

Original sink design

The sink is an important part. And if you decide to install a non-standard model, this will affect the whole design of the room. There are many models on store shelves. They differ in the shape of the bowl. There are standard round, square and more original, asymmetric.

In addition to the form, you can experiment with the material. There are ceramic, metal and crystal. The main thing is that the sink is combined with the overall interior.

light bathroom design

Light bathroom design

dark shower room interior

Original bathroom decor

Mirrors and lighting

Do not give up mirrors in the bathroom. When used correctly, this part is able to transform the space and make it visually more spacious and lighter. If the bathroom is often used by two people, it is worth hanging several mirrors for convenience. The surface of this part is always the same. Therefore, it is worth experimenting with the shape and frame of the product. You can buy a finished mirror or decorate it with your own hands.

Lighting should be given special attention. Light intensity is key. Strong lighting creates an atmosphere of comfort in the room and emphasizes all the details of the interior. The shape and size of the light sources can be any. The decor in the bathroom and personal preferences matter.

If you need dim lighting, then use a dimmer switch. It allows you to adjust and adjust the light intensity, which contributes to a change in the surrounding mood.

dark bathroom style

Bathroom design in a contemporary style

light shower design

Modern bathroom interior

beautiful bathroom style

Bright bathroom

Niche Holders and Wall Towel Holders

Hooks are not convenient for placing towels. It is better to replace them with an open rack.Alternatively, consider hanging baskets. You can make them yourself and store not only towels, but also other things. Many designers recommend using niches as a contrast, a bright detail in the room. A wide range of models allows you to choose the right holders for any size space.

Decor in the bathroom - design tips

Organization of bathroom decor is problematic. Helpful advice from designers can help:

  1. Think about how the pipes will be arranged. Determine in advance where the cranes will be. If the bathroom is small, you can build them into the wall, this will save space.
  2. Locate each large part. Sink - in the corner or opposite the door, but not too close to the bath. The toilet should not touch the sink. When placing a shower, make sure that the doors open.
  3. It looks organically several types of lighting, included separately. Arrange the brightest light next to the washbasin so that it illuminates the face, rather than cutting your eyes.
  4. The ventilation system is important. A heated towel rail helps reduce moisture levels. The ventilation system is conveniently located at the bottom of the door.
  5. If space is limited, place hanging furniture. This will save space.
  6. The curtain should be replaced with a glass partition. She has similar functions, but looks more attractive. Caring for her is easier. There are models that use frosted glass.
original bathroom interior

Light bathroom design

bright interior of the shower room

Original bathroom decor

Ideas for a small bathroom

The interior of a small bathroom has some nuances that should be considered:

  1. It is recommended to replace the bathtub with a shower cabin. Instead of a standard toilet, install the installation. This frees up space for extra cabinets.
  2. Finish material in light colors. It is allowed that the surface has a small or rare pattern.
  3. Mirrors and mirror surfaces. It was noted that such a nuance was able to visually expand the space.
  4. Competent lighting. The lighter the room, the more spacious it seems.
original bathroom design

Bathroom design in a contemporary style

bright style shower

Modern bathroom interior

light bathroom style

Bright bathroom

Decor of a small bathroom. Plumbing

In order not to clutter up a small space with overall plumbing, it is worth considering the use of special models presented in the table.

Mini plumbing and corner



Compact model with installation module. It is more expensive, but suitable for installation almost anywhere in the bathroom. It differs in the absence of visual support, as in the standard version.


Models up to 50 cm long. There are options for no more than 35 cm. Suitable only for washing hands. Most often these are mounted models.

Corner bath

If the shower does not fit, space will save such a bath model. It is compact and allows you to free up space for additional details.

