We use small architectural forms in landscape design

Interested in landscape design? Looking for an original courtyard arbor that will accommodate all your friends and leave a place under a flower bed? Then you found what you were looking for. Read our article and discover new possibilities for the design of your yard and garden.

Arbor and shop in the same style, connected by a gravel path

It is difficult to imagine a modern garden without small architectural forms, because it is they that give integrity and completeness to the suburban area

Landscaping rightfully takes first place in importance in the design of a country house. It requires a certain approach in its planning and arrangement. This is the face of your site and the main object, which in the future will create for you and your guests a warm and friendly atmosphere of summer evenings, as well as relaxation of soul and body from everyday worries and fuss. Indeed, for the sake of the natural beauty of nature, flowers, trees, birds singing and the murmur of streams, people buy suburban areas. Of great importance in landscape design are small architectural forms. The widespread use of various elements of the MAF allows you to equip a garden plot or the entire land space around the house in a variety of different, unimaginable ways.

Small architectural forms - definition and varieties

Small architectural forms are elements of street decor (exterior), which are used to create favorable conditions for being in the city, court and garden areas. Some of you are already known, but with others who came to modern life from the time of antiquity and the Renaissance, get acquainted further.

Children's slide in the style of Ancient Russia as a small architectural form in the garden

Landscaping of a garden site consists of many small architectural forms - compositions and structures that perform aesthetic and practical functions

Wooden swing on the green lawn of a private garden

The use of MAF in the garden area gives the territory a certain stylistic orientation

Elements of architectural forms:

  1. Fences and fences.
  2. Pergolas.
  3. Flower beds and flower beds.
  4. City and garden benches.
  5. Sculptures.
  6. Fountains.
  7. Monuments.
  8. Rotunda.
  9. Hedgerow and canopies (pergolas, trellises and bersos).
  10. Monuments.
  11. Bridges.
Water figure on the shore of an artificial reservoir in a summer cottage

Correctly selected garden sculpture looks elegant and relevant.

DIY wooden sculptures to decorate the garden

Wood is the most affordable material for the manufacture of small architectural forms, here everything is limited only by your imagination and desire

Small architectural forms (hereinafter referred to as MAF) include not only the elements that adorn the courtyard area of ​​the site. Also, there are city MAFs, which include:

  • stalls without a foundation;
  • pavilions;
  • telephone booths;
  • lighting poles;
  • benches;
  • flower beds;
  • squares and parks.
Corner for a comfortable stay with an artificial pond in a city park

In any landscaped recreation park there are many small architectural forms

Contemporary art is able to create interior and exterior objects from ordinary things. In the cities of different countries, on the streets and squares, you can find unique and inimitable elements of mafs that are inherent only to this place. They characterize this particular city; their distinctive features are recognized in all corners of the whole world.

The famous English telephone box in red. Has gained great popularity due to its unique design.Its elements and images are used in print for photo wallpaper, ceramic tiles, clothing and paraphernalia.

English red telephone booths in landscaping

The red color of the telephone box is explained by the peculiarity of the climate of England. In London fog, bright colors are best seen

Classification of small architectural forms

By designation, small architectural forms can be utilitarian and decorative. Utilitarian are all the elements that serve to meet the needs and create a comfortable person in the urban environment. These are playgrounds, benches, beach equipment, fences and flowerbeds, kiosks and pavilions, etc.

Elderly people relax on a wooden bench in a leisure park

A park bench is a typical example of a utilitarian MAF

Figures of frogs sitting on a decorative bench

It’s also a bench, but it’s more like a decorative version of MAF

Decorative elements are distinguished by their obvious belonging to high art. All kinds of flower beds combining different layouts of flowers and plants; stones of different colors laid out in a common pattern in the flower garden, miniature ponds with toy frogs - all these are elements of decorative architectural forms.

Landscaping of the garden

The garden is an amazing and wonderful place on the site of a country house. One of the most calm and peaceful places that can only be in the whole world. The rustle of foliage growing in the wind, the fresh and sweet smell of flowering trees - for these feelings a person owes a garden. Russian writers glorify this place as the most pure and innocent, and at the same time - mysterious and mysterious.

Garden in the style of an old Russian estate

The Russian garden is simple and useful; fruit trees are important elements

Landscaping of a garden implies a certain division (zoning). The following accommodation is possible here:

  1. Pergolas or half-conversations. In the interior of this building, it is possible to arrange several zones: dining; cooking areas with barbecue or grill; recreation areas with a sunbed or hammock.
  2. The device of a fountain or a small decorative pond.
  3. The pond is round in shape, densely planted with various plants (flowers, ferns and other exotic varieties), around the perimeter there is a semicircle monopter, at the head of which are luxuriously hanging surphinies.
  4. An elongated pond with a combined bridge device made of metal with forging elements and a wooden transition deck.

