Bath Interior Requirements

There is no such person who would not like to sit in the evening in a well-heated bathhouse. This is the place where the body rests both in the physical and in the spiritual sense. Moreover, doctors recommend paired procedures once a week. Therefore, the interior of the bath must be at the proper level. How to finish the internal walls of the steam room? What material to choose for a shower room, as well as answers to many other questions, you will receive in the course of reading our article.

Interior of a relaxation room in a log bath

A good sound bath - like a balm for the soul of a Russian person

Key Features

The main requirement in the construction of the bath complex is the resistance of the material to high humidity. The traditional finishing material of the steam room itself is wood. It does not heat up much, with proper processing it is very pleasant to the touch, and also has a beautiful natural structure.

Wooden furniture in the waiting room of the Russian bath

High-quality wood and simple forms - the main secrets of interior design baths in the Russian style

TV in the log room

In the bath you can improve your body, relax your soul and enjoy the atmosphere of friendly communication

An important requirement for the type of wood that is going to sew up the floor, walls and ceiling of the steam room is the lack of resin. A common and relatively cheap pine breed will not work. Suitable grades are:

  • Linden;
  • aspen;
  • cedar;
  • oak;
  • alder;
  • larch;
  • Linden;
  • Birch tree;
  • abashi.

Tip. The best for decoration are oak, linden, aspen cedar, alder and abashi.

Abashi is an African oak. It is characterized by lightness, strength, and resistance to prolonged exposure to moisture.

Steam room interior with metal stove

It is important to choose the right kind of wood for each room of the bath

If you still decide to use conifers, make from them those parts and elements of the sauna that you do not need to contact. Sewing ceiling pine is strictly prohibited. When heated, the tree will begin to “cry” with hot tar.

Hardwood lining

The inner lining should be smooth and pleasant to the touch.

Sauna is a separate building on a personal plot, inside which several rooms for complex relaxation are being built. This includes a dressing room with wardrobes and a corridor, a relaxation room, and the steam room itself. If necessary and possible, an additional room for entertaining games, a font or a pool, as well as a shower room are additionally built.

Window in the interior of a modern steam room

Sheathing should be washed well without reacting with household chemicals.

Each room has the right to be decorated with its own individual characteristics. For example, a steam room should have comfortable seating and sunbeds. The lighting here is set not too bright, allowing you to relax in relaxation. Lamps are placed under a wooden bench, or on the walls behind a wooden grate.

You can install bright lights in the steam room. Then it will be necessary to sheathe the inner space with a dark type of wood.

Comfortable chair in a log room

The color palette is selected in muted warm colors

The design of the bathhouse looks much more interesting when using several types of wood for cladding the steam room. The excellent structure of the shade of the surfaces of the boards will have a beneficial effect on the beauty of the interior in the bath. Use cedar and alder with linden or birch. The pinkish tint of the former is able to harmoniously complement the space.

Hardwood tents in a country bath

The interior will become more diverse if you use wood of different species in the decoration

Shelf for bath towels on a wooden wall

In the washing room, it is necessary to provide convenient shelves and hangers for bath accessories

Oak is very well combined with almost all types of wood. Its dark texture allows you to focus on yourself. The internal design of the bath at the same time gets a noble, expensive look.

Restroom design

The quality of the time spent here depends on how interesting the relaxation room will be decorated. And our country is particularly popular wooden log cabins. Having ordered one of them, you will soon receive a finished building for a sauna made of round logs. It is best to design such a room with the old Russian style.

Upholstered furniture in the interior of the dressing room

From time immemorial, the best log house is considered aspen handmade teski

Arrangement of a relaxation room in a wooden bath

It is not hot in the dressing room, so the walls can be sheathed with pine lining

The flooring of the lounge should be made of warm, moisture-proof materials. The board is an ideal candidate for flooring. In addition, warm foot mats are laid on the floor. From the interior of the bathhouse, here you will need to install:

  • table;
  • comfortable armchairs, a sofa or sunbeds;
  • TV, music center;
  • fireplace and other elements of decoration.

If the room will be finished in the old Russian style, especially when erecting walls from round timber, the Slavic curtains on the windows look very nice. Hinged shelves are also arranged, which are lined with objects of folk utensils of the inhabitants of Russia. All kinds of jugs, wicker baskets will become a harmonious addition. The interior of the bathhouse is primarily oak brooms hung on the walls. Their number is not limited to a couple of pieces.

Red and white curtain in a relaxation room in a Russian bath

The atmosphere inside the bath should give peace and harmony

Sofa in the dressing room interior with fireplace

Lounge with everything you need

The ceiling can be made both from the same beam, and in a more thematic way. Decorated under an old branch roof, with inter-row partitions, it fits perfectly into the old Russian design of the bath inside.

The recreation room, furnished under the shack of the old Vikings, looks very interesting. Heavy, massive coarse boards soaked in dark oils are the main attraction of the Viking room.

Gray surfaces of logs in a spacious dressing room

A cozy dressing room is an important part of a good bath.

Furniture here will also meet the requirements of massiveness and uncouthness. The dining table can be constructed from timber. Such a decision will give the medieval wildness to the bathhouse.

