Victorian style in the interior: the history of occurrence

Modern interior design solutions are full of variety. The Victorian style stands out from the rest with elegance combining elements of Eastern exoticism with a classic and noble color palette. However, choosing it in the basic decision of the situation at home, it is important to understand that such design is not a cheap pleasure.

unusual Victorian style living room decor

Beautiful Victorian-style interior design

beautiful Victorian home design

Tree in Victorian style apartment interior

dark victorian style bedroom

Victorian style apartment interior

The history of the origin and spread of Victorian style

Victorian design dates back to the second half of the 19th century in England. It combines the high cost and elegance of the era, comfort and its traditions. The founder of the style is Queen Victoria. It was during her reign that the bourgeoisie began to flourish, thanks to the development of English industry and the colonies dominated by England. As a result of this, the English nobility received sufficient funds that were wasted on luxury goods, refining their homes. English citizens had the opportunity to travel, thereby revealing the boundaries of interior solutions, in contact with the cultures of the East. So noble families acquired exotic items that were used as interior design accessories, art objects, and household items.

In the end result, the style became collective, it included accessories of Chinese and Indian exotic, rococo, Gothic. These elements complement the classical canons and eclecticism, representing the basis of the Victorian interior.

bright Victorian-style apartment interior

Victorian style in the interior of the room

beautiful Victorian style home interior

Victorian style room design

Distinctive features of the Victorian interior

Straight, vertical and arched lines, elongated stripes distinguish the English interior. Victorian style stands out among the rest using deconstruction. This technique combines various interior solutions for the whole house, but a specific style for a separate room. For example, the study can be made in the classic English style, the dining room in the Gothic, and the bedroom - rococo.

The materials used for decorating the rooms are natural valuable species of wood, expensive textiles, marble and other types of precious stones. All these elements emphasize the viability and status of the owner of the house. None of the materials can be replaced with a more economical analogue. Despite the large number of details and saturation, everything in the house is permeated with a sense of proportion. Every detail speaks for itself.

dark victorian style apartment

Beautiful Victorian-style interior design

bright Victorian bedroom decor

Tree in Victorian style apartment interior

unusual design of the living room in Victorian style

Victorian style apartment interior

Distinctive features of the Victorian interior:

  • the presence of classic antiques;
  • all items are of high quality, high price and reliability;
  • combining several styles;
  • a large number of accessories (candlestick, figurines, paintings);
  • furniture from natural wood of valuable species;
  • respectability;
  • separate interior design for each of the rooms;
  • the presence of a large library;
  • lace tulle and heavy curtains;
  • rooms are decorated with plants and flowers.
unusual Victorian home design

Victorian style in the interior of the room

Dark Victorian Living Room Decor

Victorian style room design

Secular style design features

Floor covering used in Victorian interiors:

  • natural wooden parquet, the color of which should be in harmony with the decoration of the walls and the color scheme of the furniture;
  • carpet of red or burgundy color, combined with the classic light brown range;
  • ceramic tiles with embossed patterns;
  • laminate with parquet pattern or eye-catching inserts that harmonize with the general mood of the room and the color background.

Ceilings are also given special attention. Often their height exceeds 3 meters, sometimes it has a dome-shaped shape. The ceiling is decorated with stucco or frieze. Can also be applied painting, wooden beams or regular painting. The design of the walls in the secular design of the rooms involves exclusively fabric decoration or wallpaper. The drawing, in turn, is made in the form of even stripes, birds, or realistic colors, a volumetric relief ornament. A distinctive feature is symmetry. Also, in the decoration of the walls, wood panels with a variety of ornaments are used. These inserts are located at a third of the height of the wall. An important wall attribute is paintings or portraits with family members.

One of the most striking elements of the Gothic style in the Victorian interior is a multicolor arched stained glass window.

beautiful Victorian bedroom interior

Beautiful Victorian-style interior design

bright Victorian style apartment

Tree in Victorian style apartment interior

Bright Victorian-style apartment decor

Victorian style apartment interior

Window design is made in the form of high arches using stained glass. The interior of the window is decorated with wooden cornices with heavy curtains. Draperies can be decorated with lambrequins, pleating and assembly. In the offices and living rooms for curtains used fabrics:

  • silk;
  • Damascus;
  • velvet.