We remove all unnecessary

If there is not enough space, it is necessary to use the available area as much as possible. There is always room under the bathroom. Remove household equipment there. The screen will help to hide it from prying eyes. Use fitted wardrobes to match the walls. They can store everything you need, saving space.

beautiful design of the shower room

Light bathroom design

dark bathroom interior

Original bathroom decor

Predict the future look of bathroom decor

Before embarking on the decor, it’s worth developing a sketch and considering all possible problems. It is recommended to act in this order:

  1. To analyze the condition of all the structures of the bathroom.
  2. Decide which surfaces and objects require updating or replacement.
  3. Determine what techniques and techniques are needed to work.
  4. Preparation of all necessary.

Wall mosaic tile

Tiles are placed according to the standard pattern in a checkerboard pattern of different tones. You can create color accents on the wall. Small mosaics are inserted into large tiles, which greatly enlivens the design.

bright shower design

Bathroom design in a contemporary style

beautiful style shower room

Modern bathroom interior

original interior shower

Bright bathroom

There are various modifications of tile.

  1. Insert in a specific area with a pattern. Creates an accent spot.
  2. A thin curb shaped like an elongated rectangle and a convex surface.
  3. A set with framed drawings that creates beautiful paintings.
  4. Freezing helps create a vertical panel.

For zoning the space, use narrow borders, and panels create colorful paintings.

Innovative Wall Decor Ideas

Plastic panels, mirror tiles and decoration methods help to refresh the bathroom interior. One of these can be called decoupage. You can make it yourself, armed with glue, acrylic varnish, soft brushes, decoupage contour and three-layer napkins. They should be chosen with a beautiful pattern, large and suitable for the interior. You just need to cut out the picture and stick it on the surface of the tile. At the end, everything is varnished.

light bathroom design

Light bathroom design

beautiful bathroom interior

Original bathroom decor

Floor Decor Options

The tile can be completely replaced. Or remove part of it and place a strong glass on this place. It is supplemented with LED strip or image. You can simply place a bright rug in the bathroom. You should choose a new tile with a pattern that will create a beautiful pattern.

Bathroom decor - vintage from newspaper tubes (master class)

Armed with improvised materials, you can create your own bathtub in vintage style. From the old stairs you can make a rack, repainted in white. Glass jars should be decorated with pieces of cloth or vintage paper. This is not only an element of decor, but also a container for storing toothbrushes. A basket made of newspaper tubes is perfect for a bathroom.

original style shower

Bathroom design in a contemporary style

bright style shower room

Modern bathroom interior

light style shower

Bright bathroom

Basket for a newspaper tub tub (master class)

To build a basket, it is worth stocking up with newspaper tubes, glue, a sponge and a brush for clothes, acrylic paint and varnish, a brush, a cardboard box.

To weave a basket is a pigtail of two tubes. At the end, a third is introduced. First, the bottom is created by gluing several cardboards. Place the ends of the tubes inside. For weaving, use the sides of the box, securing the pigtails with clothespins. Having reached the desired height, draw a beveled side. Find the center of the product and the central duct located vertically. It remains in its original position, and the neighboring one bends around. Twist and start weaving in the other direction.

After reaching the desired height, a third pigtail is introduced. It is attached to a vertical tube. The work ends with weaving in three parts. The tubes are cut and greased with glue. The basket is covered with a solution of water mixed with PVA in equal proportions. When everything dries, an acrylic paint is applied.

Selection of accessories and fittings

It is worth installing towel holders. In the form of rings or rods are reliable, but not too convenient to use. With a small space, you should choose hinged models.

No shelves in the bath can not do. Especially if there is no other furniture. Enough of one model of glass or metal. You can add a design over the bathroom with numerous tiers.

It is worth adding a little brightness with a curtain, preferably vinyl. It does not absorb water. There are special beautiful applications for the shower cabin. You can supplement everything with a bright rug.

bright bathroom interior

Light bathroom design

beautiful bathroom design

Original bathroom decor

Bathroom Colors

For a small space, do not use dark tones. It is recommended to introduce light shades. If the dimensions of the bath are impressive, you can choose almost any color. All items must be in the same gamut and match the same style. Your own perception of the palette matters. It is important to consider lighting. If it is a little, any dark tones are excluded. Traditionally, white in the bathroom, blue, green and other marine gamut are popular.

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