All elements of the internal arrangement, even the chandelier, correspond to the Viking idea. Wrought iron should be everywhere. Fasteners for doors and cabinet doors are themed by the Middle Ages.

Samovar on the table in the dressing room of the frame bath

Tea Party Table

Decorative elements perfectly serve animal skins, stuffed animals, horns and other suitable jewelry. Widespread hanging bath brooms here will be appropriate.

Steam Room Design

The time has already passed when the presence of a bathhouse as such made the country house a unique and inimitable place. Now it’s not surprising anyone. Now, in order for your steam room to be remembered for a long time, it is necessary to surprise with the beauty and unusual finish of this room.

Comfortable armchairs made of slats in the interior of the steam room

Steam room - this is the main room of the bath, for which it is being built

Lining cladding is not fashionable now. Demand is for a special profiled board, which is made with different facades. For example, there is a euro lining that simulates a round log. Also, a large board format is produced similar to a bar.

All pairs should have a sufficient number of seats, which also act as sunbeds. Now, in the bath accessories stores you can find couches designed for steam rooms. They are made of different wood, which has excellent shades. Methods of processing boards allow you to compose all sorts of patterns on the headrests and other parts.

Steam room interior in a Russian bath

In the steam room, plastic and varnished products are absolutely inappropriate

If you wish, you can independently build wooden steam rooms designed for convenient placement. For this, scraps of old lumber, thick branches of trees (along with the bark), as well as saw cut trunks, are ideal. All the material is machined on a jointer, after which you will receive ideal workpieces suitable for further construction.

The flooring of the steam room is made of boards, or ceramic tiles. Wooden ceilings will additionally have to be laid on ceramics, since the tile is a cold material.

Wooden floor in a private bath

The wooden floor will always be warmer than ceramics, unless of course your bath is equipped with a “warm floor” system

Lighting the shelves in the steam room with dark walls

The interior of the steam room can be light or dark, choose the most suitable color scheme for you

The walls are decorated with all sorts of intricate options. Practice shows: in the steam room, most often the main decorative element that reveals the overall stylistic idea is precisely the walls. A large selection of lumber allows you to consider many suitable solutions.

Beautiful walls of the steam room

For the decoration of the steam room, it is recommended to use only hardwood that does not emit tar when heated.

The wall space is glued with pieces of saw cut tree trunks. It can be either a single (round) piece or a quarter. It is not necessary to remove bark from workpieces. It can be a great decorative addition.

Unusual solutions

If you decide on independent finishing work of the steam room, you will definitely get an unusual result. Specialists offer very unusual solutions. In one of the country houses, the author spied on the devices of a double room from two large wooden boxes, inside of which there are sea pebbles and sand. This is a very interesting way to relax and enjoy. The massage effect of pebbles will have a beneficial effect on overall well-being, and beach sand will take you to the seashore of Haiti.

Wooden boxes with pebbles and sawdust in a Japanese sauna

Similar massage baths are also practiced in Japanese saunas.

Canadian saunas have intricate, flowing shapes. It is interesting that all finishing materials are natural. The well-known Canadian maple and other varieties are widely used in the production of bent products. Look at the photo below how gracefully the sauna room made in this style will smash.

Canadian Style Sauna Design

The interior of a Canadian sauna may look like a cave

Alpine herbal bath will allow you to travel to the atmosphere of mountain rivers and ridges. Exclusive stove is a worthy decoration of the sauna. White breed of wood benches will give cleanliness, lightness, freshness to the space. The presence of two bowls above the stove will allow to steam here natural mountain herbs, and plunge into the world of wildlife. The walls and ceiling are finished with dark wood. Oak is perfect for this.

Usually, the sauna room is built without a window, or with a small window, which serves as a source of fresh air. But if the sauna is located in a beautiful, well-groomed garden, then why not open a view of the flower arrangement directly from the steam room? Install a wide window made using special technology that allows you to save internal heat.

Glass wall in steam room interior

The glass wall in the steam room is a very extraordinary solution.

If there is no way to equip a viewing window, make a false option. To do this, you need to assemble an impromptu window frame, into which to place a photo composition. To enhance the effect, the element is highlighted with a small LED strip. The frame is not necessarily square. It can be round, triangular, star-shaped. The more unusual the solution, the more original the design of the sauna.

Arrangement of a steam room with a window inside

Linden - the best material for shelves

Thanks to the play of light, it’s easy to diversify the design of the steam room. Small elements of artificial lighting sources are mounted in door, wall panels.This creates a shadow harmoniously diluted with curly rays of light. Lamps are installed under the long benches of the sauna. Also, wooden lattice wall panels allow you to mount light sources under them. Nearby bars will create a beautiful play of light and shadow.

Brick oven in the bathhouse for a large family

The design of the furnace depends on the size of the bath

The stove can be an excellent accent to the decorative composition of the entire steam room. It is laid out with brickwork, from natural cobblestones, using tiled tiles. You can buy a metal stove, or arrange a bathhouse under the old Russian style, laying out a real Russian stove.

Video: Royal-style steam room in a real Russian bath

Photo: Interiors of bath rooms

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