In the bedrooms, the following light fabrics could be used:

  • muslin;
  • chintz;
  • cotton.

Color schemes of a secular interior

Victorian style in the interior is made in traditional soft colors of pastel shades of green, pink, lilac, brown and burgundy. Massive furniture made of natural wood can be inlaid with precious stones or metals, and upholstered in red-brown colors. This gives the design more chic and high cost.

dark victorian style living room

Victorian style in the interior of the room

beautiful Victorian living room interior

Victorian style room design

Victorian furniture

British furniture was one of the most important places in the house. By modern standards, the Victorian style is characterized by a large number of furniture, massive in nature. It was made exclusively from natural wood. The most commonly used yews, mahogany and bog oak.

Furniture in a secular design is quite diverse. Here you can see chairs with high carved backs, and wide soft chairs with curved legs. Upholstery is also replete with variety. However, expensive, heavy fabrics, genuine leather are used for this purpose. Leather inserts on small sofas are especially appropriate.

unusual Victorian style apartment design

Beautiful Victorian-style interior design

Victorian living room decor

Tree in Victorian style apartment interior

beautiful Victorian home decor

Victorian style apartment interior

The cabinet is decorated with velvet fabrics and silk. When children's bedrooms and dining rooms can be decorated with chintz covers with floral print.

Victorian style in the interior includes such accessories and furniture solutions as a cuckoo clock, massive sofa, large dining table, shelves for porcelain.However, in modern applications it is difficult to fit all these elements in a room without overloading it with furniture. Therefore, modern designers working with the English design, try not to overload it with furniture variations.

Fireplace as an essential element of the English interior

The fireplace, during the reign of Queen Victoria of England, was an essential element of the house. None of the living quarters could do without this attribute. Distinctive features of the fireplace of the English era are:

  • cast iron grate;
  • mantelpiece made of natural stone, such as marble.

The fireplace represents peace and comfort in the house, providing a place to relax. Tile patterns are laid out on the sides of the fireplace. Today, this attribute can be performed as in a classical form, performing its main function, or be electric, being a designer accessory.

dark Victorian bedroom interior

Victorian style in the interior of the room

unusual Victorian style living room interior

Victorian style room design

Wood is the main element in the decoration of an English-style room

Wood inlays and panels are an indispensable element of the Victorian interior. In the classic version, these shelves occupied the entire wall. However, today this approach is rarely used.

When decorating the walls, wooden panels with various ornaments are often used. They are located on 1/3 of the wall from the floor. On top of such panels are glued wallpaper with a symmetrical pattern.

Massive wooden furniture, stairs, parquet - the distinctive features of the classic Victorian style in the interior.

unusual Victorian style home interior

Beautiful Victorian-style interior design

beautiful Victorian style apartment decor

Tree in Victorian style apartment interior

bright Victorian bedroom design

Victorian style apartment interior

Victorian Lighting Solutions

Thanks to the high ceilings, it became possible to use voluminous chandeliers made of brass or natural crystal with ornate patterns. They create a soft and dim light that perfectly complements the overall design of the room. Chandeliers play the role of decorating the room and do not act as the main source of light. For this purpose floor lamps and sconces, table lamps are used. Floor lamps have fabric lampshades made in the general color scheme of the room.

Decorations and Accessories for Victorian Interior

Flowers are the main decoration of the house. Bouquets of fresh flowers are located in each room. During the reign of Queen Victoria, the garden and greenhouses gained great popularity. It has become an integral part of every home. In modern times, not everyone can afford their own flower garden. Therefore, flowerpots perfectly fulfill this role. Flowers are also an element of the decor of fabrics used in the interior of the house.

beautiful Victorian bedroom decor

Victorian style in the interior of the room

bright Victorian bedroom interior

Victorian style room design

Another element of the decor are art and home crafts, as well as porcelain. Porcelain at that time was a collectible and occupied the windows in the living rooms. Satin stitch embroidery, which decorated the textile elements of the room, was also popular.

Victorian style involves a large space, so it is better for owners of a small area to refrain from such an interior solution. It looks most advantageous in country houses, creating an atmosphere of comfort, home warmth and tranquility. This style is very popular among connoisseurs of English traditions and romantic personalities.

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