General site landscape design, involving a combination of elements of stone, steel and flower beds with vegetation. Thanks to a large selection of natural and marble cobblestones, the use of special paint compositions, metal processing, it becomes possible to use an artistic approach to decorating parts of fences, lighting poles, flower beds and flower pots.

Old wooden fence in the design of the cottage

To create grandiose architectural forms, considerable investments are required, but you can also find budget options, for example, an original pergola, a small bridge or a simple decorative fence

Garden arch made of wood in the landscape of a summer cottage

Wooden arch twined with blooming looms

The fruit trees of the garden themselves can be decorated in various ways. The installation of home-made decorative birdhouses for birds or garden gnomes at the trunk will create an atmosphere of a fairy tale. Also, you can frame each single tree with a rounded metal grid with wrought-iron patterns and plant curly flowers.

DIY corner for relaxing in the shade of the garden

Cozy bench

Garden sculpture of a black grouse from a tree

Handmade decorative grouse

Garden shops offer many different animal and bird figures. Get a large decorative capercaillie made of wood and painted in its natural colors. It will look great both on the apple tree and on the fence of the garden bridge.

Design examples of small architectural forms for a summer residence

Cottage - this is a place that is designed to have its own comfort and warmth. Simplicity and hospitality here should come from every building and plant.Small architectural forms in the landscape design of the cottage contribute to the creation of such an atmosphere that allows you to escape from the bustle of the city. There are a lot of options for arranging the landscape. Just like the interior of the premises, it is possible to use similar stylistic directions and their elements. The following article presents interesting ways of arranging a land plot of a summer residence.

Old Russian design of the cottage plot

Although our ancestors were notable for their simplicity of soul, a certain taste can be seen in this simplicity. In those days, an abundant selection of material was not observed. A tree is the universal resource of the native inhabitant of Russia. By treating wood, burning and carving, a certain visual effect was achieved. Basically - it was a round log polished to a smooth surface, and chisel-cut patterns on it.

In the modern age, wood processing means aging in every way. A gazebo or a decorative well can be built from such material.

Roughly crafted log arbor design

Old Russian style gazebo

Small architectural form for the garden in the form of a decorative well made of stone and wood

Decorative flower well

Tip. If there is a well on the site, a real well with icy water will be an interesting solution.

Felling well in the garden

You can make a real well if in your area the water layers pass close to the surface of the earth

For a summer cottage, such a landscape design fits perfectly due to the fact that approaches and paths can be omitted (that is, they are not required). This will save a decent amount of money on paving slabs or natural stone.

In this design, a wicker fence made of branches or rattan is suitable. All sorts of household items of that time - horse carts, small mills and cellars.

Country-style garden corner

The design of a small pond in a rustic style

Modern cellar as a small architectural form in the garden

Stone cellar in the style of past years

The cellar as well as the well can be made with a real basement. The entrance to the basement can be made in the form of an ancient Greek mass with elements of Russian antiquity (jugs, vases, etc.). Such a solution will create a unique landscape design, and its owner will be described as a connoisseur of extraordinary and extraordinary (eclecticism in landscape design).

Garden benches are made from an integral part of the saw cut trunk with a pre-cut seat. Pergolas are made of oak crown.

Landscaping of a country house

A private house implies permanent residence of people here, as well as frequent visits of guests. Therefore, the landscape, in addition to the stylistic emphasis, must satisfy the functional needs of residents. The paths between the flower beds and beds will look beautiful, when they are made of natural stone. The natural pattern of such material will add a touch of exclusivity. To beat off a place under the sidewalks is not straightforward, but with intricate turns and smooth bends. Such a breakdown of walkways in itself will bring uniqueness to your landscape design.

Natural stone garden path leading to a wooden gazebo

Flat Stone Garden Path

Clinker garden path wet

Long life brick clinker

Do-it-yourself garden plank of thick planks

Wooden path in the wild garden

To create overlapping mafs, it is necessary to create a preliminary design plan and strictly follow it. Applied to our smooth paths: express smoothness in all elements of the maf. Get special varieties of shrubs in a gardening shop (to give roundness you will often have to work with garden scissors). Also get wavy benches.

Fans of horoscopes will be interested in the design of a rounded bench with the application of twelve zodiac signs on a tile under it. You can also put a dial there and equip a sundial.

Sundial in the landscape of a private garden

Various materials can be used to create a sundial.

Bridges through artificial ponds or streams will give the landscape design an element of a fairy tale. The coast should be paved with natural cobblestones. Smaller pebbles are also placed at the bottom of the stream.The central object of this colonnade of small architectural forms can be a famous ancient Greek sculpture or a beautiful fountain.

Do-it-yourself garden bridge through an artificial pond

Wooden bridge over a garden pond

Sculpture of a girl bather in the design of a garden pond

A graceful sculpture of a naked bather fits perfectly into a small body of water

Thanks to a large selection of building materials, wood and the use of metals, a wide range of landscape design options can be created. Competent and organized arrangement of the site with small architectural forms is available for every homeowner.

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